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Las Vegas Chef Icon, Food and Travel Go Hand in Hand in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Many Las Vegas residents may recognize Chef Dominic Tedesco, from "Chef Live" on local cable. He cooks up a storm in his Las Vegas, restaurant Unique Eats. He loves sharing his passion of great food and great travel opportunities.

Chef Dominic shares, "After the blows of a powerful pandemic, it's time to get our feet back into restaurants, and of course travel destinations."

Chef Dominic is bringing discount travel to Las Vegas. The big difference that Chef Dominic is introducing to the Vegas traveler, is wholesale prices; with up to 65% off of hotel rooms, up to 35% off of cruises, and the use of unlimited time share weeks without the necessity of having to own the timeshare.

In a recent interview, the Chef discussed how his passion for food, people, and travel have been his utmost trifecta of priority. With all of the current travel inflation that is affecting so many traveling families, business travelers, group organizations, Dominic felt this timing is "spot on," especially for discount travel.

The result is an Open Invitation to his restaurant for free dinner, Unique Eats, in Las Vegas to view what most would consider hugely significant travel discounts. Chef Dominic will be providing all of his free dinner guests with free use of the Discount Travel website for 2 weeks to readily identify the savings that can be obtained. Chef Dominic will also be giving door prizes, and a free 4-night, 5-day trip to Paradisus Resort, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. This trip for 2 will be given away, after the free dinner at his restaurant.

Chef Dominic says, "I believe in bringing resources to the people. Las Vegas is my home and my family."

Reservations are necessary. RSVP thru for April 28, 2022 at 6 p.m. Mangia!

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Executive Chef and Restaurateur Engages the Discount Travel Industry

LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Chef Dominic Tedesco who has published in Clean Eating, Salsa magazine & Las Vegas Review, and multiple news interviews, is interested in expanding his interests in travel. He has been an Executive Chef & Celebrity Chef, and owns the restaurant, "Unique Eats," in Las Vegas.

Chef Tedesco is pleased to announce that he is combining his passions for food and people into the enjoyment of the many advantages of the discount travel industry.

Chef Tedesco states in an interview, "The pleasures of life involve the enjoyment of great food, great company, and great travel. As much as I like to work, great travel allows a person to enjoy some of the finer parts of life that often get overlooked. What is better than sharing competitive discounts in travel- especially in these tough times - which helps everyone get ahead."

Chef Dominic had a brilliant idea of incorporating his love of sharing discount travel into his restaurant. Chef Dominic, serves the community with morning and brunch venue, is opening his restaurant in the evening for a special dinner to introduce his latest venture in discount travel.

Chef Dominic invites the Las Vegas area to join him for dinner on April 28, 2022 at 6 p.m. You must RSVP due to limited seating.

For more information, and receive an invitation, please go to

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This news story was published by the Neotrope® News Network - all rights reserved.