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SimpleNexus helps lenders better serve Spanish-speaking borrowers with launch of Nexus Bilingual

LEHI, Utah -- SimpleNexus (, developer of the leading homeownership platform for loan officers, borrowers, real estate agents and settlement agents, today announced the release of Nexus Bilingual(tm), a new feature that makes the loan process more accessible to prospective homebuyers who prefer to communicate in Spanish by gathering initial loan information in Spanish.

According to the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) 2019 report on Hispanic Lending, more than 470,000 Hispanic people became homeowners in 2019. Nexus Bilingual helps lenders better serve America's expanding Hispanic homebuyer market with tools that generate borrower confidence and help overcome language barriers. While not a full loan application, Nexus Bilingual makes kickstarting the loan process more accessible to prospective homebuyers by providing them with a Spanish-language purchase or refinance loan inquiry form option.

"At SimpleNexus, we believe the homeownership dream should be more accessible to everyone," said SimpleNexus Founder Matt Hansen. "Nexus Bilingual has been a high-priority project of our newly formed skunkworks team and is based on direct market input. It's been personally satisfying to lead the development of a feature that now enables our lender partners to overcome language barriers, increase user confidence and connect with Spanish-speaking borrowers as they embark on the homeownership journey."

A convenient desktop and mobile-responsive experience, Nexus Bilingual enables prospective borrowers to initiate purchase and refinance mortgage loan inquiries in Spanish. When prospective borrowers submit a Spanish-language loan inquiry, Nexus Bilingual informs them that a member of their lender's Spanish-speaking staff will reach out to help them complete the process in English and educate them on next steps.

For more information about the Nexus Bilingual functionality, contact

About SimpleNexus, LLC:

Founded in 2011, SimpleNexus is an award-winning developer of mobile-first technology for the modern mortgage lender. Lenders depend on our namesake homeownership platform to unite the people, systems and stages of the mortgage process into a seamless, end-to-end solution that spans engagement, origination, closing and business intelligence. By helping lenders manage their teams and stay connected with borrowers and real estate partners, we deliver a measurable return on investment in the form of reduced turn times, increased loan application submissions and more referral business. A four-time Inc. 5000 company, SimpleNexus has been recognized as one of the world's Best Workplaces for Innovators.

For more information, visit or follow @SimpleNexus.


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CortoCircuito Virtual Cinema Presents Short Films from Spain, Latin America, The Colombian Pacific and Latinos from the US Under the Theme of Empathy – In the Place of The Other

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The 17th edition of CortoCircuito New York and the 6th edition of Cali open their virtual screening room CortoCircuito: Home Edition November 10-13, 2020, presenting award-winning short films from international festivals and continuing its mission of promoting emerging talent from the regions it represents.

This year's festival is presented by the programmer Diana Vargas, NYU's King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center and Havana Film Festival New York in NY; Agencia IPB, Quijote Comunicacion Estratégica, Fundacion MAVI, Museo La Tertulia, newspaper El País, and Marca Valle Invencible - Gobernacion del Valle in Cali; and Hispanet Biz Solutions in Texas. And the support of Puro Corazon por Cali, Alcaldía de Cali.

* Registration is free of charge through

* Award-winning short films from festivals around the world

For the first time, CortoCircuito Latino ShortFest and CortoCircuito Cali will take place at the same time in digital form, streaming simultaneously in four US states (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Texas) and in the department Valle del Cauca in Colombia. In an environment of healthy social distancing, viewers will be able to access films unavailable on other platforms and conversations that seek to build bridges of understanding and inclusion by registering for free at

"During these years the two festivals have brought films of interest to the NY and Colombian publics in their fundamental mission of creating spaces that connect stories and their viewers through a dialogue that promotes coexistence, recognition of the other, and inclusion. In this version, termed CortoCircuito: Home Edition, the goal is to present moving stories of high quality emblematic of the motto Empathy: in the place of the other," said Diana Vargas, director and co-founder of CortoCircuito.

CortoCircuito wants to pay tribute to Cuban director Diana Montero, who recently passed away, with the special presentation of her award-winning documentary Abecé.

The festival opens on Tuesday, November 10th at 7 p.m. with the program And the Winner is..., a collection of short films from Latin America, Spain, and Latinos in the U.S., produced in the last two years and awarded at some of the most important film festivals in the world, such as Cannes, Berlin, Guadalajara, Cartagena, and San Sebastian. Among these are Carne (Brazil), La capa azul (Puerto Rico), Suc de Síndria (Spain), El tamano de las cosas (Colombia), Infinite While it Lasts (Brazil), Victoria (Honduras).

