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Intellimedia Networks Expands its Operations into Kenya

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Intellimedia Networks, an award-winning leading provider of technology solutions for government, educational institutions, and businesses, is excited to announce the expansion of its operations into Africa with a new presence in Nairobi, Kenya. This move follows several meetings with Kenyan government officials and the Kenyan business community at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington DC on December 13-15, 2022. Intellimedia's participation in the summit was a key step in the company's mission to provide innovative technology solutions to businesses across the continent.

"We welcome the entry of Intellimedia Networks into the African market through the planned presence in Nairobi, Kenya," said Dr. Musalia Mudavadi prime cabinet secretary of the Republic of Kenya. "Intellimedia Networks' solutions fit our commitment to elevate the lives of Kenyans by creating opportunities for Kenyans to acquire new skills rapidly. Intellimedia will be warmly welcomed as a key player in a new wave of American businesses forming a base in Kenya, and as a solid partner and an enabler of high growth via emerging immersive technologies."

Intellimedia Networks' solutions encompass industry-leading interactive and VR/AR based training and education platforms, advanced content and media distribution platforms, and live event broadcasting solution". Intellimedia's solutions will be used in vocational training and education, entertainment, and education distribution, healthcare, e-commerce, and finally support a broadcasting of conferences and events that are held in Kenya.

"The focus of the Kenyan leadership team was impressive resulting in action-oriented meetings that have made it logical for us to engage in Kenya," said Mr. Darshan Sedani, President and Co-founder of Intellimedia Networks. "We are excited to support one of the strongest economies in Africa by providing results-oriented approaches at a grassroots level in our business strategy coupled with identified customer application needs in Kenya. We aim to be effective in helping Kenya attain its short-term digitization goals."

"As a member of the African diaspora, I am pleased to support accelerated growth in Kenya by providing an array of software solutions ideal for emerging nations that have a need to create a growing middle class," said Mr. Teodros Gessesse, CEO and Co-founder of Intellimedia Networks. "Our commitment is to work hard to make our solutions benefit the greatest number of Kenyans and radiate outwards into potential markets in the COMESA member countries."

The Nairobi office will provide businesses in Kenya and the surrounding region with access to Intellimedia Networks' full range of services, including design, implementation, and support. In addition to Intellimedia Networks' USA staff, several members of Intellimedia India's executive team including Mr. Joy Shah, Managing Director, Mr. Devang Ajmera, Head of Operations and Mr. Rajkumar Ramakrishnan, VP of Technology will be focused in supporting Intellimedia Networks Africa's expansion.

Additionally, the office will offer training and education programs to equip local government, educational and training institutions, and businesses with the solutions and skills they need to support and maintain the technology solutions provided by the company.

About Intellimedia Networks:

Intellimedia Networks is a leading provider of technology solutions for businesses, offering a range of services including network design, implementation, and support. The company's mission is to help businesses across the world to harness the power of technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and drive growth.

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GridBright® upgrades Oracle Network Management System (NMS) at Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative (MCEC), underscoring the repeatability of GridBright’s NMS Configuration for Cooperatives

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- MCEC, an early adopter of Oracle Network Management Systems (NMS), undertook a major NMS upgrade and re-integration with core operational systems with both standard configuration and custom integration modifications to enable the efficient operations of an ever-increasing complex electric grid. GridBright, in its upgrade of Oracle NMS at MCEC, further leveraged its proven NMS Configuration for COOPS that incorporates industry best practices from over thirty utility implementations.

As a result, GridBright implemented Oracle NMS and associated integrations at MCEC in about nine months utilizing the GridBright COOP configuration.

"The GridBright team has done an excellent job. The Oracle NMS Coop configuration designed and implemented by GridBright is working great for our operations group," said MCEC project manager Gail Campbell.

"We expect utilities focus on network management systems upgrades and new implementations to increase because of the need to integrate renewables and manage increasingly costly grid threats such as cyber-attacks and natural disasters. Accelerating this will be the substantial amount of funding available from Government sources as the Nation significantly increases investment in the electric grid for sustainability and resilience," said GridBright Executive Vice President Tom Servas.

