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ReAgg Explains The Types of Aggregates Used in Construction Projects

CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. -- ReAgg is a leading construction aggregate supplier in the Capitol Heights, Maryland, Washington D.C., and northern Virginia areas. We have supplied crushed aggregate in Capitol Heights and surrounding areas for several industries and projects throughout our over 33 years in business, including private, commercial, industrial, military, highway, and government projects.

We want to make it simple for construction project managers to choose the right aggregate for each project with a list of the types of aggregate used and sizes.

Types of Aggregate Used In Construction Projects:

The different types of aggregate used in construction projects in Capitol Heights include gravel, crushed, clean, rip rap, screened and grit. In addition to the type of aggregate that construction projects typically use, there are also different sizes available for a variety of applications.

Sizes for Crushed Stone in Construction Projects:

* 1/2 - 3/4" - Size # 7 stone averages in 1/2 - 3/4" in size and is overall a gray color.
* 3/4" - Size #57 stone varies in size from using a #4 sieve to a 3/4" sieve. This size of crushed stone is cubical in shape. It's used in projects where there is a specification for crushed stone counts and mixes.
* 3/8" - Size # 8 crushed stone is often referred to as clean or 3/8" washed stone.
* 1 1/2" - This size of crushed stone is mainly used in road construction projects. It is also used in drainage, septic systems and dry wells.
* 2 1/2" - The DOT #2 standard size used for government construction projects. It is used as road base, construction site entry and exit ways.

Applications of Crushed Stone:

* Road base - Crushed stone can be used as structural foundation for paving roads. Used in government and residential construction projects. It's also used in driveways, parking lots, patios, slab foundations, and walkways.

* Soil stabilization - Recycled concrete is often used in combination with fly ash or lime to enhance soil.

* Pipe bedding - Underground utilities use crushed concrete as bedding to create a firm foundation.

* Landscape material - Pathways, driveways, garden beds, erosion structures, water features, and walls can all use recycled concrete to support these areas with fill material.

* Drainage materials - Crushed stone can be used in drainage pipes and for utilities.

Benefits of Onsite Crushing for Construction Projects:

ReAgg specializes in crushing aggregate and concrete into usable sizes for construction projects. We can come to the construction site with complete crushing equipment. We bring a conveyer, loader, excavator, and the staff needed to operate the machinery. Our experienced staff also loads the materials to crush according to the needed specifications.

Crushing onsite in Capitol Heights and surrounding areas reduces the cost of disposal for waste materials. Instead of hauling off the waste, onsite crushing can be reused on the site for many different applications.

To get a free quote for crushed aggregate onsite or delivered to the construction project site, contact ReAgg at 1-888-554-1503 or visit:

About ReAgg:

ReAgg is committed to providing quality products and services throughout Northern Virginia the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Our team has built a strong reputation for integrity, professionalism, safety, quality control, efficiency, punctuality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Thirty-three years ago, our company started as a concrete recycler; taking broken concrete, crushing and screening it into useful products. Over this period of time, we manufactured over 7 million tons of recycled concrete materials for use in local construction projects.

We are a privately owned and operated company headquartered in Capitol Heights, Maryland with ongoing operations in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. We have a fully trained staff with many years of experience in the Aggregate, General Construction and Transportation Industry.

*(LOGO 72dpi:

ReAgg, 8700 Ashwood Drive, Capitol Heights, MD 20743; phone (888) 554-1503.

VIDEO (YouTube):

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Heads Up, Broadway: Phenomenology Reimagines How to Make Dreams Come True for Artists

FREDERICK, Md. -- Phenomenology, Inc., an innovative production model in the performing arts, today announced its mission to create game-changing opportunities for high-potential performing artists and technicians, many of whom call - or have called - Frederick, Md. their home.

