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Steve Moran Shares Leadership Guidance in His New Book, ‘Lead Don’t Manage’

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Senior Living Foresight announced today that the Founder and Publisher Steve Moran, an industry pundit, shares his leadership philosophies in his newly published book, "Lead Don't Manage" (ISBN: 978-1734686401). His company is a content creation platform assisting providers to operate excellent senior housing communities.

While examples in the book are drawn from the senior living industry, its takeaways are applicable to any industry. Moran says the book's readers will discover effective ways to grow life-affirming cultures, maintain great feedback, establish accountability, and build trusting professional relationships with their team members.

"I think," Moran says, "there's one trait you have to have. You've got to have a heart for the people you're leading, [then] you can be a great leader."

Moran has been leading his own team since founding Senior Living Foresight in Sacramento, California, in 2011. He and his creative writers and producers have published thousands of articles, videos, podcasts, and other resources to help senior living operators maintain excellence in serving their residents, families, employees, and local marketplaces.

He explains in the book that "most organizations have a bunch of rules. Now I get that there are some legal employment requirements. But, every rule says, 'I don't trust you to make your own decisions.' At Senior Living Foresight we don't actually have any rules. We have a common understanding that we protect and support each other, and that our goal is to make the world a better place."

Moran is a passionate advocate for improving business leadership and is committed to promoting excellence among senior living leaders. He discusses the book further in a podcast interview that can be heard at

In both the book and the podcast, he shares invaluable insights and practical wisdom enabling leaders to attract and retain dedicated employees. Moran is a passionate advocate for improving business leadership and is committed to promoting excellence among senior living leaders.

The book, "Lead, Don't Manage," is available through Amazon:


Senior Living Foresight, founded in 2011 by Steve Moran, is the industry's premier thought-leadership platform assisting providers to maintain operational excellence so they can best serve older Americans, their employee teams, and local market areas. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Moran and Foresight's creative team produce blog articles, podcasts, videos, and other resources to help leading industry companies increase revenues, reduce turnover, and create positive cultures. Learn more:

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Technology Meets Tradition on A Monson Family Farm

MONSON, Mass. -- SunBug Solar, a Massachusetts-based solar solutions provider, has completed the construction of a dual-use solar-terra photovoltaic system in Monson, Massachusetts. The design of the system allows the local landowner to harvest both sun from above and crops from below on land which has been in the family for three generations.

The system, dubbed "Million Little Sunbeams," and owned by Monson native Nate Tassinari and his wife Ania, is the first operational dual-use agricultural photovoltaic (PV) system in the state.

Generally, solar projects on agricultural land face pushback because traditional solar systems cover the ground in a manner that significantly reduces the amount of available farmland. This project did not face this kind of opposition because a dual-use system doesn't replace crops, it works with them. The array is designed to allow sufficient sunlight for the crops and raised high enough in the air to allow tractors continued access underneath.

"It's a good compromise between the need for innovation and respecting the land," said Tassinari. "Plus, it's my backyard. I want it to be both functional and beautiful!"

Just like all operations on the farm, the system must be designed to make a profit. Designing Million Little Sunbeams to be the most efficient PV system possible required pairing together several innovative technologies.

Million Little Sunbeams features an East-West tracking system from RBI Solar. The array is designed with 20 ft row-spacing and a minimum panel height of 10 ft to improve performance and to allow tractors continued access. Dual-use systems use special solar photovoltaic (PV) racking to harvest power from the same sunlight that nourishes the crops that grow under the mounts. On typical PV systems, solar panels are fixed and so consume the energy from direct sunlight themselves, shading the ground below and rendering it not suitable for crops.

Additionally, the Million Little Sunbeams project uses Longi Perc bifacial panels which allows some solar energy to go through the panels reaching the plants below while capturing radiation on the opposite side of the panel as it bounces off the ground and crops below. Lightly colored crops, such as dry hay, are particularly helpful to this process.

Finally, per panel power optimizers mitigate factors such as shading and aging of the solar panels. Using SolarEdge optimizers, the maximum power point of every module is tracked individually. This advancement prevents one panel from slowing down the rest of the system from operating at full capacity.

