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Denial of Coverage for Gender-Affirming Care Declared Unlawful

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- TransFamily Support Services ( today announced a milestone victory in the organization's mission to build a world where all genders are accepted and treated equally. After calling on the California Department of Insurance to remove unjust barriers for accessing gender reassignment surgery, the department's General Counsel has just declared that health insurance companies may no longer deny coverage for patient's based solely on their age.

In an Opinion Letter issued on December 30, state-operated health insurers were ordered to ease policy limits on male chest reconstruction surgery for female-to-male patients undergoing gender-affirming care for gender dysphoria.

"The world is gaining an understanding around gender identity and learning the importance of treatment for those seeking it," says TransFamily Support Services Founder, Kathie Moehlig. "Trans youth have the highest rates of attempted suicide, 50 percent more than their adolescent peers. To deny care sole based on age puts trans youth's mental well-being at risk."

Moehlig has dedicated her efforts for nearly a decade to ensure that transgender and gender non-conforming youth throughout the country feel supported at all stages of their transition process.

"The issuance of this letter by the California Department of Insurance is a critical move toward improving the lives of youth suffering with gender dysphoria," adds Dr. Johanna Olson-Kennedy, MD, Medical Director from the Center for Transyouth Health and Development at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and medical advisor to TransFamily Support and Services. Both Moehlig and Olson-Kennedy - along with all who support the issuance - acknowledge that the refusal of coverage violates state gender non-discrimination laws and regulations, and other coverage and nondiscrimination standards. "Determination of medical necessity being attached to a chronologic age undermines the complex decision making of youth, their families and their care teams," continues Olson-Kennedy. "The work of TransFamily Support Services and the reiteration of the protected services by California Department of Insurance will reduce barriers to accessing gender-affirming services for transgender youth, and offer this vulnerable group of young people an improved opportunity to live authentically."

A recent Cedars Sinai study found that gender dysphoria manifests in early childhood and can persist for years before patients undergo counseling and treatment - oftentimes resulting in a poor quality of life for transgender people throughout their lifetime. The study found that 73% of transgender women and 78% of transgender men surveyed first experienced gender dysphoria by age 7.

Taking the well-being of youth into account, the California Department of Insurance will now mandate that health insurance companies consider a patient's specific clinical situation, holistically, in determining medical necessity and coverage for the treatment of gender dysphoria.

"There is no magical age for [gender-affirming surgery]," says Moehlig, who reiterates that this essential medical care can be carried out at earlier ages, determined by a case-by-case basis. "The importance of our work lies in the outcome of our youth feeling affirmed, emotionally healthy, and the world seeing them for who they genuinely are."

About TransFamily Support Services

TransFamily Support Services works toward building a world where all genders are accepted and treated equally, and they strive to save lives by shaping a gender-affirming and accepting community at large. They guide transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming youth - and their families - through the gender transitioning process to foster the most positive experience possible. They provide family coaching, assistance with healthcare and insurance issues, help to navigate the legal system, and support at schools, support groups for parents and youth as well as mentorship programs. TransFamily Support services also conducts training for healthcare facilities and workplaces. All services are provided at no fee to youth and families.

To learn more visit:

Kathie Moehlig, Executive Director

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Ed ‘NJWeedman’ Forchion Wages His Own War on Drugs – Sues the State of New Jersey Over ‘Bait and Switch’ Cannabis Regulation Laws

TRENTON, N.J. -- The 'war on drugs' has just taken a wicked left turn. On Friday, November 20, 2020, one of marijuana's staunchest supporters, Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion held an online press conference at his NJWeedman's Joint location, contesting New Jersey's recent legalization of cannabis. Forchion announced his federal lawsuit against New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, accusing the state of baiting New Jersey citizens into voting for the legalization of a corporate, Caucasian run cannabis industry, under the guise of legalizing marijuana.

Forchion notes that under the current developing legislation, marijuana will still be illegal and in fact, criminalized, in underserved communities.

View Case 3:20-cv-16582-PGS-TJB FORCHION v. MURPHY at:

In a 40 plus page document, filed at the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey, Forchion seeks to have the "Court declare unconstitutional and invalid the application and implementation of the 'Constitutional Amendment to Legalize Marijuana.'" Forchion asserts that the Regulated Cannabis Act, as the amendment is referred to in the lawsuit, "deprives him of equal protection and due process under the United States Constitution and subjects him to selective prosecution."

