TEAL Announces Jill Paulus As Director Of Finance, Procurement

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Teal, a managed IT service provider for small- to medium-sized organizations that value genuine partnership, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jill Paulus as Director of Finance, Accounting, and Procurement on January 2. Bringing over a decade of diverse experience in the managed IT services sector, Jill exemplifies a unique blend of technical acumen and strategic business insights.

Strengthening Service Through Experience

After graduating from Ohio State University in 2011 with a BS in Accounting, Jill began her career at a small business accounting firm, where she honed her skills in financial management. In 2012, she made a pivotal move into the managed service provider sector, significantly contributing to the growth of her previous company from 5 to 20 employees.

Her wealth of expertise uniquely positions her to help lead Teal into the future. “Reid, Gar, and I have known Jill for several years through our peer group,” said Don Sauer, Teal’s Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder. “During that time, we have observed her leadership and competency in understanding MSP operations – with an emphasis on finance, accounting, and procurement. Her commitment to excellence is invaluable as we continue looking for new ways to enrich our client’s lives through ultra-responsive service.” Paulus shared excitement about taking on a leadership role at such a dynamic and established company. “My vision for my role is to meticulously fine-tune our processes, ensuring seamless integration across all teams,” said Paulus. “This will enhance Teal’s capacity to interpret financial data through diverse perspectives – leveraging the strong foundation that already exists here. I feel fortunate to be building on such a solid base and am eager to contribute to our continued success.”

Value Alignment

Paulus’ appreciation for the transformative power of technology echoes Teal’s mission. “I have a strong appreciation for what technology can do,” said Paulus. “And I believe that with the right support, it can make everyone’s lives better.” We are thrilled to have leaders like Paulus, whose personal values resonate deeply with our core mission. “Jill brings a robust personal drive to excel in every endeavor, a commitment to seeing tasks through to completion, and a genuine enjoyment in her work,” said Sauer. “She’s truly a team player and we expect everyone will enjoy working with her.”

People the Driving Force During an MSP Evolution

Paulus shared her insights and the role she envisions for Teal in the industry and the changing landscape. “The evolution of the service provider landscape in recent years has been fascinating. As we’ve seen a significant shift towards remote work, the reliance on technology has never been greater,” said Paulus. “In this context, ensuring that teams are working efficiently and without downtime is not just important. It’s essential.” She believes that managed service providers are the backbone of keeping small businesses productive and successful in the modern workplace. “I anticipate support services becoming even more refined,” said Paulus. “We’re not just talking about providing responsive support. We’re talking about providing an elevated level of support tailored to wherever our clients may be working. That’s the future I see for Teal. Leading the charge in delivering exceptional support and technology for our clients – regardless of their location or work environment. I strongly believe people are the biggest driver of success in any company. I am impressed with the people at Teal and pleased to know that I have a strong team around me.”

Paulus’ experience, from leadership skills to industry knowledge, is an asset to the Teal team. For more information about Paulus or Teal, please contact us at (703) 740-8797 or email info@tealtech.com.

About Teal:

Teal provides exceptional managed IT solutions for small- to medium-sized organizations that value real partnerships and elevated security – strategically accelerating their partner’s growth and protecting them from evolving digital threats. With over two decades of experience, Teal enrich lives by delivering ultra-responsive services, prioritizing integrated cybersecurity, and investing in their staff.

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