The land where the solar array is located has been in his family since Nate's Grandmother bought it more than 70 years ago. The neighboring Murphy Dairy Farm, owned and operated by Nate's cousins, utilize the fields to help feed to their cattle. The Murphy Farm was established in the 1910s by Nate's Great Grandfather; Thomas F. Murphy. Today the farm grows hay, produces milk, and now hosts two types of honey-producing bees as well as a young orchard with variety of fruits, exemplifying the diversity of resources this land generates.

Tassinari had worked with SunBug to put solar on his home in Boston, and reached out to SunBug to see what could be done with this land. When SunBug designed a dual-use solar photovoltaic agricultural solution, Tassinari was able to reconcile tradition with technology, and named the project Million Little Sunbeams after a book by conservationist and author Thornton Burgess.

Tassinari will be able to provide power not just to his own home, but through the Community Solar SMART program, he will also have the opportunity to sell this green power back to the community. Participants save money on their utility bills by purchasing through MLS, and part of the proceeds will be donated to Norcross Wildlife.

The website for Million Little Sunbeams - - is scheduled to go live on October 22, 2020. There, interested Monson residents and anyone who has National Grid as their electricity provider will be able to learn more and sign up to purchase energy fresh from the farm.

About SunBug Solar:

SunBug Solar is a local, Massachusetts owned-and-operated solar energy consulting and installation company with offices in Arlington and Westfield, Mass. SunBug Solar creates positive environmental and social impact by exemplifying our core values of responsiveness, resourcefulness, and reliability with our customers, within our industry, and among our teammates. Founded in 2009 and a Certified B Corporation.

Visit the website at:

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*Caption: Bifacial solar panels allow crops to grow on this family farm while producing energy from the sun.

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Troy Gathers Publishes His New Book ‘African World History’ Amid America’s Racial Divide

ATLANTA, Ga. -- In his newly released book "African World History" (ISBN: 979-8669353353) author Troy Gathers seeks to bring a calm to America's storm. According to Troy Gathers of BE YOU PUBLISHING, the year 2020 will forever leave a permanent blemish in our lives. Not only are we still in the middle of a global pandemic, but we are approaching one of the most controversial Presidential Elections in modern times.

Both Democratic and Republican parties are focusing on solutions they maintain will smooth out America's issues, but one issue that definitely stands out in America is the racial divide. During the first presidential debate, we witnessed both President and Vice-President dismiss groups that further a separatist agenda but to no avail. Although during the debate white supremacy was denounced, not much was done to bring understanding amongst either side.

Author Troy Gathers believes that education of each other's culture along with justice may close the gap in race issues. "There seems to be a void in relationships amongst all races in America," says Gathers. America has a dark history of racism that is typically excluded from front-page headlines. Troy is determined on closing America's racial divide with his book African World History. Gathers trusts that after reading "African World History" there will be a shift in energy and new grounds to build as a unified nation and not a nation at odds.

The history of Africa has never been a permanent fixture in the history books in America, thus leaving countless citizens without any awareness of Africa's immense history. Unfortunately, only 10% of the African American community is aware of the history of Ancient Africa as well. No wonder why we see groups in the African American community making the case that their lives matter.

"African World History" is Gathers' fifth book, however one that he shaped carefully. Troy states, "I understand the History of Ancient Africa is vast, yet this book points out key kingdoms and rulers to set the stage for your research. Moving forward, we must have a greater respect for each other."

About the Author:

Troy Gathers is an Entrepreneur and PhD Candidate focused on cultivating and inspiring his readers. Troy began working on literally books in 2015, reaching millions with his original quote books. (Take Me with You) African World History is Troy's attempt to educate all races about the immense history of Africa before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. "There are far too many great rulers and kingdoms from Ancient Africa that are never discussed in school. That is not fair to any race to omit a part of history that can bring all of us closer as one," Gathers says.

"African World History"
ISBN: 9798669353353

Learn more about Troy Gathers at

African World History available to order:

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Caption: Author Troy Gathers.

Caption: Cover, "African World History" by Troy Gathers.

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no1uno Completes Their 20th Anniversary Remastered EPIC EP ‘no1uno2’

DREXEL HILL, Pa. -- no1uno (pronounced "no one you know") are set to release the Special Remastered EP Edition from their 2000 full-length CD, "no1uno2," on Friday, October 30. In celebration of its 20th anniversary, this EP edition features select tracks including their eclectic rock epic, "down - the dance," described as a "dark moody atmosphere" with a "beautifully eerie vibe."

