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HitPaw Announces New A.I. based Video Enhancer Tool to Upscale Video Quality

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- HitPaw, a company aiming to develop the best digital creation solution, today releases the brand new video enhancement software - HitPaw Video Enhancer. HitPaw Video Enhancer is combined with Artificial Intelligence to upscale videos automatically for different types of purposes and offers a new method to reduce the noise, pixels, and over-exposure caused by low-quality cameras and bad lighting.

HitPaw Video Enhancer offers three popular models, including General Denoise Model, Animation Model, and Face Model. By selecting the AI model, HitPaw Video Enhancer will automatically apply the same types of adjustments that pro editors would do. In addition, all the adjustments will be embedded directly into the rendering pipeline.

HitPaw Video Enhancer uses machine learning to retouch low-quality and blurred videos in three models:

* General Denoise Model

Videos taken with low-light and low-quality cameras will cause each pixel to have very little light, so it will make videos more blurred and unclear. With the General Denoise Model, HitPaw Video Enhancer could light up each pixel in the video to perform a clear and bright result.

* Animation Model

With the development of resolution, there are so many classic and unsurpassable anime videos that are getting unclearly and colorlessly. Animation Model is aiming to repair the anime videos, by sharping the anime characters and adding colors to make them look more natural and vivid on the high-quality screen.

* Face Model

Normally, it is more complicated and time-consuming to adjust portrait parameters in videos than in a photo, especially for a beginner or a green hand. Learning from a large number of samples, HitPaw Video Enhancer can retouch the portraits in every frame, such as adjusting the brightness, color saturation, and contrast.

Apart from three AI Model, HitPaw Video Enhancer also supports:

* More than 30 video formats
* Up to 4K exported resolution
* Batch processing
* MP4, MOV, and Gif format exported

Compatibility and Price:

HitPaw Video Enhancer is now compatible with Windows 11/10/8/7(64-bit OS). Its pricing starts from $39.99 USD for a monthly plan. For more price checking and information, you can visit

About HitPaw:

HitPaw is an emerging software company specialized in video editing, screen recording, watermark removing, image editing, photo enhancing meme-making, etc. We help users turn their inspiration into reality so that we can generate more ideas to make the world full of more creativity.

To know more, you may visit or

Our Social Media:






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Commercial and Industrial Lighting Industry Leader, Convergence, Introduces Tech Consulting Division to Educate Luxury Homeowners

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Convergence Partners, Inc., a leader in the commercial and industrial lighting industry, introduces technology consulting division to bridge the knowledge gap for luxury homeowners. "Luxury homeowners are looking for a resource to learn about the technology solutions currently available for connected homes, said Matt Selecman, General Manager of Bespoke. "People know the types of features they want in their luxury homes, but typically don't know what's available or what's best for their lifestyle," Selecman continued."

"Bespoke is a unique partner and has a combination of both design experience and the engineering support we need to execute a very complicated project," said Doug Dushan, Business Development Manager for Denizen.

The Bespoke team consists of highly-experienced individuals with decades of experience in the luxury residential market including electrical, interior design, lighting, controls, automation, dedicated home theaters, ​and automated window treatments.

"We're very happy to partner with Bespoke because they're committed to bringing our residential innovations to the design community, to our dealers, and installers," said Michael Smith, Vice President of Lutron Electronics. "The Bespoke team is capable of winning the great opportunities we now have for Connected Home Solutions," Smith continued.

"Up-to-date information about incorporating technology into homes for the luxury-connected experiences essential for unique lifestyles is a great deal to ask of interior designers, architects, and home builders," said Erin Mankameyer, Owner of Groover Interior Design in Leawood, Kansas.

"Working with Bespoke is the best way to guarantee the experience will be flawless and that our clients are going to have a great outcome in their luxury homes," said Alex Capecelatro, CEO of Massachusetts-based, Josh A.I.

Learn more about Bespoke:

About Convergence Partners, Inc.:

Incorporated in 2014, Convergence represents quality manufacturers and provides service solutions within four focused divisions. Convergence has a family-first culture built on ethical business practices that foster long-term relationships. Based in North Kansas City, Missouri, Convergence covers Western Missouri and all of Kansas via its regional offices in Springfield, Missouri, and Wichita, Kansas. In 2021, Convergence expanded its lighting business by adding a regional office in St. Louis, Missouri. The luxury residential division of Convergence originally formed in 2019 was introduced as Bespoke in 2022, and services Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. More information:


VIDEO (Vimeo):

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Always Xpect Greatness LLC™ Spreads Inspiration While Giving Back with Their Products

NEPTUNE, N.J. -- Always Xpect Greatness LLC™ is an Apparel, Accessory, eBooks and Credit Repair business, which is Co-Founded by four lifelong friends: (CEO) Shawn Robert Johnson, (CFO) Jesse Jenkins Jr, (Co-VP) Timothy Gandy and (VP) Kevin Richards.