"Phenomenology is a corridor for the performing arts, by bringing productions direct from New York City to Frederick and launching projects direct from the City of Spires to the Big Apple," says Jeffery Keilholtz, Artistic Director & CEO for Phenomenology. "Unlike traditional theater or film production companies, Phenomenology operates in a completely different way."

Established in 2018, Phenomenology, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, produces dynamic projects across the breadth of performing arts, by placing acclaimed stars side-by-side with undiscovered talent, in the same powerhouse event. Much of the undiscovered talent - cast or crew - has a direct connection to Frederick. Audiences are also treated to a red carpet experience with each event.

"The result is that we contribute to the cultural value of Frederick and improve the lives of homegrown performing artists by showcasing their gifts with once-in-a-lifetime collaborations and career-making encounters," continued Keilholtz. "It is entirely possible for this town to help numerous artists and technicians land work on and off Broadway over the next three to five years - and cultivate many more who long to launch thriving careers."

Phenomenology is set to premiere its first red carpet production in Frederick, Maryland in the spring of 2019, and is hosting a masquerade gala fundraiser on October 27, 2018 at 7 p.m. at The Delaplaine Arts Center in Frederick, Maryland, where more details about the inaugural project will be unveiled - along with additional information about how the organization gives back to the community.

Masquerade tickets are available by visiting the organization's website:

"Show business is hard," concluded Keilholtz, "and no one should feel ashamed to devote their lives to art."

About Phenomenology, Inc.:

Phenomenology, Inc., a new 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is an innovative production model in Frederick, Maryland, with a mission to create opportunities that enhance the public exposure of local professional artists and technicians by producing high value performing arts projects to showcase their gifts. These activities help to enhance the cultural value of Frederick and enable the organization to give back in additional ways, including advocacy for children and working families, by building links between the arts, education, and the social sciences.

More information:

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iFOS Managing Consultants LLC selected as a BPA Provider of Grants Program Support Services for US Department of Transportation

COLUMBIA, Md. -- Intelligent Fiscal Optimal Solutions(R) (iFOS) Managing Consultants, LLC is pleased to announce the signing of a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to provide Grant Program Support Services with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of the Secretary (OST) located in Washington, D.C. The BPA award performance period is authorized for up to five (5) years.

Under the BPA, iFOS will provide comprehensive grant support services to include process support and policy and program support in assisting with various aspects of the delivery and management of grant programs.

Additional servicing components include: policy development, program performance measurement, program management, stakeholder management, program communication, inquiry coordination and data analytics.

iFOS' President and CEO Tawanda M. Smith noted, "iFOS has a proven grants methodology and engagement approach specific to Federal customers, which has been used to support all aspects of the grants life cycle from pre-award activities to post award monitoring and oversight.

"We believe the best way for us to serve DOT is to provide a team of experienced professionals, who recognize risks and address potential issues as they occur, in order to provide the agency with the critical support required at a competitive price."

About Intelligent Fiscal Optimal Solutions (iFOS)(R), LLC:

iFOS Managing Consultants, LLC is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) consulting firm specializing in audit and assurance, advisory and consulting services. The firm is certified under the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) and 8(m) programs and provides services to public and private organizations under its General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Support Services (PSS) Schedule GS-23F-0102X.

For more information, visit:

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iFOS Managing Consultants Awarded Multi-Year Financial Review Management and Resolution Program Blanket Purchase (BPA) Agreement

COLUMBIA, Md. -- Intelligent Fiscal Optimal Solutions(R) (iFOS) received a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to provide Financial Review Management and Resolution Professional Services to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Agency.

The BPA award performance period is authorized for up to five (5) years.

Under the USAID BPA, iFOS' advisors and consulting professionals provide a range of financial management services and assistance including internal control assessment and development; pre-award surveys, grantee financial reviews, attestation engagements, disbursing agent functions, end use verification and trainings.

iFOS will provide specialized accounting and auditing support to implement one of USAID's foreign embassy new strategy in support of its mission.

