E3 Association Announces Changes in Staff with Newer Versions of the E3 Brands

BOCA RATON, Fla. — E3 Association, a purveyor of online and offline hybrid membership programs, announced additions and changes in staff and new innovative versions of their divisional brands today.

Brand Consolidation

For some time, the E3 Board of Directors and the team have been planning the consolidation of several brands into a single platform. All the off-roading brands (overland and offroad) will be merged into a single platform, giving members more access to unique content, events, and product deals. Including future, side-by-side, motorsports, and more, 10Xing members experience for the same price, which will include more experts and more content contributors.

E3 has recently signed agreements with multiple billion-dollar and multi-million-dollar companies, with more on the horizon in the near term.

“These strategic partners and joint ventures will bring unprecedented horsepower to the E3 brands and their customers. We have now been aligned with very close strategic partners to bring to our customers a new level of products, services, retail products, events, parks, experiences, publications, media, and more,” said CEO Brian Johnson. “Therefore, we must evaluate all activities from brands and partners to ensure cohesiveness and strategic alignment.”

E3 has worked directly with one of the most significant underwriters to bring an Overlanding, Offroading, and RVing roadside assistance program and extended warranty program specifically built for the industry and its members.

“We at Ignition Dealer Services are proud and excited to be part of the E3 Brands and look forward to a long prosperous future together. Not many companies bring the level of quality and excitement as E3 Does. The following years of plans and growth will take the industry by storm,” said Spencer Walters, CEO of Ignition Dealer Services.

Company Releases and Financial Information

E3 Association is on the verge of some significant announcements and releases over Q3 and Q4; however, E3 Association has dispelled the rumors of taking the company public and vows to keep the company privately held by founders and partners. It is fully funded by the founders and continues to grow. We are constantly adding new product partners, and more brands are on the horizon that will continue the growth of the brands and divisions. The company’s revenue has more than doubled from fiscal 2021 to halfway through fiscal 2022.

Staff Additions and Changes

E3 is proud to announce, as of the first half of the fiscal year 2022, additions to the executive level staff:

* Joshua Volpe – Vice President of Marketing

* Ari Adler – Vice President of Member Experience

* Lou Desmond – Director of Public Relations

* Peter Vogle – Chief of Marketing Copy

* Mathew Lambright – Director of Photography

Brad Kowitz (E3 Overland Association) is no longer part of the E3 Association conglomerate or brands and partners. Brad brought incredible talent and the ability to create amazing videos and experiences for the overland community. E3 will miss him and his contributions. There is no doubt Brad will be able to continue his personal journey at an incredible new level for many years to come, and all of us at E3 wish him well and will continue to support him in any way possible.

About E3 Association:

E3 Association is a purveyor of online and offline hybrid membership programs, bringing unique experiences to the different outdoor lifestyles and sports vertices. E3 Association and its family of brands are here to empower, educate and entertain through each entity of E3 Association. Each of our brands offers the tools to help discover, create, and improve your passion and experience. To learn more, visit https://e3association.com/ today.

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