Simply Celeste’s Unveils ‘A Taste of Luxury’: A Black-Tie Affair, in Phoenix

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Simply Celeste’s is proud to present “A Taste of Luxury”: A Black Tie Affair in Phoenix, Arizona promising an unparalleled experience in culinary excellence, high-end fashion, craft cocktails, exotic vehicles, and live music. The event will be held March 16, 2024.

As the demand for exclusive and immersive experiences continues to rise, “A Taste of Luxury” emerges as a trendsetter in the Food and Beverage catering industry. In a world where discerning individuals seek unique and memorable experiences, their inaugural event will set the stage for a new standard of gratification.

“At Simply Celeste’s, our vision is to provide an exquisite experience that rises above traditional expectations. ‘A Taste of Luxury’ is a manifestation of our commitment to offering nothing but the best,” said Celeste Telley, CEO and Founder of Simply Celeste’s. “We invite you to join us for a night that combines culinary artistry, luxurious ambiances, and entertainment while creating memories that last a lifetime.”

“A Taste of Luxury’ aligns with the growing trend of seeking creative and dynamic events,” says brand strategist, Reshauna Striggles. “In the current market luxury is defined by personal experiences, this event raises the bar for those who appreciate the finer things in life.”

Reserve your ticket today for “A Taste of Luxury” and prepare for a night that leaves the ordinary behind.

Guests will arrive at a transformed Private Jet hangar in Scottsdale to indulge in an expertly crafted menu featuring culinary masterpieces such as Seafood Dip Bruschetta, Zesty Chicken Skewers, Grilled Filet Mignon, Cajun Lobster Tail, and Simply Celeste’s White Chocolate-Raspberry Cheesecake. The gastronomic journey will be complemented by curated craft cocktails and wine pairings, promising a symphony of flavors to delight the senses.

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A portion of event proceeds will be made as a charitable donation to benefit Millionaire Mastermind Academy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and a proud partner in “Seeking to End Poverty Through Entrepreneurship.”

Event Information Contact: Celeste Talley – – email preferred.

About Simply Celeste’s:

Simply Celeste’s is a premier purveyor of luxury experiences, dedicated to curating events that redefine sophistication around meals. With a commitment to excellence, Simply Celeste’s offers a range of services from gourmet catering to exclusive event planning. Our mission is to provide moments of pure indulgence, leaving a lasting impression on those who seek the epitome of luxury living.

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