Forchion notes that the state unfairly allows Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act (CUMMA) dispensaries to possess large amounts of marijuana in violation of federal law while prosecuting individuals such as himself. Forchion, a long-time marijuana activist, has had numerous marijuana related prosecutions brought against him by the State of New Jersey, including a pending matter.

In addition, Forchion proposes that voters were duped into believing that they were voting to legalize marijuana, while unwittingly sanctioning a cannabis industry which only grants legalization to a majority of Caucasian owned corporate entities while criminalizing individuals of color, who in effect will not be granted similar market access.

"This new Caucasian corporate cannabis industry is a sham," apprizes Forchion. "Politicians are in cahoots with corporations to take over and control what is now a multi-billion-dollar industry while excluding the existing marijuana market. We are witnessing systematic discrimination. Only 'regulated cannabis' which is defined as the pot sold by dealers licensed by a new bureaucracy called the Cannabis Regulatory Commission will be allowed in the marketplace. But individuals possessing and selling marijuana - such as myself, will still be in violation of the law. The community that paved the road for legalization and paid the price with incarceration and felonies, are being locked out of the 'new' industry and will continue to be locked up."

"It's the cocaine vs. crack dilemma all over again," explains Forchion, "similar to the war on drugs when prison sentences were handed down to people of color for using crack cocaine, while individuals, who were most notably white, were hardly prosecuted for using powder cocaine. Our State Attorney General Gurbir Grewal is on record stating that the new amendment does not authorize 'unregulated marijuana.' New Jersey is subtly creating a distinction between 'marijuana' for the masses versus state 'regulated cannabis' for the establishment," cites Forchion.

New Jersey has come under mounting criticism since the recent passing of legalization. Politicians, community activists and the media have taken the state to task for attempting to push through a corporatized cannabis culture that doesn't seem to best serve its constituents. Headlines have drawn attention to the state's blatant interest in profits over compassion. In fact, lawmakers' first attempt at enabling legislation has been halted amid growing criticism. The number of licenses set aside for Black and Latino communities in the bill has been widely criticized and advocates have demanded more opportunities be extended for people with criminal records for low-level drug convictions.

Forchion, whose lawsuit positions him squarely amid the ongoing conflict, is no newcomer to battle. At cited in his lawsuit, he has been vehemently retaliated against in the past by the State of New Jersey. In 2002, he was jailed for advocating the legalization of marijuana. Forchion was held at the Burlington County Jail from August 19, 2002 until late January 2003 when United States District Court Federal Judge Joseph E. Irenas, U.S.D.J., hearing his civil rights suit, agreed that the state had violated Forchion's First Amendment right to advocate marijuana's legalization and ordered him released.

In 2016, Forchion and his partner, Debi Madaio, had their restaurant raided by Mercer County law enforcement authorities on marijuana dealing charges. Forchion was held without bail for over 400 days due to the retaliatory charge of witness tampering. He was acquitted by a jury and all charges were dismissed with no convictions.

Sign the NJWeedman's Joint petition at

Follow Ed "NJWeedman" Forchion across all social media at @NJWeedman and at

Photo Link:

Makeda Smith
Jazzmyne Public Relations
Phone Number: 323-380-8819

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NotaryCam Marks Significant Spike in Use of Remote Online Notarization for eWills in Second Half of 2020

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. -- NotaryCam®, the pioneering leader in online notarization and original provider of mortgage eClosing solutions, today announced that it has seen a 10X-increase in the number of remote online notarization (RON) transactions the company has performed for electronic wills (eWills) thus far in 2020. The company attributes a significant portion of this increase to the passage of Florida's eWill legislation, which went into effect on July 1, 2020.

Since launching its eWill product in 2019, NotaryCam has enabled testators to create and notarize video eWills, advanced health directives, trusts, etc. without having to appear physically in person before a notary. NotaryCam engages two forms of identification and allows witnesses and/or attorneys to join the ceremony from anywhere. To ensure the wishes laid out in the eWill survive probate, NotaryCam added security measures including securely storing video recording the signing ceremony for a minimum of 10 years and tamper-sealing on the notarized document. Witnesses and/or attorneys can also join the ceremony from anywhere in the world.