The panel The Joys and Difficulties of Making a Short Film will take place on Wednesday, November 11th, at 4 p.m., in which experts from different areas of film production discuss the secrets and tricks filmmakers face while making a short film. The panelists include Alex Lora (Spain), who has won at festivals like Guadalajara and Berlin, and a Goya and Guadí award, and Alberto Ferreras (Spain/Venezuela), who has won at festivals including OutFest, Seattle and is the creator of the series Habla on HBO.

On Wednesday, November 11th, 7 p.m. the festival continues with The Peculiar Side of Life, short films guided by ideas of migration and belonging, and the knowledge that each of us has a story worth seeing. Films shown will talk about recognition of the other, their values and their differences. In Colombia and Valle del Cauca, a new cultural and social phenomenon is being experienced- that of massive immigration. People are arriving from different social and geographical spaces who go on to occupy a place in Valle del Cauca society, altering the everyday relationships of its cities and inhabitants. These are some of the films shown: Insilios (Argentina), Ayataki (Peru), Estas allí? (Espana), La Cachera (Colombia), Ruido (Chile), Amnestia (Brazil)

Thursday, November 12th, 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., the festival continues with We, the others... family, diversity, coexistence, a program for the whole family focused on finding concepts of empathy and inclusion through stories. Empathy comes from the Greek words that translate to "inside him" and "what he feels", although its real meaning is the primordial ability to put oneself in the place of the other. This program will be put on with the participation of entities such as Instituto Nacional Penitenciario y Carcelario (INPEC), the Prison Complex of Jamundí and the Agustín Nieto Caballero public school, among others. The program includes the films: All I need is a Ball (Espana), 11:40 (Argentina), Zapatos y la mágica aventura de su creacion (Colombia), Calvario (Espana), La Cachera (Colombia).

At 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 12th the short films in FeminiStories seek to address the different views of women from a perspective of gender as a cross-sectional element that pushes for both men and women to take action to achieve universal equality. The idea of this program is to open an inclusive dialogue regarding themes that are of interest to not only women - these films aren't simply made by women or about women, but rather deal with achieving inclusion from a feminine perspective. Some of the movies that will be seen are: La abuela del ano (Mexico), Baile (Brazil), La vendedora de Lirios (Argentina), Yun (Chile), Track (Spain). FeminiStories will be realized with the participation of the Political School for the Journey of Peace and Gender Equity, and concludes with Is there a female cinema? Stories of women or for women, a panel discussion at 8pm with renowned Argentine filmmaker and actress Ana Katz, Mexican author Carmen Boullosa, and Mexican director and winner of prizes at Havana and Guadalajara Olivia Luengas.

On Friday, November 13th at 6:30 p.m. (NY) and 7:30 p.m. (Cali) the festival closes with two programs: Latinos in the House and Pacífico en Movimiento, aimed at giving visibility to the works of local directors from New York and the Colombian Pacific (Valle del Cauca, Cauca, Narino, Choco); and, as is tradition, the programs close with a discussion with the filmmakers. These are the movies selected: Algo en que creer (U.S.), WTNY (Spain-U.S), Today You, Tomorrow Me (U.S.), Panadero (Dominican Republic-U.S.), Quedé a la orilla (PanAmerican), Ombligada (Tumaco), Poetisas del Perdon (Buenaventura), Miguel el pegajoso (Cali), Totalmente yo (Cali).

Where and how can I watch these programs?

The films will be available free of charge for viewers who register at, and who are located in the US states of NY, NJ, CT, and TX, and the Valle del Cauca department in Colombia. All foreign-language films will be subtitled in English and Spanish. Each function will have a viewing window of two hours and be restricted according to geographical location. In addition to the streaming of films, an event narrative will be woven through the festival's social media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) in the days leading up to and during with details of the programming, interviews, news, curious facts about the films and their directors, and forums that invite viewers to give their opinion.

Trailer (YouTube):

More information and Media Contact: - @cortocircuitoFF @CortoCircuito

New York: Diana Vargas - Artistic Director (917) 658-7735 -

*PHOTO link for media:

*Photo caption: "All I need is a Ball" (Spain) - Paloma Pujol, the only free-style woman soccer player in Spain.

