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New Book, ‘Tales of a Silver-Haired Volunteer’ Educates and Entertains

WARWICK, N.Y. -- Leaving her comfort zone, having adventurous fun, and being useful are at the heart of Carole Howard's new travel memoir, "Tales of a Silver-Haired Volunteer: Going Far and Giving Back" (ISBN: 978-1619844568). The book documents the author's and her husband's late-in-life volunteer travels to Africa and Asia. Some are funny. Some are serious. Many are both.

It all started over a meal of spaghetti with sloppy red sauce, wine, and discussions of mortality. Howard and her husband, Geoffrey, had always thought about joining the Peace Corps together some day since he'd been a volunteer many years ago. They just hadn't realized "some day" had arrived. What now? They'd need to retire from their consulting business. Could they do it? They did.

"It made sense to travel after retirement. We'd done a lot of it and were good at it," Howard says. "But most of our trips had been the regular 10-day to two-week kind - hiking, biking and touring different cities and countries. This would be different."

They found that American Jewish World Service (AJWS) sought mid- and post-career professionals for volunteer assignments ranging from one month to one year. This was perfect. They applied and were accepted. What began as "let's give it a shot," turned into a series of life-changing adventures.

Published by Gatekeeper Press, each section of "Tales of a Silver-Haired Volunteer" consists of "verbal snapshots" of five very different assignments in five countries in the developing world: irrigated agriculture in Senegal, mountain gorilla health in Uganda, orphan care in Namibia, sex education in Thailand and AIDS prevention among sex workers in Ghana.

Howard's unique perspective, combined with her sense of humor, provides insights into people and their cultures. It also provides insight into Howard's self and subsequent evolution.

"Carole and Geoffrey accepted assignments, settled into whatever accommodations were available, and took on the challenges and satisfactions of living in a different culture, developing relationships with different people and bonding with them over the work to be done," Ruth Messinger, the president of American Jewish World Service, says in the book's foreword. "Wherever they went, they discovered that most important piece of learning - the extent to which people everywhere share values and personal stories that can bring us together instead of setting us apart."

Howard says that she wrote this book not only to tell tales of the good, the hard, and the laughable, but also in hopes that it might inspire readers to think that they can do something similar.

"Whether it be for a week, a month, a year or in recurring increments over the years, these experiences will change the way readers see the world and themselves," she adds.

A portion of book sales will be donated to AJWS.

About the Author:

Carole Howard lives with her husband in New York's mid-Hudson Valley. A world traveler, she has been to more than 50 countries. She is the co-author of "The Great PARIS WalkPack," a collection of self-guided walking tours of Paris, and the author of two novels, "About Face" and "Deadly Adagio."

More information:

About American Jewish World Service:

American Jewish World Service is the first and only Jewish organization dedicated solely to ending poverty and promoting human rights in the developing world. Through philanthropy and advocacy, they have addressed some of the gravest global problems of our time - genocide, AIDS, violence against women and girls, hatred of LGBT people and the horrific consequences of natural and human-made disasters.

For more information:

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Professional Auditing Services of America Announces Its New 2016 Contingency Based Digital Accounts Payable Recovery Dashboard

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- Professional Auditing Services of America (PAS) announced today that it will make its newly engineered and proprietary Accounts Payable Digital Recovery Dashboard (Progress Report) available to all new clients free of charge. The Dashboard is an easy to read, single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status (snapshot) of PAS' contingency based recovery review progress and supplier trends.

The PAS Dashboard will also depict the client's Procurement/Disbursement process, as it relates to various types of overpayment recoveries and key performance indicators that ultimately enable instantaneous and informed improvement decisions to be made at a glance.

Specifically, the Recovery Dashboard is displayed via a secure portal located on PAS' web page that is linked to a secure database which allows the report to be constantly updated in real-time. The PAS Dashboard would allow authorized users to see the high-level recovery process and then drill down into low level data and documentation. This level of detail is often buried deep within the organization and otherwise unavailable to senior executives.

The benefits of using PAS' Dashboard include: visual presentation of performance measures, ability to identify and correct negative trends, measure efficiencies/inefficiencies, ability to generate detailed reports, on demand, showing new trends, ability to make more informed decisions based on collected business intelligence, align strategies and organizational goals, saves time compared to analyzing multiple reports, provides total visibility of all contingency based recoveries instantly, and provides quick identification of recovery claim outliers and correlations at a glance.

