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Sleep in an Unforgettable Luxury Sky Dome Near the Grand Canyon: Clear Sky Resorts Launches Second Season on May 26

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Looking for a unique vacation experience this year? Tempe, Arizona-based Clear Sky Resorts launches their second season on May 26, 2022. Their resort near the Grand Canyon has elevated glamping to a whole new level of luxury by bringing the outdoors inside.

"At one of America's most unique and spectacular places to vacation, our guests stay in spacious Luxury Sky Domes with expansive windows and skylights that provide epic stargazing and sunrise watching from the comfort of their luxurious bed," says Clear Sky Resorts founder, Hal Feinberg.

"Nights in your dome are magical, I definitely got lost in the stars," said a guest who rated their Clear Sky Resorts experience as five-star plus a few thousand. After falling asleep under a sky full of stars, you wake up to a magnificent Arizona sunrise over an other-worldly high desert landscape. "I loved this place! You feel as though you're on another planet," exclaimed another guest.

One of Clear Sky Resorts' most popular 2-person Sky Dome floor plans, Stairway to the Stars, features a spiral staircase leading up to a bed suspended from the ceiling's skylight. Guests feel the essence of the Grand Canyon with wall-sized murals of canyon scenery featured in most of the domes, including the Grand Canyon XL which sleeps five. Clear Sky Resorts also offers domes that sleep up to seven in a variety of fun, uniquely styled Luxury Sky Domes, including 80's Video Game, British Secret Agent, Deep Space and Pink Kitten themes.

Beyond ordinary, Clear Sky Resorts' Luxury Sky Domes come outfitted with luxurious touches not always found at other glamping resorts. Each Luxury Sky Dome features a climate-control system to keep you cool during the warm days and warm during the cool nights. Every dome has its own private bath with a large glass-enclosed shower featuring a rain showerhead and plush towels. Cozy up at night around the artisan firepit or the chic free-standing ethanol fireplaces found in many of Clear Sky Resorts' Luxury Sky Domes.

Although each dome is placed to maximize privacy, solitude, and breathtaking high desert views, this 40-acre resort is also about fun-filled opportunities to get to know your fellow guests, your family and even yourself. Fun, family-friendly activities connect people to each other and make every Clear Sky Resorts vacation a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you'll want to experience again and again.

* Oversized in-ground air pillow trampoline

* Glow-in-the-dark nine-hole frisbee golf course

* Sand volleyball court / swings / playground

* Lots of fun yard games

* Live music, storytelling, wildlife demos and movie nights

* Nightly s'mores around artisan firepits

Opening for the 2022 season on Memorial Day weekend, book your Clear Sky Resorts' Grand Canyon vacation by April 30, 2022, and save 15%.

For reservations and information, go to or contact Clear Sky Resorts by phone at +1-406-219-7811 or email at

About Clear Sky Resorts:

Founded in 2020, Clear Sky Resorts is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. As the first resort of its kind in the U.S., Clear Sky Resorts delivers a unique hospitality experience with luxurious Sky Domes, perfect for nighttime stargazing and lots of fun activities for the whole family. Learn more:

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MAGLITE and Trekin Outdoors! Partner to Encourage the Adventurous Outdoor Lifestyle and Use of MAGLITE Products During Those Adventures

ONTARIO, Calif. -- MAGLITE and Trekin outdoors! have formed a partnership which will highlight the outdoor adventures of the Trekin Outdoors! team and will include the generous use of Trekin Outdoors! footage in the MAGLITE social media and offer fans of Trekin Outdoors! the chance to win MAGLITE products.

Trekin Outdoors! is a new outdoor TV Show airing on The Sportsman Channel beginning in January of 2022. The show follows two best friends, Chris Queen and Tyler Leipprandt and their crazy Uncle Steve, all from the great state of Michigan as they travel around the country hunting public and private land, for all kinds of creatures.

Their love and passion for the outdoors is only matched by their love and passion for filmmaking. Expect funny, challenging and raw aspects of hunting and being outdoorsmen.

"We are thrilled to be co-branded with MAGLITE," said Chris Queen of Trekin Outdoors!. "This is a brand we pursued as one of our first sponsors because of the quality of the product, my personal relationship with the brand having seen my father and others use Maglite's throughout the years and the fact that is a U.S.A. manufactured product."