Gallo, known as "gallospole" in the band, states their creative vision succinctly: "We meticulously crafted a captivating, cinematic experience about deeply personal issues involving love, the loss of innocence and addiction."

Working from their privately owned and operated studio, no1uno had the opportunity to pursue their musical imagination without constraints from the music industry. Their music is eclectic, influenced by the industrial, progressive and electronic rock genres.

The band, based in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, includes Daniel H. McKay (mazlin wratch) on bass, guitars and keyboards; James Sempsey III (iii) on vocals, drums and keyboards; and Marc A. Gallo (gallospole) on vocals, guitars, percussion and keyboards. All recording, engineering and mixing was executed by no1uno except where noted.

An exclusively studio-based band, no1uno were forerunners in promoting their music on the internet, under the guise of anonymity, in the 1990s. The site, hosted their works and CD Baby distributed their CDs. They never performed live.

In March 2020, no1uno remastered their first self-titled EP and were featured on the Gagliarchives, an international progressive rock radio station, hosted by Tom Gagliardi. In addition, they were interviewed by Charles Kershenblatt on the podcast, Bringing It All Back Home, in February 2020.

The EP, "no1uno2 - Special Remastered Edition," will be available on all major streaming services starting on Friday October 30, courtesy of Great Egg Music. no1uno music videos can be seen on their YouTube channel.

Learn more at:


*VIDEO (YouTube):

*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: no1uno

For more information & PR enquiries, please contact:
Marc A. Gallo, Mind The Gap
DREXEL HILL, PA, United States

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Campaign Guru® Dr. Singh Releases New Website:

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Dr. Singh, also known as the CampaignGuru®, has released a new website; WWW.TWITTERISM.COM which analyzes over 50,000+ of President Donald J. Trump's "social media voice" from his tweets in real-time using AI. The website provides the Tone in which the tweets are delivered.

Dr. Singh, who formerly founded, is available to debunk the popular mainstream media narratives that Donald Trump's tweets often come across as harsh or negative - and proves this via a quantitative scientific study.

In addition:

* Dr. Singh identifies himself as a conservative turban-wearing Ph.D. holding a Master's in Political Science, a Master of Science in Social Media, and one of the first in the academic world to achieve a Doctor of Philosophy degree specializing in social media and technology.

* Dr. Singh has already published a 450-page scientific research paper, for his dissertation from Ashford University, under the guidance, in part, of Dr. Sinan Aral, a professor in social media from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Sinan Aral sat on his Ph.D. Dissertation Committee. Dr. Aral is a world authority on social media and fake news.

* Dr. Singh's new self-published book, "TWITTERISM: RAISE YOUR VOICE," will be available on Amazon in November 2020 with a foreword written by Professor. Anthony Edward Schiappa, an expert on communication and rhetoric from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

* Dr. Singh's research for both his website and the book is based on a quantitative study and debunks several media outlet's theories on Donald Trump's tweets, including but not limited to Tone, his anger, and his overall follower engagement. Tucker Carlson had one big takeaway from the 2020 presidential debate: "Tone is everything" (Owen, 2020).

* This website is the first to measure the Tone of a world leader in real-time, and it explores the link between tone and follower engagement, creating a "Trump Follower Engagement Index." The website should be of great use for any social media activist interested in developing followers. Dr. Singh has developed a patent-pending software that analyzes Donald Trump's tweets in real-time by using Artificial Intelligence. For example, "The mood of Donald Trump is 76% confident right now." Here is the link to the website

About Ravneet (Ravi) Singh MA MS Ph.D.

Dr. Ravneet (Ravi) Singh was born in the United States of America. He wears a turban as a requirement of the Sikh religion from northern India. Dr. Singh grew up in the cornfields of Illinois in the village of Prestbury. His favorite hero is Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican (GOP) President. He adopted at an early age the Lincoln notion of "perseverance." At the age of 11, he met the first Sikh President of India and fell in love with politics.