"Times are hard for businesses. Every dollar counts," said company CEO, Roy D. Jackson., CPA. "PAS performs a variety of cost reduction/profit recovery services on a 100 percent contingency fee basis. No 'front-end or back-end' costs/fees. Which means more money goes back to the company's bottom line."

Many organizations don't have the resources or the time to undertake a project such as a Recovery Engagement. PAS has identified recoveries for a number of clients that total over $1 million per/engagement. PAS identifies recoveries, and shares with its clients how to avoid making such overpayments in the future.

The PAS Team Facilitators review 100 percent of the accounts payable invoice records going as far back as 3 years to look for exceptions that were never correctly refunded: overcharges, incorrect invoice pricing, duplicate payments, missed cash discounts, excess freight charges, sales/ other accrued regulatory taxes paid in error, credits for returned goods never received, telecommunication & utility overcharges and vendor database maintenance.

All organizations are encouraged to check out PAS's website and see if this 100 percent contingency fee based cost recovery review is right for them, but do it soon, otherwise these overpayments maybe lost forever.

More information:

About Professional Auditing Services of America:

Based in Southfield, Michigan, Professional Auditing Services has been recovering tens of millions of dollars with their unique and specialized auditing techniques for large organizations for over 22 years. Professional Auditing Services is a nationally acclaimed Accounts Payable Recovery Firm serving a large client base applicable to all large organizations. The company is comprised of a team of independent, fully bonded, accountants. We are constantly developing more effective strategic approaches, "drilling down" and recovering over 75 different varieties of duplicate & over payments. This includes: using duplicate payment detection algorithms to identify fuzzy matching; vendor database maintenance; regulatory tax recoveries; telecommunication; and systems and process reviews.

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EPIC’s Bill Cosgrove and Mark Niebuhr to Present at Globalaw’s European Regional Meeting in Amsterdam

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants, a retail property, casualty insurance brokerage and employee benefits consultant, announced today that Managing Principal and Practice Leader for the Financial Risk Solutions Practice Bill Cosgrove and Senior Vice President Mark Niebuhr will present at Globalaw ERM Amsterdam on Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 10:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at the Sofitel Legend the Grand Hotel in Amsterdam.

The event will bring together some of the most prominent, European and global legal leaders for three-days of meetings, showcasing a rich business program including interactive presentations, forums with prominent moderators as well as live discussions and networking opportunities.

Cosgrove and Niebuhr will highlight the international capabilities of EPIC's Financial Risk Solutions Practice, and its commitment to providing innovative risk management and insurance solutions to global law firms and other professional services organizations. EPIC is both a Globalaw strategic partner and sponsor.

About Bill Cosgrove, Managing Principal & Practice Leader, Financial Risk Solutions Practice, EPIC:

Based in New York, Cosgrove is a managing principal and practice leader for the Financial Risk Solutions practice. He brings 30 years of insurance industry underwriting, production, marketing, client service, management and executive leadership experience to the firm. He is a specialist in the areas of directors and officers, employment practices, cyber and fiduciary liability, crime insurance, transactional risk, as well as trade and structured credit. Cosgrove and his team have created several bespoke products for EPIC clients across the product mix, incorporating market-leading policy and price metrics. He will continue to grow EPIC's business in this sector.

Prior to joining EPIC, Cosgrove spent eight years with Willis Group Holdings, where he held various leadership roles in their Financial Institutions practice, most recently as executive vice president, Financial Institutions Group.

He also served in director and practice leader positions at Frank Crystal & Company and USI Insurance Holdings, Inc. for six years. Earlier in his career, he was regional underwriting manager at ACE USA (formerly CIGNA Corporation), where he was responsible for specialty risk products throughout a sixteen-state region on the East Coast.

Cosgrove earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio.

About Mark Niebuhr, Senior Vice President, EPIC:

Mark Niebuhr is a senior vice president at EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants, a retail property, casualty insurance brokerage and employee benefits consultant. He started his career in the insurance industry with the Royal Insurance Co. in 1977 and moved on to the brokerage side in 1981. Since that time, he's worked with both regional and national brokerages, providing risk management and insurance expertise to a variety of middle market companies across the nation. Niebuhr is a native Californian and a graduate of California State University, Chico.

