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The Sacramento SPCA’s 3rd Annual Art Fur Paws Online Auction Opens November 18!

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- The 3rd Annual Art Fur Paws Online Auction to benefit the Sacramento SPCA will be live at Witherell's from November 18 to December 2, 2021. Now in its third year, this two-week auction will feature artwork by many of the region's finest artists, as well as antiques, collectibles, and jewelry, all donated by Sacramento SPCA supporters.

One such piece is an original oil painting by the late Gregory Kondos titled "French Irises," created by the artist while in France. One of Northern California's best-known artists, Kondos exhibited this piece in a 2013 show at the Crocker Art Museum.

Watercolors, acrylics, mixed media, ceramics, sculptures, and handmade jewelry are among the many other artworks donated by artists including Terry Pappas, Jill Estroff, Leslie McCarron, Debra Kreck-Harnish, David Peterson, Elaine Bowers, Deladier Almeida, Jim Marxen, Cathryn Rakich, Barbara Dow, Leslie Toms, Joe and Paula Bellacera, Kathy Dana and others.

"I think bidders will be excited to see they have a chance to take home fantastic original art by many of Sacramento's renowned artists in about every medium imaginable," says Sacramento SPCA Board Vice President, Tracy Fairchild. "Since the proceeds from the auction go directly to the shelter, that means more funding for the Sacramento SPCA to provide life-saving care for animals in our community."

Managed by Witherell's auction house of Sacramento, the Art Fur Paws Online Benefit Auction is perfectly timed for holiday shopping and gift giving.

Register to bid at https://www.sspca.org/artfurpaws

As the only full-service 100% non-profit animal shelter in the Sacramento region, the Sacramento SPCA relies on donations from individuals, businesses, and foundations to support their life-saving work. They are local, independent, and do not receive funding from state or local government agencies.

About the Sacramento SPCA:

Founded in 1892, the Sacramento SPCA has been providing homeless animals with individual comfort, shelter, and love for more than 129 years. They provide compassionate medical care to tens of thousands of animals annually and offer a variety of programs and services designed to keep people and pets together for life.

Learn more at:




Related link: https://www.sspca.org/

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‘Chess Board Rapture’ NFT Collection Presents Digital Art Inspired by The Game of Chess

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Art collectors and chess lovers will soon have a chance to own high-quality depictions of historically important chess battles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) issued through Citrusw00d Productions. Citrusw00d has minted an initial pair of multimedia chess films on the OpenSea NFT marketplace that will list for sale on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021.

Each approximately two-minute-long film presents in striking visual detail a short sequence of moves that decided a historically important game, followed by a text vignette describing the context and the players. Designed for the general public and art collectors, the content contains no chess notation.

Each NFT will be produced in a pre-set number of editions, each carrying a unique digital certificate of authenticity recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. The films appear within an OpenSea collection named "Chess Board Rapture," viewable at https://opensea.io/collection/chess-board-rapture.

Coming additions to the collection will build on the theme of honoring chess history by showcasing critical moves that decided important games of the distant and recent past.

The project is managed by Citrusw00d Productions, a start-up enterprise that is working with members of the chess community to develop curated experiences meant to deepen public appreciation of the aesthetic beauty and historic traditions of the Royal Game.

Chess games, moves, and players occupy a growing niche within the emerging digital art market. A further impetus for creation and trading of chess-inspired NFTs will arrive later in November when the first World Chess Championship match in three years gets under way in Dubai. NBC will cover the match for an hour each day on its specialized sports TV network, NBCSN.

Chess itself is enjoying an explosion in both participation and viewership, vaulting into the ranks of the world's fastest-growing e-sports. The top playing site, Chess.com, hosts several million chess games daily. It claimed 74 million members as of October, up 40% year-to-date and up 150% since January 2020. A 2-week amateur chess tournament among gaming stars and celebrities this February drew 7.5 million viewers; a September sequel was sponsored by Coinbase, the cryptocurrency giant.

"This surging visibility has spawned a proliferation of chess brand names whose market influence extends far beyond the chess world," says Coordie64, the chess playing visual artist behind the Chess Board Rapture NFT concept. "Nothing similar ever happened before - not even during the 1970s Bobby Fischer chess boom."