"GridBright's NMS Configuration for COOPS helps utilities implement grid improvements with both faster time to value and lower implementation costs," Servas added.

In 2022 there have been 15 weather/climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each to affect the United States, according to NOAA. Additionally, the US government plans to invest over $16 billion in energy infrastructure to build a 21st-century electrical grid in the coming years.

About GridBright®:

GridBright specializes in secure and sustainable grid systems integration. We provide a comprehensive set of utility systems strategy consulting, business case development, procurement process support, and system implementation and integration services and software solutions. Our capabilities span all domains of information and operations technologies and systems deployed in utilities across the United States.

More information:


Oracle, Java, and MySQL are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation.

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Planet Defense LLC and Cape Fox Corporation Partner to Develop a Groundbreaking Innovation Hub in Ketchikan, Alaska

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Planet Defense LLC announced today its close partnership with Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) to develop and manage a technology Innovation Hub in Ketchikan, Alaska, starting immediately. This new project - a Public-Private Partnership - will strengthen Ketchikan's native community and local commercial businesses by providing them with emerging and smart technologies. This endeavor will particularly benefit the Alaska Native people living in the area.

This Innovation Hub will further be supported in various capacities by public and private sector partners. Ketchikan Innovation Hub will collaborate with Virginia Smart Community Testbed (VSCT), which is being supported by Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (VIPC), Stafford County in Virginia, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as well as multiple technology companies.

Todd Morgan, Cape Fox Shared Service's President of Strategy and Innovation, further noted, "The goal of this multifaceted project is to transform lives and communities in the Ketchikan, Alaska region through innovation and implementation of new technologies, plus educate and prepare a future-ready workforce capable of consistently achieving excellence. We are delighted to have partnered with Planet Defense LLC, which has many years of experience designing and implementing innovation hubs around the world."

Commenting on this very significant development, Dr. Indu Singh, Planet Defense's Director and Chairman of the Board, said, "By working with all of our strategic partners over time, including community leaders and indigenous stakeholders, we will together help support Alaska Native people while advancing that and other local/regional communities into the 21st century. As a result, these communities will be provided with easier access to smart and connected healthcare, broadband communications, new job opportunities, improved public safety using drone technologies, expanded tourism, and other tangible benefits."

For additional details about the groundbreaking Planet Defense/CFC Ketchikan, Alaska Innovation Hub, please contact: Dr. Michael G. Oehler, Planet Defense's Director of Operations, at: moehler[at]


Planet Defense LLC, located in N. Virginia USA, specializes in consulting, engineering & training services in Cybersecurity, IT, Satellites/Telecoms, Smart & Safe Cities, & Systems Engineering. The firm supports public/private sector clients worldwide with footprints in the USA & other GCC nations. Key Planet Defense staff are world-leading experts in Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Engineering, IT, Public Safety, Science, & Technology. See:


Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) was formed as part of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971 & is the Alaska Native Corporation for the village of Saxman, Alaska. Today, CFC is comprised of a family of businesses divided into two distinct groups: The Federal Contracting Group based in Manassas, Virginia, & The Commercial (Tourism) Group located in Ketchikan, Alaska. Collectively, CFC & its subsidiaries specialize in Construction, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, IT, Professional Services, & Tourism. See: and

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ZenTek Consultants Becomes an Autodesk Service Provider

HACKENSACK, N.J. -- ZenTek Consultants, a leading consulting firm that provides services and training for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies, is excited to announce it has joined the Autodesk Service Provider program.

As a specialist partner in this program, ZenTek can help AEC firms optimize their workflows, standards, and finally realize the full potential of their Autodesk technologies.

"ZenTek has decades of experience helping design firms optimize their tech, to make them more efficient and land more work," said James Coppinger, Principal at ZenTek Consultants. "By partnering with Autodesk in a way where we focus on client success, instead of selling more software, we can have a real positive impact on our client's bottom line."