About Globalaw European Regional Meeting:

Together with host firms Rutgers & Posch and Atlas Tax Lawyers, Globalaw welcomes attendees to the Globalaw European Regional Meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from June 9 to 11, 2016. At the heart of Europe, Amsterdam is the European Regional Meeting's ideal destination for exploring synergies between and among member firms for the benefit of their global clients. The meeting will take place at the Sofitel Legend the Grand Hotel, known as one of the most historical and luxury venues in Amsterdam.

About EPIC:

EPIC is a unique and innovative retail property and casualty and employee benefits insurance brokerage and consulting firm. EPIC has created a values-based, client-focused culture that attracts and retains top talent, fosters employee satisfaction and loyalty and sustains a high level of customer service excellence. EPIC team members have consistently recognized their company as a "Best Place to Work" in multiple regions and as a "Best Place to Work in the Insurance Industry" nationally.

EPIC now has more than 850 team members operating from offices across the U.S., providing Property Casualty, Employee Benefits, Specialty Programs and Private Client solutions to more than 13,000 clients.

With more than $200 million in revenues, EPIC ranks among the top 20 retail insurance brokers in the United States. Backed by the Carlyle Group, the company continues to expand organically and through strategic acquisitions across the country. For additional information, please visit


David Hock, of EPIC

Nicole Conley

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Big Data Analysis now Available for Small and Mid-size Firms

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A revolution in the way huge amounts of information are quantified and interpreted is leading to massive benefits for companies that heretofore had no access to such services. According to Casey Gauss of the Viral Launch Research Division (the research division of, forecasting and planning tools that were once only available to big corporations with expansive IT budgets can now be accessed by smaller companies.

"We've extensively analyzed millions of data points from over 8,000 Amazon product launches," says Gauss, "and what we've learned about spotting trends, predicting results, and getting product's ranking on Amazon's coveted first page is priceless."

"The more information you have on millions of customers and products, the more you can make intelligent decisions going forward," says the Division's John Toomey.

Viral Launch has helped thousands of customers take advantage of Amazon and Google's algorithms to make millions of dollars. They have helped to turn six figure earners into 7 figure earners, and 7 figure companies into 8 figure companies, and have even taken one company into the 9 figure echelon.

"You don't have to be as big as Apple or IBM to gain access to these types of insights," says Gauss. "What you need is a partner who compiles tons of this data all day long, and analyzes it in a hundred different ways to find the kernels of wisdom that will help a company reach the next level."

For more information, the Viral Launch Research Division can be contacted at or visit

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Audition now for youth music academy programs in California and Spain

FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- Building on the success of its 2015 partnership, CAMMO, the Center for American Military Music Opportunities, is again joining forces with The Collective Sound (TCS) youth music program to offer an exciting summer experience for two children of active duty military personnel. CAMMO is hoping to send one student to TCS' Costa Mesa, Calif., camp and another to the camp in Barcelona, Spain. CAMMO is now accepting audition videos through June 21, 2016.

The summer academy is designed to give youth ages 12-18 an authentic music experience in writing, performance, recording and touring through the vehicle of rock, electronic and popular music, and to challenge the current boundaries of music education. Young musicians from all over the globe attend the annual program. CAMMO partnered with TCS in 2015 to send a child to the organization's California camp and is hoping to expand its reach to the Barcelona camp for 2016 for the military children station in Europe.

Academy students are divided into bands that work together to write and rehearse original material daily in preparation for recording studio time and live performances. Participants will also shoot a music video with their band. Those attending the Barcelona camp will have the added opportunity to learn basic Catalan and Castilian Spanish if they choose (English is the program's primary language). They will also enjoy local flamenco and jazz music, visit Mediterranean beaches, explore the architecture of Gaudi, and visit historic landmarks and sites.

For more information on the California and Barcelona curricula and schedules, click

Nia Fajota, CAMMO's 2015 camp participant, attended TCS' California program. At age 13 and as an only child whose parents are both active duty military, Nia established lifelong friendships at the camp. "This isn't an experience you'd want to miss," she said. You can check out photos from TCS camps at

How to apply:

Children of active duty military personnel based in the U.S. or abroad are encouraged to submit a video of no more than 90 seconds that showcases their talent, to no later than June 21, 2001.

