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Episcopal Diocese of New York receives $1 Million from Lilly Endowment to launch ‘Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation’

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The Episcopal Diocese of New York is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of $1 million from Lilly Endowment Inc. to help establish "Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation."

The program is funded through Lilly Endowment's Thriving Congregations Initiative. The aim of the national initiative is to strengthen Christian congregations so they can help people deepen their relationships with God, build strong relationships with each other and contribute to the flourishing of local communities and the world.

Lilly Endowment is making nearly $93 million in grants through the initiative. The grants will support organizations as they work directly with congregations and help them gain clarity about their values and missions, explore and understand better the communities in which they serve, and draw upon their theological traditions as they adapt ministries to meet changing needs.

Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation is a five-year project for congregational renewal of the Diocese of New York, developed in collaboration with General Theological Seminary. This project grows out of the recent strategic initiatives of the Diocese in church planting and congregational redevelopment as a brave and faithful response to a rapidly changing environment of mission and ministry.

Episcopal Futures envisions vibrant congregations with capacity to discern and articulate a clear mission, vision and identity, promote spiritual vitality and faith formation among its members and respond creatively and adaptively to conflict and change in their ministry contexts. In collaboration with General Theological Seminary, the Learning Communities program will be designed and developed to provide resources of training curriculum, consultants and coaches to the participants. The participating teams will practice and implement collaboration, faith renewal and radical reconciliation in their ministry contexts. Work will include continued implementation, evaluation and research. In keeping with the Reparations Resolution 9 of the Diocesan Convention 2019, Episcopal Futures is also committed to developing Learning Communities in the historically African-American communities as well as in the marginalized communities. in collaboration with General Theological Seminary.

The goal of Episcopal Futures is to (1) build a culture of collaboration and adaptive leadership in and among the congregations of the Diocese that will lead to a deeper commitment to common life and common mission, rooted in the Episcopal ethos and identity, (2) catalyze the renewal of congregations through team work and creative practices in mission and ministries, and (3) plant new and imaginative worshipping communities and outreach ministries that foster justice and reconciliation.

The Episcopal Diocese of New York is one of 92 organizations taking part in Lilly Endowment's Thriving Congregations Initiative. They represent and serve churches in a broad spectrum of Christian traditions, including Anabaptist, Baptist, Episcopal, evangelical, Lutheran, Methodist, Mennonite, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Reformed, Restoration, Roman Catholic and Orthodox, as well as congregations that describe themselves as nondenominational. Several organizations serve congregations in Black, Hispanic and Asian-American traditions.

"In the midst of a rapidly changing world, Christian congregations are grappling with how they can best carry forward their ministries," said Christopher Coble, Lilly Endowment's vice president for religion. "These grants will help congregations assess their ministries and draw on practices in their theological traditions to address new challenges and better nurture the spiritual vitality of the people they serve."

Lilly Endowment launched the Thriving Congregations Initiative in 2019 as part of its commitment to support efforts that enhance the vitality of Christian congregations. Episcopal Diocese of New York is grateful to receive this significant grant to launch this exciting and new initiative, Episcopal Futures: An Initiative for Collaborative Transformation.

The Rt. Rev. Allen K. Shin
Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of New York

The Rev. Canon Victor Conrado
Canon for Congregational Vitality and Formation

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About Lilly Endowment Inc.

Lilly Endowment Inc. is an Indianapolis-based private philanthropic foundation created in 1937 by J. K. Lilly Sr. and sons Eli and J. K. Jr. through gifts of stock in their pharmaceutical business, it is a separate entity from the company, with a distinct governing board, staff and location. In keeping with the founders' wishes, the Endowment exists to support the causes of religion, education and community development. The Endowment funds significant programs throughout the United States, especially in the field of religion. However, it maintains a special commitment to its hometown, Indianapolis and home state, Indiana. The principal aim of the Endowment's grantmaking in religion is to deepen and enrich the lives of Christians in the United States, primarily by seeking out and supporting efforts that enhance the vitality of congregations and strengthen their pastoral and lay leadership. Learn more at:

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Kuni Foundation Awards $100,000 Housing Access Grant to Community Vision

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Community Vision, a leader in advancing self-advocacy and person-focused housing for people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities, received a $100,000 grant from the Kuni Foundation to enhance housing access efforts.