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The 9th Annual Dominican Film Festival in New York goes Virtual

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. -- The importance of maintaining healthy social distancing and stopping the spread of COVID-19, Dominican Film Festival in New York City (DFFNYC) will hold its ninth edition online, October 20-30, 2020. These challenging circumstances have not prevented the festival from continuing to be the largest and most impressive film festival outside the borders of the Dominican Republic.

DFFNYC official program will include a roster of 70 films and offering a program boasting a wide range of genres, from comedy to thriller and drama to romance, plus an homage to the classics and panel discussions with the top leaders of the film industry. All foreign language films are subtitled in English.

DFFNYC opens October 20 with the U.S. Premiere of "Cabarete," a heartfelt coming of age story directed by first-time director, Ivan Bordas and closes October 30 with the world premiere of social drama "Carta Blanca" by Pedro Urrutia.

"We're thrilled to support the 9th Annual Dominican Film Festival in New York, which is offering a virtual line-up of more than 70 films this year," said Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment Anne del Castillo. "The Dominican community comprises the largest Latino group in NYC, and this annual film festival continues to be an important celebration of established and up-and-coming talent within this community."

Inspired by true events, "Cabarete" follows Somalia, a good-hearted teenage kite surfer from the Dominican Republic who convinces his idol to train him for an upcoming tournament in Cabarete. However, once in Cabarete, the town's hedonistic nightlife quickly catches Somalia's attention, and he finds himself having to choose between a life of pleasure and pursuing the athlete ambitions he once had. Director Ivan Bordas and some cast members will be present for a Q&A after the screening.

"DFFNYC is adapting to the 'new normal' by going digital while maintaining its essence, which is to bring the most emblematic stories that are made in and about the Dominican Republic and connecting the film experts and personalities from our island and its diaspora. Our message is clear: Stay safe, stay with us," says Armando Guareño, Executive Director and Founder of DFFNYC.

The festival closes on Friday, October 30, with the world premiere of "Carta Blanca" directed by Pedro Urrutia. The film features performances by Pepe Sierra and Héctor Aníbal, and famous international actors Damián Alcázar, known for his role in Netflix's "Narcos," and Julio Bracho, popular for his characters El Chivo and El Chema.

Running October 20-30, 2020, under the slogan "Stay Safe, Stay with Us!", #DFFNYCVirtual will screen virtually nationwide on October 20-30, 2020, including Canada and Puerto Rico. The festival will be streaming on (@streampelilat) a platform for Latin American cinema and available in different devices nationwide such as iPhone, AppleTV, Amazon, Firetv, Android, AndroidTV, Roku, and Chromecast.

As the premiere film festival in the North East of USA, #DFFNYCVIRTUAL line-up includes a tribute to much-acclaimed director Jose Pinky Pintor with five of his box office hits "Guilty," "Mañana no te olvides," "No hay mas remedio," "Santo Domingo," "Sol y Luna;" plus more than 35 World, U.S., and N.Y. premieres, as well as award-winning features, documentaries, animations and shorts from festivals around the world.

DFFNYC offers a rich and diverse program which includes the Official Competition, a powerful compilation of 12 narrative films dedicated to displaying the talents of the established directors alongside the new movement of groundbreaking filmmakers from the island. Special programs include "Point of Views", a look-back at the films and directors that connected the viewer with the idiosyncrasy of daily life and Dominican history both inside and outside its borders. Among them are "Maria Montes", "Flor de azucar", "Adrift," "Buscando al Zorro," "A orilla del Mar," "Loki 7," "Melocotones," "Musiquita por dentro." The program "Reel Family Out," presenting crowd pleasing films to enjoy with family are Los "Fabulosos Ma' Mejores," "Los Super," "Mision Estrella." Also included in the slate of screenings are programs dedicated to short films such as "Dominicans in the Diaspora," which exhibits talented Dominican filmmakers who choose to tell their stories away from home for various reasons, and "Short Films - Big Stories," a cinematic celebration and powerful demonstration of new and emerging filmmakers from the Dominican Republic and the diaspora competing for Best Short.

The centerpiece this year is "Malpaso," directed by Hector Valdez. This is the story of Braulio, a young peasant, who after the passing of his grandfather has to look after Candido, his twin brother, secluded because of his albinism and who dreams of the return of their father.

One of the most important goals of DFFNYC is to offer remarkable discussions and panels with filmmakers and talents, as well as a rare chance for one-on-one conversations with directors, actors, and producers. Most of these, free of cost.

