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Designer John Robert Wiltgen Beats the Odds: ‘The Candy in My Pocket’ – An Inspirational Memoir About Designing Your Best Life

CHICAGO, Ill. -- With holiday shopping just around the corner, John Robert Wiltgen's riveting memoir "The Candy in My Pocket" (ISBN: 979-8986007007), is now available for the gift giving season. As a type 1 diabetic for more than 55 years, Wiltgen has been a successful business owner and now author whose memoir describes his journey of finding joy and success amidst a life riddled with obstacles and despair due to insulin-dependent diabetes.

Critics describe "The Candy in My Pocket" as an inspirational but irreverent story about designing your best life despite horrifying circumstances.

His memoir journals the dramatic days of his forty years as an award-winning designer commissioned by celebrities, world leaders, and other luminaries; his (secret) debilitating and death-defying battle with diabetes; and the struggle to hold on to himself and those he cared about along the way.

"I first knew I was going to live an extraordinary life when Zsa Zsa Gabor said I should be on stage," said Wiltgen.

But then Sid Caesar told him, "If you don't have tragedy, you won't have comedy."

The years have taught Wiltgen they were both right.

Wiltgen was diagnosed with T1D when he was eight. At that time, his parents were told he would not live to see 40. For a kid from a middle-class suburb of Chicago his life has been exceptional.

He graduated high school in three years.

When he was 16, he apprenticed at a theatre working with Hollywood legends such as Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor, Louis Jordan, Leslie Caron, Syd Caesar, and Imogene Coca.

Wiltgen started his own residential design firm at 18 and never looked back-even when he could not see. "After all, who wants to hire a blind designer?" he laughs.

Wiltgen fought diabetic retinopathy in his early 20's for four years and won. A year later he was told he needed a kidney transplant. Performed at the University of Minnesota, it is now 36 years post-surgery and still functioning! "The surgeons told me it would last 12-15 years but they were mistaken," said Wiltgen.

In his 30's he developed heart disease, fought cellulitis, osteomyelitis, a below the knee amputation, pulmonary fibrosis and skin cancer.

Wiltgen also survived COVID in April of 2020 when no one knew anything about it. "The doctors would not come into my room. Instead, they phoned me on the hospital's phone to find out how I was doing," he said.

Nonetheless, his memoir includes larger-than life tales that are extremely entertaining. Though his life involves many tragedies, it also includes exciting personal and professional adventures as well as celebrity cameos with stars such as Jane Seymour, Timothy Hutton, Angelina Jolie, Sean and Robyn Wright Penn, Steve Harvey, John Cusack, the former Governor and First Lady of Lagos State, Nigeria (who is now running for President of that country) and Jesus.

His career has included designing homes across the United States, Canada, Mexico-even Africa. Wiltgen has appeared on HGTV, NBC, FOX, WTTW etc. His completed projects have been featured in more than 200 newspapers and magazines not including the hardcover coffee table books that also display his work. He has received 45 awards from his peers.

Navid Ziran, an orthopedic trauma surgeon said, "I perform many amputations due to diabetic foot infections and am very familiar with the effects of diabetes on the mental and physical quality of life as well as the overall longevity."

"The five-year mortality rate after an amputation is 62%," Ziran noted. Other individuals would have died a long time ago, yet he not only survived but became a world-renown designer," said Ziran.

"John is a quintessential example of how the human spirit can not only adapt but also flourish and succeed despite overwhelming obstacles. Truly, his life story embraces "ad astra per aspera"-a crooked path leads to the stars," said Ziran.

"I would say that regarding survivability and inner strength, John represents the end of the bell curve for not only diabetic patients but also humans," he concluded.

Holly Hunt, founder of the celebrated luxury home furnishings and design brand said, "John has a talent for storytelling and writing as well as for design, but the most important part of this memoir is his amazing energy and determination to live with the debilitating disease type 1 diabetes, Hunt said. "He enjoys a full life gathering fabulous, famous and adventurous friends, and gives back to many far more than he takes. He never looks back, always forward choosing to be happy and fully engaged while hiding his scars and physically damaged parts with Versace!"