Their company represents inspiration and positivity for all walks of life that everyone can relate to. It's a top priority for them to consistently pour positive and inspirational energy into all people globally through every product and service they offer.

CEO Shawn Robert Johnson says, "Our vision is to have all of our products and services in every household globally to unfailingly spread inspiration and positivity by living up to our mission statement of 'Always Adding Value To Life' at all times. One of the amazing things about us is that at the end of every month we will donate a percentage of our sales to a different charity in our efforts to give back, which is essential for us to do at all times.

"As a new company we know we must earn the trust of our consumers with our products and services. We know with our hard work, determination, and consistency, we will achieve that trust and sustain it with longevity in every industry we're currently in and the future business ventures we plan to enter as we grow.

"Our Apparel and Accessory products are designed by (Co-Vice President) Timothy Gandy. Whether you're working out or wearing our Apparel as daily fashion, we want to put you into that inspirational mindset, in an overall positive manner. You're getting amazing quality at affordable prices.

"Our eBooks contains original inspirational, educational and heartwarming content that represents our brand. Myself and (Vice President) Kevin Richards are the authors of these eBooks which will have you completely enthralled and our prices are cost friendly starting at $3.50 for over 98% of our eBooks.

"Our Credit Repair Service is run by (CFO) Jesse Jenkins Jr, and we will help you build your credit history and score at a low cost per month compared to other Credit Repair agencies. We know that over 100 million Americans have bad credit and when it comes to credit, it's your financial identity and reputation that can either help or hinder you from obtaining essential financial needs such as credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, car loans, and more. We will help you obtain that favorable financial identity and reputation because we want to put people in better positions in life.

"This is just the beginning with what we're doing. So spread the word and Always Xpect Greatness with us as we're Always adding value to life."


Follow us: @AlwaysXpectGreatnessLLC (Instagram & Facebook), @Always_Xpect (Twitter)

(CEO) Shawn Robert Johnson @shawjohn1222 (Instagram)

(CFO) Jesse Jenkins Jr @Hoodyseason (Instagram)

(VP) Kevin Richards @Shaba_Shalom 613 (Instagram)

(Co-VP) Timothy Gandy @Drama_1800 (Instagram)

Source number: 1-800-365-3105

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Dementia Map Plans for Future Growth Through New Affiliate Program

PORTLAND, Ore. -- JADCOM Media LLC announced today that its Dementia Map Global Resource Directory, which includes an Events Calendar, Glossary, and more, now offers an Affiliate Program. The Dementia Map Affiliate Program will enable both professionals and individuals supporting the dementia community to capitalize on their respective audiences when recommending Dementia Map as a marketing and brand visibility tool.

Dementia Map designed the Affiliate Program to be easy to use and beneficial to all parties. Approved affiliates are assigned a unique Discount Code. When companies, professionals, and individuals use that Discount Code, they receive a discount off one of Dementia Map's paid plans, the affiliate earns a commission, Dementia Map expands its resource base, and visitors enjoy a richer collection of dementia-related resources.

Positive Approach to Care (PAC) is First Dementia Map Affiliate:

As the first affiliate under the Dementia Map Affiliate Program, Teepa Snow's Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) will bring value to the PAC community and beyond, and greatly expand Dementia Map's visibility.

"The affiliation and collaboration between Dementia Map and Positive Approach to Care is an important step forward in how we change the world for people seeking help when the brain changes of dementia happen," says Teepa Snow of Positive Approach to Care. "It is vital to unite efforts to provide a centralized location for individuals and professionals who are seeking information and options, with those who are offering support and opportunities to learn and change."

About Positive Approach to Care:

Positive Approach to Care (PAC) - - was founded by Teepa Snow in 2006, and now collaborates to improve dementia care in over thirty countries worldwide. PAC provides online and in-person services, training, and products to professionals, family members, and the general public, with the mission of creating a more inclusive culture for people living with brain change.

PAC offerings include educational video clips, DVDs, books, information on individual certifications, online support groups, virtual and onsite trainings, and a free monthly newsletter.

Follow Positive Approach to Care on Facebook (@teepasnows.pac), YouTube (@teepasnow), TikTok (@teepasnow), Twitter (@teepasnow), Pinterest (@positiveapproach), and LinkedIn (@positive-approach-llc).