Mastercard recently signed World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen as a global brand ambassador -- part of a select group that includes Lionel Messi and Naomi Osaka. Carlsen was the world's highest-earning e-sports professional in 2020, while the Netflix chess drama The Queen's Gambit was the year's third most-watched TV series. Several e-sports organizations have ongoing sponsorship contracts with professional and amateur chess players whose Twitch streams have hundreds of thousands of followers each.

Unlike other e-sports, chess is widely recognized as an art form as well as a competitive struggle. It is not uncommon for chess tournaments to award "brilliancy prizes" for exceptional creativity at the board. Frank Marshall, an American champion of the early 20th century, once made a move of such beauty that spectators reportedly showered him with gold coins. Marcel Duchamp, a professional-level chess player and a world-class artist, famously declared that "all chess players are artists."

Citrusw00d Productions website: https://citrusw00d.com/

For technical and other details of the Chess Board Rapture project and its people, please refer to the background fact sheet linked here (PDF): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iTFs_QjKQ2dohqpXTTd1MMCAyfEWil-s/view?usp=sharing

Please note that the company name, Citrusw00d, is spelled with zeros ("0") in place of the letter "o."

Related link: https://citrusw00d.com/

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Exiled Afghan Artist Paints Without Arms or Legs – Inspires Hero Award

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Robaba Mohammadi, Afghanistan's most famous artist, who paints with her mouth due to a birth defect which denies her the use of her limbs, is reacting to the Taliban's recent takeover of her homeland by building a movement to honor Heroes everywhere, and seeks assistance from those who share her goals with the Robaba Art and Cultural Center.

According to Amy Chang and John Toomey, creators of the Fundly page set up to support her work, "Robaba needs assistance in helping her family emigrate to the U.S. as well as in setting up her Center to operate online."

Denied the usage of her arms and legs by a birth defect, Robaba started painting at age 12, learning to hold brushes in her mouth. Not only did she exhibit her paintings internationally by 16, but in 2019 she founded a school in Kabul, the Robaba Art and Cultural Center.

When the Taliban took over Kabul on August 16, they evicted the Center's employees and shut it down. Now it is rebuilding itself online.

The Center's latest project is the Hero Award (heroaward.net) which recognizes significant achievements on behalf of the UN's 17 Agenda for Sustainability Goals. Previous winners hail from Kenya, Bangla Desh, Indonesia, Colombia, and Malaysia.

"Robaba's immense courage and persistence, shown by her overcoming a profound disability to build a career as an artist, as well as being a mentor for others, is something that can inspire achievers all over the world," says Chang, "and that is what the Hero Award is designed to do."

The Hero Award is conferred monthly upon those who demonstrate extraordinary achievement. In some cases, sketches, caricatures, GIFs, memes, and paintings of the Honorees will be offered as NFTs on Robaba's marketplace. Her platform employs fiat currency, and therefore does not waste the massive amounts of electricity that other NFT marketplaces based on the Etherium blockchain do.

Proceeds from NFTs will be split between Award recipients and the Robaba Foundation, as Robaba wants to remain involved in furthering the Award winners' work.

At present Robaba and two siblings are outside of Afghanistan, and four family members remain in the country. The Foundation is reaching out to international aid organizations to help the whole family reunite.

To help Robaba, and support the Hero Awards, anyone can donate at https://fundly.com/help-disabled-artist-s-family-reach-u-s.

MORE INFORMATION ON HERO AWARD: https://www.heroaward.net/

Follow Robaba on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/rubaba.mohammadi.1

Related link: https://www.facebook.com/rubaba.mohammadi.1

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Highlighting New Acquisitions on View at the Museum of Sex, NYC

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The Museum of Sex, NYC is proud to announce that as of September 1, 2021, Zoya Cherkassky's drawing "Untitled" from her "Women Who Work" series and Louis Soubrier's Siège D'Amour Love Chair will be on view in the second floor exhibition "Artifact [xxx]: Selections from Secret Collections." The Museum recently acquired the chair from M S Rau LLC, New Orleans and the drawing from Fort Gansevoort Gallery, NYC for the permanent collection.