This year's line-up of masterclasses and panels include:
* From Telenovelas to Films with Antony Alvarez
* Reel Dominican: The Dominican Actor Experience in Hollywood
* Master Class led by actor Juan Hernandez
* Film Festivals in Times of Pandemic
* Reel Women: Dominican Filmmakers in the Diaspora


INDIVIDUAL TICKETS: $15 (streaming available for day of the screening)

OPENING & CLOSING NIGHT: $25 (includes Q&A with directors and cast)


For further information, visit our site:

Follow Us: @dffnycofficial


The 9th annual Dominican Film Festival in New York Virtual (DFFNYC) runs October 20-30, 2020 under the slogan: "Stay Safe, Stay with Us!." The festival offers a platform for members of the Dominican film industry wherein both new and established filmmakers can promote their works to the public, establishing DFFNYC as a premier cultural event for the USA.

Organized by Cine Art Entertainment Productions. Its roster of presenting sponsors includes Hon. Council member Ydanis Rodriguez, The NYC Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, Dominican Tourism Board- Ministry of Tourism, Dirección General de Cine (DGCINE) and Filmenla. The Official sponsors are Presbyterian Hospital, the Hispanic Federation, Pelilat and Festcinerd, Camino Films. DFFNYC 2020 media sponsors are: El Diario La Prensa, Manhattan Times, Zabala Al Dia, Neoyorkinos Media Group, Latinos Social Media.

CONTACT: Diana Vargas: 917-658-7735 /


Buy Tickets here -


Video (YouTube):

*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: Image from film "Colours."

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Groundbreaking New Public Television Series Features Afro-Latino Cultures Through the Lens of Travel

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Haas Media LLC announces Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas, a new travel series on public television, premiering with a two-part special featuring Costa Rica this September on Public Television Stations nationwide, in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The series honors and celebrates the historical and cultural contributions of Latin America's African descendants, hosted by tri-lingual, Black female traveler and executive producer, Kim Haas.

"We are introducing Public Television viewers to Afro-Latinos and their profound legacy in the Americas through history, culture, cuisine, art, dance, music, environmental conservation, literature, sports, and festivals," says Haas. "Afro-Latino Travels is about Black joy, pride and resilience despite centuries of oppression and under-representation. The series features Afro-Latinos that will inspire viewers with hope and optimism."

No other travel TV series showcases solely the Afro-Latino communities throughout Latin America and their rich and diverse legacy of creating vibrant cultures in the Americas. Their imprint greatly influences mainstream Latino culture from Andean Peru to tropical Cuba, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

"Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast was strongly influenced by the Jamaican inhabitants who arrived in the country over 400 years ago," says Costa Rica Tourism Minister Gustavo Segura. "Costa Rica is an extraordinary country. We recognize ourselves as a multi-ethnic and multicultural nation and the province of Limón is the most authentic reflection of that melting pot of cultures and ethnic groups. Here at the ICT, we are very proud of this and view Afro-Latino Travels as an opportunity to share our history with those who seek to learn about and visit our country."

Beginning in the 1500s and throughout The Middle Passage, millions of enslaved Africans were brought to Latin America through the 18th century. Researchers estimate at least 1 in 3 Latin Americans have African ancestry, and Africans and their descendants were involved in every aspect of Latin American society: colonialism, the fight for independence, the building of transportation and infrastructure (forts, railroads, etc.), and more.

"I've wanted to produce a series featuring the impact that the five centuries of African presence in Latin America has had for so long, and this two-part special is just the start of that journey," shares Haas. "This project has been in the works for years, but with the lack of diversity in travel media and the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement more recently, now is the time to celebrate this heritage even more!"

Highlights from the two-part Afro-Latino Travels Costa Rica episodes include interviews with:
* Mr. Quince Duncan, celebrated Afro-Costa Rican author with 50 years of writing, credited with introducing Afro-Costa Rican in Costa Rican literature.
* Tarik Soto, gymnast and 2020 Olympic hopeful.
* Doris & Sasha Campbell, dancer and singer, respectively (sisters of Latin America's first black vice president, Ms. Epsy Campbell)

The Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas two-part special featuring Costa Rica will be available on Public Television Stations across the United States beginning Saturday, Sept. 12 through October. Check local listings for time and channel.