About Dementia Map:

Dementia Map Global Resource Directory - - is free for visitors to search for dementia-related and other caregiving resources. In addition to its Resource Directory, it offers an Events Calendar with both virtual and in-person events published by Dementia Map members. The Dementia Map Glossary explains many common (and not so common) terms in simple, straightforward, three-sentence descriptions. A blog shares unique and valuable perspectives from the Dementia Map member community.

Resources can join Dementia Map through a no cost plan and two paid tiers. Paid plan members receive substantially more visibility and active promotion through on-site ads and social media posts.

Visit to learn more about the Dementia Map Affiliate program.

Follow Dementia Map on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Find them at @demmapgrd.

Dementia Map is a joint effort between Lori La Bey of Alzheimer's Speaks, and Dave Wiederrich of Memory Cafe Directory. Dementia Map is wholly owned by JADCOM Media LLC, an online media publishing company based in Portland, Oregon.

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Fontana Paper Mills Adds a New Product to The Family

FONTANA, Calif. -- Fontana Paper Mills is proud to announce a new 6% + SBS modified multipurpose underlayment, otherwise known as M40. It has an organic core with a 6% + SBS modified asphalt coating and Fontana's familiar high grip surface.

M40 is similar to our G40 but has the advantage of availability, price, enhanced flexibility while preserving the weather-ability, and extended life of a modified asphalt. M40 carries the Fontana Premium Leak warranty when applied in accordance with the enhanced provisions of the TRI moderate climate specifications by a TRI certified roofing contractor.

"M40 is a special product because Fontana is able to control the quality of the asphalt viscosity and the melting point. By controlling all aspects of M40's manufacturing process M40 is more flexible. A more flexible product makes the roofers job easier. Roofers have found they have less product break while installing M40 and it does cold bends very well," stated George Thagard, President of Fontana Paper Mills.

"M40 also has increased longevity because it is not as sensitive to UV as other underlayments are; thus it doesn't break down as quickly. M40 also has superior nail sealing ability which will decrease the risk of roof leakage due to installation."

M40 is also a more affordable product. Fontana, as a manufacturer, is able to keep the costs low while maintaining their high quality underlayment standards, which makes the product more affordable for the roofer.

About Fontana Paper Mills:

Fontana Paper Mills is a roofing underlayment manufacturing plant located on 15 acres in Fontana, California. It was started by George Thagard III, Jeff Thagard and Ray Thagard Jr. in 1987. Fontana produces well known products such as Vulca Seal G40, Vulca Seal Organic base 40#, 30# and many others. Their newest member of the product family is Vulca Seal M40.

To learn more, visit their website at

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Trauma and Substance Abuse Survivor Turned Writer and Entrepreneur, Shannan Mondor Turns Addiction Into Triumph In Debut Memoir

CALGARY, Alberta -- "HOW IN THE HELL DID I GET HERE? Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint" (ISBN: 978-0228871224) is a riveting and raw story of how author Shannan Mondor overcame alcoholism and mental illness and broke free from the genetic blueprint of addiction that demonized her family for generations.

She sets you in a front row seat as she shares her life story and experiences, which show the strength, determination and courage of how she no longer wanted to continue with this way of life, and how she would do whatever it took to protect her children from being exposed to a life of addiction that is so normalized and influenced within society.

She teaches about addiction and the consequences of speaking her truth. She fights past fear, loneliness and judgment to end her inner pain that has haunted her for years, and finds inner peace. Along her path she realizes how life is a spiritual journey and there is a lesson to be learned with every experience, personal encounter and relationship. Mondor is sharing her inspiring story in the highly anticipated memoir "HOW IN THE HELL DID I GET HERE? Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint."

"HOW IN THE HELL DID I GET HERE? Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint" (Tellwell Publishing, March, 2022), takes readers through Mondor's rehab and recovery journey and showcases how important it is to have a relationship with yourself, that you have the power to change everything, and it all comes from within.

"I've learned that there is nothing more powerful than the strength that I have inside me and EVERYTHING starts there. I am the only one in control of my life. I make all the decisions. By facing my fears and being truthful of who I am, my past, accepting all my good and bad qualities, I've learned to love myself and then I started to heal. This was the most powerful thing I have ever experienced and it has changed my life forever. For the first time in my life, I have complete clarity of who I am, where I am going and what my life purpose is," said Mondor when reflecting on her experience. "I hope that my readers will look at their own life story and be able to relate to what I am saying and make the right decisions for themselves in their own lives."