Cynthia Rowley, global fashion designer, remarked, "I laughed out loud at every story. John's triumph over medical adversity is enormously uplifting. He chooses joy, happiness and unwavering positivity in his quest to live life on his own terms. I have never met a person with more energy and pathological optimism."

"I wrote this book to help people of all beliefs and backgrounds remain optimistic in the worst of times-no matter what personal or professional challenges they're dealing with," stated Wiltgen. "You might not have diabetes or know someone who does, but we all have challenges-and need stories exemplifying how to live our best lives-or, at least, laugh while trying!"

"The Candy in My Pocket" would make a great holiday gift not only for any one of the 500,000,000 diabetics around the globe, but for anyone fighting a debilitating disease. It can be purchased online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the Book Depository, even Walmart.


For more information, please go to the following websites:

A portion of the profits realized from the sale of this book will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

John Robert Wiltgen has spoken on numerous topics at various venues including colleges, trade shows, private clubs, professional organizations and numerous podcasts. He's appeared on HGTV's I Want That! Baths; I Want That! Kitchens; and Homes Across America as well as NBC's Open House, Fox Television, and WTTW. He is a great interview.


John Robert Wiltgen started writing as soon as his mother bought him a used Underwood typewriter at a garage sale. During middle school he was editor of the school newspaper. He graduated high school in 3 years studying art, literature, creative writing and theater. After a brief stint at design school, he embarked on his career as a residential designer and never looked back.

Wiltgen continued to grow his award-winning and successful residential design firm while fighting many obstacles. He obsessed over making his client's worlds beautiful taking him across North America and halfway around the world-from Chicago's Gold Coast to Africa's Ivory Coast. John Robert Wiltgen Design is synonymous with its reputation for excellence and superior quality in design, styling, and craftsmanship.

"The Candy in My Pocket" is Wiltgen's first book-a very personal memoir. However, he promises to delve into writing fiction next.

About his life John likes to quote the American writer, Elbert Hubbard. Born in 1857, raised in Illinois, he wrote, "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out alive."

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New Book, ‘The Power of the Pen,’ Gives Insights into the World of Handwriting Analysis

SEATTLE, Wash. -- With its first-ever published book, "The Power of the Pen: from the unconscious to the conscious" (ISBN: 978-1970181340), The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) showcases 23 unique perspectives on handwriting analysis and its modern uses. Each essay is penned by a respected handwriting analyst and explores topics such as handwriting research in the digital age, human resources, the effects of medication on handwriting, genealogy, deception, signature analysis, psychology, and so much more.

Filled with personal stories and handwriting psychology, "The Power of the Pen" is a rare look into the world of handwriting analysis and highlights how people around the world study and use graphology today.

"AHAF is proud to present 'The Power of the Pen,' an Anthology that captures not just the technical side of graphology, but also the spirit and passion that brings it to life. 'The Power of the Pen' represents decades of dedication, study, practical research and application of graphological principles by widely respected handwriting analysts and graphologists," said Lauren Mooney Bear, AHAF President.

"After working in this field for more than 50 years, it was a great privilege to bring together these professionals and shepherd their work into a one-of-a-kind publication. 'The Power of the Pen' anthology does what no other book on handwriting analysis does: it offers a broad spectrum of topics and perspectives on all levels of interest and expertise," said Sheila Lowe, AHAF Immediate Past President and Editor.

The foreword, contributed by neuroscientist, Dr. Mark Noble, affirms the special effects writing has on the brain and how writing by hand is more effective than the computer when it comes to learning.

"The Power of the Pen: from unconscious to conscious" is 362 pages and is now available through Amazon:

Intro Video (YouTube):

About AHAF:

The Foundation is a 501-(c)6 non-profit organization, chartered and incorporated in California, and are the sponsors of Campaign for Cursive. Visit

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‘Achieving Life Satisfaction Is Our Ultimate Goal’ – Personal Development Writer Releases Inspiring Book On Finding Your Purpose

OTTAWA, Ontario -- An inspiring story about finding your purpose and achieving happiness by tapping into three spheres: personal growth, family values, and career focus, "For A Better Chance At Life: Achieving Life Satisfaction" (ISBN: 978-0228880103; Tellwell Publishing) is a personal development novel by author Jonathan J. Woolverton.