"MAGLITE is proud to partner with the team at Trekin Outdoors! to promote the rugged outdoor lifestyle they live and of course we are happy that they have chosen the world-famous MAGLITE brand to be part of their journey," said Anthony Maglica, Founder and Owner of Mag Instrument Inc., manufacturer of the iconic MAGLITE(R) flashlight.

More information about MAGLITE(R) is available at

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Lightning, Tragedy and Lessons Learned about Safety and Awareness: A Look Back at One of Lightning’s Deadliest Strikes

CUMBERLAND, Maine -- This Sunday marks the 70th anniversary of one of the deadliest lightning strikes in the U.S. and the National Lightning Safety Council is recalling the tragic event to spotlight the dangers of lightning, a common, yet underrated weather peril.

Lives were shattered in an instant on August 1, 1951 when lightning struck a tree at Wind Cave, Wyoming, killing four girl hikers and their leader and injuring nine others. The hikers were on a trek from a girls' camp in Darby Canyon to Wind Cave, Ice Cave, and back.

"Fortunately, most people are more aware of lightning's dangers now than they were in 1951," said John Jensenius, a lightning safety specialist with the National Lightning Safety Council (NLSC).

According to Jensenius, the Center for Disease Control logged 248 U.S. lightning deaths in 1951, which is one more than the combined total of 247 deaths the NLSC has documented for the past 10 years.

Karma Lambert, one of the most seriously injured survivors, vividly remembers events up until the time when lightning struck the tall tree that she and several others were sitting under. Lambert, now 84, attributes her survival to the quick actions of hiking guide, Fred Miller, and several older girls who repeatedly administered "artificial respiration."

Lambert's detailed account of the incident and her 2015 return to the site is featured on her daughter's website:

Now, 70 years after the event, Kelly Loosli, a professor of Animation and Film at Brigham Young University is interviewing survivors of the Wind Cave lightning incident for a documentary he's preparing. Loosli is the grandson of the then Teton County Sheriff Dwight Loosli, who organized men and horses to rescue the injured and transport the dead in the ensuing hours after the lightning strike.

"My interest stems from my grandfather's involvement in the rescue and the heroism of all those involved," said Loosli. "This was a terrible tragedy and I don't want to see anything like this ever happen again."

Lambert has advice for anyone headed out on a hike, "Check the forecast and if thunderstorms are predicted, just don't go."

Jensenius wants people to know what happened that tragic day in 1951 to stress the importance of monitoring weather conditions to limit the lightning threat.

"Consider canceling or postponing activities if thunderstorms are predicted and remember, when thunder roars, go indoors," advises Jensenius. "Lightning safety is a minor inconvenience that just might save your life."

The National Lightning Safety Council invites educators, government officials and others to help build lightning safe communities by learning more about lightning safety, lightning protection and risk reduction.

Visit the for shareable information, resources and safety tips. Inquiries about specific lightning concerns can also be addressed to Council members via contacts here:


Kimberly Loehr - Kimberly Loehr Consulting,


#lightning #lightningsafety #lightningsafecommunities @lightningkim

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Gearing up for a Busy Season at ACE Adventure Resort

OAK HILL, W.Va. -- In preparation for the season kicking off, ACE Adventure Resort announced they are looking for seasonal employees to fill a variety of positions. Adjacent to the New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, ACE, a family owned and community-based resort, operates on 1,500 acres of lush property. ACE is home to a wide variety of adventure activities including whitewater rafting, ziplining, rock climbing, rappelling, and over a dozen more, all of which have positions open to potential employees. ACE is not only hiring for adventure activities, but also retail, food and beverage, landscaping, and more.

ACE Adventure Resort is looking for seasonal employees, making it a great option for college students, teachers, bus drivers, and any individual with flexible summers. River Guide training begins May 10 and runs Monday-Friday until May 28, taking place on the Upper and Lower sections of the New. While previous rafting experience and first responder medical certifications are not required, they are extremely helpful. ACE Adventure Resort is also generously offering to pay for first-aid and CPR training for adventure guides, as well as CDLs for bus drivers.