A review board consisting of representatives from TCS and CAMMO will evaluate each video and select a winner and one alternate winner for each camp. Cost for the three-week experience, including travel expenses, is approximately $4,095, which will be covered for the selected students through a special CAMMO scholarship. There are also sponsorship opportunities still available.

If you have any questions, please contact, and if you would like to know more about CAMMO's other music programs for children of active duty military personnel, including the popular CAMMO KIDS program, go to their web site at

For more information on The Collective Sound, visit their web site at
About CAMMO:

CAMMO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2009 by U.S. Navy veteran Cathie Lechareas and U.S. Army veteran Victor Hurtado that believes in the healing power of music. Run by veterans for veterans and active-duty service members, CAMMO provides military-specific music programs to help past and present service members suffering from neurological impairments such as traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). CAMMO also develops military and veteran artists, technicians, writers and musicians at its CAMMO centers.

Through its Soundtrack to Recovery in-reach program, CAMMO brings certified music therapists, musicians and volunteers to hospital Residential Treatment Centers. And CAMMO's Guitars Revitalizing Our Warriors Through Healing (GROWTH) program encourages positivity, motivation and hope through full-spectrum guitar and music instruction. For more information about CAMMO, visit

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Wireless Leader 5 Bars to Bring Cutting-Edge Wi-Fi and Cell Systems to Morongo Casino Resort and Spa

IRVINE, Calif. -- 5 Bars(TM) announced today it will be building and installing a state-of-the-art multi-carrier Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa in Cabazon, California. Once the system is installed in the coming months, Morongo guests will experience a profound improvement in wireless connectivity and data speeds within the resort due to the extended reach and connectivity of the DAS.

5 Bars will design and engineer the wireless network to exceed requirements and specification parameters, to ensure Morongo guests will enjoy five bars of cellular coverage and superior cellular capacity on their smartphones across the sprawling 44 acre resort. 5 Bars is working with all the major carriers in order to drive carrier participation.

"The new 5 Bars system will ensure that our guests have continuous cell and wireless coverage with no interruptions no matter where they are in our resort so they can instantly post on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat when they hit their next jackpot," said John James, Chief Operating Officer at the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa. "The new 5 Bars system will further strengthen Morongo's cell and wireless connectivity so we can continue to provide our guests with the very best resort experience."

The 5 Bars team brings more than two decades of invaluable experience in deploying, maintaining and managing wireless networks.

"We believe with the right technology, leadership and dedication, high-density public venues such as casinos can experience faster and reliable wireless connectivity," said John Clarey, CEO for 5 Bars. "With Morongo Casino Resort & Spa attracting tens of thousands of guests every day, the opportunity to demonstrate our superior capabilities and deliver this project couldn't come at a better time."

5 Bars offers fully managed wireless solutions, including monitoring services, RF assessments, alarming, connection surveys, analytics, remote troubleshooting, break-fix, spares, on-site repair and event support.

About 5 Bars:

5 Bars(TM) is a privately held company in Irvine Calif. that provides wireless master planning for communities, stadiums and large-scale venues through master planning network development, ownership and management. 5 Bars works with venue owners to design, build, operate, monetize and maintain state-of-the-art seamless wireless networks with world-class infrastructure while enhancing wireless connectivity. 5 Bars is a leading provider of commercial indoor and outdoor neutral host DAS, small cells and high density carrier-grade Wi-Fi networks. For more information, visit:

About the Morongo Casino Resort & Spa:

The 4-Diamond Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa is located along the 10 Freeway near Palm Springs, Calif. Owned and operated by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, the Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa offers the hottest slots and an array of table and high-limit gaming at one of the largest tribal gaming centers in the United States. The towering 27-story resort features five top-rated restaurants, a stunning swimming pool with private cabanas, a world-class spa, popular nightclub, legendary live entertainment and, nearby, the 36-hole championship Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon. For more information, visit

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Pavaso Named Approved Vendor for eSignatures with Caliber Home Loans

PLANO, Texas -- Pavaso, Inc., a digital process and collaboration solutions provider, announced it has been approved as an eSignature vendor for digital mortgages by Irving, Texas-based Caliber Home Loans (Caliber). As a result, Caliber will now accept loans from its correspondent lenders that were completed using Pavaso's Digital Close(SM) platform for eSign or eClosing. According to industry volume rankings, Caliber Home Loans was the No. 5 correspondent lender in the nation in 2015, with its 850+ correspondents originating more than $6.6 billion.