Artist Zoya Cherkassky recently detoured from her usual practice to explore the topic of female sex work in a series called "Women Who Work." In this drawing, Cherkassky beautifully and hauntingly portrays the disassociation and alienation many women experience during sexual intercourse and intimacy. Inspired by the horrific story and subsequent Russian mythologization of Viktor Mokhov, who abducted two teenage girls in 2000 and held them hostage as enslaved sex workers for four years in a bunker, the drawing highlights the power dynamics, abuse and fear that can accompany sex and the sex work industry.

Specially designed in 1890 by French cabinet-maker Louis Soubrier for King Edward VII (1841-1910), the Prince of Wales and King of England from 1901 to 1910, who was also known as "Dirty Bertie," the love chair enabled the infamous playboy prince to partake in sexual amusement with minimal exertion in numerous ways, including with two ladies at once. Le Chabanais, one of the extravagant brothels of nineteenth and twentieth century Paris, kept the original chair in a private room for the future king's personal use. While the exact chair used by "Dirty Bertie" is now owned by Soubrier's great-grandson, the example on view at the Museum of Sex is one of just two replicas based on the original design. The only other known replica is on view at the Sex Machines Museum in Prague. The chair has been featured in both BBC and Smithsonian documentaries such as the "Private Lives of Monarchs."

As part of the rotation of new objects into "Artifact [xxx]," the Museum has also recently hung Keith Haring's "Bad Boys" (1986), a set of 6 framed silkscreen prints on loan from the Keith Haring Foundation until February 2022. The exhibition also features objects on loan from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University Bloomington, Stanley B. Burns, MD Collection & Archive and the Dittrick Medical History Center at the College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.


The mission of the Museum of Sex is to preserve and present the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality. Since opening in 2002, the museum has collaborated with world-renowned cultural institutions, artists, and academics to create exhibitions and interactive programs that explore the best in current scholarship in the arts, sciences, and humanities. From fine art to historical ephemera, its permanent collection comprises more than 15,000 sexually significant artifacts.

To learn more visit: http://www.museumofsex.com/

Facebook: @mosex | Twitter: @museumofsex

Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Avenue (at 27th Street) New York, NY 10016, (212) 689 6337.

Press Contact | emarballo@museumofsex.com


*PHOTO link for media (SFW): https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0908s2p-soubrier-300dpi.jpg

*Caption: Louis Soubrier's Siège D'Amour Love Chair.

Related link: https://www.museumofsex.com/

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Modern Art Cartel Pushes the Boundaries of Art and Technology

TORONTO, Ontario -- What do you get when you mix multidisciplined, modern artists from around the world with a cutting-edge blend of technology and art? You get Modern Art Cartel. Modern Art Cartel is at the forefront of combining art with technology and has developed the world's first AI digital artist, MysterioAI, that creates engaging NFTs (non-fungible token) or collectible digital assets. In addition, its events employ RFID and QR Technology to deliver immersive, in-person art experiences.

This newly-created collective of contemporary artists has a mission to help businesses, developers, interior designers and homeowners create inspirational spaces through modern art. And, NFTs are just one of the collections that's taking the art design world by storm.

Modern Art Cartel looks for artists that push the boundaries, concepts, ideas, mediums, technology and talent. They then hand select and invite those artists to join the Modern Art Cartel collective. It typically recruits artists through social media, industry events and referrals.

Once an artist has been added to the collective, Modern Art Cartel handles what most artists eschew - the business end of things. It manages all of their sales, marketing and operations, so they can focus on doing what they love - creating art.

Artists in the Modern Art Cartel work in a variety of mediums with different materials and styles. Many of its artists have received major media coverage and multiple awards. In fact, "Art Business News" recently added Modern Art Cartel to its list of "Top 40 Artists" to Watch."

"I created the Modern Art Cartel along with my long-time friend, Rafael Scasserra. We did it because of our love of art," Mark D'Onofrio, CEO, Modern Art Cartel, says.

Scasserra is an artist and technology entrepreneur and the two are now working to curate an incredibly talented group of what D'Onofrio refers to as "art misfits."