Underwriting for the television program has been provided in part by the Ford Foundation, and in-kind support provided by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas is presented by Northern California Public Media (KRCB) and distributed by NETA.

Further information available at:


Kim Haas, Executive Producer, Host & Creator of Afro-Latino Travels with Kim Haas, has been active in Afro-Latino issues for more than a decade and is founder of, a blog celebrating Afro-Latino culture. Kim speaks fluent Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Kim is passionate about her work with "Afro-Latino Travels," and is extremely proud to be one of the few upcoming Black female travel hosts on public television, leading the path for more to follow!

VIDEO (Vimeo):

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Kim Haas in Costa Rica.

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A tribute to an American Hero – Juan ‘Skip’ Torres

FAIRFAX, Va. -- Dr. Juan Manuel Torres of Pine Island, Fla. - a decorated Korean and Vietnam veteran - passed away last week at the age of 86-years-old after a courageous battle with cancer and pneumonia, the Family of Juan Manuel Torres announced. With his passing, America lost a true patriot and American hero who was one of the last surviving members of Task Force Smith from the Battle of Osan - America's first entry into the Korean conflict.

Dr. Torres, who was born in Arecibo, P.R. and raised in the Bronx, N.Y., joined the U.S. Army in 1949 at the young age of fifteen by "revising" his birth certificate. He was immediately deployed to Korea where he was assigned to the 21st Regiment of the 24th Infantry Division and placed directly into combat against aggressing North Korean and Chinese troops. Outnumbered five to one, his unit suffered heavy casualties. In another battle in Korea, he was captured and beaten, but later escaped while being marched to a prisoner detention facility. After Dr. Torres' squad leader was killed, he was given a field promotion to Corporal. While in a foxhole during one battle in Korea, his buddies affectionately called him "Skip," which is a name he kept for the rest of his life.

Skip was discharged and returned from Korea to New York after the Army discovered he was only 16-years-old. He was later allowed to enlist in the U.S. Air Force as an Air Policeman (now called USAF Security Forces) where he spent the next 20-plus years, including a one-year tour in Vietnam during the height of the conflict. While in Vietnam, he was promoted to Technical Sergeant (TSgt) where he led the USAF Security Forces at Bien Hoa Air Base and protected U.S. jet fighters and bombers during the "Tet Offensive" when 100,000 Viet Cong attacked U.S. personnel and facilities, including the air base at Bien Hoa. TSgt Torres was injured during the battle while extracting U.S. troops from a burning Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), but declined any awards saying: "It was just my duty." Skip received the Purple Heart medal for injuries he sustained from gunshot and shrapnel wounds while in combat against the North Koreans and Chinese. He was also awarded numerous additional U.S. Army and Air Force distinctions, such as the Combat Infantryman's Badge (CIB) and the U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal.

After retiring from the U.S. armed forces, Skip was recruited by the U.S. Marshals Service as a Deputy U.S. Marshal and was later promoted to Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal where he led key task forces against drug cartels and mafias in the southeast and northeast regions of the United States. He was once again injured during a standoff between U.S. Marshals and armed mafia assailants.

After retiring from the U.S. Marshals Service, Skip earned a PhD in theology and became an ordained minister where he faithfully served his community for the remainder of his life. He personally delivered meals to feed the homeless on a weekly basis throughout central and south Florida and donated most of his U.S. military and government retirement pay to charitable organizations worldwide.

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Bitcoin Scam is Targeting Hispanic Communities in Maryland

BALTIMORE, Md. -- AARP Maryland is warning of a new scheme targeting Maryland's Hispanic/Latino communities. A fraudulent Bitcoin website is targeting and enticing new investors with the false hope of financial gain, combined with threats to report those with undocumented status.

"This week, the AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline received four reports that a fraudulent Bitcoin scheme is targeting a list of Spanish speaking people, many of whom are connected to each other through a religious or social group," said AARP State President Hank Greenberg. "Once contacted, the victims were misled to believe that their money would be invested in Bitcoin and that they would be able to conveniently track their growing returns on the web every day."

Greenberg continued that the scammers convinced the victims that Bitcoin itself was a regulated currency so that they would be more confident in their investment. "The opportunity to track continuing and increasing investment returns enticed some to invest even more of their hard-earned dollars."

Subsequently, the victims told the Fraud Watch Network, the scammers threatened to report their targets to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding their undocumented status, if they attempted to back out of the investment. Although the victims in the four reported cases are documented, they raised concern about how many people have continued to invest out of fear of deportation.

