A Timely Innovation that Forever Changes Cleaning Industry

CLEVELAND, Ohio — MicroShield 360 has expanded their product offering to include MicroShield 360 Pure, an all-natural approach to cleaning and disinfection. The on-site machines utilize nothing more than salt, water and electricity to produce unlimited amounts of six different cleaning and disinfecting chemicals entirely on-demand.

The products range from oil-emulsifying degreasers to hospital-grade disinfectants and even glass and stainless-steel cleaners. The focus is to swap out a business’s current toxic cleaning chemicals for a “plug and play” approach that’s all-natural. There will be no long-term agreements — the machines and all preventative maintenance will be included in a low, fixed monthly cost equaling pennies a gallon for the end user. No matter the size or arrangement of the facility, MicroShield 360 Pure has a package available to fit your specific needs.

“We’re excited about the new offering and think it couldn’t be timelier given our inflationary market where traditional chemicals are already seeing double digit price increases,” says Steve Kubec, VP of MicroShield 360. “Our machines not only swap out traditional toxic products for an all-natural and 100% sustainable approach but we’re a hedge against this growing inflation with our fixed pricing model. We’re showing clients greater than 25% monthly savings on average.”

MicroShield 360 is focused on innovative approaches to creating cleaner and healthier methods for facility maintenance.

For additional information on the new MicroShield 360 Pure product line, please visit https://microshield360.com/ or call them directly at 800-686-4360.

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