"In today's world, eWills not only provide individuals a convenient and secure platform through which to create a will, but also the peace of mind knowing it can be easily accessed at any time from anywhere," said NotaryCam Founder and CEO Rick Triola. "For example, in a situation in which a living will or advanced care directive needs to be accessed, it provides comfort to the family to not only know their loved one's wishes, but to see them on video as those wishes were expressed."

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to create and notarize eWills has become more significant as well as more convenient as states issued emergency orders authorizing RON transactions. Although many states have recognized the legality of eWills for years, RON now allows individuals/testators to remotely execute these documents with or without their attorneys having to appear physically in the same room. Thus, allowing eWills or any estate planning documents to be remotely notarized, eliminates several barriers that might otherwise prevent individuals from engaging in advanced care/estate planning. Additionally, the emergency legislation surrounding RON allows NotaryCam to add security and identity proofing, adding both long-term defensible evidence and peace of mind to eWill transactions.

For Florida-based estate planning firm and NotaryCam client de Jesus Law Group, LLC, the ability to electronically execute wills and other estate planning documents was key to maintaining its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Our previous process involved a lot of manual work with paper and physically mailing documents. Because of COVID, our firm went completely virtual, and we had to find a new way to get our signings done. When we looked into eWills, NotaryCam immediately stood out as the only electronic notary platform that could perform eWill transactions in Florida currently," said the firm's co-founder Irene de Jesus. "After our first eWill transaction with NotaryCam, I was already comfortable with the process and immediately saw how this process will save us a lot of time and resources."

According to de Jesus, one of the added benefits is that NotaryCam also provides witnesses to the transaction, thus eliminating the need for her clients to do so This not only streamlines the transaction by reducing the number of parties involved in scheduling, but it also reduces the overall cost to the testator. For de Jesus, NotaryCam's streamlined, cost-conscious approach to RON for estate planning made the difference in putting eWills within her firm's financial reach and has fundamentally changed how her firm plans to handled signings beyond the pandemic.

"We've just started to realize the cost savings over our previous process, but I can tell you that based on what we've seen so far, I'm not changing how we're doing this once COVID is done," she added."

About NotaryCam

After pioneering the world's first multi-party/multi-state remote online notarization (RON) in 2012, visionary entrepreneur Rick Triola founded NotaryCam and completed the first mortgage remote online closing (ROC(tm)) in 2014. Today, NotaryCam is the leader in remote online notarization across all Industries and real estate/mortgage eClosing solutions, having notarized documents worldwide for hundreds of thousands of customers in all 50 states and more than 150 countries. The company's patented eClose360® platform delivers the "perfect" online mortgage closing in every jurisdiction and supports all eClosing scenarios - RON, IPEN or Hybrids - with a flexible workflow for document recording and unparalleled identity verification, security and customer convenience. NotaryCam also proudly maintains an industry-leading 99.8 percent customer satisfaction rating.

Visit for additional information or to get a document notarized today.

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Defamation Attorney Defeats anti-SLAPP Motion for Bay Area Client

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Defamation Attorney Rohit Chhabra has successfully defeated an anti-SLAPP motion that sought to punish his client for seeking justice. Chhabra states, "Our client sought legal action after Defendant allegedly published defamatory statements to a social media group of 2,000-3,000 members. Defendant followed with an anti-SLAPP motion asserting that the statements involved were protected activity."

"Defendant also alleged that there was a common interest privilege between Defendant and all the 2,000-3,000 members of the group. This would be equivalent to claiming that every person on Facebook, Twitter, etc. has an interest in another person's posts. I mean, why read it otherwise?" questions Chhabra.

He continues, "While one may have general interest in another's post, this does not extend to a privileged interest-which requires a business or contractual relationship between the parties."

"The court determined that Defendant's anti-SLAPP motion failed to meet the initial burden to establish that Plaintiff's defamation claims are based on Defendant's protected activity," states Chhabra.

"I am glad the court clearly saw the problem with Defendant's arguments and efficiently rendered its decision. The court did not even reach the 'interest' issue. However, even if it did, we are confident Defendant's argument would have failed," continues Chhabra.

"Defendant's contention simply did not make sense," concludes Chhabra. The case continues.

The case is Li v. Yu, 20CV367955 (Santa Clara Superior Court 2020).