Tawanda M. Smith, CEO noted, "Our assurance services provide the foundation we use to ensure effective monitoring of our customers' grant portfolios. Our wide variety of subject matter experts focus on internal controls to address fiscal challenges without the bureaucratic hindrances that constrain government organizations. iFOS stands ready and available to begin this engagement immediately."

About Intelligent Fiscal Optimal Solutions (iFOS)(R), LLC:

iFOS Managing Consultants, LLC is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) consulting firm specializing in audit and assurance, advisory and consulting services. The firm is certified under the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) and 8(m) programs and provides services to public and private organizations under its General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Support Services (PSS) Schedule GS-23F-0102X.

For more information, visit:

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Universal FanCon is First Large-Scale Event to Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion of Fans and Fandoms April 27-29, 2018

BALTIMORE, Md. -- The inaugural Universal FanCon (FanCon) is the first large-scale, 24-hour, inclusive event that celebrates the diversity of fans, the diversity of fandom and the true needs of those who love pop culture. This year's event will help benefit and promote relevant causes, including Geek Club Books Charity for Autism. Hosted in Baltimore, Maryland, April 27-29, 2018, FanCon's mission is to create a sense of belonging by providing authentic connections and experiences through fan-centric parties, programs, panels and partners.

As an important part of this mission, FanCon is building accessibility and education into every aspect of the programming to make certain it is a disability- and autism-friendly event.

With its broad range of attendees, celebs, and unique experiences -- and its engaging, interactive festival atmosphere -- FanCon is the place for everyone who is a fan! To purchase tickets, visit

"Universal FanCon is more than just a new Geek convention," said Co-Founder Robert Butler. "It's an event where all fans of pop culture are being celebrated, represented and included during every step of the way: through our planning, our attendees, programs, parties, celebrity guests and unique experiences."

FanCon got its start during a dinner conversation in 2016 between Butler, his partners in the wildly popular The Black Geeks podcast, and Jamie Broadnax, founder of Black Girl Nerds.

"We're all big geeks and realized, for instance, that people of color have the same complaints as other minority groups and marginalized populations when it came to representation in the celebration of fandoms," said Butler. "Hispanics, African Americans and Asians make up 38 percent of our population and 49 percent of frequent moviegoers - and they are more likely to see a movie featuring characters to whom they can relate. So, we knew there was a need that we could fill!"

"We wanted to create a safe space that celebrated fandom differently by including the many different faces and voices that truly made up the groups, artists, affiliates, and brands that we all represented, such as women, the LGBTQ community, people with disabilities, autistic community, and people of color," said Jamie Broadnax.

"The inclusion and accessibility mission of FanCon is why Geek Club Books got involved with this inaugural event," said Jodi Murphy, President of Geek Club Books, an autism nonprofit. "Autistic representation and inclusion in pop culture, media and the community-at-large is what we've been advocating for!"

The support from Hollywood, brands, and organizations has been and continues to be amazing: Kristian Nairn, a.k.a. Hodor from "Game of Thrones"; Aydian Dowling (Trans activist), Riyadh Khalaf (YouTube sensation), Yuriko Yamaguchi (Voice Actress / "Seiyuu"); legend Billy Dee Williams; actor and comedian Orlando Jones; Mehcad Brooks ("Supergirl"); comedian, Paralympian and actress Katy Sullivan; Ricky Whittle and Yetide Badaki ("American Gods"); DC Comics and Marvel writer Greg Pak; actors Phil LaMarr, Sumalee Montano and Fryda Wolff; GRAMMY-winner Big Daddy Kane, video game composer for Sega's "Panzer Dragoon" Saori Kobayashi with TriForce Quartet, rapper Mega Ran, and electronics musician TeddyLoid; Kim Chi ("Rupaul's Drag Race"); Geek Club Books for Autism, Black Girl Nerds, Blerdgurl, ClexaCon, Disability Visibility Project, FanBros, and more.