A new release, "For A Better Chance At Life: Achieving Life Satisfaction," tells the story of how achieving life satisfaction is our ultimate goal. And to achieve it, we must set out our purposes in life. We exist in three spheres: our Personal Growth sphere, where we determine what we wish to accomplish in our own personal life given what is important to us; our Family Values sphere, where we set out our goals and objectives for what we wish to accomplish as a family unit; and our Career Focus sphere, where achieving a certain status and income level will determine our successes and accomplishments as they relate to our working life. As well we must determine how to achieve happiness in our life-after-work years.

When asked why Woolverton wrote "For A Better Chance At Life: Achieving Life Satisfaction," he said: "The world has become more chaotic over the past couple of decades. The stresses, pressures, and worries in our lives have grown exponentially. It has become more difficult to find happiness and joy in life. We have lost the ability to balance our lives effectively between what we require to achieve what is important to us on a personal basis, how to achieve a balance between our career goals and our family priorities, how to manage our expectations against reality, and how to ensure that our life-after-work years result in true life satisfaction."

The recently published personal development novel is perfect for readers ready to clarify their life goals and purpose and strive for their ultimate goal: achieving life satisfaction.

"For A Better Chance At Life: Achieving Life Satisfaction" is available through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $21.99), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and Booktopia.

More information about the book on Amazon:


JONATHAN J. WOOLVERTON was born in Ontario, Canada. Shortly after that, he moved with his family to the U.S. J.J. attended a private boys' school in Western New York State and later enrolled in a university in Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a BBA in economics and accounting with a minor in psychology. Over his career, J.J. has consulted and advised committee members on how to set and accomplish their internal goals and objectives within their own organizations.

Learn more at:

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Maxwell CPA Review provides online CPA courses to prepare students for the U.S. CPA exams

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A new exam-prep company is helping students to pass the U.S. CPA exams in droves. Maxwell CPA Review was founded by Kyle Ashcraft, CPA and provides online CPA courses to prepare students for the U.S. CPA exams. Kyle passed all four CPA exams with a 90 and above, in only six months. Now he works to equip students with the same tools that prepared him for his exams.

Maxwell CPA Review offers a Comprehensive CPA Exam Review Course which includes:

* 30+ Hours of Laser-Focused Video Lectures

* 1,300 MCQ Practice Questions

* 240+ Pages of Study Outlines

"This course serves as an effective supplemental course for any student preparing for the exams. Students greatly benefit from the real-world examples given throughout the course," says Ashcraft.

For example, in the Audit Exam video lecture on fixed assets, Kyle shows a real example of a fixed asset roll forward schedule.

Course Options

If a student would rather purchase the individual exam courses instead of the Comprehensive CPA Exam Review Course, the following exams can be purchased separately:

* FAR Exam Comprehensive Review Course

* REG Exam Comprehensive Review Course

* Audit Exam Comprehensive Review Course

* BEC Exam Comprehensive Review Course

Each course teaches students all the necessary topics to pass the CPA exams. Additionally, Maxwell CPA Review offers a free mini-course on ratio analysis which provides useful content for all four exams. With only one hour of studying per day with this course, a student can effectively prepare for their CPA exams.

Black Friday Discount

For Black Friday, students can purchase the Comprehensive CPA Exam Review Course (all 4 exams) for only $399. This is a 30% discount off the normal price of $599. This discount will start on Black Friday (November 25) and run through Cyber Monday (November 28, 2022).

Years Of Teaching Experience

Kyle Ashcraft, CPA has prepared over 100 CPA students for their exams and has provided over 1,000 CPA tutoring hours. In 2019, Kyle decided to try passing all four CPA exams within six months on his first try while working full-time. After two months, he took FAR, for a score of 95. Then after four weeks, onto BEC, for a score of 98. Then after two months, REG with a score of 91. Finally, after one more month, AUD, with a score of 90.