Cody Derrick, ACE Adventure Resort's human resources director, is looking forward to welcoming new additions to the ACE family this upcoming season. "We want employees who are passionate about their work, whatever it may be. People who care about our guests' experience and do everything in their power to make our guests want to turn their spontaneous vacation into an annual one at ACE Adventure Resort."

ACE Adventure Resort is eager to welcome new staff members and introduce them to a unique and fun-loving environment. Working at ACE allows those who are passionate about the outdoors to share their excitement with guests and tourists. Those new to adventure activities will get the chance to train and become more familiarized with recreational activities in the New River Gorge. Aside from the experience and a vibrant work environment, ACE Adventure Resort will provide all employees with a 25% discount that is accepted both on property and at the Gear Shop in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

Learn more about ACE Adventure Resort at:

Those interested in a potential position at ACE Adventure Resort can apply at

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The Role of ‘Green Therapy’ in Improving Mental Health

LANCASTER, Pa. -- With mental health struggles surging globally, particularly in the US, Adventure Explorations has released a new white paper entitled "Improving Mental Health: The Power of Outdoor and Adventure." The piece explores the benefits outdoor activity has on mental health. Beyond exercise, as consistently acknowledged by scientists, it's the active exposure and connection to nature and the outside that is producing these exciting results.

Data shows that between 2019 and 2020, anxiety disorders increased 17.4% while depression increased 17.8%. In 2019, 19.2% of adults received mental health treatment. However, 30-50% of those who were prescribed medication as a result did not stick to their therapy treatment.

While fear of medication disrupts compliance-not unlike the realities of concerns surrounding the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines-it's often the lack of visibility of side effects that drives the fear. Green Therapy, however, creates benefits that are near immediate and noticed. Mental health professionals agree that movement outdoors, in nature, is key to a happier, heathier life. Being outdoors provides a simple and safe way to decompress with less cost and no side-effects and is ideal for people of all ages.

That's where Adventure Explorations, an outdoor adventure guiding company, located in Lancaster and Boiling Springs, PA, comes in. They use top notch-gear and expert guides to bring people into nature to create new skills and meaningful, fun experiences. Suitable for all ages and ability levels, including those with physical and mental challenges, the adventure company helps people to bridge the gap between self-discovery and its potential.

"What was startling throughout this investigation was the number of concurrent articles published by experts, and reported on by esteemed publications such as the Wall Street Journal," said Adventure Explorations co-owner Chris Paradysz. "But, beyond them, the recognition that these therapies are literally free opened up amazing possibilities for balanced therapeutic prescriptions. Imagine doctors writing a prescription for 200 minutes of outdoor therapy."

To read the white paper, click here (PDF):

Also, sign up for newsletter updates and learn more about Adventure Explorations by visiting:

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RightOnTrek Launches Premium Line of Adventure Meals for Backpackers

WHITEFISH, Mont. -- RightOnTrek today announced the release of its long-awaited Adventure Meals for backpackers. Their meals use the finest ingredients and preferred preparation and preservations techniques to create a delicious dining experience on the trail.

RightOnTrek Adventure Meals can be bought using their simultaneously launched Adventure Meal Planner that allows you to not only buy their new line of breakfast and dinner entrees, but all your snacks, sides, desserts and drinks as well. Their Meal Planner makes it easy to get delicious, compact, inexpensive, nutrient-dense meals shipped straight to your door. RightOnTrek meals are packed by seasoned backpackers and organized by day, ready for your backpacking trip.

"Our goal at RightOnTrek is to provide a better trail meal experience to all backpackers. We've revolutionized how trail meals are made, prepared, enjoyed, planned, and shared," said Victoria Livschitz, Founder of RightOnTrek.

The easy-to-use meal planner will quickly select your meals with customizable options that cater to most diets. Enter your preferences for spicy, vegetarian, and dairy and then select your total calories per day. With one click their proprietary algorithm will build your personal meal plan. You can keep your selections, or adjust them to taste.

* Designed by backpacker chefs and modeled after the diets of the world's foremost explorers.
* Gives you the right balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, carbs and healthy fats.
* Handmade with care.
* Memorably delicious. Sure to satiate even the most selective palates.
* Easy on your budget. $1 for 100 calories. $20 gets you a healthy 2,000 calorie meal kit.
* Cooks on the trail in 10 minutes.
* Comes in sustainable packaging wherever possible.