His grandfather encouraged him to pursue a career in politics, while his father insisted on medicine. Dr. Singh was the first Sikh (with uncut hair and turban) to attend and eventually graduate from a USA Military Academy in American history. Due to the uniqueness of his case and harsh military rules, a legislation was introduced on his behalf to allow him to graduate with full USA military honors as a 2nd lieutenant (ARMY) while wearing a turban which was enacted under President Ronald Reagan's administration. He then attended Valparaiso University, where he followed his passion and became Student Body President, Captain of NCAA Division 1 Golf Team, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med and Political Science.

He then enrolled at Northwestern University and pursued a Master of Arts in American Political Science. Ravi Singh served as a public servant in Illinois State Government under Governor Jim Edgar's administration, working for Lt. Governor Bob Kustra and State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, who he refers to as his "political mother." During his time there, he learned the art of politics and campaigning, which inspired him to run as the first turban-wearing American, for the Illinois State Representative open seat in his hometown Aurora, Illinois, at the age of 25. He was one of the first to have a political website for his campaign and an online town hall, in 1997. He lost the campaign but won the Kane County nomination for the GOP (Republican Party), becoming the first Asian American to win the nomination. During his campaign, he started a website through which was born, and led to him being profiled in Business Week Magazine and USA Today, as the "CampaignGuru."

ElectionMall Technologies Inc. main purpose was to help promote e-democracy and enable candidates, regardless of party affiliation, gender, or religious affiliation, to have access to technology tools for their political campaigns, regardless of their budget. Something Dr. Singh was persecuted for when he ran for State Representative. As CEO of, Ravi Singh became a Washington DC politician and maverick. Dr. Singh was a dot com pioneer who worked extremely hard to offer campaign technology in the early days of the "Digital Era." The campaign and elections industry were full of "good old boys and American political consultants" who were not very welcoming to his Chicago hustle and turban identity. In 2010, the company co-branded with Microsoft Inc., developing the first cloud application for the political vertical, called Campaign Cloud powered by Microsoft. Ravi Singh received an infusion of investment and marketing dollars that launched for worldwide operations. Ravi Singh opened offices all over the world including, Ukraine, Malaysia, Mexico, Colombia, Brussels, and India, working on world leader's campaigns like Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia), Enda Kenny (Ireland), Jose Sera (Brazil), and Anwar Ibrahim (Malaysia).

The company helped over 9 world leaders and various heads of state with their "digital campaign war rooms." "Campaign Guru" his software committed to over 7000+ political websites worldwide. In 2014, the company faced charges of election fraud for two campaigns in San Diego, California. The company was forced to shut down operations in 2016 due to litigation cost, but the CEO, Ravi Singh, was personally charged with four federal felonies. He later appealed to the US 9th Appellate courts and eventually the US Supreme Court in 2020; however, the case did not get heard amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2017, Ravi Singh went back to graduate school and pursued a Master of Science in Social Media Management from Liberty University, a Harvard Certificate in Digital Strategy, the prestigious digital marketing program from Duke University, and MIT Sloan Business School Executive ACE program; at the same time finishing his doctoral (Ph.D.) in Social Media and Technology from the University of the Rockies in Denver Colorado, now Ashford University. He successfully completed all these programs in less than three years and, in the process and has settled down in Miami, Florida.

Ravi Singh is a patriotic American who currently offers his social media expertise to business, brands, celebrities and is no longer able to participate in political campaigns without notifying the US government. The science behind his book, "Twitterism" will be published on Amazon in November 2020.

For more information on Dr. Ravi Singh please visit:



Caption: Trump's Tone Intensity shows that Anger is the least Tone used.


Caption: Dr. Ravi Singh MA, MS, PhD; Social Media Expert; former CEO of

Jenny Kefauver
+1 (703) 850-3533

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Beverage Metrics Announces Launch of Next Generation Beverage Management System for the Hospitality Industry

DENVER, Colo. -- Beverage Metrics®, an emerging Colorado-based beverage management technology company for the hospitality industry, today announced the launch of its next generation beverage management inventory tracking system. The new system provides operators with a comprehensive tool to track, manage and reduce excessive costs associated with their beverage program.

Created for the hospitality industry, the Beverage Metrics system helps track an operator's bar inventory and simplifies order management with suppliers. The system also provides beverage pour monitoring functionality which enables real-time, perpetual inventory, a significant need in an operator's ability to track shrinkage and bar inventory costs.