For more information on our services, please visit

About ZenTek Consultants:

Our mission is to help clients build their business for the future. From preliminary planning through final implementation, ZenTek brings years of technical experience to help Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing firms make best use of the technology they already own by developing, customizing, and implementing the software and workflow processes they need to become more profitable. Learn more at

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Short-Term Rental Compliance Provider LTAS Technologies Inc. (Harmari) Acquired by Avenu

CENTREVILLE, Va. -- Avenu Insights & Analytics (Avenu), the global leader in revenue enhancement and administration solutions for state and local governments, today announced the acquisition of LTAS Technologies Inc. (Harmari®), a leading provider of short-term rental identification, monitoring and compliance software and services.

Avenu and Harmari share a long history of providing innovative public sector solutions that maximize revenue, optimize operations, fight fraud and non-compliance, and enhance the citizen experience. Both companies bring together a common mission to better connect governments with citizens through enhanced digital platforms and real-time communication.

Harmari's industry leading monitoring and identification software and Avenu's scalable administrative solutions will help maximize compliance, while streamlining the collection of short-term rental and transient tax revenue for governments. Together, Avenu and Harmari will provide an end-to-end monitoring and full-service compliance solution that improves the citizen experience while maintaining a budget-neutral approach for local leaders.

The integration of Harmari's monitoring and machine learning technology and Avenu's full-service compliance, administration, and analytics brings together a fully integrated platform for both citizens and government officials. The result is a level of service that transforms the way in which local government can address the rapid growth associated with short term rentals that puts a heavy drain on staff, services and resources that are hard to scale for local officials. This approach reduces the dependency burden on governments to piece together resource-intensive processes and technologies that result in an inefficient experience and loss of tax and permitting revenue for governments and the citizens they serve.

"Keeping pace with the growth of short-term rentals, rapid changes in technology, and increased citizen expectations are challenges that many state and local governments are facing," shared Avenu CEO, Paul Colangelo. "We are combining the industry's leading technologies to create a better experience for citizen's while providing a full-service compliance solution that gives governments a way to properly monitor and collect all short-term rental revenue."

"We are very pleased to join the Avenu family," stated Harmari CEO, Allen Atamer. "We are continually innovating our technology to pivot to the needs of local governments and address the rapidly changing landscape. Harmari has a highly skilled team, and together, we will continue to deliver an industry leading GovTech platform that modernizes and streamlines this critical revenue stream and compliance objective for governments of all sizes, worldwide."

About Avenu Insights & Analytics:

Over 3,000 state and local governments have partnered with Avenu to drive positive results for their communities through software administration and revenue enhancement solutions. Avenu's comprehensive software solutions digitally transform government by modernizing processes, providing online access to records, and reducing costs. Avenu also provides a robust ecosystem of revenue management services that identify and recover untapped revenue. State and local governments work closely with Avenu to increase revenue without raising taxes, streamline internal operations, and improve services by enhancing connectivity for constituents. Avenu is a portfolio company of Mill Point Capital.

To learn more, visit

About LTAS Technologies Inc. (Harmari):

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Toronto, LTAS Technologies Inc. is a SaaS provider of monitoring and compliance tools to over 300 government customers in the US, Canada and Spain at the federal, state, provincial and municipal level. Harmari's technology focuses on providing deep insight and clarity to online short-term rental data that allows governments to understand and administer compliance such as registration, transient lodging tax payment, nuisance response and audit selection.

About Mill Point Capital:

Mill Point Capital LLC is a private equity firm focused on control investments in lower-middle market companies across the business services, technology and industrials sectors in North America. Mill Point's experienced team of investors and Executive Partners seek portfolio company value enhancement through rigorous implementation of transformative strategic initiatives and operational improvements. Mill Point is based in New York, NY.

For more information, please visit


Corinne Aycock, Avenu Marketing Manager, 571.313.5882


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Appenate Steps Up to Help Ukraine Aid Organizations

QUEENSLAND, Australia -- Ukraine Aid Ops ( is a group of civilians helping secure and distribute protective equipment to those in need. This is no small feat, given the size of the country and the sheer number of people caught in the conflict. Given the need, Appenate ( is sponsoring 50 Premium user licenses to those on the ground in Ukraine.