Not a victim, but a survivor, Mondor reclaimed her power after years of trauma, substance abuse and poor relationships. She now has four beautiful children, a husband and a successful career sharing her story as an inspirational speaker and now as a published author.

In addition to writing and speaking engagements, Mondor has created a brand with the motto "Fear Fighter". It is no surprise that Mondor and her Fear Fighter brand thrive off of promoting living a positive, fearless and powerful lifestyle. "I have dedicated my life to teaching people through my own experiences about addiction about how to find their power within. I speak in depth on how I tackled my fears and what I learned throughout my journey".

To learn more about Shannan Mondor and "HOW IN THE HELL DID I GET HERE? Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint," please visit

"HOW IN THE HELL DID I GET HERE? Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint" is out now from Tellwell Publishing and is available through Amazon.

Review copies of "HOW IN THE HELL DID I GET HERE? Forever Changing the Genetic Blueprint" are available upon request. Shannan is available for interviews and commentary. Paperback: ISBN-13: 9780228871224 / Hardcover: ISBN-13: 9780228871231 / EBOOK: ISBN-13: 9780228871248.

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CEA Launches Personal Development Coaching During Mental Health Awareness Month

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The California Employers Association (CEA) is launching a new service, Coaching U, specifically for individuals looking to improve their careers, relationships and life goals. CEA's Personal Development Coaching program is designed to have positive impact on self-confidence, well-being, leadership and work performance.

CEA has been providing member-based Human Resource support for employers for over 80 years. Kim Gusman, CEO stated, "The pandemic has impacted our workforce and their wellness. CEA provides support to individuals as they look to improving their work and life experience. Coaching U is designed to give participants the tools to achieve their goals."

For more information or to schedule a complimentary inquiry call, visit our website or email our trainers at

About California Employers Association:

California Employers Association (CEA) is a not-for-profit employers association founded in 1940, serving more than 15,000 businesses in a wide variety of industries throughout California. Our mission is to provide employers peace of mind with human resources compliance solutions, virtual and on-site trainings and recruiting services.

CEA and its advisors do not provide legal representation or legal advice to members. The information provided in this release and from our team is educational and informational in nature.

Learn more about CEA at or by calling 800.399.5331.

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SecuGen Releases Hamster Pro 30, FBI-Certified Fingerprint Reader for Mobile ID FAP 30

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- SecuGen, world leader in optical fingerprint technology, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Hamster Pro 30 fingerprint reader and U30 OEM sensor. The new contact fingerprint reader and sensor from SecuGen are FBI-certified for use in FIPS 201 PIV and Mobile ID FAP 30 applications.

The Hamster Pro 30 takes its place in SecuGen's expanding line of FBI-certified products alongside the Hamster Pro 20, the Hamster Pro 10, and their companion OEM sensors: U30, U20-A, and U10, all of which meet various requirements under the FBI's Next Generation Identification System Image Quality specifications.

The Hamster Pro 30 and U30 sensor feature a fingerprint glass platen that is larger than all other SecuGen contact sensors, and they represent the newest entries in SecuGen's offering of high quality, rugged, yet affordable fingerprint sensors and readers. The Hamster Pro 30 reader and U30 sensor are suitable for a wide variety of applications that include healthcare, retail, finance, telecommunications, access control, time and attendance, national ID programs, immigration, and many others.

SecuGen sells its products through a worldwide network of Systems Integrators, Software Companies, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. The company is organized to support and provide developers with free SDKs and tools that facilitate the integration of SecuGen fingerprint technology into larger systems and products.

Jeff Brown, VP of Sales for SecuGen stated, "Our amazing engineering team continues to design products of the highest quality. With the launch of Hamster 30, we have broadened our product line in response to our partners' requirements for larger sized fingerprint readers for FAP 30 applications."

"We are always trying to develop products for our development partners to meet their customers' diverse needs," said Dan Riley, SecuGen's VP of Engineering. "The Hamster Pro 30 and U30 are just the latest examples."

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen added, "We focus tirelessly on our core mission, which is to provide fingerprint technology, at the right price, to enable our partners to compete and succeed. Alongside that, we will continue to develop software tools that are free or low cost to help accelerate the integration of SecuGen technology into our customers' applications."

Learn more about the new Hamster Pro 30 at:

Learn more about the new U30 fingerprint sensor at:

About SecuGen:

SecuGen Corporation ( is the world's leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops FBI-certified fingerprint readers and OEM components, developer kits and software, including NIST/MINEX-compliant algorithms.