"The people and fandoms we are representing, the support we are getting from the city of Baltimore and the committed team we've been able to build are all testaments to how important and relevant an event such as FanCon is today," said Butler. "We can't wait to see everyone in Baltimore, April 27-29!"

SPECIAL GUESTS INCLUDE (list by alpha order/more to be announced):
Yetide Badaki, Demore Barnes (actor), Steve Blum (voice of "Wolverine"), Big Daddy Kane, Bit Brigade, Mehcad Brooks, Kim Chi, DJ-Jo (DJ), DJ NightCrawler (DJ/musician), Terri Doty (voice actress), Aydian Dowling, Ducky Dynamo (DJ/musical artist), HEAVYGRINDER (DJ/producer/vocal duo), Jamal Igle (comic artist/writer), Orlando Jones, Riyadh Khalaf, Saori Kobayashi, Phil LaMarr, Bruce Langely ("American Gods"), Mega Ran, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn ("Star Wars: Rebels"), Sumalee Montano, Kristian Nairn, Greg Pak, Professor Shy Guy (music artist), SAMMUS (rapper/producer), Regine Sawyer (Women in Comics Collective), Peter Shinkoda ("Falling Skies"), Katy Sullivan, TeddyLoid, Triforce Quartet, Jeffrey Veregge (Native American comic book artist), Voia (producer/singer), Jeremy Whitley (comic series writer), Ricky Whittle, Billy Dee Williams, Fryda Wolff, Yuriko Yamaguchi.

PROGRAMS, PANELS & EVENTS INCLUDE (more to be announced):
Celebrity Meet-and-Greets, Photo/Autograph Opportunities, Lightsaber Dueling Academy, Music Concerts, Comedy Show hosted by Orlando Jones, 24-hour Arcade and eSport Gaming Tournaments, Tabletop Gaming, "American Gods" Show Panel, Kids STEM, and other programming for gaming, comics, anime, movies, TV, music, and all things fandom!

AFFILIATES & PARTNERS INCLUDE (more to be announced):
Baltimore Convention Center, 3 Black Geeks, Black Girl Nerds, BlerdGurl, ClexaCon, Comic Attack, CrunchyRoll, DC Anime Club, DeAnn Cox Chronicles, Disability Visibility Project, FanBros, Funimation, Geek Club Books for Autism, Geek Soul Brother, GeekGirlCon, Geeks of Color, Gifted Sounds Network, Graveyard Shift Sisters, Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor, Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor, I Need Diverse Games, LatinxGeeks, Marriott Inner Harbor Camden Yards, MEGASHEEN, Nerds of Color, Nerds of Prey, Pink Banana, Ramp Your Voice, Renaissance Harborplace, Shepard, Sheraton Inner Harbor, The Black Geeks, The Black Tribbles, Visit Baltimore (, and more.

For more information, to review FanCon's Accessibility information, and to purchase tickets, visit

For more information about Geek Club Books autism nonprofit go to

About Geek Club Books:
Using storytelling, Geek Club Books nonprofit's mission is changing perceptions and putting an end to the stigma surrounding autism, replacing fear with wonder. The nonprofit produces interactive children's comics, curriculum, assemblies, public awareness campaigns, online resources, and educational videos for acceptance in classrooms, on playgrounds and in communities. They mentor and empower autistic individuals to be the storytellers, inspiring empathy, inclusion and acceptance for those who are different. Twitter: @geekclubbooks

LOGOS for Media:

@GeekClubBooks @UniversalFanCon #FanCon #Activate4Autism

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U.S. Governors Are Applauded for Proclaiming November Clostridium difficile (C.difficile, C.diff.) Infection Awareness Month

BALTIMORE, Md. -- Many U.S. Governors have signed a state proclamation proclaiming November 2017 as Clostridium difficile (C.difficile, C.diff.) Infection Awareness Month, the non-profit C Diff Foundation announced today.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Clostridium difficile infection (C. difficile) "has become the most common microbial cause of healthcare-associated infections in U.S. hospitals and costs up to $4.8 billion each year in excess health care costs for acute care facilities alone." Statistics provided by the CDC suggest that C. difficile cause nearly 500,000 infections in patients in the U.S. annually.

