Business Search Engine Masterseek Testing Massive New Upgrade

Author: Masterseek Corporation
Dateline: New York, New York (NEW YORK, N.Y.)  | Wed, 24 Apr 2013

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “Today is the long-awaited launch of the upgraded Masterseek business search experience that has the industry buzzing. A successful test phase was concluded during the month of March, and now the newly improved system is available to everyone in beta phase.”

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Today is the long-awaited launch of the upgraded Masterseek business search experience that has the industry buzzing. A successful test phase was concluded during the month of March, and now the newly improved system is available to everyone in beta phase. The upgrades will provide a more powerful and intuitive business search platform that is years ahead of the competition.

Masterseek looked at all the things they felt were important to business owners who are seriously looking for ways to improve productivity, increase revenue, enlarge their brand footprint and build a stronger business overall.

"Our main goal here at Masterseek is to give our clients a positive and valuable experience with our product," said Rasmus Refer, of Masterseek. The new upgrade includes major changes to their core products to include important capabilities like lead generation, more advertising opportunities, and highly refined intelligent search tools to return only the results you need.

Some of the highlights of the upgraded system are:

* Highly Targeted Search Capabilities - You now have the ability to refine your searches to get data based upon location, revenue, and specified keywords. You can use just one targeting method or you can use them all. This gives you the power to strategically weed out information that is not closely related to your desired results. This is an incredible advantage for any business.

* Intelligent Search Results - Masterseek ( search results not only return a summary and location of the information you are looking for, but it also finds and retrieves additional information that is directly related to your search. To the right you will find articles and other information that the system deems relevant to your search. This requires no extra effort on your part, but is just another added benefit for those who need it.

* Value Added Results - When you click on a result you will be provided with a company summary with location, and the profiles of company officials or individuals along with their details and contact information.

* Fast Searches - The Masterseek platform is smooth and fast. Because searches are so refined, system resources are not wasted on parsing data that does not meet the set criteria.

* Expanded Search - The new and improved design allows you to expand you search by narrowing your search results based on Google PageRank, or according to business type including business types, local businesses and top brands.

Amazingly, all these added capabilities do not reduce performance power by any means. The system is now more proficient than it has ever been. This is possible because of the innovative design that places priority on speed and performance. Because of this you can now enjoy faster page load times with no loss data integrity.

"It's exciting to be able to add more value and functionality to a product without compromising the performance that our customers have come to know and expect," says Refer.

Beginning today, the powerful new and improved Masterseek is being made available in 76 countries including Germany, France, USA, Russia, China and UK. This is only the beginning of even greater things to come. Our commitment to quality and innovation will continue and we will continue to look for new and better ways to help you get the search results and added value services needed to make your business stronger.

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