About the Firm:

Chhabra Law Firm, PC is a San Francisco, California, based law firm that assists both plaintiffs and defendants in defamation related matters. We assist clients in pursuing as well as opposing anti-SLAPP motions. Chhabra Law was established in 2015 as an alternative to large law firms.

Learn more at:

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Defamation Attorney Secures Win for Client

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Oct. 14, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Defamation Attorney Rohit Chhabra has successfully prevented a lawsuit from proceeding that punished his client for exercising his free speech rights.

Plaintiff, an author and attorney, published a book about California's justice system, in which he wrote that judges were "mentally ill, and [that] the whole system is stacked in favor of prosecutors and police," per the court's findings.

Chhabra states, "Our client, the defendant in this matter, expressed his opinion and stated that plaintiff is spreading conspiracy theories. Plaintiff contended this to be defamatory speech and filed a lawsuit. We found this as an abusive action to silence our client, and filed an anti-SLAPP motion."

"The court agreed with us that plaintiff was at the very least a limited public figure and had failed to establish a showing of actual malice. Regardless, the court also determined that our client's statements were opinion," Chhabra continues.

The court explained "... defendant's assertions are matters of opinion, not fact. Plaintiff seems to regard it as obvious that 'conspiracy theory' is an accusation of fact, not opinion. ... In today's political sphere and public discourse, labeling one's opponent's views as a 'conspiracy theory' is a pejorative characterization of the opponent's views - much like labeling one's opponent as fascist, communist, racist, hypocritical, pro-crime, anti-farmer, moronic, irrational, and so on and so on. Plaintiff posits no understanding of the term 'conspiracy theory' that is susceptible to factual proof or disproof."

"The court provided a very thoughtful analysis, meticulously dissecting each issue. Advocates of free speech should rejoice this decision," concludes Chhabra.

The case is Tully v. Chouinard, CIV-MSC20-01019 (Contra Costa Sup. Ct. 2020).

About the Firm:

Chhabra Law Firm, PC is a San Francisco, California, based law firm that assists both plaintiffs and defendants in defamation related matters. We assist clients in pursuing as well as opposing anti-SLAPP motions. Chhabra Law was established in 2015 as an alternative to large law firms.

More information:

Media Contact:
Rohit Chhabra
Chhabra Law Firm, PC
100 Pine St. Suite 1250
San Francisco CA 94111

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‘Finishing Touches’ Closes the Gap Between Estate Plans and the Details of Everyday Life

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. -- Katrina Bragg, owner of Task Mania, a leading virtual administrative assistant service, today launches "Finishing Touches," a living document designed to capture and organize an individual's most important personal information.

"Finishing Touches" is the first signature product created by Task Mania to meet the emergent needs of its clients to organize both their business and their life. The product includes the details that loved ones need to know in the case of a life-altering event or death.

Organizing one's thoughts and life details has never been so crucial as during the COVID-19 era, estate planning experts agree.

"'Finishing Touches' is a living document designed to close the gap between your estate plan and the details of your real life. The main purpose is to help your family in the event of a life-altering illness or sudden death." says Bragg.

Specifically, "Finishing Touches" covers the details often omitted from wills or estate planning documents. In the document, an individual records how they want their loved ones to handle personal items, photos, social media accounts and resolve daily activities.

Bragg designed the organization tool to be useful, regardless of age or where one may be in the estate planning process.

"Finishing Touches" was designed to complement, not replace, the estate and will planning process," Bragg says. "Individuals can use it for their own reference, as well as provide a copy to their attorney and loved ones to provide guidance as needed."

As an introduction to the "Finishing Touches" experience, Bragg has also launched a free e-book, "Top 5 Things Not Covered In Your Will or Estate Planning."

The e-book illustrates how some wishes fall outside the formal estate planning process. Those are usually the more personal aspects of our lives.

Ultimately, "Finishing Touches" is both product and service. Clients can choose to print the document in sections or as a whole and fill it out by hand. Or, the more electronically savvy can complete the document in its electronic format. Plus, those who need a helping hand can work with Bragg personally to complete their own "Finishing Touches" document.

"Periodically, each person with a 'Finishing Touches' document will get a reminder from me to update their information," Bragg says. "Regular updates ensure that the document is up to date as a primary resource whenever needed."

