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LUI Releases New Album as Belated Valentine’s Gift to Fans

GRAYSLAKE, Ill. -- Today, Lui Salazar, known by his stage name as LUI, released his new art rock album, "Astronomical Ways to Die" under the Dead Internet Records label. The album can be found on most music streaming platforms, and plans for a limited physical release are underway.

LUI, a recording artist and music producer based near Chicago, says that his release didn't start out as a love album but became one.

"The album began a time in my life when I needed change and wanted to find love," LUI explains. "The songs started as quirky fantasies and desires. By about the second half of the project, I found love. Some of the lyrics became more direct and personal, but the songs retained my campy, weirdo vibe."

"Astronomical Ways to Die" is a belated Valentine's gift to LUI's fans. For the better part of a year, he has been obsessively recording and producing vocals, violins, flutes, guitars, and various folk instruments for the album.

LUI reflects on his release: "I always felt my last album, 'Truth Is Like a Seed,' was too preachy. This time, I wanted to be profound but in a fun way. It's a love album, not a philosophy book. Life doesn't suck, and woe isn't me. Happy belated Valentine's Day."

About Lui Salazar:

LUI is a multi-instrumentalist born and raised near Chicago. He is the co-founder and primary music producer for Dead Internet Records. His unconventional rock music combines eclectic instrumentation with a maximalist, wall-of-sound production style. He does everything, from song conception and production to mixing and mastering, at his home studio in Grayslake, Illinois.

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Flyvito announces the registration of trademark for the name Flyvito just weeks after releasing the album ‘Collection’ to all streaming platforms

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Flyvito® a well-established producer based in New Orleans, just announced the registering of his trademark Flyvito. This comes after years of working on major projects with artists worldwide. In an effort to verify the brand Flyvito, the producer has decided to register his trademark, and business Flyvito LLC in New Orleans. He hopes to generate additional leads through strategic monetization procedures, along with this verification of brand identity.

"At this point in my career, it's more about offering a seamless and credible product for individuals who wish to shop with me. I want every artist to know that if they work with Flyvito in any capacity, they are getting a genuine product from a credible business. Registering this trademark will provide the level of credibility necessary for these artists."

This information was announced just a few weeks after Flyvito released the album "Collection" through Sony on all streaming platforms. "Collection" is an album of collective instrumentals produced by Flyvito from the years 2010-2021.

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About Flyvito:

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Flyvito's unique sound and beat patterns derive from inspiration of Mannie Fresh, Just Blaze, Mouse on the Track and Zaytoven to name a few.

His presence on YouTube rose quickly to millions of views on videos from 2010-2015 and boasts several thousand subscribers.

Flyvito explains that his passion comes from hearing perfection in the beat patterns and melodies. "It's never been about the money for me. That's why for years I gave away music for free or for very low prices. I just love a great sound."

Enjoy Flyvito's catalog on and at He can be found on Instagram and Twitter @Fliiizle and YouTube @Flyvito respectively.

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