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ASHEVILLE, N.C. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Patience pays off. After several months of business development and research, Write Away, Inc. announces that its pavement-pounding techniques have paid off. “While business has been steady, we’ve been focused on bringing the business to the next level. Planted seeds are finally beginning to take root,” Bryan Sullivan, co-owner says.

New clients come from varied backgrounds and include the finance, healthcare, food and beverage and business services’ sectors.

So, why is business booming? It seems that more and more, busy operations are taking advantage of outsourcing to local companies, especially when it comes to content writing.

“Content writing for U.S.-based businesses is difficult to outsource to countries outside of the U.S. because a clear understanding of specific terms and language are needed. So, local outsourcing is the answer,” Sullivan says.

The benefits of local outsourcing are many – the top two are saving time and money.

Additionally, different content types require different skill sets, so even if a company has a fabulous writer on staff, he or she may not be right for all projects. Having different writers for different content types is similar to assembling a baseball team; player strengths are matched to their positions. For example, your in-house writer may be great at writing press releases, but has limited knowledge about writing sales copy or for the web.

So, if a team doesn’t have time to write targeted and effective content, local outsourcing may be the key. It will allow in-house employees to focus more on business development and client retention.

About Write Away, Inc.:
Write Away, Inc. is a full-service editorial company that handles writing, proofing and editing needs for all forms of media – print and digital. It’s the “go-to” content creation resource.

For more information, visit: www.writeawayplus.com .

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Liisa Sullivan
of Write Away, Inc.

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