"Each artist has a personal style and is focused on changing the art game," D'Onofrio adds. "We're pushing the boundaries of art through our creations, materials, collaborations and technology innovations and I'm excited about what the future holds."

About Modern Art Cartel

Modern Art Cartel curates, designs and sells modern art. It partners with interior designers, developers, businesses and home owners to create amazing spaces that dazzle. It's been featured on major media outlets such as Bravo, Living Luxe and Global News and is a platinum art sponsor for HGTV Canada in 2021/2022. It also sells its unique art online.

For more information, visit: https://modernartcartel.com/

For NFT gallery, visit: https://opensea.io/mysterioai

Instagram: @modernartcartel (more than 17K followers): https://www.instagram.com/modernartcartel/


*VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/8hR7PKZWui4

*PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0820s2p-like-jagger-300dpi.jpg

Caption: "Moves Like Jagger" Original Pop Art by Rafael Scasserra, Modern Art Cartel co-founder.

Rafael Scasserra
of Modern Art Cartel

Related link: https://modernartcartel.com/

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Launch Pad Releases First Book By Real Estate Mogul and Art Impresario Daniel Lebensohn

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Los Angeles based publishing company Launch Pad Publishing is celebrating the release of "The Art of the Real: Real Life, Real Relationships and Real Estate" (ISBN: 978-1951407629) - the debut memoir from Daniel Lebensohn.

As the co-founder of BH3 Management, a real estate investment company that has invested more than $1.5 billion in commercial real estate debt and equity, Lebensohn has spent the past few decades navigating a cutthroat world filled with challenges, tough negotiators and impossible situations.

The book documents his impressive rise but also shows how, instead of allowing his circumstances to make him callous, Lebensohn instead dug into the values he learned growing up as the Jewish son of immigrant parents in 1970s Long Island-specifically the fact that success always comes down to having authentic relationships.

By turns dramatic and touching, "The Art of the Real" tells the tale of a rare real estate success story and even more rare tale of a man staying true to his values-and his childhood friends.

"Readers may pick up this book because they want to find out how they can have the kind of success Daniel has," says publisher Anna David. "They'll get that but I think they'll be surprised to see that they'll be left with a sense that success is less about how much money you make and more about who you surround yourself with and how you treat those people."

Echoes Genius Network founder Joe Polish, who's often been cited as the most well-connected man in the world, "Daniel's story shows how embracing a win-win mindset and emphasizing relationships about everything else is the true road to success."

"The Art of the Real: Real Life, Real Relationships and Real Estate" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

To learn more visit: http://www.artoftherealbook.com/.

About Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company primarily for entrepreneurs who are the leaders in their field, Launch Pad has published authors from the entertainment world, including TV newscasters and reality stars, as well as government sales experts, sports agents, coaches, non-profit founders and more. Learn more at: https://www.launchpadpub.com/.


Kaitlin Anthony



*PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0811s2p-lpp-artreal-300dpi.jpg

Related link: https://www.launchpadpub.com/

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Master Visual Artist Bernard Stanley Hoyes Delivers Symbolic Spiral Steel Sculpture to Jamaica During the Pandemic

PALM DESERT, Calif. -- When master visual artist Bernard Stanley Hoyes was first appointed to create an outdoor stainless-steel sculpture for the Kingston Restoration Walking Museum Project in Jamaica, it was before Covid. The project, sponsored by the Kingston Restoration Company and the Duke Street Refurbishing Project and funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund was a heartfelt assignment for Hoyes, a native of Jamaica and longtime resident of California.

The manifestation and creation of the 400 pound "Mating Dance of Hummingbirds," now standing on historical Duke Street in downtown Kingston, is a tremendous testimony to perseverance, resilience and the magnetic power of creativity. Hoyes withstood the isolation of quarantine, the scarcity of the pandemic and even his own battle with Covid to rise majestically victorious, much like the hummingbirds, the national birds of Jamaica, atop his monument.