"Keeping a weekly or monthly inventory gives an operator a clear picture of what's on hand, what they are running out of or what's not selling," said company CEO, Dan Grimm. "Comparing this to what was sold gives operators a key metric - the variance between sold and consumed. This POS-based perpetual inventory has been the cornerstone of beverage management for the past decade. Add real-time pour depletions from our state-of-the-art pour monitoring system and it's a game changer."

In 2019, Beverage Metrics brought aboard two co-founders (Dan Grimm and Dean Grimm) from AccuBar®, the beverage management industry leader for the last fifteen years, to lead development of their all-new beverage management system. These well-regarded hospitality veterans, each with over twenty years' experience in the industry, completely reimagined the Beverage Metrics' system, providing increased functionality while leveraging the latest development technologies.

Features of the new system include:

* Quick, easy and accurate inventory using barcodes and patent-pending bottle profiles along with product images

* Track inventory from point of delivery by single bottle or case(s)

* Automatically track inventory that's moved from storage to a sales location

* System generates and prepares an order recommendation for review and submittal to suppliers

* Beverage Metrics Bottle Sensor provides value whether the container is open or not; other spout-based technologies only work once a bottle is opened

* Pour monitoring functionality automatically depletes poured beverages from on-hand inventory, thus maintaining a real-time, perpetual inventory

* Streamlined POS integration with recipe auto-substitutions

Learn more about the company's solutions at:

About Beverage Metrics:

Based in Denver, Colo., Beverage Metrics is a next generation beverage management solution for the hospitality industry. Their system helps operators manage product inventory and monitor pouring activities for shrinkage and cost reduction. Beverage Metrics is a member of IDENTEC GROUP AG.

To learn more: or email


IDENTEC GROUP AG is a leading global provider of wireless sensing solutions. IDENTEC GROUP AG identifies, measures, tracks and traces assets along the entire value chain and supply cloud-based information. IDENTEC GROUP AG offers as a one-stop shop all relevant products (consultancy, software, hardware, service). Solutions elaborated by their group have assisted numerous companies in various sectors all over the world to increase their efficiency, effectiveness and as a result, their competitiveness. Learn more at:



Caption: Beverage Metrics' 3D Profile utilizes real bottle images and an easy-to-use slider to set bottle fill level for the most accurate inventory system in the industry.


@beveragemetrics #beveragemanagement #beveragemanagementhospitality #barinventory

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Hawaii’s First N-95 Mask Factory Opens Saturday, Oct. 17, 2020 in Kona

KONA, Hawaii -- Kona Mask Co. LLC, located in Kailua-Kona near Costco, will begin producing N-95 and flat-pleated masks using two automated machines. "We can produce 1 million masks every 3 weeks made right here in Hawaii," says Nicolas Garcia, CEO of Kona Mask.

Garcia saw the need for a local manufacturer to provide PPE rather than one based thousands of miles away.

Garcia adds, "We are inviting Mayor Harry Kim, members of the Coronavirus Task Force, government officials, and local leaders who helped inspire this concept, to walk through the factory on Saturday, October 17 at 10 a.m."

For further information, contact Nicolas Garcia, 808-365-6989 or email

Factory address: 73-4820 Kanalani Street, Bay 9, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

Other newsworthy items:

* Captain Nicolas Garcia retired from United Airlines on April 1, 2020 after 46 years as a pilot.

* The mask factory was inspired after the Pandemic was declared and Garcia could not find a mask for his fiancé, Amy Colombo, a United Airlines flight attendant.

* The funding came from Garcia selling his home and retirement savings.

* Garcia ran a successful airline soap factory during the 1980s AIDS Crisis.

* The factory will be staffed by locals with manufacturing experience.

* The factory mural was painted by Katana Leigh and will be unveiled on Saturday.

More information:

*PHOTO link for media:

*Photo caption: CEO Nicolas Garcia and United Airlines flight attendant Amy Colombo poised to make millions of N-95 masks at The Kona Mask Co.