Kyle embraces his experience in public accounting at a top-20 firm to help break down accounting concepts to students. Kyle is based out of Florida (Eastern Time) and has his CPA License in Vermont.

For more information, please email support[at], or visit the company's website.

Official Website:

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Azarus Introduces Sponsored Play and Earn Overlay Games to Streams with Themed Trivia

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Azarus has expanded its reach as the pioneer of livestreaming interactivity with a new Overlay Games platform allowing streamers to play along with their fans live and earn rewards.

Founded in 2018, Azarus is rolling out an upgrade to its Overlay Games platform to enable streamers and brands to activate massive live audiences through Overlay Games on any streaming platform. Viewers of a stream become gamers and are rewarded for their attention and participation through AzaCoins, which are redeemable in the Azarus Store for more than 35,000 digital items, including popular premium video games and currency in popular free-to-play games.

This new platform is a pivotal milestone for Azarus, which has been running its popular trivia game, Azarus Challenges, for the past three years as a Twitch Extension, which has accumulated more than four million viewers participating and more than $2 million in prizes distributed.

"Streams are so much more than TV, offering a deeper level of engagement between content creators and fans," Azarus CEO and founder Alex Casassovici said. "Our new platform creates a win-win scenario for streamers everywhere and the brands who need a natural way to connect with fans. This interactivity reveals the true nature of streams."

Azarus can now be used on any streaming network, allowing for more diverse gameplay and offering brands an opportunity to sponsor Overlay Game sessions to connect with fans in a playful and engaging way.

Starting today, you'll be able to play a tailored trivia game, with the creator as a host, quizzing fans on the lore of the latest expansion to Brawlhalla's universe. Through a series of three trivia question sets that will be updated daily, fans will be tested on their knowledge and speed to answer questions, determining how many AzaCoins will be won.

Azarus sets itself apart by creating the first platform that turns streams into massively real-time multiplayer digital arenas. The platform connects brands, creators, and audiences through games that magically appear over streams that the audience is already watching. Brands sponsor games using a real-time performance model, which offers them a unique platform to engage more deeply with audiences while simultaneously rewarding them. Likewise, creators enabling this connection by launching brand-sponsored games get rewarded with AzaCoins based on the level of audience engagement they drive during their streams.

"We are seeing very strong demand from ad agencies and brands who are eager to activate on our new platform. They're excited to run massively interactive ads, delivered at scale via our network of creators, paying only when a recognized user engages, all while creating a positive experience for both creators and their fans," adds Torry Stanley, VP of Finance & Revenue Operations at Azarus.

The Azarus platform will bring more games and more innovative gameplay, available for brands to sponsor and for creators to run on their channels, on Twitch and other streaming platforms.

Creators can join today by signing up at

About Azarus

Azarus ( is the pioneer of Overlay Games, a new form of casual games that layer over streams. Overlay Games are massively multiplayer, simple, fun, and rewarding. Azarus offers the first platform that provides an environment to build, distribute and monetize Overlay Games on any stream. Overlay Games bring together massive live audiences, revealing the true nature of streams as an interactive medium, supporting the company's vision that "Streams are not TV."

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MCT Launches BAMCO: Co-issue Loan Sale Marketplace for Shadow Pricing and Unique Executions

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT®), a leading mortgage hedge advisory and secondary marketing software firm, announced the release of BAMCO, a new marketplace for co-issue loan sales. Co-issue loan sales, also known as flow-based mortgage servicing rights (MSR) sales, are a three-way transaction involving the sale of loans to one of the agencies with a simultaneous sale of the MSRs to a separate third party. BAMCO brings co-issue transactions directly into MCT's whole loan trading platform and improves price transparency by connecting unapproved sellers to live executions from potential buyers.

"BAMCO is the latest step toward realizing MCT's vision of every loan being priced to every investor, supporting true best execution for sellers and a more efficient market for borrowers," said Justin Grant, Senior Director, Head of Investor Services at MCT. "Historically, lenders have had far more whole loan outlets than co-issue outlets - we're seeking to change that with BAMCO."

