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HireShield – a Texas-based background check company with industry-leading turnaround times for all background checks

HOUSTON, Texas -- HireShield is excited to announce the launch of its updated platform - "We had one objective coming into this, streamline and simplify the background check process," said Kumayl Alikhan, Head of Operations at HireShield. "We hear it all the time from our clients; having background check results populate instantly helps save employers valuable time onboarding a potential new hire and staying the course of their business operations."

The standard HireShield report output includes information on:

* Criminal records (Federal and State level)

* SSN Verification

* Age Verification

Also offered are more advanced background checks that give a full-spectrum history of a candidate, such as professional licenses, bankruptcy searches, civil judgments, and tax liens. Employers such as small businesses, staffing companies, and large conglomerates are typical users of HireShield, but use cases can be found in any business that screens candidates before hiring them into their organization.

Setting up HireShield is quick, easy, and hassle-free. The intuitive dashboard provides all the tools for managing and updating your security settings with minimal effort. Simply input the candidate's name, SSN, and date of birth to receive the background check results on your screen in under a minute.

HireShield's background check capabilities are a result of a decade-plus investment in 5,000+ API connections. Using the highest standard of encryption technology built on a secure framework and in compliance with FCRA guidelines, HireShield has become the premier resource for pre-employment background checks.

To learn more about HireShield or to run a background check - visit them at or reach out to for corporate pricing.

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AirDeck Completes SOC 2 Type 1 Compliance

MADISON, Wis. -- SaaS company and leader in document communication, AirDeck, achieved Systems and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type 1 compliance after a rigorous assessment conducted by a third-party auditor, Johanson Group LLP. Johanson Group specializes in SOC 2 audits and provides audit and professional services to public and private companies, large and small, in a variety of industries. The audit confirmed AirDeck's information security controls meet the leading industry standards for security, confidentiality, privacy, processing, and integrity.

"Completing a SOC 2 independent audit provides our clients with third-party validation that we do more than talk about privacy," says Adam Babler, CPA, AirDeck's VP of Finance and Operations. "We are willing and able to provide independent testing and validation that proves our data systems and controls are trusted."

SOC 2 is just one aspect of AirDeck's growing security program. AirDeck is committed to continually improving their information security program and retaining an annual SOC 2 audit to support customers' needs.

AirDeck originated in 2019 with the goal to bring clarity to complex documents and presentations. The platform allows you to bring your documents to life with audio and video narration and share asynchronously. This allows you to personalize at scale, add clarity, and eliminate unnecessary meetings. To date, customers have created over 20,000 decks which have resulted in 2,401,879 minutes of viewer engagement.

To learn more about AirDeck, visit

About AirDeck:

AirDeck is the leader in document communication. Our platform helps you bring your documents to life. Through the use of audio and video narration, you can personalize, add clarity, and create an instant connection with your audience whenever you send a document or presentation. From customer success and sales to human resources, we help teams add value in a way that rises above the noise and eliminates unnecessary meetings.

About Johanson Group LLP:

The Johanson Group provides SOC 2 & 3 examination services to public and private companies in a variety of industries across the world. They deploy multidisciplinary teams composed of licensed CPAs and information technology and security specialists to ensure a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of company controls.

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NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH: Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (PSG) Announces Artemetrx Extend – Revolutionary Drug Management Reporting Tool Offers Powerful User Insights

DALLAS, Texas -- Artemetrx®, the industry's most preeminent platform for integrated drug cost management, is now even more robust with the launch of its new module, Artemetrx Extend™. With greater insights and analytics, Artemetrx Extend is a custom reporting tool that provides unparalleled data access through its user-friendly platform.

"Artemetrx delivers swift and easy access to valuable drug management insights. With Artemetrx Extend, our clients will be able to further tap into the rich integrated dataset of the Artemetrx platform," said Libby Johnson, PSG Chief Data and Analytics Officer. "Artemetrx Extend continues our long legacy of client advocacy and innovation, as the industry's best keeps getting better."

Can your organization quickly get its data-driven questions answered? Most plans get bogged down waiting for custom analytics when Artemetrx can respond in seconds. The major capabilities now available within Artemetrx Extend, through powerful filtering and drill downs, include the ability to:

* Determine how many members have medical claims associated with a diagnosis for a specific group

* Analyze the specific diagnoses that a particular drug is prescribed to treat for a population based on claims history

* Model the financial impact of switching from one preferred medication to another

* View spend and trend statistics on all drugs (specialty/non-specialty, medical/pharmacy) or search based on National Drug Code, Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System, or drug name

There are two versions of Artemetrx Extend available: Base Access is available for all users, and Power User Access is optional, allowing for custom report and dashboard building and the ability to save and share reports.