About Katrina Bragg

A recognized expert on all things administrative, Katrina Bragg is owner of Task Mania, Hendersonville, N.C., and creator of "Finishing Touches," a living document that prioritizes your personal wishes in the event of an emergency, "Finishing Touches" helps ensure that your loved ones have the information and resources they need to honor your values and life. Get a copy of the introductory e-book, "Top 5 Things Not Covered in your Will and Estate Planning," and learn more about the launch of the new product and service at the website:

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Transforming the Nation’s Prisons into Places of Healing: Compassion Prison Project and ‘Step Inside the Circle’ PSA Film

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- On February 12, 2020, 235 incarcerated men gathered in the yard of a maximum-security prison in California. They formed a circle, and in the center of that circle stood Grammy Award winning film producer Fritzi Horstman. She read aloud ten questions from the ACE test, a survey of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

So begins the documentary "Step Inside the Circle," the PSA film which is at the heart of the grassroots organization Compassion Prison Project. With a production team that included Academy Award nominated cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto, "Step Inside the Circle" has, in just a few short months since its release, reached over 2 million views.

By addressing subject matter that is often cloaked in shame, "Step Inside the Circle" bears witness to the damage done by childhood trauma, then ultimately guides us to embrace the ability of the mind, body and spirit to heal.

CDC research shows more than 60 percent of American adults have experienced at least one ACE as children, and almost a quarter of adults have experienced 3 or more ACEs. ACEs are a contributing factor in a range of health-related issues including increased risk for cancer and heart attack, ability to regulate emotions and even the altering of transgenerational DNA.

Compassion Prison Project's mission is to transform prisons and their communities through compassionate action, focusing on ACE awareness, facilitation of trauma healing programs, giving back projects and returning citizens support. Based on her own experiences with childhood trauma, Founder and Executive Director Fritzi Horstman and a core organizing team designed

Compassion Prison Project's approach to include partnerships with volunteers, governments, community-based organizations and prison administrations.

"Compassion Prison Project believes that the power to heal future generations is in changing the way we treat the most traumatized members of our society today," said Fritzi Horstman - Founder Compassion Prison Project.

"Trauma Is A Fact of Life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence," said Peter A Levine.

If you would like more information about this topic, please email or call Fritzi, Executive Director, at 310-428-8908.

Compassion Prison Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Founded in 2019, our mission is to transform prisons and communities through compassionate action.

Learn more at:

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: CPP founder Fritzi Horstman and Richard, serving a life sentence in California.

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Innovative New Company Helps International Artists Come to the U.S. with Less Red Tape

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Artistpass presents a new way for the exceptionally talented abroad to gain their artist or tour visas to the United States - efficiently and cost-effectively.

Founded in 2019, Artistpass grew out of a desire to help international creatives pursue their dreams. Typically, the visa application process is the hardest part of the applicant's artistic journey; Artistpass aims to make it the easiest.

Musical artists, models, photographers, graphic designers and other talents in the creative world are at the mercy of case agents of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It is not uncommon for a creative immigrant wishing to pursue a career in the arts to spend six to eight months putting together a U.S. visa application - only to have it denied. Artistpass not only connects such creatives to an immigration attorney, but it also offers assistance in developing and improving the visa application in order to create the strongest case possible, while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to denial.

Artistpass has assembled a group of partnered law firms specializing in distinct areas of the arts, including music, film, dance and photography. Because every artist follows a different path, the Artistpass intuitive online platform is tailored to the individual's exact journey. By guiding, accelerating and streamlining the artist or tour visa application, anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of the time it takes to receive the visa is shaved off the process for both parties, the legal and creative.

"Artistpass is not just a business, but a belief," said founder Lucas Carbonne. "We believe that no creative - no matter their creed, color, race or origin - should be restricted by borders. We're here to connect these individuals to like-minded creatives, entertainment gatekeepers and their future immigration lawyer."

To learn more about the mission and services of Artistpass, visit

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Veteran-Owned Berry Law Listed on the Inc 5000 for 4th Straight Year

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Out of more than 6 million business in the United States, Berry Law has been honored with a spot in Inc. magazines annual 5000 fastest growing private companies list for the 4th consecutive year. Being ranked in the top 5000 places, Berry Law lands among some of the fastest growing and highly respected companies in the US. The prestigious list spotlights the national industry leaders who continue to grow their businesses in both size and revenue.