In one study noted by the CDC, among infected patients, nearly 29,000 died within 30 days of being diagnosed, and more than half of those deaths (15,000) were directly attributable to a C. difficile infection.

As a leading health care and patient advocacy organization the C Diff Foundation provides resources concerning C. difficile infection prevention, treatments, environmental safety, and support worldwide.

The C Diff Foundation continues to heighten the urgency of this life-threatening infection with government agencies, academia topic experts, and health care professionals worldwide.

"Our shared goal is to witness a significant reduction in C. difficile infections worldwide by the year 2020. We would also like to thank Rebiotix for their efforts and support with this endeavor," stated Nancy C. Caralla, Executive Director of the C Diff Foundation.

Through the State Proclamations Clostridium difficile (C.difficile, C.diff.) infection awareness has risen significantly worldwide.

About the C Diff Foundation:
The C Diff Foundation, a 501(c)(3) established 2012, comprised of 100-percent volunteering professionals dedicated at supporting public health through education and advocating for C. difficile infection (CDI) prevention, treatments, environmental safety, and support worldwide. Visit

Denise Graham
telephone: 919-201-1512

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iFOS Awarded $4.9M DOL Budget Execution Support Services Contract

COLUMBIA, Md. -- Intelligent Fiscal Optimal Solutions(R) (iFOS) Managing Consultants, LLC is pleased to announce the notification of a $4.9M, multi-year contract award to provide Budget Execution Support Services to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) located in Washington, D.C. The contract was awarded under iFOS' General Services Administration (GSA) Professional Support Services (PSS) Schedule GS-23F-0102X.

Under the contract, iFOS will provide comprehensive budget execution services to include operational support and comprehensive customer services in complying with various aspects of the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990. Additional servicing components includes assessing the financial and budgetary status of operations and programs, performing financial reviews to track execution status and ensure agency goals and objectives are met, documenting standard operating procedures, and preparing budget analyses, periodic service activity reports and reviews.

iFOS President and CEO Tawanda Smith noted, "We are pleased with the agency selection and iFOS brings a wealth of past performance experience performing on contracts related to financial statement preparation, reporting, internal control monitoring, policy development and documentation preparation, pre-audit liaison support, and strategic management functions to the DOL. Our professionals specialize in complex financial analysis and data reporting to identify and recommend solutions to abnormal accounting conditions. We look forward to supporting the agency's mission in this critical area."

About Intelligent Fiscal Optimal Solutions (iFOS)(R), LLC:

Founded in 2009, iFOS Managing Consultants, LLC is a rapidly, growing professional services firm providing assurance, financial advisory, and consulting services to a wide range of government agencies, privately held companies, nonprofits, and other organizations in the public and private sector. iFOS is an 8(a) minority certified, woman-owned small business.

For more information, visit:

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HLP to Offer Automated Asset Verification through Partnership with AccountCheck by FormFree

BALTIMORE, Md. -- HLP today announced it will integrate FormFree's AccountChek(TM) automated asset verification service into its communication platform, making it easier for consumers and HUD-certified, nonprofit housing counselors to apply for loan modifications and other options to avoid foreclosure. The partnership will enable consumers and their advocates to verify assets and deposits faster and more accurately using AccountChek's ultra-secure, fully digital process.

HLP, the only nonprofit technology provider in residential mortgage finance, has helped more than 500,000 homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure since its founding in 2009. HLP connects consumers, HUD-certified housing counselors, mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, attorneys and government agencies on a single platform to build solutions that help individuals and families achieve and sustain homeownership.