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Retired Orthopedic Surgeon Unveils SitFit Chair™ Foldable Chair Equipped with a Total Body Gym

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. -- DR ZVI PEARLSTEIN, founder of Missing Links Health, Inc., is proud to introduce his latest innovation, SitFit Chair™, a revolutionary portable multi-positional personal home gym chair.

SitFit Chair™ was invented as the antidote to sedentary disease and our sedentary lifestyle. The timely arrival of SitFit Chair™ makes it the home health and fitness device of choice to combat the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic on our ability to stay healthy and fit.

Learn more:

Novel Resistance System

Total core exercises including ab crunches and low back range of motion and strengthening are offered with unlimited incrementally adjustable resistance.

Perform biceps, triceps, lats, deltoids, quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors, abductors, and glutes exercises with SitFit Chair™. The SitFit Chair has hand grips at waist level and lower leg level. Grab the hand grips and get to work.

Smooth Hinges

SitFit Chair™ allows you to perform many different core and extremity exercises as well as multiple upright and reclining chair settings thanks to five pairs of specially designed hinges.

The hinges serve as the "engine" of the chair. The smoothness of hinge function is associated with the incorporation of a novel spring release mechanism.

Hand and Foot Support

SitFit Chair™ features elevated lower leg and foot support so you can sit back and kick your feet up. The chair is orthopedically designed so the foot is elevated higher than the knee, and the knee is elevated higher than the hip.

Ultimate Portability

SitFit Chair™ is extremely portable thanks to its foldable center. This personal gym folds neatly and is transportable for use outside of the home, in the yard, at the beach or pool, camping, at sporting events, and more. For added convenience, SitFit Chair™ is made to be carried as a backpack or on your shoulder.

DR ZVI invites you to learn more about the upcoming SitFit Chair™ Kickstarter launch on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 10 a.m. ET/EDT:

Watch the video:

About DR ZVI PEARLSTEIN "The Soul Doctor"

DR ZVI, founder of Missing Links Health, Inc., practiced general orthopedic surgery in the U.S. Air Force and in civilian practice for more than 25 years. He is a father, man of faith, speaker, author, former U.S. Air Force Major who served during Persian Gulf War I, former assistant professor at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, former radio talk show host, and professional trumpet player. On many nights he can be found doing what he so enjoys-being in the out-of-body creative "flow" playing his trumpet somewhere in South Florida.

DR ZVI is available for insurance company, corporate, organization, group, and individual training, education, speaking engagements, and consultation, both live in person and via webinar. For additional information, visit

Media Contact:
Mari Naranjo, DreamCatcher Marketing

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The Florida Local Launches ‘The Local Catch’ Giveaway for Ultimate Old Florida Experience

HOMOSASSA SPRINGS, Fla. -- The Florida Local, a mobile traveling artisan market and lifestyle brand, recently launched a giveaway campaign to showcase the best of old Florida. This is the first of several planned campaigns and the lucky winner will enjoy an off the beaten path Florida adventure.

"We recently pivoted the business from a brick and mortar locale and are now taking the show on the road," Alonda McCarty, co-owner, the Florida Local, says. "We'll be traveling around the state in a vintage AVION camper representing Florida artisans, farmers and the best of what is authentically Florida. This giveaway is an ideal way to kick off our back-road adventures and share what we love with others around the state."

The Local Catch giveaway will take place in Homosassa Springs on the state's west coast and include a day of fishing with the Local Ladies, Alonda and Chelsea, as well as lady captain Kate Spratt, a catch of the day cookout and sunset cocktails at a favorite restaurant on the river. A photographer/videographer will join the lucky winners and document each step of the trip; some great outdoor gear swag will be given to winners by local partners too.

"We're passionate about Old Florida and want to share the stories of genuine people and places, from original artisans to picturesque fishing towns and back road farms to wild, shell-filled beaches," McCarty says.

Many Floridians still rely on recreational and commercial fishing for their income and The Florida Local knows the toll the pandemic has taken on their ability to make a living. That's part of the reason they're working to spotlight fishermen, artisans, farmers and other small businesses across the state.

For "The Local Catch" Giveaway, the Florida Local has partnered with Toadfish Outfitters, Captain Kate Spratt, How to Do Florida, Discover Florida, Florida Cracker Kitchen and others to offer an incredible giveaway package that showcases all of what Homosassa has to offer.

