Long Time Ferret Activist Pat Wright Files Lawsuit Against California Fish and Game Commission President Eric Sklar

LA MESA, Calif. — Pat Wright, a resident of La Mesa, California, has filed a lawsuit against Eric Sklar, President of the California Fish and Game Commission in San Diego Superior Court, challenging the arbitrary classification of domestic ferrets as wild animals. The lawsuit, titled Wright v. Sklar, was filed in the San Diego Superior Court and seeks a writ of mandate and declaratory relief. Wright is the founder of LegalizeFerrets.org.

Mr. Wright, acting pro se, asserts that the California Fish and Game Commission’s decision to categorize domestic ferrets as wild animals, without conducting thorough (or any) scientific studies or affording meaningful public input, is unjust and lacks a foundation in scientific evidence. The lawsuit alleges that this decision subjects domestic ferrets to unnecessary prohibition and regulatory restrictions.

The lawsuit highlights the fundamental rights at stake, including property rights, due process rights, and the right to have governmental decisions based on scientific evidence. Mr. Wright contends that the Commission’s actions represent a clear violation of these rights and are incompatible with legal standards governing the proper classification of domesticated animals.

In response to a motion to demurrer filed by the Attorney General’s office on behalf of Mr. Sklar, Mr. Wright has provided a detailed response, citing legal precedents and challenging the grounds for demurrer. He maintains that his petition for a writ of mandate is legally sufficient and urges the Commission to reconsider its intended demurrer.

Mr. Wright emphasizes his commitment to pursuing judicial recourse in a diligent and expedient manner. Despite efforts to secure legal representation, Mr. Wright has been unable to find an attorney, and he encourages any legal assistance or support in this matter.

For further information or inquiries regarding the lawsuit, please contact Wright at 619-303-0645 or via email at CLIFFNotes@legalizeferrets.org.

REF – court document ID: Case No.: 37-2024-00006114-CU-MC-CTL

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