"Housing access is the basis of leading a self-determined life. When the individuals we work with have housing that meets their needs, the impacts reverberate to other aspects of their lives, and often the growth is nothing short of transformative. I am excited to see the advances we will make in equitable access to housing thanks to our partnership with the Kuni Foundation," says Allen Hines, Community Vision's Housing Access Director.

The region's lack of affordable housing impacts people who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) especially hard, as this community is often left out of affordable housing policy discussions and planning. Yet the majority of individuals who experience I/DD are low income and increasingly face housing insecurity.

In addition to financial challenges, individuals who experience I/DD are continually isolated, due to decades of systemic barriers that prevent inclusion. Thirty years after the adoption of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), people are still grouped together outside the classroom, in specialized housing, and in certain areas of the community. Individuals often face multiple barriers to accessing safe, stable, and affordable housing such as communication challenges, lack of understanding and outright discrimination. These factors, combined with a lack of navigation conspire to limit independent and person-focused housing options for individuals who experience I/DD.

"Our goal is to transform a lack of understanding and awareness regarding the housing needs of individuals who experience I/DD into enthusiasm and action for increased options and opportunities," said Greg Goodwin, Board Chair of the Kuni Foundation. "We're excited about this initiative and proud to support the inclusive efforts of Community Vision, who work to bring the words and intentions of the ADA to life."

In response to the housing crisis faced by people who experience I/DD, the Housing Access Program will focus on three main areas: the development of new units; housing support and navigation services; and advocacy efforts.

To advance the creation of affordable, accessible units, Community Vision will partner with local housing developers and Community Development Corporations (CDCs) to set aside units in new housing projects for people who experience I/DD and think creatively about other housing options, such as ADUs. The organization will also help families and individuals navigate the complexities of accessing affordable housing, in addition to providing the support and resources people need to be successful in maintaining housing. In collaboration with activists, providers and other stakeholders, Community Vision will advocate for system change at the local and state level, including state rental assistance funding, integrated and inclusive housing models, and the development of an accessible rental registry.

About Community Vision:

Since 1989, Community Vision has worked to ensure that people with disabilities can live, work and thrive in the communities of their choice. The organization provides supported living, employment services, housing resources, financial education, advocacy, and assistive technology. To learn more, visit

About the Kuni Foundation:

Based in Vancouver, Washington, the Kuni Foundation funds cancer research and supports programs and initiatives that enhance the lives of adults who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. Learn more at or via Twitter at @KuniFoundation.

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*Caption: Colleen found housing that fits her needs and preferences thanks to the work of Community Vision. Thirty years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, housing remains a critical need for people who experience disability as affordable housing policies and projects often exclude this community.

Media Contact:
Angela Hult

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Seattle Company, Oscilla Power, Developing Breakthrough Approach to Recharging Underwater Vehicles

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Oscilla Power, Inc. is proud to announce the receipt of a $200k grant from the US DOE to further develop technology that enables autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to recharge themselves using ocean waves. In this Small Business Innovation and Research (SBIR) project, Oscilla Power will collaborate with Lockheed Martin, through their Rotary and Mission Systems group, to explore how this capability can be incorporated into their AUV and UUV systems.

AUVs are now seeing significant use across a wide range of marine applications and the AUV market is projected to grow rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of 20.8% to over $1.6 Billion by 2025. However, the capability of an AUV is limited by its battery capacity. An NREL report noted that there were a number of key advantages in increasing the amount of power available, particularly the ability for longer duration missions. Oscilla's technology offers the ability for the vehicle to recharge its batteries using only the environment, potentially enabling unlimited range and duration.

According to Balky Nair, President of Oscilla Power, "The development of a capability that can be integrated into commercial AUVs to provide enough power to recharge the on-board batteries could be potentially game-changing for ocean science and military operations."

Solar panels have been used previously for AUV recharging, however, this approach suffered from very low power and constrained operations to daytime only. A significant advantage of using waves for this purpose is that ocean waves are more than 100 times more energy dense than solar, allowing for much higher power to be produced. AUV's spend the majority of their time working at depth so higher power is advantageous to minimize surfacing and recharging time.

Oscilla expect to demonstrate a fully working laboratory prototype early next year. If successful, Oscilla plans to work with Lockheed Martin to progress to a full ocean demonstration shortly afterwards, with the ultimate objective of transitioning the technology to commercial and military platforms.

About Oscilla Power, Inc.:

Oscilla Power, Inc. is focused on developing advanced technology to extract energy from ocean waves.