Artemetrx is a proprietary industry-leading web-based software for integrated drug management developed by Pharmaceutical Strategies Group. Artemetrx Extend is the latest in a series of innovations on the Artemetrx platform.

Learn more about how Artemetrx Extend:

About Artemetrx®

Artemetrx is a proprietary SaaS platform developed by Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (PSG), an EPIC company. As one of the first technology solutions in the market to integrate pharmacy and medical claims data for specialty drug cost management, Artemetrx continues to provide market-leading specialty drug insights to payers. It delivers unparalleled intelligence and line-of-sight into serious challenges perpetuating out-of-control drug costs and compromised patient outcomes.

More information:

About Pharmaceutical Strategies Group (PSG)

Pharmaceutical Strategies Group, an EPIC company, relentlessly advocates for clients as they navigate complex and ever-changing drug cost management challenges. PSG's innovative drug management solutions, including Artemetrx®, deliver actionable insights with exceptional financial and clinical value. PSG functions as a strategic partner through industry-leading intelligence and technologies to realize billions of dollars in drug cost savings for clients every year.

More information:

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PCDA Partners with Sports Connect to Transform The Modern Athlete Journey

ANDOVER, Minn. -- The Pre-College Development Academy (PCDA), the first network of post-high school inter-connected soccer academies in the United States, has announced a new multi-year partnership with Sports Connect, powered by Stack Sports, to further advance their mission of bridging the gap between youth soccer and the next level.

Sports Connect's partnership with PCDA furthers the company's mission of powering the entire athlete journey. PCDA provides a route for all levels of advancement, ranging from collegiate soccer to the professional level. The technology solutions provided through this partnership make it easy for athletes, coaches, and families throughout their soccer journey.

"We are very excited to secure a partnership with Stack Sports in order to provide our members access to innovative registration technology and a seamless sign-up and application experience," said Ryan Hodgson, Chief Executive Officer of the PCDA. "With the Sports Connect platform as the official registration partner of PCDA, we know we have secured a partner who is best positioned to advance our mission."

As an official partner of the Pre-College Development Academy, Sports Connect will serve as the participation growth platform for the academy.

"We are proud to partner with the Pre-College Development Academy to provide more opportunities for youth soccer players along their journey and ultimately continue to grow participation in the sport," said Adam Abney, General Manager of Sports Connect. "The PCDA helps inspire its members to achieve their full athletic potential, and Sports Connect is beyond honored to be an integral partner of their mission."

Sports Connect will provide a seamless player registration experience and PCDA will have access to a full suite of features, including industry-leading growth insights tools, Mobile-First Registration, administrator dashboards, secure online payment processing, and much more.

PCDA has long-term goals to continue to expand and serve its membership over the next few years and believes that Sports Connect is the conduit to help prime this advancement.

If your player is ready to take advantage of the benefits of this new exclusive partnership, fill out an application form at

About the Pre-College Development Academy

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Andover, Minnesota, the Pre College Development Academy is the first network of post-high school inter-connected soccer academies in the United States. Their goal is to bridge the gap between youth soccer and an athlete's "next level" while preserving eligibility. Whether an athlete has aspirations of playing college soccer in the USA, academy soccer overseas, or pursuing a professional career, the Pre College Development Academy serves to continue a soccer player's development until they are ready for the next step in their journey.

About Stack Sports

With nearly 50 million users in 35 countries, Stack Sports is a global technology leader in SaaS platform offerings for the sports industry. The company provides world-class software and services to support national governing bodies, youth sports associations, leagues, clubs, parents, coaches, and athletes. Some of the largest and most prominent sports organizations including the U.S. Soccer Federation, Little League Baseball and Softball, and Pop Warner Little Scholars rely on Stack Sports technology to run and manage their organizations. Stack Sports is headquartered in Dallas and is leading the industry one team at a time focusing on four key pillars - Grassroots Engagement, Participation Growth, Recruiting Pathways, and Elite Player Development.

