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A Whisper in The Shadows: A Modern crime thriller where two worlds are about to collide

PENTICTON, B.C. -- Scott Macfadyen's crime thriller, "A Whisper in The Shadows" (ISBN: 978-0228882787) follows former assassin Layla, a devoted mother and wife. When someone from her past is gunned down and left for dead, Layla returns to her old life - one that her family knows nothing about. Now Layla must keep her secret safe from her family while searching for those that shot her mentor, the man who saved her from a life on the streets and turned her into a hitwoman. Layla races against time while navigating twists and turns before her dark past catches up to her and her family becomes a target.

Scott Macfadyen is a Canadian author with a passion for storytelling. He enjoys spending time with his wife Tabitha and his dog Carly either traveling or living off-grid where he can work on his writing. Scott spent over 20 years as a chef in restaurants, Pubs, and resorts, but knew his calling was to write from an early age. In his younger years, he wrote many stories, sharing them with his schoolmates.

Scott has a true passion for the escapism of literature and has been crafting the idea of "A Whisper In The Shadows" for many years. Scott is currently working on future novels and hopes to publish his second book in the near future.

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Genre: Thriller / Crime

Released: December 29, 2022

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 978-0228882787


Publisher: Tellwell ( )

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