The Florida Local will be doing weekly posts on its Facebook and Instagram pages through October 31. To learn more about how to enter this amazing giveaway, visit:



About The Florida Local

The Florida Local is owned and operated by Chelsea Preston and Alonda McCarty. Chelsea is an artist who is known locally for her beautiful Florida-focused illustrations. Alonda's background is in biology, but now she makes alligator leather goods and metal jewelry. The two teamed up to create this new and exciting lifestyle brand to share their passion for Old Florida.

For more information:

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo Caption: Pictured in the "Homosassa Vernacular T-shirts" are the local ladies, Alonda McCarty and Chelsea Preston, and Captain Kate Spratt.

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Music for Choir and Orchestra Becomes Mystical Reflection of Life and Memory in Brian Field’s New Album

LONDON, UK -- RMN Classical is excited to announce that "CHORAL & ORCHESTRAL WORKS" by Brian Field, produced by Rick Romano and distributed by RMN Music, will be released worldwide on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music and all digital platforms on October 15, 2020. The album, a collection of 12 works written by the composer in recent years, explores mysticism and includes instrumental works for ensemble, large orchestra and choral works. His works are performed throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The jazz-flavored instrumental track, "Nine, Four by Four," opens the album followed by a section of choral works with English lyrics. The orchestral "Shiva Tandava" completes the first half of the album and unlocks an exotic mysticism. Mirroring the opening, it's followed by the second section of choral works - this time based on Latin text.

"Beatitudines," a far-reaching work, sees the choir and a large orchestra conjunct. Two tracks for choir and organ close the Latin section leading the listener to the final track. A little gem, gospel-like song, "Sweet Forgiveness," brings the album to completion in a coda-like style.

"This compilation of 12 works showcases some of my more recent choral and large-scale instrumental/orchestral works," Fields, an internationally-acclaimed and renowned composer, says.

The music is an eclectic fusion of lyricism and driving rhythm that brings together elements of post-romanticism, minimalism and jazz.

"Apart from the jazz-influenced, 'Nine, Four by Four,' the works in this compilation embrace and celebrate the mystical. In many cases, these are mystical elements of faith and in others the secular, though equally mystical reflections of life and memory," Fields says.

The album features performances by esteemed musicians, ensembles and orchestras including the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra and Choir conducted by Peter Illénay; the Composes' Choir conducted by Daniel Shaw; the Lviv Philharmonic Society & Chorus conducted by Ferdinando Nazzaro; and Heelan Chorale conducted by John Flannery.

"I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with Brian, a truly rare contemporary talent and an all-around great person," RMN Classical music director, Romano, says. "He was the winner of our competition for new music - which is how we discovered him - and I'm incredibly excited to release this album and showcase all his music ideas."

Guy Rickards, Gramophone, says, "Listening to [Brian Field's] First Quartet makes me want to hear more. It's four very rhythmic movements are models of concision, real dialogues between the four musicians."

About Brian Field

Field began his musical endeavors at a very early age. He studied piano and then received an undergraduate degree in music and English literature; a master's in music from the Juilliard School in New York City and a doctorate from Columbia University. Field studied and deepened his musical knowledge with Noel Zahler, Zosia Jacynowicz, John Anthony, Linda Skernick, Milton Babbitt, George Edwards and Mario Davidovsky, among others. An award-winning composer, his compositions are recorded on various classical record labels and distributed worldwide. He has written music for solo, chamber ensemble and orchestra, ballet, stage and television.

For more information about Field:

About RMN Classical

RMN Classical is a specialized label - part of RMN Music, and launched by composer-producer, Rick Romano, to promote and nurture the contemporary and sound-art music scene in all its ramifications developing and producing original ideas and voices through a range of projects and releases curating and nurturing an ever-growing catalogue of works and artists.

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About RMN Music

London-based, RMN Music is an independent music company created to empower contemporary artists and audience through a series of strategic services and projects, connecting music and people crafting unique experiences, fueling ideas and imagination.

Its labels - RMN Records, RMN Classical - promote musical diversity through production, promotion and development of a variety of different projects including new album releases and events across a wide range of genres with no distinction of countries, age or background.

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*Photo Caption: Brian Field, "Choral and Orchestral Works."

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