Entrees range from Egg, Cheese and Bacon Scramble, Beef Lasagne Stew, Chicken Coconut Curry Rice, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, and a variety of exquisite options.

RightOnTrek Adventure Meals are available now at

About RightOnTrek

RightOnTrek makes epic wilderness adventures more accessible to everyone, from first-time backpackers to lifelong mountaineers. By combining in-depth information about popular wilderness destinations with expertly-designed multi-day backpacking itineraries, collaborative trip planning tools, and complete wilderness adventure meals, RightOnTrek is removing the barriers to experience the magic of the Great Outdoors to nature lovers of all ages, skills, and physical abilities.

Learn more:

Stephen Gibson
Marketing Communications Director, RightOnTrek

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MAGLITE Introduces New Backpack Line that Meets the MAGLITE Standard for Performance and Durability

ONTARIO, Calif. -- MAGLITE® is introducing a line of backpacks that meet the MAGLITE standard for performance and durability. The backpacks are "Manufactured in the U.S.A." The backpacks are made to the same standards as those provided to active duty service members of the U.S. military.

The backpacks are yet another product introduced by MAGLITE® that meets a critical need and is produced to the same high standards for performance and durability as any Maglite flashlight. The first products to be released include a Maglite EDC (Every Day Carry) backpack and a larger Maglite Tactical backpack that is geared toward multipurpose use and would be great for adventurers, professional users and first responders alike.

The Maglite Tactical Backpack also includes a flashlight holder for larger Maglite C and D cell flashlights. Also available as a separate accessory that will fit the tactical backpack are a set of three internal pouches that can be utilized for holding smaller flashlights, medical gear or other personal items.

Both backpacks feature multiple separate pocket areas and can be customized to fit your needs for storage. The backpacks are ideal for everything from daily use for business and travel to hiking, camping and even full-on tactical use and are made with 1000 & 400 denier Cordura® nylon so they are extremely durable. Both also feature a Mil-W17337 Webbing Carry Handle and have designated side pockets to hold Maglite Flashlights.

"These products meet and exceed the standards we expect as a product branded under the legendary Maglite brand name which has always stood for world class quality," said Anthony Maglica, Founder and CEO of Mag Instrument, Inc.

Mag Instrument, manufacturer of the MAGLITE® flashlight, is proud to be a U.S.A. manufacturer. Each flashlight is a result of an obsession with fine engineering, craftsmanship and a commitment to perfection. Founder, owner and president Anthony Maglica has guided his company's growth from a one-man machine shop in 1955 to an enterprise that has proudly employed thousands of American workers since it produced its first flashlight in 1979.

Learn more:

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Partners Snake Avoidance is On A Mission to Keep Your Dog Safe in The Desert

CAVE CREEK, Ariz. -- Partners Snake Avoidance has trained over 17,000 dogs to avoid the scent and sound of a Rattlesnake. This protects the dogs and their owners from the deadly venom of a rattlesnake. A Rattlesnake bite can cost several thousand dollars to treat and may prove deadly. Partners Snake Avoidance recommends every dog to have this type of training if they are going to be in a desert environment and especially if they are curious or active in nature.

Partners Snake Avoidance wants to keep you and your dog safe in our wonderful desert environment. As the weather warms up and the creepy crawlers are more pronounced the risk of a snake bite dramatically increases.

Treatment of a Rattlesnake bite can cost thousands of dollars in anti-venom and could still prove to be deadly. Not to mention the emotional cost of a traumatic experience. The alternative is to take your dog to Partners Snake Avoidance in Cave Creek, Arizona and undergo just 15 minutes of training in order to create a negative association with the scent and sound of a rattlesnake.

The methods used by Partners Snake Avoidance are incredibly safe for both the dog in training as well as the rattlesnake. Upon arriving, your dog is fitted with the training equipment and taken out onto the course in a real desert environment. Partners Snake Avoidance's instructors and handlers walk your dog up to double-mesh wire cages and once your dog shows curiosity to the scent or sound of the rattlesnake a small stim from an E-Collar is applied. This gives the dog a negative association with that scent or sound and a flight response is created.

While training is not guaranteed as many variables in the wild can affect results, they have 100s of 5-star reviews that speak to the efficacy of training.