Learn more at:

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Expetitle, a digital title company, has completed a $850,000 fundraising round

MIAMI, Fla. -- Expetitle, a digital title company and a leader in remote real estate closings, announced today it has completed a $850,000 fundraising round. The investment brings Expetitle's total funding to over $1 million and will help the company aggressively expand its sales and marketing efforts, as well as to continue to develop additional product functionality.

This fundraising round builds on an exceptional start to the year for Expetitle which, despite COVID-19, continues to enjoy fast growth. When the virus hit the US and the real estate world needed to move online, Expetitle had already built a completely virtual remote closing process.

"Expetitle is disrupting the title insurance space from the ground up," said Sean Daly, CEO and co-founder of Expetitle. "We have brought in technologists and industry outsiders and matched them with experienced title agents to create a next generation closing experience. We're excited to be partnering with such an amazing group of real estate and venture capital veterans to grow our vision and expand our business. We believe there is an enormous opportunity to create a new-age title company that solves these problems for all parties involved in the closing."

The round was led by Chilean investment fund Beagle Ventures, who were joined by Caoba Capital, and the Arquitectonica family office. LAB Ventures is also following-on in this round after incubating Expetitle in their Startup Studio.

"We are excited to partner with Expetitle for its strong management team and the incredible market opportunity. We have been impressed with both the product and the organization so far, and know we can bring the expertise to help take Expetitle to the next level," stated Pablo Vicuna and Pedro Cabezon of Beagle Ventures.

About Expetitle:

Founded in January 2019, Expetitle was born out of the LAB Ventures startup studio. Expetitle is a Florida statewide title company that delivers fully digital and hybrid closings through one secure collaborative platform that adds transparency to the entire closing process. Expetitle's mission is to provide a better, transparent closing experience for buyers, sellers, and their agents and brokers. Today's consumer is used to doing everything on their phone in real time, why should buying a home be any different?

To learn more about Expetitle, visit

About Beagle Ventures:

Beagle Ventures invests in technology-based service companies that want to be different, generating value for their clients in a creative, responsible and permanent way.

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Perigee Fund Invests in 2020 Mom, Executive Director Joins from Cigna

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- 2020 Mom has been awarded a significant multi-year capacity investment by the Perigee Fund, a philanthropic organization focused in supporting early parenting, so families can thrive.

Effective August 1, 2020 Mom's Board of Directors is pleased to hire Joy Burkhard, MBA, the organization's founder, as its full-time Executive Director. Joy will be departing Cigna after nearly 25 years, where she has held leadership roles in supporting regulatory compliance and quality improvement efforts.

"It's been an honor to work for Cigna, where I have learned about the complex U.S. healthcare system which has enabled me to understand the gaps in our system," said Burkhard. "I'm incredibly grateful for Perigee's investment in 2020 Mom; as a mother and health and well-being change agent, I'm very much looking forward to both having more time with my family and putting 100% of my professional energy and heart into driving more change through the powerful organization, 2020 Mom."

About Perigee Fund

Perigee Fund seeks to expand access to infant and early childhood mental health care and to strengthen support for parents and caregivers who are foundational to children's development. Learn more:

About 2020 Mom

2020 Mom is a social change 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization driving systems and policy change to close gaps in maternal and mental health care. Learn more:

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*Photo caption: Joy Burkhard, MBA.

Media Contact:
Kelly Nielson
(310) 760-1313

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Registration for the National 2020 Virtual Pitch Competition for Entrepreneurs is Now Open

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- The National Entrepreneurs Association will host the 2020 Virtual Pitch Contest for Entrepreneurs Wednesday August 12, 2020 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EDT on Zoom. The event was designed to give entrepreneurs and small business owners an opportunity to gain national exposure for their businesses as well as resources to help them grow.

10 finalists will be chosen from all applicants to pitch their business ideas to a national audience for three minutes on Zoom. A first place winner will be selected by a panel of judges and will receive a $1000 cash prize, a free Dell computer and a one-year membership to the National Entrepreneurs Association. A second place winner will be chosen by the audience and will receive a $500 cash prize, a Dell Computer and a one-year membership to the National Entrepreneurs Association. The event is open to the public and entry is free.

"At a time when people are feeling disconnected, this event is a great way for the business community to connect around a worthy cause and help entrepreneurs grow. The pitch contest will allow entrepreneurs to get some needed exposure for their businesses, obtain funds that they can use immediately and provide a brand new computer so that they can take advantage of the latest technology," said National Entrepreneurs Association President, Dr. ZaLonya Allen.