Hoyes, best known for his vibrantly, vivid oils on canvas renditions, is no stranger to sculpture. His six-foot "Roots of Pegasus" bronze figure for a private collector and his eight-foot three-ton granite rock carving of a blue fin tuna, crafted in Fuzhou City in the Fujian Province of China, cemented the artist's ability to encapsulate life-force in a variety of mediums. "Mating Dance of Hummingbirds" maintains his legacy, with two glorious, chrome steel body and winged hummingbirds resting atop a twisted, spiral helix intertwined around a shared axis. The helical structure, like the shape of our DNA, is a symbol of eternity and life, and the foundation of sacred geometry, coded with evolution, infinite growth and longevity. Lucite rods stabilized within the wings also encase solar LED lighting offering enhanced reflective color features that add vitality to his design.

"I sequester myself when creating all the time. For me it provides a confrontation with the chosen medium and discipline I'm working with. But there is a marked difference between self-imposed isolation and an enforced quarantine. Seclusion usually provides me a safe haven, whereas the shut down during Covid created a vibration of eerie inaccessibility," explains Hoyes.

"The entire crafting experience, including me suffering through Covid, and personally packaging and delivery the work, served to intensify the intentions instilled in this art piece. A multi-dimensional metaphor evolved for me. 'Out Of Many, One People,' is Jamaica's national motto. 'The Mating Dance of Hummingbirds' speaks to the ever-evolving procreation of all species, reminding us that we all share common DNA and we are all connected in this together," shares Hoyes.

"The Duke Street Refurbishing Project/Kingston Restoration Company Limited is pleased to have commissioned the sculpture 'Mating Dance of the Hummingbirds' created by artist Bernard Hoyes. The hummingbird is a symbol of the unique biodiversity of our country. The majestic helix structure reflects the resilience and strength of our people in the face of adversity," notes Dr. Blossom O'Meally-Nelson CD WGE, Project Manager of the Duke Street Refurbishing Project.

"This work of art is a reminder of our interdependence as a nation and the importance of understanding and preserving our history, culture and self-identity. This iconic work will serve as a symbol of the importance of continued collaboration among stakeholders and partners for the redevelopment of Kingston and the establishment of the Duke Street Legal and Financial Business District," adds Dayton Wood, Project Coordinator, Kingston Restoration Company Limited.

Born into a family rooted in Jamaica's revivalist church, Bernard Hoyes' memories of religion and rituals have influenced his artistic productivity throughout his life. His celebration of traditional African religion, spirituality and myths continues to find universal appeal, exciting audiences worldwide. Oprah Winfrey, Steve Harvey, Natalie Cole and the National Urban League are among his collectors. Selections of Hoyes' work have been featured in several television shows including the Showtime cult classic series, "Dexter." President Barack Obama has even been photographed in front of his work.

Hoyes' exhibition history spans over 50 years with over 100 exhibitions, 30 of them solo exhibitions, in various countries including his native Jamaica, USA, UK, the Netherlands, and Germany. Some of Hoyes' past exhibitions include "Places and Validation, Art & Progression, The Getty Initiative Pacific Standard Time" in 2010; the "Art in LA 1945-1980" at CAAM in 2011; a feature in "L.A. Rising: SoCal Artists Before 1980," published by the Getty Foundation, and a Multidisciplinary Production "Se7en Paintings, a Story in Performance" which bought seven of Hoyes' iconic paintings from his Revival Series to life on the Ford Stage in Los Angeles in 2012.

Most recent exhibits include the "Evolving Abstraction, 3 Contemporary Artists of the African Diaspora" at the Palm Springs Art Museum in February 2015 and "The Spirit of the Land through Climate Change" at the San Bernardino County Museum, Redlands, CA from November 2019 thru to March 2020.

"The Mating Dance of Hummingbirds" continues to soar the ever-evolving passion and visions of Bernard Stanley Hoyes. Whether sculpting or painting, as a multidisciplinary artist, Hoyes' work is imbued with spiritually that nurtures the soul.

Visit his online gallery at http://www.bernardhoyes.com/ and sit with the hummingbirds, whenever traveling to Kingston, Jamaica!


*PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0726s2p-hoyes-sculpture-300dpi.jpg

Makeda Smith
Jazzmyne Public Relations
Phone Number: 323-380-8819

Related link: http://www.bernardhoyes.com/

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Museum of Sex Presents ‘Erotic Content & the Mainstream, 1960 till Today’

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The Museum of Sex (MoSex) proudly announces details about its summer exhibition, "Erotic Content & the Mainstream 1960 till Today." This exhibition, a presentation of media examining how erotic content has permeated mainstream culture since the 1960s, will be on view at the Museum of Sex (233 Fifth Avenue) starting June 4, 2021.

Composed of four thematic sections, An Avante-Garde, Sexualized Marketing, Scandalous Scenes of Cinema, and Music: an Erotic Form, the exhibition will present a curated selection of over 60 videos. In addition to the video compilations and full screening of a selection of fine art and experimental films, the exhibition will feature vintage movie posters, historical ephemera and a timeline looking at censorship in media over the last six decades. The show will be organized chronologically offering an in-depth examination of the shifts in cultural attitudes towards sexual content in mainstream mass media.

The history of mass media is one of political and social discrimination against forms of illicit content. When the first motion pictures came out, they were attacked and deemed too titillating for the masses. Since the first films appeared in the nineteenth century, pornographic content has moved slowly but surely from the edges to the center. While sex has always been culturally relevant, the creative revolution of the 1960s inspired a more open environment in which erotic material, called "porno chic" was embraced. Today sexual material has seeped into all aspects of mainstream mass media, energizing a variety of cultural genres and sparking the sex positivity movement. This shift of erotic content from the margins to the mainstream has been part of an overall liberalization of popular culture since the 1960s.

The exhibition will feature subversive art films by Carolee Schneemann, Natalia LL, Hannah Wilke, Ximena Cuevas, Mike Kuchar, and Shawné Michaelain Holloway. It will also discuss infamous cultural figures in advertising and music such as Jimi Hendrix, Edie Adams, Donna Summers, Prince, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Fabio, Salt-N-Pepa, Rihanna and Cardi B. Iconic scenes from films like "Midnight Cowboy" (1968), "Deepthroat" (1972), "Fatal Attraction" (1987) and "Moonlight" (2016) will scintillate visitors. Audiences will enjoy a nostalgic look back on the popular culture of the last six decades through the moving image and marvel at how our attitudes toward erotic content have changed.

"Erotic Content & the Mainstream 1960 till Today" was organized by Emily Shoyer, Lead Curator and Eve Arballo, Curatorial Assistant.


The mission of the Museum of Sex is to preserve and present the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality. Since opening in 2002, the museum has collaborated with world-renowned cultural institutions, artists, and academics to create exhibitions and interactive programs that explore the best in current scholarship in the arts, sciences, and humanities. From fine art to historical ephemera, its permanent collection comprises more than 15,000 sexually significant artifacts.

To learn more visit: https://www.museumofsex.com/

Facebook: @mosex | Twitter: @museumofsex

Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Avenue (at 27th Street) New York, NY 10016; (212) 689 6337.

*IMAGE link for media (SFW): https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0602s2p-ss-Consumer-Art-300dpi.jpg

Image credit: Film Still from Natalia LL's, "Consumer Art" (1975) courtesy of the ZW Foundation.

Related link: https://www.museumofsex.com/

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London Company Building Digital Ecosystem for Creators in Sub-Sahara Africa

LONDON, U.K. -- Pioneering London-based ForeMedia Group Plc (an international company well known for its top-rated extensive media and entertainment operations in Nigeria and United Kingdom, along with delivering Afro-centric media and entertainment to audiences worldwide), is delighted to announce that it is building the first digital ecosystem for talented entertainment creators in sub-Saharan Africa.

At this juncture in time, when diversity is being met with such strong enthusiasm, the company's strategy is to support sustainable creative initiatives, thereby enabling creators to learn, produce, distribute, and monetize their work. Various elements include new media and marketplace services and products such as content production, distribution and marketing, video streaming and advertising.