In an interview, one client, Jon Hegreness, said: "Through the years I have taken three dogs to this location for Snake-proofing. I spend a lot of time in the desert with my dogs and can attest to the training being effective. All three of the dogs I put through their program had times they encountered snakes and none of the dogs wanted anything to do with them. The side effect of their avoidance was also to alert me to the snake's presence near our trail. Having watched a neighbor's dog go through the pain and treatment of a bite, and see the financial pain that caused the neighbor, it is a good idea to give these guys a go."

Partners Snake Avoidance is starting this year's training on February 22, 2020 but the first few sessions are already booked out. Costing only $100 and less than 15 minutes of time, this training is a no-brainer for any dog in the desert.

You can book your dog's session in minutes using their online scheduler HERE:

Christopher Oosthuisen
Snake Avoidance Director
Partners Snake Avoidance

4640 E Forest Pleasant Pl.
Cave Creek, Arizona 85331

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First 20-degree Baby Sleeping Bags Hit Store Shelves in REI Exclusive

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- Morrison Outdoors, just 7 months removed from their launch campaign on Kickstarter, have brought their line of Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags to over 60 REI locations across the U.S.

Available in 20-degree (F) and 40-degree (F) temperature ratings, the Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bags are designed to comfortably fit infants from 6 months up to 24 months old. Having no hood or drawstrings, these sleeping bags meet all AAP Guidelines for SAFE Infant Sleep, and both models weigh less than 1 pound each for use in backpacking.

Tavis Malcolm, founder of Morrison Outdoors, explains: "It made no sense to me that we should be sleeping in cozy down sleeping bags when we went camping while our baby was wrapped up in layers of clothes and blankets. We wanted to make something for our baby to sleep in that was warm, comfortable, and safe to use. Now we hope our Baby Sleeping Bags can help parents have at least one less thing to worry about."

For full details and in-store locations, check out the Little Mo 20 and Little Mo 40, both at

About Morrison Outdoors:

Morrison Outdoors was born from a desire to make camping with a baby just a little bit easier. Their patent-pending Little Mo Baby Sleeping Bag is the first 20-degree sleeping bag designed to meet all AAP Guidelines for SAFE Infant Sleep.

Tavis Malcolm, an Eagle Scout, designed their line of Baby Sleeping Bags with his wife, Amber Malcolm, a registered nurse with pediatric experience. Using techniques he learned online and a 1970s-era sewing machine that Amber had found being given away for free, Malcolm turned their unheated Denver-area garage into a makeshift sewing studio in order to develop their patent-pending design.

For more information, please visit Morrison Outdoor's website:

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption: Morrison Outdoors Little Mo 20 and 40.

*VIDEO (YouTube):

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Galileo Camps Coming to South Irvine CA Summer 2019

IRVINE, Calif. -- Galileo Camps (Galileo Learning, LLC), one of the most renowned summer day camp providers in the country, will be continuing to put down community roots in Irvine this summer, this time at Alderwood Elementary School on June 17, 2019.

Galileo's mission is to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. This work is more important today than ever before. There are two primary programs-Camp Galileo (preK-5th grade) and Galileo Summer Quest (5th-8th grade). In a whimsical, one-of-a-kind, joyful summer setting, kids and staff learn what it means to be a true innovator. Through imaginative themes and majors, they learn to apply a comprehensive yet straightforward framework called The Galileo Innovation Approach(R), which has been proven by a Stanford study to have lasting impact.

Founded by CEO Glen Tripp in the Bay Area in 2002, Galileo first expanded to Southern California in 2015. After three years in the region, SoCal camps have grown to serve 26 communities.

"As a SoCal native and parent, it has been so fulfilling to bring Galileo magic to the families who are closest to my heart. This program really does teach kids how to be hopeful, bold-thinking changemakers at a time when the world needs it most," says Sarah McDonald, VP of Southern California Operations.

More information:

About Galileo:

Galileo operates 100+ summer camps throughout California and Illinois where more than 35,000 kids and over 2,500 staff will invent, design, create and play in summer 2019. Galileo's mission is to develop innovators who envision and create a better world. Founded in 2002 by Glen Tripp, Galileo is a certified B Corp, a Real Leaders' 2019 Top Impact Company, and was also named one of Forbes' Best Small Companies in 2017. Learn more at:

VIDEO (YouTube):

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