"It's encouraging to see major industry players like Caliber understand the need to shift towards a more digital mortgage transaction and make strides to do so," said Mark McElroy, CEO and president of Pavaso. "While eSign is only one component of the eClosing process, adopting eSign into the closing process is an important first step in the path towards a fully digital closing, and one which will make it easier than ever for lenders like Caliber to make this transition."

The Digital Close platform enables lenders to conduct mortgage closings in a variety of formats, from an entirely paper-based transaction to a hybrid paper-eSign environment all the way to a fully electronic closing (i.e. eClosing). The platform is designed to facilitate electronic communication and collaboration between every transaction stakeholder, creating a single electronic repository for all loan documentation and communication. With eSign and eNotarization capability, everyone signs digitally and notaries can even verify and stamp the documents digitally.

About Pavaso:

Pavaso is redefining real estate for the real world by connecting everyone in the real estate lifecycle through powerfully simple innovation. For more information on how our platform and solutions can help you meet TILA-RESPA compliance, digitally transform your organization, and dramatically enhance the consumer experience, call us at 866-288-7051 or visit

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Decorative Concrete Driveways Leave a Lasting Impression on Denver’s New Home Owners

DENVER, Colo. -- Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools is leading a growing trend in the ever competitive Denver Home Market. Homeowners are now refinishing their driveways with decorative concrete rather than replacing them, in order to increase curb appeal, and differentiate their home in the hyper-competitive and dynamic Colorado Real Estate Market.

Coming from the custom pool and decorative patio space industry, Dan Yalacki of Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools recognized the demand for homeowners to highlight and make their properties stand out among the crowd, and increase both the appeal, as well as the property value. With the ever changing Colorado weather, these homeowners have also discovered that refinishing their driveways, rather than replacing them, is less expensive, easier, faster, and also makes the home more attractive in the process.

The driveways refinished with decorative concrete, such as CRS's own Duracrete 2000, provide a beautiful and long lasting impact to the look of a home. Looking more decorative countertops, rather than just a dull driveway, these custom decorative driveways are the newest home improvement for those considering replacing an older driveway.

"Homeowners can choose from adding a decorative acid stain from multiple colors before adding a sealant that prevents the driveway from future cracking and deterioration. They can also add decorative borders to the sides of their driveway, walkway, or porch to make the entryway or patio pop," stated Dan Yalacki, owner of CRS, and Denver's longest running decorative concrete contractor. Providing decorative concrete solutions for custom pools, patios, and driveways, CRS is known as the creator of several long-lasting Duracrete 2000 home improvement options.

About Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools:
Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools is Denver's premier decorative contractor, providing Colorado homeowners with the ultimate in custom designs and installation for all of their decorative concrete needs. Proudly serving Colorado and the greater Denver Metro Region for nearly 40 years under the same ownership, CRS provides its clientele with the ultimate in quality resort style living in their own property. With a full-time architectural designer with over 30 years, CRS ensures its clients get the most out of their decorative concrete investment.

More information:

Media Contact:
Dan Yalacki
Concrete Restoration Systems by Malibu Pools:

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DVDFab Brings Two More Astounding Features to the Table

BEIJING, China -- On June 4, 2016, Fengtao Software released an official update to its multimedia software package of DVDFab product line, bringing for the first time two amazing new features to the current version Among the two new features, one allows users to remove unwanted audio tracks while compressing a full disc Blu-ray down to BD 25 size, while the other one enables users to keep the original navigation menu or add custom menu while doing a custom Blu-ray backup.

Does Compression Always Mean Poor Video Quality?

Traditional concept has it that if a video file is compressed, no matter what the compression rate is, it always results in a certain rate of quality loss in the compressed file. This used to be true, when there was short of technology to improve the compression process. But now, that perspective needs to be reviewed. Developers at Fengtao Software Inc. just announced that they have found a brand new way to maximize the video quality while doing a full disc compression with its Blu-ray copy software.