BAMCO supports live, flow-based, loan-level MSR pricing, expanding execution options for sellers while creating new client acquisition opportunities for buyers.While co-issue executions via agency integrations have always been and will continue to be included in lenders' loan sale best execution analysis, BAMCO brings in a new section featuring direct co-issue pricing for both approved and unapproved buyers. Co-issue buyers have the choice to deliver standard grid-based co-issue pricing or loan-level bid tape co-issue pricing.

In recent years, both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have pushed the market for co-issue loan sales forward with new servicing exchanges.This has supported the growth of co-issue transactions to represent 16% of all loan sales by MCT's lender client base in 2022. BAMCO supports and expands upon the functionality provided by the agencies to facilitate live shadow pricing, more granular MSR bids, and expanded outlets over time. BAMCO serves agency sellers within the MCT hedge client base, particularly those not currently taking advantage of co-issue executions, while offering an opportunity for co-issue buyers to attract more sellers and provide more granular pricing.

BAMCO is a new set of executions within BAM Marketplace, the industry's largest loan exchange which serves MCT's three hundred mortgage lender clients. BAMCO is the latest in a series of groundbreaking innovations from MCT, from their original focus on best execution analysis to more recent rollouts such as electronic TBA trading and automation for Assignment-of-Trade (AOT) transactions.

"Given the advancement of BAMCO technology, MCT brings incredible selling efficiencies and pricing resources to the industry," shared Chris King, SVP of Business Development at Mr. Cooper. "Mr. Cooper is excited to be a first adopter of BAMCO and we look forward to working with our clients, MCT, and the agencies to further the expansion of co-issue sales."

There is no additional cost for MCT hedging clients to use BAMCO, which was released as part of their normal best execution loan sales process earlier this week.

Interested parties can register to attend MCT's upcoming BAMCO webinar to be held December 7, 2022:

About MCT:

Founded in 2001, Mortgage Capital Trading, Inc. (MCT) has grown from a boutique mortgage pipeline hedging firm into the industry's leading provider of fully integrated capital markets services and technology. MCT offers an array of best-in-class services and software covering mortgage pipeline hedging, best execution loan sales, outsourced lock desk solutions, MSR portfolio valuations, business intelligence analytics, mark to market services, and an award-winning comprehensive capital markets software platform called MCTlive! MCT supports independent mortgage bankers, depositories, credit unions, warehouse lenders, and correspondent investors of all sizes. Headquartered in San Diego, California, MCT also has offices in Philadelphia, Healdsburg, and San Antonio. MCT is well known for its team of capital markets experts and senior traders who continue to provide the boutique-style hands-on engagement clients love.

For more information, visit or call (619) 543-5111.

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In ‘Last Chance’ a rocket full of misfits hurls towards a new planet, as toilet humor is thrust into the outer reaches of the galaxy

SYDNEY, New South Wales -- "Last Chance: A Future Apocalypse Caught in a Trilogy" by Darren E. Watling (ISBN: 978-0228882879; released Oct., 2022) is a quirky look at earth's final hours. The best and brightest are sent to colonize a more stable planet as earth meets its untimely demise. However a Plan B rocket contains a motley crew who could be described as "wildcards" at best. Humanity's survival hangs in the balance in a new world. Sci-fi fans will be delighted by this experimental book, which is both a novel and an anthology all-in-one, with no shortage of toilet humour.

The earth's epilogue was a forgone conclusion. Our World selects seven of the best human beings that man, woman, and others could put their faith in, to ensure human existence, each displaying traits of a master in his/hers/its field. However, not all traits are in the best interest of humankind. Seven hospital patients are placed on a Plan B shuttle. Life was difficult on Earth and a new planet presents new problems. Will the ex-Fruit and Nut Friendly Psychiatric Hospital patients rise to the challenge? Be sure to read this no holds barred apocalyptic tale that satirizes end-of-the-world dramas.


Darren E. Watling is a first time author, whose comedic novel is a touching tribute to his mother who was unable to finish telling this hilarious tale - a well rated short story that turned heads because of its quirky humor and plot twists.

