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Tucson Startup Focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Water Management Project Helps Sustain a European Nation

TUCSON, Ariz. -- The University of Arizona Center for Innovation has announced that NOAH Malta, a subsidiary of NOAH Arizona LLC, a company based on technology invented at the University of Arizona and started at the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI), has been awarded a groundbreaking contract by the European Union.

The contract entitled "DEVELOPMENT OF A PREDICTIVE WATER ABSTRACTION AND PRODUCTION MODELLING FRAMEWORK," engages NOAH Malta to study the feasibility of implementing NOAH's patented water management decision support system on the island nation of Malta. NOAH is working in partnership with Malta's Energy and Water Agency (EWA) and the Water Services Corporation (WSC), the water utility in Malta.

Malta, the most densely populated European nation, is an archipelago consisting of one main island and several smaller ones located in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Africa. It ranks among the most water scarce nations in the world. Today, with a booming economy and thriving as a popular tourist destination, Malta is experiencing a "perfect storm" that is becoming all too typical across the globe: too little natural freshwater for its growing demand, made worse by more frequent droughts from climate change.

NOAH's patented water management system combines real-time data streams with AI and optimization models. The system helps identify optimal water management strategies that minimize costs while maximizing water sustainability and quality. Working with the startup incubation team at the University of Arizona Center for Innovation has helped NOAH identify new markets and prove how AI can be used in a variety of ways to provide meaningful predictions and optimization solutions for the water problems that nations like Malta are facing. NOAH's system is highly flexible and can be used in combination with pre-existing models and methods developed by a utility to augment their management objectives.

The project will explore the possibility of optimizing the current potable water production infrastructure to produce the required volume of potable water and achieve the best water quality possible whilst minimizing costs.

Malta's project goal is to collaborate with NOAH to study the feasibility of integrating their real-time decision support system with WSC's existing models and methods. The partnership and its outcomes may ultimately serve as a paradigm applicable to other European countries facing similar water problems, as well as other water-stressed countries around the world.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for NOAH to further advance our system by collaborating with water experts in Malta. They are on the front-line of some of the world's most serious and difficult water problems," says Emery Coppola, NOAH LLC co-founder and president.

"Noah is one of those companies that we are extremely thrilled about supporting with our incubation program. Dr. Coppola and the other co-founders are working on leading-edge technology with immense growth potential for the company and significant positive impact - in this case on the well-being of an entire nation," expresses Eric Smith, Executive Director of University of Arizona Center for Innovation

Currently Malta obtains approximately sixty percent (60%) of its water supply from three (3) reverse osmosis (RO) plants. The remaining water demand is met through extraction of diminishing groundwater via 100 production wells. The groundwater is extracted from complex limestone aquifers characterized by karst features. These limestone eroded aquifers with preferential flow pathways are extremely difficult to model with conventional physics-based groundwater simulation models. Historical over-pumping of the limestone aquifers has caused significant saltwater intrusion from the surrounding ocean, degrading groundwater quality.

A major challenge will be to identify the optimal trade-off between RO and groundwater sources among multiple conflicting objectives given that the water quality from RO is superior to groundwater, whereas the production costs required to produce freshwater by RO are higher than groundwater. These objectives include water quality and cost, proper targeting of specific groundwater wells to pump and the most effective pumping rates to minimize salt-water intrusion. Individual supply wells also have variable operating costs and water quality conditions; they also are subject to different salt-water intrusion effects on the aquifer that can dynamically vary due to regional pumping and other conditions.

Accurate predictions are essential for achieving superior real-time water resources management decisions. In collaboration with the Agency and WSC, NOAH's will explore the feasibility of applying their system to supplement the utility's existing models and methods to help manage Malta's enormously complex and challenging water problems.

A nation with a storied history and culture, optimal water management is an imperative that will allow this Mediterranean jewel to flourish far into the future.

About the UA Center for Innovation

​The University of Arizona Center for Innovation is a startup incubator network with locations across the Southern Arizona region. The center's mission is to grow scalable startup ventures that fuel the Arizona economy. Since inception in 2003, the program has directly served over 120 companies and impacted thousands of entrepreneurs through providing access to people, programming and places that help entrepreneurs take their companies from idea to market.