While making the list a single time is considered the hallmark of successful entrepreneurship, Berry Law has shattered expectations for what a law firm can achieve by ranking on the Inc. 5000 list for a 4th consecutive year. The Berry Law team has worked tremendously hard to provide exceptional service to their clients while growing a scalable practice focused on individual rights. This year alone, Berry Law has added 32 additional employees to its headcount, including 24 new hires since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

"We are proud to be recognized on the Inc. 5000 list for another year," says Berry Law's CEO, John Berry, Jr. "We use every day as an opportunity to get better, constantly improving our client services, business practices, and employee training. While this award is worth celebrating, rapid business growth is just a secondary outcome of fighting hard for our clients every day. This growth represents years of building referrals and name recognition through offering exceptional service to every client."

COVID-19 has presented challenges to businesses greater than anything we have seen before. Part of Berry Law's success has been using its military roots to build a culture of aggressively rising to meet difficult changes. When an event like the pandemic upsets the status quo operating environment, Berry Law looks for opportunities to improve and streamline. Led by a heroic effort by team members Gordon Bjorman and Brent Masten, the firm was able to transition its IT systems quickly to a remote work structure and continue operating without disruption. The addition of new capabilities surrounding virtual meetings, remote document collaboration, and streamlined case management not only allowed Berry Law to work through the pandemic, it upgraded capabilities and has presented additional room for growth.

The Berry Law team would like to thank each of their clients for helping them become one of the fastest growing law firms in the entire country. During this unknown time, sticking with them and trusting them to help fight your most important battles.

To view the full Inc. 5000 list, please visit Inc. magazine's website on or after August 12, 2020.

Berry Law Firm was founded in 1965 by legendary attorney John S. Berry, Sr. With over 250 years of combined legal experience by its attorneys, Berry Law is well equipped to handle the most serious legal needs. Originally focused on criminal defense work, the firm has expanded to offer a full suite of legal services.

For more information, visit:

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Denmon Pearlman Shows Real Character in New Brand Video, ‘Tampa Bay Warriors for Justice’

TAMPA, Fla. -- The law firm of Denmon Pearlman recently released a new brand video showcasing why their Tampa Bay law firm is relatable, fun, and trustworthy.

The video features Trial Attorneys and Partners of the firm Christian Denmon, Nicole Denmon, and Lee Pearlman in their true forms: honest, easy-going, and experienced.

The video, entitled, "Demon Pearlman Tampa Bay Warriors for Justice," features the partners of the firm making light fun of the status quo law commercial.

"Traditionally, law firm commercials are dramatic, ominous, and present an immediate law solution to foreboding issues one may face when in need of a lawyer," stated Christian Denmon, Partner and Lead Personal Injury Attorney for the firm. "In many cases, law firm videos stick to a reliable formula. They mention who they are, what they do, and provide a brief testimonial from a current or previous client. We knew we wanted to do something different than that and out of the box."

Denmon Pearlman decided to try a different strategy and work a different angle that they believed would resonate with individuals on a more relatable and personable level. Bits of comedy, real career backstory, and an open door to their family and success is what shines through in the narration of the storyline.

While their own career reputations and accolades devoted to law speak for themselves, they made sure they kept the overall message clear, "You are in good hands with Demon Pearlman."

There are scenes that break a metaphorical fourth wall showing their funny-side and their personalities. Their message portrayed in the video is very clear: you can trust us because we know how to help you in your time of need.

Demon Pearlman is known in the Tampa Bay Area community for their passion in standing up for their clients in times of need as well as for their community events and charitable causes including local school insensitive programs for the underprivileged youth.

If you are in need of law services and are a Tampa Bay area resident please visit or call (813) 514-3232 to speak to the firm regarding your case.

About Demon Pearlman Trial Lawyers

Denmon Pearlman Trial Lawyers is a legal firm specializing in Personal Injury, Family/Divorce, Estate Planning, and Criminal Defense with offices located in Tampa, St, Petersburg, and New Port Richey. Founded by husband and wife team, Christian and Nicole Denmon and Lee and Nicole Pearlman, the firm stands on its principles of having open communication with clients and treating them like family.

VIDEO (YouTube):

Angela Lucas
Denmon Pearlman

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