Fastest Developing Aluminum Business in Russia

MOSCOW, Russia — BK-ALPROF LLC has become the fastest-growing aluminum company in Russia. 2003 was the starting point. Then in the town of Belaya Kalitva, a plant was put into operation, focused on casting cylindrical ingots from aluminum alloys.

BK-ALPROF LLC has outpaced its competition in Russia as the most productive business in the aluminum industry. Also, extrusion, machine processing, painting, anodic oxidation, sale of aluminum profiles, and production of translucent structures were started. Our foundry was launched in 2007. The enterprise very quickly gained high production rates, and today BK-ALPROF is not only the pride of its home region but also a worthy player on the domestic market, a trustworthy partner for foreign customers.

Capabilities Allowing for Rapid Growth

20.000 tons of aluminum profiles a year is the productivity figure of BK-ALPROF LLC today. This capacity is provided by modern high-tech equipment made by EU standards, located on an area of more than 18.000 square meters. Production is carried out on three press lines, two of them are made based on hydraulic presses with a force of 12.500 kN each, the third, manufactured by Italian company OMAV, based on an SMS press with a force of 18.000 kN.

For extrusion of aluminum shapes, raw materials from both our production and international public joint-stock company RUSAL are used. These materials meet the requirements of international standards. Having our own foundry guarantees our business complete protection from interruptions in the supply of raw materials for the extrusion of aluminum profiles. BK-ALPROF LLC can independently provide the production with high-quality ingots with the required chemical composition.

The production of profiles of any complexity and configuration from 6XXX series alloys has been established. It uses extrusion tools from leading European manufacturers. The main principles of the enterprise are based on maintaining the quality management system in keeping with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, certified by international company TÜV NORD CERT. We are constantly improving our manufacturing process and increasing our effectiveness. We have firmly learned that modernization leads to high quality.

Aluminum profiles produced by the company are used in various industries: architecture and construction, manufacturing of LED products, mechanical engineering, trade equipment, various structures, decoration, and decoration. BK-ALPROF produces the finest quality aluminum triangle tubing. The key properties of this tubing include good ductility, resistance to corrosion, heat resistance, and electrical conductivity. That is why structures made of this material are successfully used in the construction of residential buildings and industrial buildings, in shopping centers and entertainment complexes, in the production of furniture and glazing systems.


BK-Alprof is the combination of responsible attitude, modern technologies, the material of great standards, and an outstanding team of specialists that are always ready to answer all your questions and provide all assistance required. With BK-Alprof, you will keep up with the times and enjoy the safe and enduring items we produce. Learn more:

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Caption: “BK-ALPROF” is a manufacturer of aluminum and aluminum profiles in Russia.

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