The University of Arizona Center for Innovation is part of Tech Parks Arizona which brings together university, industry and community, creating "interactive ground" to advance technology commercialization.

Learn more at:


NOAH LLC is a technology and water consulting company. Its patented system, which directly combines data streams with artificial intelligence, formal optimization and other modeling methodologies constitute the most advanced decision support system in the world for water resources management.

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*Photo caption: NOAH staff being shown the control room at one of Malta's Reverse Osmosis facilities.

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iQ International AG Adds Industry Leaders to Its Advisory Board

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- iQ International AG (ISIN CH0451424300/WKN A2PAA5/Symbol IQL), a multinational Sustainable Technologies company publicly traded on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with its global head office in Zug, Switzerland and North American headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, is adding three industry leaders to its Advisory Board to assist the Company in its expansion plans.

Dennis Brown: Dennis retired from Interstate Battery, where he served as Chief Marketing Officer from 2004 - 2015. His 40 years of industry experience also included various leadership positions with Johnson Controls International (JCI) Power Solutions, which is now Clarios, a subsidiary of Brookfield Business Partners.

Ray Brown: Ray has spent the past 35 years with a specific focus on the energy storage industry. He retired from JCI in 2010, where he served 30 years in various global leadership roles in the Power Solutions division build-up. Since then, he has served on multiple Boards of Directors, including Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. in India.

Allen Martin: Allen is an energy storage industry veteran of 12 years. He left JCI in 2013 after serving 30 years in multiple leadership positions, most recently as Vice President/General Manager, Global Aftermarket, Power Solutions division. Allen is currently an independent distributor and franchisee with Interstate Battery.

"It is an honor to work with these distinguished individuals who truly built this industry and its leading companies," said Kevin T. Loman, iQ International AG CEO. "iQ's executive management team and I are fortunate to have access to the wisdom and experience these gentlemen bring to the company as we grow to meet an ever-increasing industry demand."

As previously announced, iQ International AG is expanding its operations and integrating its technologies into existing manufacturing operations to secure capacity to meet the growing demand it is facing for batteries with its 360 Mixing(TM) technology. These three new members will join the Industry Advisory Board's chairman, Michael Tapp, who also serves as a member of the Company's Board of Directors, and they will be an integral part of iQ's integration process execution and oversight.

A growing market for SLI technology

Demand for higher performance SLI batteries continues to accelerate. To comply with increasing environmental regulations mandating CO2 emission reductions, OEMs are utilizing start-stop, passive boost, and regenerative breaking technologies. In addition, consumer demand for cutting-edge infotainment/comfort features and improved passenger safety requirements have led car manufacturers to install ever increasing numbers of electrical components in automobiles, significantly increasing the electrical load on auto batteries. iQ's 360° Mixing(TM) batteries are replacing major known national brands, and iQ and its distributors have won significant tenders in the UAE and U.S. with government and private fleets. iQ's technologies are seamlessly integrated into the existing production processes and offer one of the most cost-effective ways to meet these increasing battery performance requirements.

"We are so excited about the growth opportunities for this market and to be able to do it in a way that will have a positive impact on the environment," said Roland Koch, member of iQ International's Board of Directors. "Our goal is to increase our market share and help reduce the CO2 load that the transportation industry adds to the environment each year, helping car makers meet the stringent emissions reduction mandates."

It is estimated that by 2025, the market demand for Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flood Battery (EFB) with 360° Mixing(TM) battery types will be 150-180 million annually, nearly 30% of the total market. iQ's EFB with 360° Mixing(TM) matches or exceeds the performance of the more expensive and heavier AGM battery widely used and promoted by industry incumbents.

More information on iQ's expansion plans and leadership team is available on its website,

About iQ International AG
iQ International AG is a multinational sustainable technologies company listed on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Company licenses parts of its IP portfolio, and manufactures/distributes highly efficient lead acid batteries that meet the increased need for cycle life in today's global automotive and storage markets. Its award-winning innovative technology is used to create superior, long-lasting, OEM-approved Starting-Lighting-Ignition (SLI) batteries.

Batteries with iQ International AG technologies are designed to generate better performance in today's highly electrified vehicles, particularly vehicles with Start-Stop applications. Studies have shown that if the Company's technology was the standard in the industry approximately 15 million tons of CO2 would be saved in the transportation industry each year, helping car makers meet the stringent emissions reduction mandates.