To learn more about how Stack Sports is transforming the sports experience, please visit

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iDenfy partners with advertising platform MGID to provide ID verification

KAUNAS, Lithuania -- An identity verification and fraud prevention startup, iDenfy, announced its new partnership with MGID, a global advertising platform. Using iDenfy's full-stack ID verification services will help MGID boost new registrations while securing the onboarding process.

Forging documents and committing fraud are more frequent because of the low costs and the technology-driven market. Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated with their techniques, and businesses and internet users report record financial losses.

Card Not Present reports that in the first half of 2022 alone, there were 800,000 fraud cases reported in the United States. Considering this, iDenfy company officials stress the importance of having a more robust fraud detection system for financial institutions and all digital platform operators.

According to MGID, Know Your Client (KYC) procedures, once strictly used in financial institutions, are standards now adopted by industries outside the financial sector. To keep up with security requirements and to stay compliant with the ever-changing regulations, MGID began to look for a new ID verification provider and found iDenfy's four-step ID verification solution. MGID claims that the new implementation protects current and potential clients by ensuring that the business is transparent and all customers are legitimate individuals.

MGID is a global advertising platform helping brands reach unique local audiences at scale. It uses privacy-first, AI-based technology to serve high-quality, relevant ads in brand-safe environments. The company offers a variety of ad formats, including native, display, and video, to deliver a positive user experience. MGID helps advertisers drive performance and awareness while enabling publishers to retain and monetize their audiences. Brand-safe, privacy-first advertising is MGID's top priority. Alongside protecting user data and maintaining transparency, MGID has strict standards to ensure that users see only relevant, high-quality creatives and honest advertising.

iDenfy's solution was created to respond to the demanding fraud prevention market. The AI-powered verification software detects forged documents and fake identities by quickly extracting information and identifying suspicious patterns. Currently, iDenfy's platform assists MGID in automating customer due diligence and protecting the business from potential risks. Additionally, the newly implemented identity verification service powers a simple yet secure and efficient onboarding process for individual advertisers accessing MGID's platform.

According to the ID verification startup, a higher volume of new registration attempts means a higher chance of fraud, especially if the organization doesn't have the right tools at its disposal. To improve accuracy and completely eradicate fraud, iDenfy's in-house KYC experts review each verification manually, minimizing fraud risks and preventing unwanted registrations during MGID's customer onboarding process.

"iDenfy's advanced identity verification helps us stay compliant with current laws and regulations while providing a smoother experience for our customers. We believe that an effective fraud prevention system is essential in today's digital age, especially if you want to make the best possible decisions for your business," said Oleksandr Nazarenko, Head of the Fraud Protection Department at MGID.

"We've reached one of our goals and created an efficient, user-friendly identity verification process that helps authenticate documents in real time. Now, we're glad to have found more long-term partners who put their trust in our security tools, allowing us to safeguard their business from fraud," added Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy.

About iDenfy:

iDenfy, a platform of identity verification services and fraud prevention tools ensures AML and KYC compliance for every company - from large-scale businesses to small organizations. The rapidly growing business was named the best "Fintech Startup" in 2020. The company also received recognition for winning a Baltic Assembly Prize for innovation in 2021.

For more information and business inquiries, please visit


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Polly’s PPE integration with Mortgage Coach embeds dynamic product and pricing data into interactive home loan presentations that drive borrower conversion

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Sales Boomerang, the mortgage industry's top-rated automated borrower intelligence and retention system, and Mortgage Coach, a platform empowering mortgage lenders to educate borrowers with interactive home loan presentations, today announced a new integration between Mortgage Coach and Polly, a leading provider of innovative SaaS technology for the mortgage capital markets space. The seamless API integration feeds real-time data from Polly's sophisticated, cloud-native Product and Pricing Engine (PPE) into Mortgage Coach Total Cost Analysis (TCA) presentations, enabling highly accurate, side-by-side home loan comparisons that give borrowers the confidence to move forward with the financial products that best meet their needs.

Feedback from early adopters of the integration has been overwhelmingly positive:

"Our partnership with Mortgage Coach spans the better part of a decade, during which time we have used TCAs to help tens of thousands of borrowers make more informed home loan decisions," explained the President and CEO of a well-known mortgage lender originating upwards of $4.5 billion in annual volume. "This integration is a huge win, because it lets us combine the benefits of Polly's high-performance, ultra-modern PPE and lock desk automation with a beloved borrower conversion tool our loan officers have come to depend on."