This will allow the Ukraine Aid Ops movement to better orchestrate deliveries to critical areas and access the data they need to run a smoother operation.

This includes tracking and confirming deliveries, managing field teams, and monitoring everyone to ensure their safety. They'll achieve this by utilizing Appenate's custom mobile app builder to create and install the apps they need on relevant mobile devices.

Appenate hopes to help spread awareness about this and other movements helping innocent Ukrainians. For more information or to donate to this worthy cause, visit

About Appenate:

Appenate, founded in 2011, is a no-code, drag-and-drop platform for creating data-driven apps that move businesses towards a paperless, efficient workflow. They are fully self-funded and endeavor to build long-term relationships with their customers. They have industry-leading white-label options available for solutions providers in the IT channel to take advantage of.

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Tom Pires Appointed as Vice President at Aligned

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Aligned Technology Solutions, an IT and security service partner that provides highly customized solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, expanded their leadership talent by bringing on the innovative Tom Pires to be the company vice president on October 3, 2022.

Innovation & Personal Drive

In 2003, Pires graduated with an associate degree in networking technologies from Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California. He spent the last 18 years with a leading organization that focuses on retail point of sale.

After starting with this company, he made it his personal goal to help move the company into a managed service provider (MSP). He effectively did - taking the company from a single-hosted customer to over 30 hosted and 175 standard support customers.

His drive and accomplishments during his early years with this company culminated with his promotion to president. For five years, he implemented changes that led to remarkable success. One of his first focuses included moving the organization away from a break/fix MSP approach to one that dedicated to recurring revenue. By executing this approach, Pires increased the organization's recurring revenue by 276% - year over year - following his promotion.

Strengthening Aligned with a New Perspective

Gar Whaley, Aligned Principal and Cofounder, and Don Sauer, Aligned Cofounder, worked with Pires in an IT peer group over the last year. The three quickly realized that they shared similar professional values and goals. Whaley is thrilled to have Pires join the company. He stated he is confident that adding Pires to the team will help strengthen and grow the company's processes and procedures.

"I have seen the amazing results he has driven in the recent past," said Whaley. "Both Don and I have always admired Tom, his vision, leadership, and the business he ran prior. There's absolutely no doubt that his innovative ideas will help drive efficiencies at Aligned, and that his exceptional interpersonal skills will provide a major boost to the World-Class Concierge Care that our clients receive."

Exceptional Leadership Built with Core Values & Mission Alignment

Aligned provides the best services to its clients through proper alignment of customized services, unparalleled customer service, and competent leaders. The latter of which is crucial to their success. Leaders at Aligned demonstrate this alignment, in part, by exemplifying the organization's core values which guide the team to follow their example.

Whaley shared that Pires is an empathetic leader who shares in these important values.

"Tom is a direct and forthright leader," said Whaley. "I have seen firsthand that he is a go-giver to employees, clients, and others around him. We're elated that Tom is joining our team. His previous experience will help us build an even stronger organization that's ready to meet our clients' needs in the everchanging technology sector."

In addition to his value alignment, Pires has many strengths that he is excited to bring to the organization; however, there are two that he believes are cornerstones as he takes his position.

"One of my greatest strengths is the ability to separate emotion from my decision-making process," said Pires. "So, you'll notice that I tend to approach issues analytically. Additionally, I have a strong technical background in both business and cybersecurity."

Being in alignment with an organization's mission is especially important to Pires. That is one reason he joined Aligned - because the business is security-focused and investing in cybersecurity.

"I'd like to thank Don and Gar for this opportunity to invest my time with an organization heading in this direction," said Pires. "I'm excited about the future here at Aligned Technology Solutions."

Skills & Certifications

Over the years, Pires attained a variety of IT and computer certifications which have helped him progress in his career, including:

* Microsoft Certified Systems Administration (MCSA)

* Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

* Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

* GIAC Security (GSEC)

* GIAC Pen Tester (GPEN)

* Python certifications

* SQL Server 2012

His experience, from leadership to technical knowledge, is an asset to the Aligned team. For more information about Pires or Aligned Technology Solutions, please contact Brittany Watson at

About Aligned Technology Solutions

Aligned is an award-winning service provider that has supported organizations in leveraging and managing their technology since 2010. Businesses gain a powerful marketplace advantage when they partner with Aligned because they gain access to the latest in IT outsourcing, cybersecurity, compliance, and cloud solutions. A core belief demonstrated by the Aligned team is that all partners deserve world-class concierge care from highly skilled professionals.