"Last Chance" is now out through Tellwell Publishing (KDP $3.79) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more. "Last Chance: A Future Apocalypse Caught in a Trilogy" -


Author: Darren E. Watling

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Comedy

Released: October, 2022

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 978-0228882862

HARDCOVER ISBN-13: 978-0228882879


Publisher: Tellwell Talent ( )

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RocketRoof Announces Their One-of-A-Kind Results Guaranteed Marketing Solution for Roofing Contractors and Other Home Services Professionals

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Today, RocketRoof ( announced much to the dismay of traditional marketing companies that lead selling is over. RocketRoof's one-of-a-kind comprehensive marketing solution enables owners of roofing and other home service businesses to receive qualified appointments with exclusive homeowners in the company's local area of business. RocketRoof is so confident in their ability to connect homeowners and service companies that they offer a 30+ appointments in 4 months guarantee to take all the risk out of it for their clients.

Watch the RocketRoof Explainer Video -

"What business hasn't wished to be able to invest in growing their business without the risk of losing their marketing investment? Many roofing and other contractors have shared that they are not having achieving marketing success by buying leads or running their own ads without industry expertise," said Lisa Apollo, Vice President at RocketRoof. "Both methods are an outdated and risky approach. RocketRoof has changed the game for the roofing community and is now offering a Done-For-You (DFY) marketing system that takes all the risk out of it. Our vision is business growth through pre-qualified appointments backed by a guarantee. There is a better way to for companies to market themselves, and RocketRoof is the solution."

RocketRoof Ensures Exclusivity and Only Accepts One Contractor Per Area

RocketRoof's unique take on marketing is an offering based on the feedback of countless home services business owners. The commitment to offering a guaranteed done-for-you marketing platform is what sets it apart from the other marketing companies. Not only that, but RocketRoof's program offers exclusivity in a business's area. This means that gone will be the days of fighting to get a bid in or get referrals from family and friends. Marketing companies often sell the same leads to multiple contractors, which almost always ends up in a brutal bidding war. Nobody makes any money, and bitterness ensues. RocketRoof found a way to stop this madness.

RocketRoof only accepts one contractor in each local area to ensure success for each of their clients. This means that all qualified appointments booked in that area are unique and exclusive. As soon as a company claims an area, it is theirs forever and any company in that area is no longer able to claim it.

You can find out if your local area is still available today by visiting

About RocketRoof:

RocketRoof is an innovative leader in offering specialty niche-focused marketing programs within the home services space including roofers, HVAC, solar, painting, and other contractor-led businesses. The company offers a results-guaranteed marketing program focused on booking pre-qualified and vetted homeowners in need of their specific services.

RocketRoof™ and RocketRoof's Guaranteed Marketing Solution for Roofing Contractors and Other Home Services Professionals™ are trademarks and/or service marks of RocketRoof in the United States and/or other countries.

For more information on RocketRoof's Guaranteed Marketing Solution for Roofing Contractors and Other Home Services Professionals:



VIDEO (Vimeo):

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Shining a light on School Nutrition and the Lunchtime Heroes that make it happen

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Todd Linsky Consulting (TLC) announced today: TLC-Todd-versations, in collaboration with the Chef Ann Foundation, brings you stories from across our great country on positive changes to the school nutrition landscape, "Todd-versations Lunchtime Heroes."

"Do you know that poor diet and food insecurity are stressors for many children?" asks Todd Linsky, principal at TLC, and host of TLC-Todd-versations. "Poor nutrition contributes to behavioral problems, impaired school performance, and multiple health issues. Enter Ann Cooper, founder of the Chef Ann Foundation."

Chef Ann knows from experience that higher-quality diets and scratch-cooked school meals promote learning. Well-nourished children have better school attendance rates, exhibit fewer behavioral problems, and are more engaged in the classroom. Healthy eating prepares children for long-term success by contributing to brain development, increased energy, and focus.

Who are Todd-versations' Lunchtime Heroes? They are the often-invisible school food service teams across our country that work to make district budgets stretch, meals appealing, and fill the gap many families face when it comes to feeding their children.