In addition, the winners will receive a free one-year membership to the National Entrepreneurs Association which includes virtual meetings and free coaching from experienced entrepreneurs.

For more information or to register visit

The event is sponsored by Dell Technologies, maker of laptops, workstations, monitors, servers, storage solutions and more. NEA is a 501(c)(3) member-based non-profit created to help entrepreneurs grow through networking events and training programs.

For additional comments or information please visit or contact NEA President, Dr. ZaLonya Allen at 248-416-7278.

National Entrepreneurs Association, 18444 W 10 Mile Rd Suite 103, Southfield, MI 48075

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Oscilla Power, Inc. Announces Launch of MicroVentures Investment Opportunity

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Oscilla Power, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a private placement offering in accordance with Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF) adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through MicroVentures.

More information can be found at:

Oscilla Power, Inc. is developing advanced technology to extract energy from ocean waves. They are developing the Triton and Triton-C wave energy converters that promise to substantially lower the cost of extracting energy from the ocean. The ocean wave energy market is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 24% to over $15 billion by 2027.

Oscilla Power was founded in 2009 and has received over $20M in federal and over $5M in private funding to develop their technology. They are currently completing construction of their first commercial-scale system, the Triton-C, a 100kW wave energy converter which is expected to be tested in Hawaii next year. This system is currently being constructed in Seattle at the Snow & Company shipyard.

The Triton-C has been substantially funded through the US Department of Energy's Water Power Technologies office, who have committed over $5 Million to date towards the design, development and construction.

According to Oscilla Power's President, Balky Nair, "The bulk of the funds from this new Reg CF raise are intended to go towards completing the final outfitting and early activities towards deployment of the Triton-C in Hawaii."

Oscilla Power expects that the successful demonstration of the 100kW Triton-C wave energy system will be one of the last steps needed to commercialize their wave energy technology and will be a crucial stepping stone to prove the success of the 1 MW utility-scale Triton system in the coming years.

About Oscilla Power, Inc.:

Oscilla Power, Inc. is an ocean wave energy technology company that is developing an advanced wave energy converter aiming to unlock the tremendous renewable energy potential of the world's oceans. For more information, visit:

About MicroVenture Marketplace, Inc.:

MicroVenture Marketplace ("MicroVentures") is a registered broker/dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC. MicroVentures offers the sale of private placements in early and late stage companies in various industries, facilitates secondary transactions in private companies, and serves as a crowdfunding intermediary in accordance with Regulation CF. For more information, please visit:

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*Image caption: Oscilla Power are currently completing construction of their first commercial-scale system, the Triton-C, a 100kW wave energy converter.

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Expert DOJO Invests $1.2 Million in Diverse Startups this June

SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- On June 3, 2020, Expert DOJO has announced that its current accelerator cohort has invested in 12 companies. Of 12 investments made, 9 are minority-led businesses, and of the same 12 investments, 4 have female founders.

Find out more about them in this blog post -

Brian Mac Mahon, Expert DOJO's CEO said, "This is not just a question of fairness, it's a question of common sense. America is a diverse and creatively brilliant country and that is what makes it great."

Mac Mahon encourages all other Angels, Accelerators, Venture Capitalists and influencers in the startup world to make their scorecards public and welcome a new world of opportunity. "This is their chance to invest in a way that will make their children proud."

9 out of the 12 companies are waiting for other investors to follow in Expert Dojo's footsteps and help them raise their seed round of investment. "We really hope America will follow our movement," Mac Mahon said.

About Expert DOJO:

Expert DOJO is the fastest growing start-up community in Southern California based in Santa Monica. It helps early-stage startups through investment, foundation, showcasing, and influence.

Since 2014, It has worked with over 500 startups to accelerate their growth and success. Entrepreneurs love Expert DOJO and the power of our startup community. All entrepreneurs in its programs have agreed to support the whole community as they get stronger together.

Learn more at:

For additional information, please contact us at

Expert DOJO social media accounts:
LinkedIn -
Instagram -
Facebook -
Twitter -
YouTube -
TikTok -

Brian's LinkedIn -

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*Photo caption: Brian Mac Mahon, Expert DOJO's CEO.

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Black-Owned Private Equity Firm Offers Zero-Percent Interest Loans to Businesses of Color Impacted by COVID-19, Civil Unrest

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Today, North Carolina-based, black-owned private equity firm, Building Wealth & Communities (BWC) Capital, announced the launch of the BWC+invest Zero-Percent Interest Loan Program. Developed for small, emerging businesses of color across the country, the program will provide a minimum of $10,000 for businesses disproportionally impacted by temporary and permanent closures due to the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest surrounding recent police brutality and racial bias cases.