Leaders that want to maximize their IT - and allow it to become a truly strategic asset to their organization - partner with Aligned.

For more information, visit our Aligned Technology Solutions website - - or follow us @AlignedTechnologySolutions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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Synergetics’ OpenFLIS Receives Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB)

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- The Joint Authorization Board (JAB), consisting of the Chief Information Officers from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), General Services Administration (GSA), and Department of Defense (DoD), has given Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) as a JAB MODERATE system to Synergetics Inc of Fort Collins, Colorado, and their product OpenFLIS™. This authorizes Synergetics as one of only 52 government-wide FedRAMP cloud service providers.

OpenFLIS™ is a low-code Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that hosts one or more data products per Federal customer (tenant) in a dashboard experience. OpenFLIS™ consolidates data from multiple sources, transforms it, and leverages Microsoft Azure's Deep Learning (DL) capabilities for search and discovery.

Designed for microservices deployment, OpenFLIS™ offers mission owners:

a. Central control of their users' accesses and capabilities, powering zero-trust

b. Syncing data products, introducing cross-compatibility and integration of systems

c. Artificial Intelligence (AI)--powered search with Natural Language Processing (NLP), pruning the cost of training

d. Views and APIs configured to model business needs on the fly, minimizing code changes

e. Compliance with Federal cloud migration directives and FedRAMP, uplifting mission owners

f. Maintenance of independent components, reducing breaking changes

g. Analytics that capture patterns and insights, informing decisions

h. Custom reporting and alerting, supporting the KPIs Federal PMs are responsible for

OpenFLIS™ is poised as the successor to several products that are key to the National Stock Number (NSN) supply chain, a market that supports millions of daily users and transacts $400 billion annually and growing according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

OpenFLIS™ is the newest addition to a portfolio of Synergetics intellectual property residing at the trust center of DoD logistics and delivering accuracy on eligible parts, products, and vendors. These products are relied on by all US Government agencies that purchase NSNs and over 95 countries.

Federal Agencies are encouraged to use this FedRAMP P-ATO as a key element of their Full Agency Authority to Operate (ATO).

Learn more:

About Synergetics Incorporated:

Synergetics is a longstanding Colorado SaaS company focused on Federal modernization initiatives. Synergetics' software solutions have been trusted for 27 years by a variety of Government agencies including but not limited to the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the US Geological Survey (USGS), and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Learn more at:

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Rapid Deployment Solutions and M-Files Announce Sponsorship of the 2022 Special Olympics Florida Race for Inclusion – Miami

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS), in partnership with M-Files, a global leader in information management, is announcing its sponsorship of the 2022 Special Olympics Florida Race for Inclusion on December 8, 2022, in Miami, FL. Each year, Special Olympics Florida serves nearly 60,000 athletes from Key West to Pensacola. Special Olympics is the world's largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, serving athletes in all 50 U.S. states and over 190 Countries.

As a Supporter Level Sponsor of the Race for Inclusion, RDS and M-Files will be supporting an event that raises funds to help provide:

* Sports training and competition.

* Critical health services.

* Life-changing leadership programs to Special Olympics Florida athletes across the state.

"Included in the RDS mission is to build value for our clients and those we touch in the community," said Jason McCloy Hall, Executive Vice President & COO of Rapid Deployment Solutions. "We are excited to partner with M-Files in supporting Special Olympics Florida, encouraging and supporting essential health services amongst its athletes."

"The Special Olympics Florida athletes are outstanding competitors dedicated to excellence," said Antti Nivala, Founder and CEO, M-Files. "Their commitment is inspirational, and M-Files is honored to help support them. Everyone taking part in the Race for Inclusion is a winner."