AARP Maryland and the AARP Fraud Watch Network warn that there might be hundreds of people entrapped by this scam and the number may be growing in a Ponzi-type arrangement that incentivizes people to recruit additional investors.

"Every year, thousands of Americans are affected by fraud and scams," said Greenberg. "But help is available. Sign up for biweekly Watchdog Alerts at to have news on the latest scams delivered right to your inbox. And, please report any scams you come across to the AARP Fraud Watch Network toll-free at 877-908-3360. Translators are available to assist."

Learn more about AARP Maryland at:

Nancy Carr

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Mateo Blanco: American dreamer turned successful American tenor

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Mateo Blanco, an accomplished musician and celebrated visual artist, is re-releasing his debut album "Mateo Blanco 724," in honor of its 10th anniversary.

Blanco made history upon the release of this album by becoming the first American tenor to record a multi-genre record. Blanco chose to highlight his Colombian heritage by recording the album in Spanish. The multi-genre style ranges from salsa to vallenato, reflecting the worldly travels he experienced throughout his upbringing. A true artist, Blanco finds inspiration in everything around him, including the name for his album. "Mateo Blanco 724" was inspired by the time he finished recording the last song.

"The purpose behind my album is to inspire people to follow their dreams, believe in love and to spread positivity," said Blanco. "Music is a vehicle for emotions, so it was important for me to have fellow dreamers collaborate on the record. I personally interviewed every musician who worked on my album to ensure they not only have a happy personality, but true goodness in their soul."

A classically trained opera singer, Blanco studied commercial music at Florida Atlantic University. He has performed operas such as in La Traviata, Rigoletto, Il Trovatore and Don Giovanni. A man of extraordinary talent, Blanco has also made presentations accompanied by Aretha Franklin and his interpretation before the president of the United States, George H.W. Bush.

In recent years, Blanco has channeled his creative energy into his visual art. Known around the world for his use of unconventional mediums and edible materials, his whimsy is present in everything he makes. Noteworthy projects include portraits of Jennifer Lawrence in peanuts, Dolly Parton recreated in pieces of cloth and string, and Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" in sugar crystals. His work can be found in Ripley's Believe It or Not! museums, as well as in museums and private collections around the world.

Mateo Blanco's re-released "Mateo Blanco 724" can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and Amazon Music. To view his art and other projects, visit Instagram @MateoBlancoArt

Find the album on iTunes at:

About Mateo Blanco

Mateo Blanco stands out for using unusual materials to create works of art, which have captured the attention of Ripley's Believe It or Not! His art is sold at ArtSpace Virginia Miller Galleries in Coral Gables, Rosenbaum Contemporary in Boca Raton, Jane's Art Center in New Smyrna Beach and some pieces have been displayed at Disney Springs and Aloft Hotel in downtown Orlando. Blanco was born in Miami in September 1981. Blanco is also a talented opera singer. He sang a birthday celebration for President George H.W. Bush.

For more information or inquiries, visit his Instagram @mateoblancoart -

Follow on Twitter: @MateoBlancoArt

*PHOTO link for media:
*Caption: Mateo Blanco. Photo by Maddy Ouellette.

William Wellons
Wellons Communications
Office: 407-339-0879

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Autos Latinos launches first-of-its-kind interactive car shopping website targeted specifically toward Latino and Hispanic consumers

MURRIETA, Calif. -- Autos Latinos has officially launched their service and new website, - a car shopping website that caters specifically to Latino and Hispanic car buyers in Southern California.

The market of Latino/Hispanic car buyers in California has undergone exponential growth over the past decade and consumers within these demographics now comprise a very lucrative market for the auto industry to target. 79% of these Latino/Hispanic car buyers are more likely to trust auto advertisements that are in Spanish and reflect Hispanic culture in some way.

There remains a deficit in online car-buying tools that are targeted toward Latino/Hispanic consumers and offer information and services in Spanish. Autos Latinos strives to fill that gap in the auto market and make the car-buying process more accessible and comfortable for Latino/Hispanic consumers with is published entirely in Spanish.

Autos Latinos encourages consumers to think of their now-live car shopping website as "a search engine for car shopping," guides consumers through comprehensive online inventories of new and used cars that are available in their area and has partnered with several car dealerships throughout Southern California in order to be able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date listings on their website. makes the car-buying process even easier for Latino/Hispanic consumers with their messaging tool that allows consumers to ask questions, have them answered in real time, and even reserve a test drive of a specific car at a local dealership-all in Spanish.