Starting November 8, 2022, in addition to our regular programming, TLC Todd-versations is releasing monthly Todd-versations' Lunchtime Heroes. See:

Linsky adds, "We have planned episodes with incredibly creative and dedicated people that are improving lives through amazing school nutrition programs, thanks in part to the Chef Ann Foundation."

Todd-versations' Lunchtime Heroes reminds us of what it will take to win today and for the future of children across this country. Families, food service teams, children, and communities are impacted by the Chef Ann Foundation's program to bring scratch cooking to schools. Ann Cooper, its founder, is an internationally recognized author (Bitter Harvest and Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children), chef (CIA graduate), educator, public speaker, and advocate of healthy food for all children.

She stated the importance of Todd-versations' Lunchtime Heroes this way, "Day in and day out, nobody really pays attention. So, to be able to promote school food service teams, for them to feel good about what they do, for them to tell their stories of the kids they're feeding, and the families' lives they are changing is really important."

Linsky adds to Ann's sentiments by saying, "We hope to bring attention to ways school food service programs are winning the day, inspiring you to get involved. It takes more than any one individual to make these changes. Parents. Teachers. Administrators. Politicians. Local, State, and Federal programs. We can't engage students' minds if we haven't satisfied their guts."

Todd-versations was created in 2021 with the purpose of elevating conversations designed to uplift brands, ideas, and the people behind them. Having released over 120 shows with a global audience of over 50 countries, Todd-versations has quickly found its voice, sharing positivity and inspirational conversations.

Founded in 2009 by Ann Cooper, the Chef Ann Foundation is dedicated to promoting whole-ingredient, scratch-cooking in schools. Scratch-cooking enables schools to serve the healthiest, tastiest meals so that kids are well-nourished and ready to learn. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Chef Ann Foundation works with both public and private schools in all 50 states.

Thanks to our contributing partners for their support and promotional consideration for Todd-versations' Lunchtime Heroes. Calavo Growers, "A Family of Fresh"; Volcano Produce, "Erupting with Freshness"; Moxxy Marketing, "We Build Brands"; Superior Fresh Farm, "Salmon as it Should Be."

Learn more about how to join the Todd-versations at:

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Destin’s New Gourmet Market: AJ’s Rocking L Specialty Meats and Gourmet Market

DESTIN, Fla. -- Alan Laird, owner of four of AJ's restaurants along Florida's Gulf Coast, is excited to announce his latest business concept to join the AJ family. From reef to range, AJ's Rocking L - Specialty Meats and Gourmet Market is Destin's only privately-owned specialty meat and gourmet market. It's now open in the heart of Destin at Shoreline Village Mall at 872 Highway 98 E. Unit #19 and features grass-fed black angus and Wagyu beef.

This new market boasts 2,500 square feet of space and is dedicated to providing the finest quality, custom cut meats while maintaining that small-town atmosphere that AJ's customers have come to expect and love.

"We're here to serve the families of the Emerald Coast and to ensure that we meet all of their meat and produce needs," Laird says.

All meats sold in the market are sourced from the family's farm - Rocking L Ranch and Farm. Based in nearby Florala, AL, this picturesque farm is the ideal place to grow fresh produce and to raise cattle. Laird and his family can be found there daily - working the crops and managing the cattle.

"We're devoted to raising the freshest produce and finest beef," Laird says. "Our cattle graze on pesticide and herbicide-free pastures to ensure customers get the best."

Staff at AJ's restaurant group is also excited about the addition of this new market concept. It makes them confident that their customers are getting food that's been raised ethically in a local and sustainable environment.

In addition to offering customers a wide selection of premium meats, the market also features a variety of fresh seasonal produce from their partners at Maples Market in Andalusia, AL. There's a delightful selection of wines, decadent desserts, fine cheeses and daily to-go hot lunch plates too.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, AJ's Rocking L Specialty Meats and Gourmet Market is also offering preorder Thanksgiving meals for those who prefer to spend more time with family and order out.

A City of Destin Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting will take place on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022 at noon and a grand opening party is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 5 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Food samples, live music, beer and wine tastings and market giveaways - including a complete Thanksgiving feast - will all be part of the opening day festivities.



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