"The integration of real-time product and pricing data from Polly ensures our Mortgage Coach TCA presentations are not only compelling, but also highly accurate and actionable, allowing us to lock in borrower commitments with absolute confidence that we've got the right customer in the right loan," said the vice president of lending of another prominent lender with an annual origination volume of more than $2.6 billion. "Any mortgage lender that is evaluating its pricing engine options should factor the powerful combination of Polly and Mortgage Coach into its calculus."

Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach merged in June to form the mortgage industry's first Borrower Intelligence Platform (BIP). By combining actionable, real-time borrower intelligence with interactive TCA presentations, Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach empower mortgage advisors to reach out to prospective borrowers at exactly the right time and walk them through rich loan comparisons that span the lender's full breadth of product offerings and consider each scenario's impact on both short-term monthly cash flow and long-term net worth.

Founded in 2019, Polly has gained traction with originators and investors alike at an astounding pace - and attracted more than $50 million in venture-capital funding - for breathing new life into the mortgage capital markets industry through innovation. Polly's end-to-end capital markets toolset features a modern, cloud-native PPE that offers lenders of all sizes greater speed, accuracy, and configurability across all loan pricing and lock processes, as well as a robust loan trading exchange and comprehensive analytics platform.

"Lenders invest significant time and money into building diverse portfolios of loan products designed to meet borrowers' unique needs, yet those products often sit underutilized," said Mortgage Coach and Sales Boomerang Chief Lending Officer Joe Puthur. "Piping Polly's precise product and pricing data into engaging, data-rich Mortgage Coach TCA presentations solves that problem by making it not only possible, but easy for mortgage advisors to present a wider array of financial solutions to every borrower, every time."

"Polly has taken the capital markets space by storm, enabling lenders to price and lock loans with unprecedented speed and flexibility. Now, lenders can merge the benefits of our high-performance PPE with Mortgage Coach's ability to multiply borrower conversion," said Adam Carmel, Founder and CEO of Polly. "And stay tuned; there is much more to come from Polly's partnership with Mortgage Coach. Early adopters of the integration are already gaining a significant competitive advantage, and with further enhancements to our API connections already in the works, they will only see that edge sharpen."

About Polly:

Polly is transforming the mortgage industry with its modern, data-driven capital markets ecosystem. Lenders trust Polly's Product and Pricing Engine (PPE), Loan Trading Exchange, Analytics Platform, and Partner Platform to optimize performance from rate lock to loan sale and delivery, increase gain-on-sale execution, automate workflows, and provide actionable data and analytics. Polly was founded in 2019 by a seasoned team of technology and mortgage experts, and is based in San Francisco, California. Please visit to learn more.

About Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach:

Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach are trusted by more than 300 lenders, including brokers, independent mortgage companies, credit unions and banks, to connect borrowers with the right loan at the right time.

Sales Boomerang transformed the relationship between mortgage lenders and borrowers with the introduction of the first automated borrower intelligence system in 2017. Intelligent alerts notify lenders as soon as a past customer or prospect is ready and credit-qualified for a loan. As the mortgage industry's #1 borrower retention tool, Sales Boomerang helps lenders build lasting borrower relationships that maximize lifetime customer value. To learn more, visit

Mortgage Coach is an award-winning platform that empowers mortgage lenders to educate borrowers with interactive presentations that model home loan performance over time. Side-by-side loan comparisons allow borrowers to make faster, more informed mortgage decisions while enabling lenders to consistently deliver an on-brand, consultative home financing experience that increases borrower pull-through, repeat business and referrals. To learn more, visit

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Synergetics’ OpenFLIS Receives Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) from the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB)

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- The Joint Authorization Board (JAB), consisting of the Chief Information Officers from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), General Services Administration (GSA), and Department of Defense (DoD), has given Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) as a JAB MODERATE system to Synergetics Inc of Fort Collins, Colorado, and their product OpenFLIS™. This authorizes Synergetics as one of only 52 government-wide FedRAMP cloud service providers.

OpenFLIS™ is a low-code Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that hosts one or more data products per Federal customer (tenant) in a dashboard experience. OpenFLIS™ consolidates data from multiple sources, transforms it, and leverages Microsoft Azure's Deep Learning (DL) capabilities for search and discovery.