The solution lets users selectively remove the unnecessary audio tracks, like a DTS HD Master audio not in user's native language, when trying to shrink down an entire Blu-ray disc to fit a BD25 size. By removing all those unwanted audio tracks, the nominal bit rate of the final video increased almost 50 percent compared to the parallel test which removes no audios at all, meaning the video quality nearly doubled.

Customize Mode Now Allows to Keep Blu-ray Menu:

Fengtao Software Inc. is the first and probably also the only software contender so far that offers a perfect customize solution for Blu-ray backup users to freely select any content from a Blu-ray disc to make backup. Now developers are making this unique experience even more superior, the just-released DVDFab added another state-of-art technology to this brilliant Blu-ray copy tool which gives the users the option to preserve the native navigation menu from the genuine Blu-ray disc, or to add their own custom menus from the internal menu templates which users have previously seen in the DVD creator software, Blu-ray creating tool, and also the Blu-ray to DVD converter software. This could be another winning point over the competitors.

Customizable Blu-ray backup plus the menu navigation experience, definitely a killing feature that nobody wants to lose.

To get your hands on these top-notch solutions, just download DVDFab officially at

VIDEO (YouTube):

About Fengtao Software:
Fengtao Software Inc., a professional multimedia software provider, has been dedicated to working on DVD cloner, DVD copy, Blu-ray copy, DVD ripper, DVD/Blu-ray conversion, video converter, DVD creator, Blu-ray creator, Blu-ray media player, etc. for more than 11 years with its well-known DVDFab software. It has more than 50 million global users. More information at:

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Uproar Entertainment Announces New Comedy CD by Steven Briggs – Young Comedian on the Rise!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Uproar Entertainment is excited to announce the release of Steven Briggs' first comedy CD "Whiskey Dick." Recorded in front of a live audience at The Comedy Underground in Seattle, Washington, this CD "introduces a new kind of comedic voice, one which can't be placed into any particular box."

Steven Briggs is known for his unique, high-energy comedy stylings which are an entertaining combination of personal storytelling, song, and beatboxing. He began honing these skills early on in a family of storytellers in which his mom would dress him up in a tux and have him retell stories about her to her friends. These early performances prepared him well for a successful career in comedy.

He has appeared on the major television networks Fox, A&E, ABC and ESPN and has been seen in numerous TV commercials. He holds the singular distinction of being featured in President Bill Clinton's all-time favorite commercial, which aired on ESPN.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, where he is now based, Briggs was promptly greeted by a Marilyn Monroe impersonator who robbed him. Not one to focus on the negative, Briggs quickly found his footing and moved on. He has delighted audiences at some of the best known comedy clubs across the U.S., including The Laugh Factory, Flappers Comedy Club, Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, the legendary Ice House Comedy Club, and Gotham in New York.

In addition to touring throughout the U.S., Briggs has toured internationally in Addis Ababa, Djibouti, Kuwait, Bahrain and Colombia where he headlined Caza Teatro. He is also a USO tour vet, having performed for American troops in Greenland, Honduras, Curaçao, Bahamas and Guantanamo Bay.

According to The Stand Up Comedy Magazine, Briggs is "a true entertainer. He gets laughs from all angles, by any means necessary. Briggs' stories are the best kind of insane...." Without question, Steven Briggs is a young comedian on the brink of super stardom!


About Uproar Entertainment:

Uproar Entertainment is committed to recording and promoting today's most talented comedians. Under the helm of David Drozen, the man who discovered Richard Pryor in early 1970, signed him to his first recording contract, and produced 12 of his albums for the legendary comedy label Laff Records, Uproar nurtures, supports and develops the best comedic talents of our time.

With an unparalleled ear for comedic talent, Mr. Drozen is responsible for discovering many of today's comedy greats, producing their very first comedy albums and igniting their comedy careers. Under his leadership Uproar Entertainment is "makin' comedy happen!"

Uproar Website:
Uproar Facebook:
Uproar Twitter: @UproarComedy
Uproar Instagram:

Steven Briggs Website:

"Whiskey Dick" is available on iTunes at

For promotional copies, interviews, or for additional info, contact: Ashley Beck, Director; Social Media Marketing & PR at 818-723-2648 or

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*VIDEO (YouTube):

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