Riding the Wave of Rapid Annual Growth

Data from PwC's Entertainment & Media Outlook (2017-2021), projects that Nigeria will enjoy a rapid annual growth of 12.1%, thus making it the world's fastest-growing media and entertainment market over the upcoming years. However, due to the lack of platforms around the world which cater to African audiences, there is an urgent need for a dynamic, high capacity omni media platform. To that end, the entrepreneurial Founder/CEO, and associates of the ForeMedia Group (all of whom are renowned for their expertise in Afro-centric media and entertainment), have carried out substantial groundwork to make the ForeMedia Group the number one digital ecosystem in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. At the core of every digital ecosystem is a platform business model, and the ForeMedia Group has built an extremely robust tech infrastructure to support its omni media platform.


"The company's strategic plan will empower one million young talents in media and entertainment in the medium/ long term and have large scale creation plans," says Hareter B. Oralusi, founder and CEO.

The ForeMedia Group provides a perfect new media and entertainment platform for young talented creators and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), thus empowering them to export and create a global market for commercially feasible afro-centric content. The company's ethos is "to use the latest cutting-edge digital technology help empower the next generation of Africans through media, entertainment, and entrepreneurship; thus, spreading the wonderful diversity of Afro-centric media and entertainment all over the world." This is set to give both African and non-African people alike, a fantastic new sphere of brilliant second to none, entertainment, and media.


ForeTVHub (one of the ForeMedia Group's platforms), is dedicated to distributing the most engaging and original content. It covers media and entertainment from both ForeMedia creators and notable third-party partners. The platform continues to delight both the creators and users in new ways.

And with innovative cutting-edge sports and entertainment videos, TV shows, top rated documentaries, music, books and podcasts, and so much breaking content from across the globe, many people and their families visit the site multiple times a day. Learn more: https://foretvhub.com/

ForeMedia Creator

ForeMedia Creator is a stimulating initiative which backs and empowers the creators who work with the ForeMedia Group. It supports creators with the essential tools for success: infrastructure, equipment, technical support, distribution, and monetization.

About the Founder and CEO

Hareter B. Oralusi M.S., is a renowned visionary, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is dedicated to spreading diversity around the world and kindling economic growth in Africa (according to African Economic Outlook 2021, "Real GDP in Africa is projected to grow by 3.4 percent in 2021"). This is substantially higher than other countries.

Oralusi has substantial business experience. He founded the ForeMedia Media Group Plc (2017). Founded the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics (2014).

Founded the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (2010). Further, he was awarded a Master of Science (M.S.) in human resource management and organizational development from the PEF, Private University for Management, in Vienna, Austria.

Learn more at: https://foremediagroup.com/


Contact person:
Timilehin Suara
Email: info@foremediagroup.com
Telephone Number: +44 7769 345 292

Address: Accelerator, 35 Kingsland Road, London, England, E2 8AA


*PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0526s2p-formedia-group-300dpi.jpg

Related link: https://foremediagroup.com/

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Cicada Brood X Captured in Copper as Jewelry and Art

NORTH BETHESDA, Md. -- Maryland-based Nature's Creations artists are freezing moments from nature that occur once every 17 years by covering the shell casings and the remains of full formed brood X cicadas in copper. These fascinating detailed treasures are all one-of-a kind since the actual cicada specimens are still intact inside.

"We look for the most interesting cicadas that have run their cycle of life and preserve them in our unique electroforming process," says artist Dennis Ray.

These intriguing little guys are available as pins and necklaces along with other natural items at: https://www.leafpin.com/.

About Nature's Creations

Nature's Creations - The Ray Family, have been creating natural art for over 40 years. Leaves, blossoms and insects are gathered from all over the world. The process evolved from a High School Science Project in Montgomery County, Maryland. Grape vine leaves from France, Wye Oak leaves from the fallen "Gentle Giant" on the eastern shore of Maryland and leaves from Central Park in New York city are all projects they have completed.

They also can create jewelry and art pieces from your leaves, cuttings from a wedding ceremony, leaves off a memorial tree or a family farm or winery. All captured as forever keepsakes. Imagine what can be captured for you!


*VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/KrYFw7iDzvg

*PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/21-0526s2p-dray-cicadas-300dpi.jpg

*Photo Caption: An actual cicada exoskeleton covered in copper.

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