Designed for microservices deployment, OpenFLIS™ offers mission owners:

a. Central control of their users' accesses and capabilities, powering zero-trust

b. Syncing data products, introducing cross-compatibility and integration of systems

c. Artificial Intelligence (AI)--powered search with Natural Language Processing (NLP), pruning the cost of training

d. Views and APIs configured to model business needs on the fly, minimizing code changes

e. Compliance with Federal cloud migration directives and FedRAMP, uplifting mission owners

f. Maintenance of independent components, reducing breaking changes

g. Analytics that capture patterns and insights, informing decisions

h. Custom reporting and alerting, supporting the KPIs Federal PMs are responsible for

OpenFLIS™ is poised as the successor to several products that are key to the National Stock Number (NSN) supply chain, a market that supports millions of daily users and transacts $400 billion annually and growing according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

OpenFLIS™ is the newest addition to a portfolio of Synergetics intellectual property residing at the trust center of DoD logistics and delivering accuracy on eligible parts, products, and vendors. These products are relied on by all US Government agencies that purchase NSNs and over 95 countries.

Federal Agencies are encouraged to use this FedRAMP P-ATO as a key element of their Full Agency Authority to Operate (ATO).

Learn more:

About Synergetics Incorporated:

Synergetics is a longstanding Colorado SaaS company focused on Federal modernization initiatives. Synergetics' software solutions have been trusted for 27 years by a variety of Government agencies including but not limited to the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Institute of Health (NIH), the US Geological Survey (USGS), and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Learn more at:

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Celink taps Gravicore to transform operational agility while reducing fulfillment times and tech infrastructure costs

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. -- Gravicore, a technology company specializing in the deployment of cutting-edge cloud computing and data management solutions for financial services firms, today released a case study detailing its successful build-out and delivery of a cloud-based technology infrastructure for reverse mortgage subservicer Celink. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Partner, Gravicore's work on behalf of Celink delivered measurable cost savings and improvements to staff productivity, operational resilience, organizational controls and business agility.

Integrating dozens of AWS and third-party services, Gravicore rearchitected Celink's technology platform to accelerate and enhance the subservicer's decision-making capabilities and modernized various technology-enabled workloads across Celink's many business functions, from enabling Line of Credit (LOC) withdrawals to be made through its self-service Borrower Portal to engineering a streamlined Investor Reporting system. Gravicore's contributions have enabled Celink to save hundreds of man-hours each month, increase software deployment frequency tenfold and eliminate expenses related to server over-provisioning and late LOC disbursement penalties. Notably, by automating workflows through a LOC Processing Module, Gravicore helped Celink realize a 40% reduction in LOC processing times.

"We chose Gravicore because of the team's strong knowledge of AWS, its opinionated framework for building cloud presence and the impressive set of tools it has developed," said Celink Chief Information Officer Sergey Dyakin. "Gravicore's fluency in both technology and financial services was a key accelerator of our technology transformation and an unquestionable contributor to its success."

"Financial services firms can achieve a wide array of operational benefits by modernizing data management and data-driven processes with a cloud-first strategy," said Gravicore Co-Founder and CEO Curtis Over. "At Gravicore, we take pride in empowering companies like Celink to become leaner and more agile through cutting-edge technology solutions and deep domain expertise."

Download the full case study for more information about Gravicore's partnership with Celink:

About Gravicore:

Gravicore helps customers accelerate innovation by leveraging the cloud and modern data management services. The leadership team at Gravicore brings years of experience in technology-driven process transformations, including over a decade deploying cloud computing platforms and cutting-edge data management, analytics and reporting solutions. With deep domain expertise in mortgage, capital markets and fintech leadership, financial institutions and service providers rely on Gravicore to design and implement effective solutions while eliminating execution risk. Learn more at

About Celink:

Celink is the United States' leading subservicer of reverse mortgages. With a portfolio of over two hundred thousand loans, Celink is the subservicer of choice for the nation's largest reverse mortgage lenders. Celink's fully scalable servicing platform, ReverseServ Elite, supports proprietary reverse mortgage products and the government-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). Reverse mortgages are home-equity products that help older homeowners stay in their homes and enjoy fulfilling retirements. Celink maintains an SQ2 rating as a primary servicer of reverse mortgage loans from Moody's. Learn more at:

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After, Inc.’s QuickSuite® Receives the TWICE VIP 2022 Award

NORWALK, Conn. -- After, Inc. announced today that it received the TWICE VIP Award 2022 for its QuickSuite® post-sale customer experience technology. The TWICE VIP Awards are the only awards voted on exclusively by TWICE's audience of top consumer technology retailers and distributors, celebrating the best features, design, and value that new products are bringing to the market.