For over 20 years, SecuGen has been a driving force committed to delivering innovative, high quality, rugged, and price-performing products for a wide variety of applications such as insurance and banking, health care, point of sale, logical and physical access control, mobile devices, national ID, voter registration, SIM card authentication, fleet management, and many more.

SecuGen products are used by world-leading financial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions and are sold through an extensive partner network of reseller partners including original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and system integrators in North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

SecuGen(R) is a registered trademark of SecuGen Corp. in the United States and other countries.

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Agile Launches Agile Chat for Lenders and Broker Dealers

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- Agile, a groundbreaking fintech bringing mortgage lenders and broker dealers onto a single electronic platform, today announced the launch of Agile Chat, a new chat feature designed to increase transparency and efficiency between lenders and broker dealers.

With the addition of messaging functionality on Agile's electronic MBS platform, dealers and lenders can discuss transaction details, trade levels, MBS pooling, and more through the embedded functionality. As Agile builds on its mission to digitize TBA MBS trading, the chat functionality has been designed to help close the gap between trading counterparties and encourage a sense of community.

"The new chat functionality deepens the lines of communication between dealers and lenders for a more efficient trading experience," said Andrew Rhodes, Director of Technology at Agile. "We believe that every counterparty deserves access to a fair, efficient, and transparent marketplace, and we hope this feature will help streamline communication between lenders and dealers on our platform and further democratize TBA MBS trading."

Agile Chat is enabled with retention and monitoring features for compliance and is ready for use on Agile's electronic platform today. Chat will further enhance Agile's TBA RFQ Platform and MBS Pool Bidding. The combined offerings give the MBS market participants the ability to achieve best execution from any device, anywhere and anytime.

To learn more about Agile's award-winning software which enables lenders and dealers to gain much-needed efficiencies and data through technology, visit

To schedule a demo of Agile's new Agile Chat feature, please visit

About Agile:

The industry's first MBS fintech, Agile brings together lenders and dealers of all sizes onto a single platform. Agile facilitates the exchange of TBA MBS by securing and automating communication between mortgage lenders and broker-dealers. Agile digitizes the historically phone-based process to an electronic platform which may improve profitability and efficiency, while reducing administrative errors. Through its competitive TBA RFQ digital platform, mortgage lenders gain access to national and regional broker-dealers previously inaccessible on digital platforms, while broker-dealers gain access to an ever-growing network of lenders.

Based in Philadelphia, Agile Trading Technologies supports a national network of clients with a team of capital markets professionals who have deep trading experience at financial organizations of every size.

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Legacy Launch Pad publishing releases memoir about growing up in dysfunctional Mormon family by Diana Cannon Ragsdale

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Legacy Launch Pad Publishing has released "Loose Cannons: A Memoir of Mania and Mayhem in a Mormon Family" (ISBN: 978-195655200 (ebook); 978-1956955217, 978-1956955224 (paperback); 978-1956955231 (hardback)), written by Diana Cannon Ragsdale.

In "Loose Cannons", Ragsdale tells the chaotic story of being raised by her schizophrenic father in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the wake of her depressed mother abandoning the family. The story covers more than 60 years of complex family history and is interspersed with excerpts from Ragsdale's mother's journal, which detail decades of abuse, mental illness and family secrets.

While covering difficult topics, Ragsdale's memoir also keeps an optimistic and humorous touch, with a changing perspective as she ages from girl to woman. Despite the difficulties she faces, Ragsdale details how she's learned from her mistakes as well as the mistakes of her family, all while repairing her relationships with her parents-and herself.

The book has already received praise from authors and mental health professionals across the globe. "'Loose Cannons' is an unforgettable memoir, a remarkable and astonishing story which will leave you laughing, crying and cringing until the last page," says Warren Driggs, author of "Mormon Boy, A Tortoise in the Road" and "Swimming in Deep Water."

"An unflinching account of mental illness, abuse and neglect hiding in plain sight," says Carrie Gaykowski, CSW. "The memoir is courageous, agonizing and demonstrates the resilience of the human spirit."

Publisher Anna David agrees. "Diana tells a story that will stay with you long after you finish reading, and she tells it with more honesty, gumption and humor than you might have thought possible," David says.

As Ragsdale's story shows, abuse and neglect do not make anyone unlovable or unable to love themselves. With determination, perspective and a sense of humor, it is possible to heal from serious emotional wounds with grace.

"Loose Cannons" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

About Legacy Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company primarily for entrepreneurs who are the leaders in their field, Legacy Launch Pad has published authors from the entertainment and entrepreneurial worlds, as well as sports agents, coaches, non-profit founders and more.

Learn more at:

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