Melissa Cox

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*Photo caption: New Advisory Board Members: Dennis Brown, Ray Brown, and Allen Martin.

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Bob Olsen Announces His Democratic Candidacy for Arizona Congressional District 8

SUN CITY WEST, Ariz. -- Bob Olsen announced that he is running for the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Arizona's 8th Congressional district.

"I think of representing the people of Arizona in Congress as the culmination of my life's work," stated Olsen.

Olsen believes that America must resume its leadership position in combatting climate change; investing in our nation's future by fully funding education for every student; providing affordable healthcare for every citizen; and establishing a minimum wage that can support a working person with dignity.

In addition, Olsen supports strengthening and protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for seniors and those people with disabilities. These programs are based on the contributions of a working lifetime, and are not part of the national budget. Raiding these funds is tantamount to grand theft on a national scale.

Olsen also wants to preserve the promises made to veterans and the working people of this country, and protect the nutritional status, health and welfare of children.

"These issues are important to the men and women of Arizona and this country. My Republican opponent consistently ignores the needs of the people of Arizona and the country," Olsen says. "Every day that passes without change puts the solution further out of reach."

Olsen brings a strong blue collar perspective to the table. He urges citizens to support his campaign so they will have a Representative who truly represents the people.

Olsen dedicated his professional life to serving the public. He served in the U.S. Navy and The U.S. Coast Guard, and the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves for 32 years. He was recalled to active duty twice after 9/11.

Olsen then served as a firefighter, police officer and first responder. Olsen used his downtime while a firefighter to put himself through college and law school, and then served as an attorney for the Modest Means Lawyer Referral Program, which served low income people in civil and criminal courts.

Olsen and his wife, Linda, live in Sun City West. They have two daughters and two grandsons.

Learn more and follow Bob Olsen at:
Official website:


Twitter: @bobolsen2020 -

Paid for by Friends of Bob Olsen 4 Congress

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Candied Nails Attributes Growth to Affordability, Choices and Stylist Program

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Soony Costello, founder and creator, Candied Nails, saw a gap in the nail salon market and set out to fill it. Now, the business is growing in leaps and bounds. Her model for success includes long lasting nail art that is not only eye-catching, but affordable too. Candied Nails quite simply puts nail design into the hands of the consumer.

"There are many large nail companies out there, but none match the service and quality that Candied Nails provides," Costello says. "Candied Nails cost a fraction of what typical salons charge. It's great to see people of all ages enjoy designing their nails at an affordable price."

With more than 100 choices, Candied Nails uses real nail polish strips that easily apply to nails. And since the unique and fun designs are created with real nail polish, nails not only feel pretty, but remain healthy and undamaged too. Candied Nails are long lasting, and a clear top coat provides for an even longer lasting finish.

"The quality compared to our other competitors is superb," she says.

Candied Nails' nail strip designs range from floral, geometric, people and animals to holiday themes, characters, designer choices and more. Some popular nail designs with catchy names to match include: Watermelon, Puppy Love, Cool Girl, Unicorn Fun and Splish Splash. There's something for everyone.

In addition, the Candied Nails community has seen a recent growth spurt with the addition of Costello's new Candied Nails' Stylist program. Costello offers "blind" wholesale and drop shipping services which makes it possible for others to create their own online business under a different brand name.

"It's exciting to see how creative people can get with their businesses," Costello says. "Each person adds a unique touch to Candied Nails to make their new nail business all their own."

Candied Nails plans to expand its line to include solid color and design press on nails in fun kids' styles too.

For more information about Candied Nails' wholesale and drop shipping services:

About Candied Nails

An alternative to nail salon nails, Candied Nails are conveniently ordered online and easy to apply. Candied Nails nail polish strips are also cruelty-free, vegan and non-toxic.

Watch a video here:


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Arizona-based healthcare technology startup, Dollar Care, Inc. has announced the introduction of its DollarCARE online platform

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The DollarCARE platform ( enables individuals with no health insurance or high deductible plans to search and find providers near them that offer the lowest prices on medical and dental procedures, treatments and services. Individuals can select a procedure followed by a location and instantly access the average market prices in their area followed by a list of providers with low, transparent prices.