"This partnership will benefit homeowners in financial distress by streamlining loss mitigation processing and taking it to a new level of efficiency, reliability and security," said Cam Melchiorre, president and CEO of HLP. "AccountChek provides all the documentation servicers need to determine a consumer's ability to pay under a home retention workout - without the frustration of gathering statements or dealing with lost or incomplete paperwork."

AccountChek by FormFree is a cloud-based service that securely connects with virtually any financial institution to analyze consumer assets and deposits, delivering a safe and hassle-free verification experience for borrowers and greater purchase certainty for lenders and investors. FormFree is Fannie Mae's first designated vendor for asset verification through Desktop Underwriter(r) (DU(r)) as part of its Day 1 Certainty(TM) program, which offers enforcement relief from certain reps and warranties for validated loan components.

"We are proud to help consumers avoid the burden of foreclosure by making asset verification a more painless part of the loss mitigation process," said Brent Chandler, founder and CEO of FormFree. "Through this integration with HLP, consumers and their advocates can now enjoy the same benefits AccountChek already delivers to borrowers applying for a new mortgage."

About Hope LoanPort (HLP)

Created in 2009, HLP powered by RX Office is a nonprofit collaborative that connects counselors, advocates, mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, attorneys and government agencies to build solutions that help individuals and families achieve and sustain homeownership. HLP unifies the housing industry by encouraging stakeholders to share information with each other via its technology platform and collaborate to find solutions to help homeowners. To date, HLP has helped more than 500,000 homeowners during their time of need. For more information, visit

About FormFree

Leading lenders trust FormFree's automated verification solutions that streamline the loan origination process and provide better intelligence on borrowers' ability to repay. FormFree's flagship app, AccountChek(TM), eliminates the hassle of collecting paper statements from borrowers by using direct-access data untouched by human hands to consolidate, analyze and verify assets. AccountChek securely delivers automated asset verification data and on-demand reports to more than 350 leading U.S. lenders. A HousingWire TECH100(TM) company for four consecutive years, FormFree is based in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit

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Charles County Public Schools Selects New Synergy Analytics Module by Edupoint

LA PLATA, Md. -- Edupoint(R) Educational Systems, creator of the industry-leading Synergy(R) Education Platform for K-12 student information and learning management, has been selected by Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) to implement the company's new Synergy Analytics solution, currently available to alpha adopters. CCPS serves over 26,000 students across 36 campuses in Maryland.

The district is currently implementing Synergy Student Information System (SIS), Master Schedule Builder, the TeacherVUE(R) Portal With Gradebook, Synergy Online Registration, and the ParentVUE(R) and StudentVUE(R) portals for the 2017-18 school year.

Synergy Analytics is a comprehensive K-12 analytics solution for improving student performance and district administration by bringing all of a district's data together in one place and transforming that data into interactive visual dashboards that are easy to understand and interpret. Role-based views provide all stakeholders, from classroom teacher to superintendent, with the up-to-date information they need to make effective day-to-day decisions - both instructional and operational.

Synergy Analytics can help educators pinpoint student learning needs, measure the effectiveness and ROI of programs and resources, and compare Synergy data side-by-side with non-Synergy data. The solution features an Early Warning System that automatically identifies at-risk students so teachers can take action right away to help them get back on track.

"We've been doing analysis of data and testing for many years with a homegrown system," said Pete Cevenini, Chief of Instructional Technology for CCPS, "and as we move to a modern student information system with Synergy, it makes sense to look at how we're going to ensure that our solution for data analysis is a good fit. We looked at Synergy Analytics at the latest Synergy Users Conference in Anaheim where it was presented and decided: this is the answer.

"With our existing analytics system, it can be a long, drawn-out process for a principal to look at discipline rates for different sub-groups in order to better work with those sub-groups to improve discipline. With Synergy Analytics, our hope is that a principal can look at that in a dashboard format and make real time decisions for their school."

