Tenorshare Announces its Windows Boot Genius Renamed as 4DDiG

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Tenorshare has renamed its Windows Boot Genius as 4DDiG. This change also brings a one-stop solution to recover and erase data, manage and clone Windows partitions, and reset passwords at a much more affordable price.

4DDiG has also improved this software’s auto repair and security function to repair systems from Blue/Black screens and crashes securely and in minutes.


1. Forgotten your password or lost your product key? 4DDiG Windows Boot Genius can help reset the Windows Administrator password and product key.

2. It offers a “Data Recovery” feature to recover data from formatted drives, crashed systems, and lost partitions. 4DDiG Windows Boot Genius can even retrieve data from unbootable drives.

3. Users can use it to back up images, documents, audio, and videos and restore them later.

4. This software can help create, organize and manage Windows partitions and efficiently manage files and folders.

5. In addition, it can boot systems that won’t start and auto-repair Windows, suffering from Welcome screen issues, Blue/Black screens, random reboots, and screen freezes.

6. It provides a “Disk Partition Cloning” feature to clone existing disks and restore the OS and files when users want to upgrade their existing disks. Users can also use the cloned disk to restore a corrupted OS.

7. If users are worried about their sensitive data being recovered by others, this tool can wipe it to make it irrecoverable.


1. 1-Month License: This subscription is available for one month at $18.95 with free upgrades for individuals.

2. 1-Year License: This subscription is available for one month at $35.95 with free upgrades for individuals.

3. Lifetime License: This subscription offers a lifetime of license for individuals at $64.95 with free upgrades for individuals.

4. Annual Business Plan: This plan is for businesses and is billed annually at $55.95. It comes with free technical assistance and one year of free upgrades. Users can use the software on 3PCs at once.

About 4DDiG Windows Boot Genius:

Worried about your system not booting properly or recovering data from an unbootable disk? 4DDiG Windows Boot Genius provides a one-in-all solution for resolving Windows issues, recovering data, managing partitions, and resetting passwords.

Whether you cannot find your Windows OS or start your system due to drive, SD card, USB, hardware, or memory problems, it can auto-repair the OS. Moreover, it is 100% safe and can clone partitions, backup, restore, and wipe sensitive data. Still doubtful? Grab the 4DDiG Windows Boot Genius from the 4DDiG official store and enjoy it.

For more details, visit: https://4ddig.tenorshare.com/windows-boot-genius.html

International versions:

4DDiG Windows Boot Genius Español – https://4ddig.tenorshare.com/es/windows-boot-genius.html

4DDiG Windows Boot Genius Français – https://4ddig.tenorshare.com/fr/windows-boot-genius.html

4DDiG Windows Boot Genius 日本語 – https://4ddig.tenorshare.com/jp/windows-boot-genius.html

4DDiG Windows Boot Genius Português – https://4ddig.tenorshare.com/br/windows-boot-genius.html

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