Established in partnership with the Racial Equity Institute (REI), a Greensboro, NC-based alliance of racial equity trainers, organizers and institutional leaders, the program grants qualified borrowers three-years to repay the loan with an up to 50% loan forgiveness option.

"The Racial Equity Institute believes that we must begin taking stock of the glacial nature of racial disparities and economic inequity. Current approaches have been a bit anemic in response to the magnitude of issues at hand," said Deena Hayes-Greene, REI's co-founder and managing director. "The murder of George Floyd and the COVID-19 pandemic have presented us with indisputable evidence that the African American community suffers the greatest disproportionality of any group in this state, in this country."

Hayes-Greene adds, "While we will join the masses of people demanding systemic change, we will also join BWC in empowering ourselves and our community by putting our money where our mouth is. We encourage other organizations dedicated to building resilient communities of color to support our efforts to highlight the concerns for a broader approach to closing persistent racial gaps in our community."

BWC's goal is to deploy $10 million in loans over a five-year period to businesses of color. The firm has already committed $100,000 over five years towards the initiative and seeks to encourage single and multi-year investments from institutional investors, philanthropists, and the community-at-large.

"Since inception in 2005, BWC has helped to build financial strategies to ensure infrastructure improvements on black college campuses and access to capital for major projects and businesses in underserved communities of color to the tune of over $1 billion in transactions," said Bridget Chisholm, BWC's founder and managing partner. "We are proud of our accomplishments and economic impacts such as jobs created and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) spending, but we know there is more to do. We refuse to stand by while communities of color collapse under the weight of business inoperability and racial inequities. The time is now, and we heed the call to act on behalf of black community growth and sustainability."

Qualifying businesses of color must have at least one year of operation, two or more full-time equivalent (FTE) employees and an established track record for producing enough cash flow (or a plan to re-establish it) to support loan repayment within a three-year period or to meet the requirements of the up to 50% loan forgiveness guidelines. Each application will be reviewed by a select community development committee within 72 hours of application submission. Loan approvals or disapprovals will be communicated to the applicant no later than seven business days after submissions.

"We believe our communities are in a state of emergency. Therefore, it is in the best interest of our program to work quickly to provide the capital needed to help businesses of color succeed," said Chisholm.

Application submission will open on July 1, 2020.

To donate or apply for the BWC+invest Zero-Percent Interest Loan Program, visit

About BWC Capital

BWC Capital, LLC is a private equity firm headquartered in North Carolina. In operation since 2013, BWC Capital was formed to address opportunities outside the scope of BWC Consulting, a boutique strategy and financial advisory consulting firm in existence since 2005, and in response to the insatiable demand and widening the gap for access to capital by emerging-and-growth-oriented businesses. To learn more about BWC Capital, visit


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Bunk 57 Ministries Receives a $40,126 grant to reshape the lives of Minority Young Men

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Bunk 57 Ministries has received a $40,126 grant from the Mecklenburg County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council to fund its Youth Discipleship Program for minority youth, young men ages 12-17.

Bunk 57 Ministries is a non-profit organization serving the metro Charlotte area. The "Youth Discipleship" program partners young men ages 12-17 with a mentor that will take them through a 12- month mentoring program with a holistic approach.

The JCPC Grant will be used to provide one on one mentoring including group growth sessions, community service projects and educational and social excursions.

"We are excited to expand our efforts to transform the mindset of young men headed down the wrong path. The JCPC grant helps with training materials and the resources and personnel needed to support both mentors and program participants. Our mentors will work with our young men to focus on their mental, social, emotional and spiritual well-being in addition to academia," says, Ira Lawrence, Founder of Bunk 57 Ministries.


Bunk 57 Ministries diverts youth from the school to prison pipeline, provides faith-based media through hip-hop and cinema projects and advances successful re-entry using faith-based practices through education, training and discipleship.

Bunk 57 Ministries is seeking additional mentors to work with the young men accepted into the program and is accepting donations to assist with additional funding to include its Life Restoration and Hip-Hop and Cinema programs.

For more information on Bunk 57 Ministries and how you can support efforts to change lives, please visit or call 980-553-0108.

Media Contact:
Ira Lawrence, Founder
Bunk 57 Ministries

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