"Synergy Analytics is a powerful tool for Synergy partner districts that brings all their data together in one place and helps educators understand and harness that data to provide maximum benefit to students," said Bob Weathers, Founder & CEO of Edupoint. "We are pleased that Charles County has chosen Synergy Analytics and confident that it will dramatically improve the district's ability to gain meaningful, actionable insights from their data."

About Edupoint Educational Systems:

For over thirty years, the leadership of Edupoint Educational Systems has provided well-designed, technologically-advanced student data management systems that empower all K-12 stakeholders with the tools they need to improve student achievement. The fully-integrated Synergy(R) Education Platform includes Synergy(R) SIS, the most powerful K-12 student information system available today, Synergy(R) LMS, an all-in-one learning and assessment platform, and Synergy(R) SE, a comprehensive special education data management system. Thousands of schools nationwide choose the Synergy Education Platform to support more than 3.5 million students.

More information:

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Washington Student Achievement Council Selects Regent Education to Automate its WASFA Process for DREAMers

FREDERICK, Md. -- The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) has selected Regent Education's Electronic Application for State Financial Aid (e-ASFA) to automate its Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) process for all participating schools within the state of Washington. For students who are ineligible for federal financial aid due to immigration status, the WASFA provides a chance to apply for state financial aid including: State Need Grant, the College Bound Scholarship, State Work Study and the Passport to College Promise Scholarship.

"Ensuring that WASFA applicants have the same opportunity to apply for financial aid as FAFSA applicants is critically important. Regent Education's experience and their approach to project management made that happen," said Becky Thompson, Director of Student Financial Assistance at WSAC. "Thanks to Regent Education's approach to product implementation, the Washington Student Achievement Council was able to deliver an on-time and user friendly application to students."

Regent's solution was developed to provide students with a simple and straightforward online state financial aid application similar to the FAFSA. The WASFA uses the student's answers to calculate the student's EFC in accordance with the federal methodology and is kept current on an annual basis. Available for new and continuing students, the solution contains advanced skip logic to ask each student questions applicable to his/her particular situation. Upon completion of the WASFA, the student will be presented with a PDF version for his or her records. The solution also allows for e-signature by students and parents, if applicable.

Prior to WSAC's use of the e-ASFA, the council utilized a solution for which service was being discontinued in early Fall. Within the solution, a lot of manual intervention was required to download and convert files into ISIR format for schools. With Regent's e-ASFA, these issues are mitigated by limiting the amount of manual work required, an integral benefit as WSAC anticipates processing nearly 4,000 WASFAs by the end of the year. The solution is branded by WSAC and supports 66 schools across the state of Washington where applicants can choose from amongst the listed colleges.

More information about Regent Education and its e-ASFA can be found at

About the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC):

The Washington Student Achievement Council is committed to increasing educational opportunities and attainment in Washington State. The Council has three main functions:
1. Lead statewide strategic planning to increase educational attainment;
2. Administer programs that help people access and pay for college; and
3. Advocate for the economic, social, and civic benefits of higher education.

The Council has nine members. Four members represent each of Washington's major education sectors: four-year public baccalaureates, four-year private colleges, public community and technical colleges, and K-12 public schools. Five are citizen members, including one current student. To learn more, please visit

About Regent:

Founded in 2006, Regent Education is a leading provider of software solutions that have revolutionized financial aid management and enrollment processes for schools using non-traditional enrollment models. Today, Regent 8, Regent's financial aid management system is the only solution that provides end-to-end automation for non-term, nonstandard term, and standard academic years. Regent Financial Planner provides students and families with financial aid estimates for the full cost of a program at an institution. Regent Review is the industry's only fully-automated verification solution.

Regent is a nationally-recognized leader in results-driven enrollment optimization and financial aid management solutions that are web-based, easy-to-use, and interoperate with any existing student information system. Regent offers cloud-based solutions that help institutions increase enrollment, improve retention, speed student processing, mitigate compliance risks, and deliver bottom-line results.


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