e2b software Launches Custom Cloud Computing Software Development

Author: e2b software
Dateline: Chardon, Ohio (CHARDON, Ohio)  | Tue, 17 May 2011

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “e2b software, a business software developer, announced today that the company now offers customized business software development services deployed via cloud computing technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Azure.”

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e2b software (www.e2bsoft.com), a business software developer, announced today that the company now offers customized business software development services deployed via cloud computing technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Azure.

"For decades, companies have relied on homegrown custom databases or they maintained lists of critical information in Microsoft Excel," said e2b software President Bill Henslee. "These databases, custom spreadsheets, and disparate applications served their purpose but were often very expensive, limited only to internal employees, and most weren't completely integrated with their other business systems or processes. With cloud computing we can provide custom software that is more affordable, has a lower cost of ownership, is developed and delivered faster due to cloud technologies, and is available via the web to anyone, anywhere, anytime, in a secured and connected environment."

Cloud computing allows businesses to build customized databases and business software that can be accessed anywhere the user has an Internet connection and valid log-in to the secured application. Cloud computing reduces expenses associated with the purchase of hardware and infrastructure as well as reduced costs for ongoing support and maintenance of hardware and infrastructure.

In addition, e2b software provides onshore development and consulting resources which reduce time zone and language challenges; the ability for customers to protect their investment through portable source code escrow services; optional maintenance and support contracts for custom business software; and e2b's expertise in technical and transactional enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems.

"Most custom cloud developers are simply customizing an existing cloud application developed by a major publisher," said Henslee. "We provide businesses with a customized business application that is unique to them, designed to their specifications, and developed from the ground up with integration with their existing business systems."

e2b software customers utilize cloud computing and custom software development for ecommerce storefronts, online asset management databases for test equipment, non-stock inventory systems for point of sale assets, customer self-service web portals, customer support portals, employee intranets, rental systems, and other custom applications.

About e2b software:

e2b software (www.e2bsoft.com) helps businesses take their custom software, databases, and spreadsheets to the cloud. These applications are critical but are often isolated within the organization. Cloud computing allows businesses to share information internally and externally using the latest Microsoft technologies and other development platforms. Custom programming services are also available for other programming languages and databases. Custom business software include business websites; ecommerce storefronts; customer, vendor, partner, and employee portals; inventory tracking systems; and business intelligence, online reporting, and executive dashboards. e2b software also develops Anytime Collect (www.anytimecollect.com) accounts receivable collections management and e2b 500 supply chain solutions for Sage ERP MAS 500.


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Story Title: e2b software Launches Custom Cloud Computing Software Development
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