"Given the unfortunate circumstances we find ourselves in, we will likely see more and more individuals with no insurance and or with very high deductible plans who are paying insane amounts for procedures and services," says Mack Baniameri, cofounder of Dollar Care, Inc. "The reason is because consumers have no idea how much a medical or dental procedure costs until the bill arrives. And most importantly, consumers have no easy way to shop for best prices for medical and dental needs. Our goal is to make healthcare more affordable and consumer friendly. We do that by negotiating fair prices with high quality providers and passing on the savings to the consumers."

The DollarCARE platform also empowers independent healthcare providers to compete and grow their business by attracting cash pay patients. Healthcare providers that offer low prices on the DollarCARE platform, can directly connect with consumers who shop online for best medical and dental deals.

"The fact that the Trump Administration will require all hospitals across the country to provide clear prices for all of their procedures starting January 2021 proves that the time for hidden and inflated healthcare prices is over," says Baniameri. "If a consumer can search for the best prices on hotels and airline tickets, they should have the same ability to shop for best prices for healthcare procedures and services."

About Dollar Care, Inc.

For more information visit:

To contact Dollar Care, Inc., visit

For price information visit:

Dollar Care, Inc.
2303 N. 44th St. Suite 14-1280 Phoenix, AZ 85008
Tel: 800.213.1854

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‘Bipolar is NOT an STD’ made it to the Best New Bipolar Disorder Books and Best Bipolar Disorder Books of All Time

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Dr. Lauren Goodall, PsyD, author of "Bipolar is not an STD" (ISBN: 978-1089401507) takes notice of her two "Best Book" achievements for her outstanding self-help book.

Dr Lauren Goodall's book, "Bipolar is NOT an STD: Beyond Bipolar, anxiety, depression, personality problems, and relationship offenses" has proven instrumental as a self-help book covering the range of Bipolar spectrum disorder, all kinds of mood dysregulation, and understanding personality disorders.

In a recent interview, Dr. Lauren Goodall, was extremely pleased to get this type of recognition in the book arena. "What I think really matters, is that my book helps a person to understand what is happening and why. By first and foremost understanding this, you can literally cut years off of getting reckless & inaccurate diagnosis, which is unfortunately out there."

She was thrilled to find that BookAuthority, ranked her book at #11 in Best Bipolar Disorder books of all time, and #6 in 2020's best Bipolar books.

Once Covid19 crisis becomes more stabilized, Dr. Lauren Goodall will proceed with discussion/group meetings/book signings to be announced. In the interim, she hopes that this time becomes an opportunity for people to catch up on relevant self-help, and most importantly, heal.

She added, "BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for this honor."

"Bipolar is not an STD," is currently released and available in softcover thru Amazon and all major book and E-book retailers. Dr. Goodall is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and signings by contacting her via her Email:

Media Contact:
Dr Lauren Goodall

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Supporting Links:

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Knapsack Health is urging all US citizens to keep their health histories printed out and with them at all times during the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic is bringing into focus just how critical it is for individuals to have their health information readily available. The Knapsack Health Application helps users navigate their input in order to collect all pertinent medical information: Doctors, Medical/Disease History, Surgical History, Medications, Allergies, Immunizations, Infectious Disease and Family/Social History.

The application also gives the user the ability to upload forms and documentation necessary in case of an emergency, i.e. Medical Power of Attorney, Primary and Secondary insurance and Medical Consent.

Founder and CEO Charles Spannagel states, "We are dealing with a national emergency that calls for citizens to prepare themselves and be ready if/when they need medical care. Having your health history available and with you always will expedite treatment."

He added, "Blood type, Medications, Allergies are examples of the information that can drastically affect a patient's outcome. Knapsack gives the patients the ability to become a vital member of their own care team."

Knapsack Health's core belief is to ensure the patient is at the center of their healthcare journey.

Learn more at:

Charles Spannagel
Knapsack Health

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Knapsack Health Takes Aim on The Personal Health Record Marketplace

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Bringing together a team of Clinical Leaders, Healthcare IT Professionals and Software experts, the Knapsack Health mobile application is designed to flourish in the Interoperability and Blockchain movement that is currently happening in Healthcare.