QuickSuite® is a modular set of SaaS platforms that work together across the entire post-sale lifecycle and include: QuickReg®, QuickCover®, QuickClaim®, QuickInsight®, and QuickRenew® (to launch in Q4 2022). These platforms give manufacturers, retailers, dealers, and ecommerce sellers the ability to better understand their customers and provide personalized experiences at scale across the entire post-purchase customer journey.

"We are so thrilled to win the TWICE VIP Award this year for our QuickSuite," says Nate Baldwin, After, Inc.'s CEO. "There are a lot of software products that support one stage of the post-sale experience, like registration or product protection or subscription services. The true value of QuickSuite is in its integrated platforms, and ability to drive long-term, meaningful relationships with brands and their customers. Thank you TWICE and your audience for this incredible award."


TWICE ( is a trade publication launched by publisher Richard Ekstract in 1987, currently owned by Future US. Printed 12 times a year, TWICE meets the information needs of retailers, distributors and manufacturing representatives in the consumer electronics and major appliance industries. Business leaders turn to TWICE for perspective and analysis in the ever changing and fast paced environment of consumer technology.

About After, Inc.

After, Inc. ( is a pioneer in the post-sale services industry. Since 2005, we have helped some of the world's top brands transform their businesses after the point of sale. In 2021, we launched QuickSuite, a modular set of SaaS technologies to help manufacturers, retailers, and e-commerce sellers build deeper relationships with their customers and increase loyalty and lifetime value. The suite covers the entire post-sale lifecycle, and includes: QuickReg®, QuickCover®, QuickClaim®, QuickInsight®, and QuickRenew®. Headquartered in Norwalk, CT, After, Inc. is part of Galway Holdings, a diversified financial services distribution company with a focus on data analytics, technology transformation, and innovative risk sharing solutions.

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Talon International Launches New Anti-Counterfeit and Consumer Engagement Technology, StegVision

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Talon International is excited to launch breakthrough anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement technology: StegVision functions off an easy-to-use app that helps businesses and consumers combat counterfeit products across all industries and create powerful engagement(s) with their consumers.

By combining AI, machine learning, computer vision, and steganography, StegVision encodes invisible unique labels or markings for brands and products. Algorithms are placed within the label design that only StegVision's app can see. By giving each brand or product its own unique invisible markings, StegVision prevents fake products and counterfeit items from easily entering the market and being sold as originals.

Larry Dyne, CEO of Talon, said, "Counterfeit products and difficulties with product authentication cause many businesses unmanageable losses. Furthermore, customers need to have confidence in the retailer they're buying from. Should they discover a brand selling counterfeit products, their perception of that company would change drastically, and they would be unlikely to make a purchase. Now, with StegVision, consumers can buy with certainty, and brands can protect their products from counterfeiting."

One element brands will love about StegVision is how easy it is to implement and roll out. Their anti-counterfeiting solutions require no changes to the clients existing artwork, logo, or design. There's no need for invasive tags, QR codes, or expensive printing methods: production processes can stay as they are.

StegVision opens a new marketing communications channel, giving brands direct access to engaged consumers. The moment of authentication is a crucial step in the purchasing decision. Empowering brands to interact with consumers instantly will be game-changing for conversions.

It has become much easier to produce and distribute counterfeit products. The rise in internet shopping and international shipping has created a global network of fakes. StegVision gives brands control over their distribution network and provides a direct connection to retailers and customers.

Having consulted some of the biggest names across multiple industries, Talon International discovered prevalent counterfeiting issues and reviewed the problems with existing anti-counterfeit solutions. From there, development began, creating a SaaS platform and app that businesses and consumers can have confidence in.

Consumers can now use the StegVision technology within their favorite brand's app and begin scanning products to check for authenticity. Seamless API integration allows businesses to introduce StegVision to their existing systems.

Unlike other anti-counterfeiting apps, StegVision sees its technology as being revolutionary for all industries, particularly those facing a battle against counterfeiting, including fashion, wine, toys, pharmaceuticals, and more.

To learn more about StegVision and discover how you can implement anti-counterfeit technology into your production processes, visit

About Talon International & StegVision Technology:

Talon International invented the world's first zipper in 1893. Since then, they've been leading the way with solutions in tags, labeling, custom trim, and printed marketing solutions. They continue to move forward with protecting brand integrity to serve consumers with confidence, thanks to the introduction of StegVision anti-counterfeiting solutions.

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