Autos Latinos also designs Partner Facebook pages for businesses in the auto industry to help these businesses engage Latino and Hispanic consumers, generate more leads from these consumers, earn their trust, and build lasting professional relationships with them.

Autos Latinos is proud to be serving the Latino and Hispanic communities throughout Southern California. is now live, and Autos Latinos will continue to expand with a mobile app that is slated to become available for download in the Apple and Google app stores within the next couple of weeks.

Learn more:

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8th Entrepreneur Summit to Feature Successful Business Owners and Experts

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- Returning for its eighth year, Hispanic Unity of Florida's 2019 Entrepreneur Summit ( is a day-long learning and networking event showcasing the diverse array of businesses that contribute to South Florida's economy.

This year's event will be held on Friday, September 20 at Nova Southeastern University in the Carl DeSantis Building from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Breakfast starts at 7:30 a.m., followed by workshops throughout the day and an exhibitor area. The event features a much requested Master Class in the Art of Networking with Networking Guru, Heiko Dobrikow at 9:15 a.m.

The Keynote Address and American Dreamer Awards & Panel Discussion will be held at 10:45 a.m. with Keynote Speaker, Jim Ryan, Founder and CEO of OutPLEX ( and Co-Founder, The Venture Mentoring Team.

Expected to draw between 300 and 400 attendees, the E-Summit provides emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners an opportunity to connect with other business owners and professionals interested in similar topics, learn from subject matter experts how to start and grow their businesses, and receive insights and best strategies for success.

Attendees include a mix of entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, economic development specialists, representatives from government agencies, small business experts, procurement officers, educational institutions, media and corporate partners, and others interested in entrepreneurship. The 8th Entrepreneur Summit is presented by Chase. Major sponsors include: JM Family Enterprises, Inc., Southeast Toyota Distributors, Nova Southeastern University, WSVN Channel 7 News, Memorial Healthcare System, and Wells Fargo. The event is produced by Hispanic Unity of Florida, Inc. (HUF)( ).

This year's keynote speaker, Jim Ryan, Founder and CEO of OutPLEX and Co-Founder of The Venture Mentoring Team will share his insights on being a serial entrepreneur and how to identify a great business mentor. The American Dreamer Awards & Panel Conversation, sponsored by JM Family Enterprises/Southeast Toyota Distributors, will be moderated by renowned journalist Tom Hudson of WRLN. This year's program includes six workshops, with two in Spanish.

The American Dreamer Award recipients are individuals recognized for their steadfast success, business acumen and community service.

The 2019 honorees include:

* Dr. Julia Harper, TheraPeeds Family Center
* Leni Ibargüengoytia, ForSisters
* Juliana Martinez & Efrain Martinez, EM Professional Services
* Gloria Martinez & Edmerson Vasquez, Neo Broadband, Inc.
* Maxeme "Max" Tuchman, Caribu, Inc.

Learn more about the speakers, moderator and honoree at

"Launching a new business or running a small business comes with many challenges," said Josie Bacallao, Hispanic Unity of Florida's President and CEO. "We are excited that we can bring together entrepreneurs and business professionals to collaborate, network, inspire and learn from each other. We have another exciting Summit this year, and a great lineup of speakers. The Entrepreneur Summit is the perfect opportunity to not only gain valuable information, but to make connections and develop your small business network with like-minded professionals."

Pricing: Complimentary sponsored admission (FREE).

Parking: Complimentary. Located in the garage directly across from NSU's Business School and the Carl DeSantis Building.

For general information:

For sponsorship information: Shani Wilson, Development Director, at 954-342-0430 or

The 2019 Entrepreneur Summit is made possible by our sponsors (as of August 2019): Chase, JM Family Enterprises, Inc., Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC, Nova Southeastern University, Memorial Healthcare System, Wells Fargo, WSVN; as well as, Amerant, BankUnited, BBB of Southeast Florida and the Caribbean, BB&T, Comerica Bank, FPL, MBAF CPAs and Advisors, Setnor Byer Insurance & Risk, Synovus, Templeton & Company, TIAA Bank, and Woodforest National Bank.

About Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF):

Hispanic Unity of Florida (HUF) is a non-profit founded 37 years ago by community leaders to ease the acculturation transition for newcomers from other nations. Today, HUF provides assistance through 12 programs and 30+ services in four languages to South Florida's diverse community. HUF, an UnidosUS Affiliate, is one of South Florida's largest agencies dedicated to the immigrant population, providing them with the tools they need to build a new life.