The Race for Inclusion is part of Special Olympics Florida's broader movement to build communities of inclusion and acceptance for people with intellectual disabilities. Participants can register for as many events as they like. A complete list of events and locations is at Most events will take place during the last quarter of 2022.

You can join the RDS/M-Files Race for Inclusion Team at and start supporting Special Olympics Florida athletes.

About Rapid Deployment Solutions:

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) is a woman-owned IT company delivering services powered by M-Files, SAP, and OpenText to Fortune 1000 and SMB companies globally. RDS combines unmatched experience and specialized capabilities globally. RDS provides the core values of integrity, healthy relationships, and unwavering commitment to customer service. For more information, visit

About M-Files:

M-Files is a global leader in information management. The M-Files metadata-driven document management platform enables knowledge workers to instantly find the right information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control. This provides businesses with a competitive advantage and substantial ROI as they deliver better customer experiences and higher-quality work with lower risk. For more information, visit

About Special Olympics Florida:

Now celebrating its 50th Anniversary, Special Olympics Florida provides year-round sports training and competition, crucial health services and life-changing leadership programs to children and adults with intellectual disabilities. It serves nearly 60,000 Special Olympics athletes annually, at no cost to athletes or their families. To learn more, visit

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Radixweb Bags Gold for IT Consulting in Business Excellence Awards by Globee®

ARTESIA, Calif. -- Radixweb, a global leader in the field of IT Consulting and custom software development since 2000, has recently been conferred the Gold Globee award for superior IT Consultation at the 12th Annual Business Excellence Awards, 2022 edition.

The Globee Awards, one of the world's leading organizers for the premier business awards programs and ranking lists are known for acknowledging the efforts of vendors with state-of-the-art products, services, and solutions that sets a benchmark in the IT industry.

Over the last 23 years, Radixweb has contributed to the sustainable growth of top industry players in the global IT market by guiding them with advanced technology consulting services and lead them towards unparalleled business advancement, streamlining opportunities and bridging gaps through industry-grade software outsourcing capabilities.

In the new era of business, organizations are gradually gravitating towards more sustained growth and 'right systems' that are aligned to their long-term objectives. Hence, making meaningful tech investments remains at the top of their business priority. Radixweb, as a leading software development company, through its detailed analysis of individual business and deep insights into market patterns, has extended its advisory to innumerable firms and helped them crack the code of success.

"We are elated that the 12th Annual Business Excellence Awards has recognized our contribution in the niche of IT Consultation and has bestowed us with a Golden Globee status," said Divyesh Patel, the CEO of Radixweb. "Backed by our core industry expertise built through the past 23 years, we have rightly emerged as the eyes, earns and brains of our esteemed clients and helped them make meaningful tech investments which not only have opened up new opportunities, but also highlighted the gaps in their processes. As a trusted arm of their business, our robust processes have pushed many global businesses towards high-propelled growth and digital transformation."

As a leading tech consulting service provider for over two decades now, Radixweb has helped its clients move towards achieving a 360-degree growth with industry-grade web app development and mobile app development - supporting implementation of bizarre ideas into factual reality while leaving enough room for strategic developments in the future. The roadmaps Radixweb has formulized for its clients do not just focus on immediate development goals but rather focus on a larger reality - and this has been possible owing to the firm's deep understanding about the trends of the tech market.

"Our aim is to build a tech community that thrives on mutual support, is respectful of disruptive innovation while supporting equitable growth. We have been acknowledged as market leaders in the game of IT consultation and aim to guide the entire tech community towards a sustained future."

The acknowledgement from the 12th Annual Business Excellence Awards is rightly another feather to the cap for Radixweb where its core expertise and contribution to the global tech ecosystem has been lauded. The firm aims to build a steady graph towards a robust and innovative tech channel.

About Radixweb:

As a leading global software outsourcing partner, Radixweb has helped innumerable clients reimagine their app landscape with DevOps integration, digital transformation, legacy modernization, QA and testing to drive stupendous digital growth for its stakeholders. From mobile app to web app development, IT management services to staff augmentation, the firm has built a rich legacy of experience in every niche.

Learn more at:

Social Media:




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