Founder - CEO Charles Spannagel states, "I have been in this field since 2005 (Electronic Medical Records and Personal Health Records) and just as legislative initiatives created the robust marketplace for Electronic Medical Records, we are predicting the same trajectory with the current initiatives of interoperability national standards."

Knapsack's initial offering is designed with the patient in mind but will also partner with medical practices, financial institutions that offer HSA's/FSA's, legal practices, senior citizen organizations, youth organizations, addiction treatment centers and other targeted groups/businesses that could utilize the free application for their group members and customers.

On the topic of patients and consumers, Spannagel states: "Our goal as a company is to provide patients the tool they need to record their health records as well as the manage and track the records of their loved ones. The current state of patient portals and PHR's is highly fragmented and confusing. Patients can have multiple portals but no centralized solution to store and manage their records. Essentially, individuals and caretakers are dealing with a big data management problem. The solution we have built gathers a comprehensive medical history, insurance and demographic information, and a repository to upload any record or document the user wants to keep with them on any smart device."

Knapsack has also begun their "Finger Cuffs" initiative which utilizes a blockchain user interface paired with a Near Field Communication (NFC) receptor. This locks in the patient's visit from check in to check out, ensuring the patient starts and finishes with their own secure record.

Knapsack's Features:

* A complete medical history stored securely on your mobile device (Cloud Server and Application are HIPPAA compliant)
* Ability to add up to 9 additional users (10 records total)
* Track medical expenses for tax purposes
* Store additional health related documentation, visit summaries, lab results, diagnostic tests, etc.
* Translate record for international travel
* Message your record (PDF) safely and securely with password protected encryption

* Free Application for Providers which streamlines front office registration workflow
* Produces a complete medical history for patient
* Obtains Demographics and Insurance Information
* Enlists Practice in a growing network that will give access to additional tools

* Ability to receive medical history, documentation, files directly from user
* Ability to receive tax documentation from user
* Enlists Organization in a consumer network of communication tools

Learn more at:

Personal Health Record (PHR): is an electronic application through which patients can maintain and manager their health information (and that of others for whom they are authorized) in a private, secure, and confidential environment. PHR

Electronic Medical Record (EHR): is a digital version of a patient's paper chart. EHRs are real-time, patient-centered records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. While an EHR does contain the medical and treatment histories of patients, an EHR system is built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider's office and can be inclusive of a broader view of a patient's care. EHR

Interoperability: Interoperability is the ability of different information systems, devices and applications ('systems') to access, exchange, integrate and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner, within and across organizational, regional and national boundaries, to provide timely and seamless portability of information and optimize the health of individuals and populations globally. Health data exchange architectures, application interfaces and standards enable data to be accessed and shared appropriately and securely across the complete spectrum of care, within all applicable settings and with relevant stakeholders, including by the individual. Interoperability

Blockchain: A blockchain is a digital record of transactions. The name comes from its structure, in which individual records, called blocks, are linked together in single list, called a chain. Blockchains are used for recording transactions made with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, and have many other applications. Blockchain

Near Field Communication (NFC): NFC is a short-range wireless technology that enables simple and secure communication between electronic devices. It may be used on its own or in combination with other wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth. NFC

Government Initiatives:
Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology: Interoperability Road Map

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Penalties Proposed for Organizations that do not meet Interoperability Standards: Interoperabilty Blocking Rule

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services putting patients first: MyHealthEData Initiative

Charles Spannagel
Knapsack Health
cspannagel @

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Arizona Grand Ole Opry Tribute to Bill Bassett

CAMP VERDE, Ariz. -- The Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts Foundation will host a "Tribute to Bill Bassett in the Grand Ole Opry Style" concert on Sunday, March 22, at 3 p.m. in the Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts, 210 Camp Lincoln Road in Camp Verde.

Unlike a typical concert, the Grand Ole Opry Style presents several artists giving the audience a variety of music and a sample of each artist's musical style. This Tribute to Bill Bassett will include 20 different performers whose exceptional talents will make this a memorable afternoon.