In 2018, the agency served more than 15,000 children and families. HUF offers assistance at four main office locations and provides extended services at 50+ outreach locations-including citizenship services at libraries, free tax preparation at mobile sites, and education services at public schools, among others.

Mission: Empowering immigrants and others to become self-sufficient, productive and civically engaged. For more information visit: or call 954-964-8884, ext. 216.

Media Contact:
Kathy Gallego
Marketing Director
Hispanic Unity of Florida
954-342-0404 (direct)
954-329-5262 (cell)

Distributed by:
DreamCatcher Marketing & Productions

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Exploring Black and Afro-Latinx female identity with RESPECT: gallery exhibition, workshops, and discussions

BRONX, N.Y. -- The Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education is delighted to announce the opening of "RESPECT," an exhibition celebrating Black and Afro-Latinx womanhood. The art gallery exhibition and related public programs comprise the Fall season of "CelebrARTE," Casita Maria's arts and culture event series celebrating the South Bronx community and the art it has inspired.

"RESPECT" is a multimedia exhibition that features New York-based artists Timothy Okamura, Jessica Spence, and Nichole Washington. Like much of the art displayed at Casita Maria, the exhibition examines a belief about or within the community -- here, that beauty diminishes as skin tones become darker or hair becomes kinkier -- and turns it on its head, with powerful depictions of Black women respecting themselves and loving each other.

Each artist celebrates Black womanhood in their signature style. Okamura combines his 'realist' paintings of figures with details rendered in collage, spray paint and mixed media. The exhibition will include work he created from photographs of four Casita Maria after-school program participants as well as giclee prints from his Begin Transmission and Urban Portraits series.

Jessica Spence's acrylic paintings examine Black womanhood and societal beauty ideals, focusing on the beauty and versatility of Black hair. She will also participate in a panel discussion on the politics of hair and teach a workshop on her collage methods on Saturday, September 21.

Nichole Washington's bold and imaginative works explore feminine strength, identity, and spirituality through both photography and paint. Her strong use of design, layered with symbols and expressive brush strokes, creates a multidimensional space that allows room for nuance. For anyone interested in how she creates her engaging visuals, Ms. Washington will teach a workshop on symbol-making on Saturday, October 5.

Through CelebrARTE and other public programs, Casita Maria has become a premier location for the arts and culture of the South Bronx. Creative Arts Director Gail Heidel says, "Casita Maria is a safe, welcoming space that celebrates cultural pride and honors the communities we serve by creating a resilient ecosystem of self-expression, creativity and education. Seeing themselves and their families reflected in the art we present, neighborhood youth build self-esteem and pride in themselves and their communities. Our programming and the artists we showcase are a testament to the transformative power of the arts."

Fall 2019 season of the CelebrARTE (Celebrate Yourself) series
On view at the Casita Maria Gallery September 3 - November 15, 2019

Free and open to the public
Hours: Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

* Exhibition Opening and Artist Talk: Thursday, September 19, 5:30 - 8 PM
* Panel Discussion: The Politics of Hair: Self-Love, Self-Care and Understanding, Saturday, September 21, 1-3 p.m., Moderator: Lori Tharps, Panelists Sulma Arzu-Brown, Isidra Sabio Jessica Spence, Natasha Tarpley
* Workshop: ExpresARTE/Express Yourself Through Collage, September 21, 3:30-5 PM, Artist: Jessica Spence, Workshop: ExpresARTE/Express Yourself Through Symbol Making, Saturday, October 5, 10-11:30 a.m., Artist: Nichole Washington

Book Club: One Book One Bronx. Wednesday evenings 6:30-8 PM, beginning September 11

Featured books will include: "Girl in the Mirror: Three Generations of Black Women in Motion," by Natasha Tarpley, and "Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America" by Ayana Byrd and Lori Tharps.

Learn More:

The exhibition and public programs are made possible by support from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and the Lily Auchincloss Foundation.

Casita Maria Center For Arts & Education is the first and oldest Latino 501(c)(3) charity in NYC, founded in 1934. The South Bronx-based community arts and educational organization presents diverse, contemporary visual and performing arts and education programming for all ages.

*IMAGE link for media:
*Image caption: "Sore Arms" by Jessica Spence.

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