The fast-paced opening hour will highlight more than a dozen popular musicians, each performing one or two selections of well-known country, folk, pop, and jazz favorites. Reno and Sheila McCormick will perform authentic, down-to earth country, western and bluegrass featuring his strong vocals and hot flatpicking on the Martin guitar.

Ron McLain follows with his repertoire of country, folk, blues, and love songs from the 30's to the present. Singer and fiddle/violinist Sonja Whisman will be joined by bass guitarist, Marty Thrifty, vocalist Kathi Belucci, and guitarist Lee Zimmer to present standards and a classic pop instrumental. Singer/songwriters, Larry and Leslie Latour, will perform their original life-story songs and heart-warming two-part harmonies. Gary Simpkins, who rounds out the first have, was a part of the 60's folk-rock scene in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, and since the 80's has been playing folk festivals and shows throughout the region.

The second half will feature the music of the Blazin' M Ranch singing cowboy, Bill Bassett. As a young boy growing up in Seattle Washington, Bill imagined himself a singing cowboy when, at the age of 6, he wrote his first song, "Six White Horses." Bill honed his craft writing, recording and playing in clubs and at concerts, eventually making the move to Nashville, and toured the country supporting many country legends. In 2005 Bill joined the Blazin' M Ranch where, for 15 years was the Master of Ceremonies and leader of the Blazin' M Singing Cowboys through nightly shows.

Bill interprets songs in a way that brings out the joy, heartbreak, humor and pathos of life. He was inducted along with Jim and Jeanne Martin into the Greater Arizona Country and Western Swing Association Hall of Fame in 2018. Bill perform some of his original songs. He will be backed up by the Bill Bassett Ensemble. On bass guitar will be Tommy Anderson who is founder of the Jerome Ukulele Orchestra. Dave Rentz on percussion and drums has provided the beat for over 30 local bands in his 40-year music career. Eric Williams, on piano and saxophone, has been a Verde Valley entertainer for many years. Rounding out the Ensemble will be Reno McCormick who started his musical career when he won the band contest at Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom Festival in 1977.

For additional information and to purchase tickets, visit the website at

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Performing Arts Center Hosts Celtic Music Matinee

CAMP VERDE, Ariz. -- The Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts Foundation will host a concert of Irish and Scottish music by the Kilted Spirit band, with bagpiper Mike McKee, on Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 3 p.m. at the Phillip England Center for the Performing Arts, 210 Camp Lincoln Road, in Camp Verde.

Kilted Spirit has been entertaining audiences around Arizona for about 10 years with lively and rowdy renditions of Irish and Scottish music. Led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Colleen Collins, the band consists of vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, Irish flute, tin whistle & bouzouki, fiddle, banjo, bass, and drums. Colleen is a classically trained guitarist with a powerful and expressive voice, a crisp guitar style, and impressive touring resume who has performed and taught guitar for many years.

Eily Hallagan on fiddle and vocals has been playing the violin since the age of nine, and has received a degree in both Music Performance and Theater Arts. She was chosen as one of the top violinists to play for Isaac Stern in celebration of his eightieth birthday. She performed for several years in orchestra and chamber ensembles. Specializing in Irish fiddle and folk music, she has a particular interest in cultural music and rich history of strings throughout the history of performance.

Chris Moreno, on bass, guitar and Irish bouzouki, is a classically trained guitarist who has studied with guitar virtuosos Christopher Parkening, Manual Barrueco, and David Tannenbaum. He has performed at Irish pubs across Arizona, though is versed in all styles of music from Spanish guitar to punk rock and bluegrass.

Jake Coash has been a drummer almost all his life, starting in the second grade. He obtained his music education degree from Ottawa University and has taught drums and band classes for 14 years. He has also performed for St. Jerome's Catholic Church, the Arizona Broadway Theater, and various percussion groups. He brings to the band professional knowledge and a great sense of humor.

Complementing the Kilted Spirit will be Michael McKee performing several songs on bagpipes. Mike has over 25 years of playing experience. He is a member of the Mesa Caledonian Pipe Band and is an instructor and advisor for the Arizona Highlanders Pipe Band in Flagstaff, Arizona.

For additional information and to purchase tickets, visit the website at

Tickets for children and students are always free. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Learn more about Kilted Spirit at:

Twitter: @EnglandCenter @KiltedSpirit

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