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Brandon Stem Cell Clinic Offers Life-changing Treatment Options

TAMPA, Fla. -- Brandon Stem Cell Clinic (BSCC) recognizes that osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint conditions, affecting nearly 630 million people worldwide. It is commonly associated with aging but is also frequently seen in cases of overuse of joints. The growing number of cases alone prove a need for innovative and effective treatments as populations continue to age.

Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells, physicians are now able to minimize inflammation-related osteoarthritis pain, as well as many other degenerative diseases and conditions.

Brandon Stem Cell Clinic was founded with the mission to provide non-surgical medical treatments to individuals who suffer from acute or chronic pain as a result of an injury or a medical condition. Brandon Stem Cell Clinic relies on the natural healing power of stem cells, mesenchymal signaling cells, and blood-related proteins to treat pain at its source.

"I have been positively and directly affected by stem cell treatment. It's been life-changing for me and my family, and I know we aren't the only family who has experienced this," says Leesa Polley, founder of Brandon Stem Cell Clinic and former stem cell therapy patient.

Advancements in stem cell research have shown the blood left in the umbilical cord of a healthy, live birth contains an incredibly rich and complex combination of growth factors, proteins and stem cells. This provides a highly active regenerative mixture.

With the use of umbilical stem cells and regenerative medicine, Brandon Stem Cell Clinic can help treat conditions such as arthritis, ACL tears, orthopedic pain and fractures, disc degeneration, degenerative joint disease, meniscus tears, and more. The clinic follows FDA guidelines and regulations set forth by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) regarding the handling and delivery of stem cells to patients to ensure the safety and efficiency of each treatment.

"Our team at Brandon Stem Cell Clinic can help people get back to living and doing what they love with the people they love," said Polley.

Stem cell therapy takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish and there is little to no recovery time. Patients can see results in as little as six weeks, but the stem cells have a positive impact up to nine months.

About Brandon Stem Cell Clinic:

Brandon Stem Cell Clinic (BSCC) uses powerful and potent umbilical stem cells to help treat patients with a variety of medical conditions. We understand umbilical stem cells are the future of regenerative medicine, and strive to provide customized treatments within a compassionate, respectful, and comfortable environment.

For more information please email us at, visit our website at, or call us at 813-800-STEM.

For more information contact:
Leesa Polley, founder

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Skin Care Center of Bonita Springs Joins Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. -- Skin Cancer Center of Bonita Springs is now part of Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers, a family-focused practice with offices throughout Florida. Our team of providers treat all types of skin and scalp conditions. We are committed to providing excellence in patient care and will be offering more services to better serve the community in the future. Many of the current staff members will remain with our practice.

Dr. K. Wade Foster, Medical Director of Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers, said "What sets us apart is our ability to diagnose and treat skin cancer, with highly-specialized physicians and the latest techniques." K. Wade Foster received his M.D. and Ph.D. (Biochemistry) from the University of Alabama Birmingham. He completed both his internship and residency at UAB and his Procedural Dermatology Fellowship at UCLA David Geffen school of Medicine and the West Los Angeles V.A. Medical Center under Dr. Ron Moy. He has been medical director of Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers since July 2008.

Dr. David S. Freitag joins Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers. He received his masters degree in Organic Chemistry at Harvard College and his M.D. from Georgetown University. Dr. Frietag completed his internship and residency at the Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD and his Fellowship at UCLA in Santa Monica. He has been in private practice in Washington DC and SW Florida since 1989.

While Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers provides the full spectrum of dermatology and skin care services, our team of physicians, ARNPs, and PAs are experts in diagnosing and treating skin cancers. Medical Director K. Wade Foster, M.D., Ph.D., is Fellowship-trained in Mohs surgery, which is the most effective technique for most skin cancers, with minimal scarring or risk. He and his team use proven, advanced technologies to remove cancers, preserve healthy skin, and restore natural appearance.

About Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers:

Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers, based in Winter Haven, Florida, treats all types of skin and scalp conditions. Medical director K. Wade Foster, MD, PhD, is Fellowship-trained in Mohs surgery, which is the most effective technique for most skin cancers, with minimal scarring or risk. Several convenient locations serve patients throughout Florida. Complete office listings are available on the company website.

For more information about Florida Dermatology and Skin Cancer Centers, visit or contact Cora Ligon at 863.838.5475.

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Ohio Marijuana Card to Give Away 15 Free Evaluations Per Month to Those in Need

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Ohio Marijuana Card, Ohio's largest provider of medical marijuana evaluations, will be giving away 15 free medical marijuana evaluations each month in an effort to help patients in financial need offset some of the cost of medical marijuana at dispensaries.

Medical marijuana costs throughout Ohio are currently significantly higher than in neighboring states as the program rollout delay has limited product availability. Ohio Marijuana Card already allows patients to pay for their appointment with installment payments, in addition to extending a $100 discount to veterans.

"We are growing concerned that the current elevated price of medical marijuana at Ohio dispensaries is making the program financially unfeasible," said company president Connor Shore. "Many Ohioans currently suffering from serious medical conditions simply cannot afford the cost. While we have no control over the pricing at dispensaries, we are still trying to help in a small way."

Shore explained, "Patients can submit a request for an appointment fee waiver on our site. We only ask that qualifying patients explain their situation, be honest and understand that we cannot help everyone."

Ohio Marijuana Card operates 9 locations throughout Ohio and according to the latest Board of Pharmacy numbers, has seen more than 50 percent of patients currently with a recommendation.

More information:

About Ohio Marijuana Card:

Ohio Marijuana Card is the largest provider of medical marijuana patient evaluations in the state of Ohio. With nine locations and 15 Doctors, Ohio Marijuana Card has helped over 12,000 patients obtain their card in the last 12 months alone. Learn more at:

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ChildFirst Behavior Therapy to sponsor upcoming autism walk on Chicago’s North Shore

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. -- ChildFirst Behavior Therapy, a local provider of progressive ABA therapy for children affected by autism, announced today that it has sponsored the upcoming Autism Speaks Walk on Chicago's North Shore on April 28, 2019.

"As the parent of a child with autism, I know how important it is to support other families facing the same challenges," said Ashley Musial, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and founder of ChildFirst Behavior Therapy. "We're proud to be a part of the Illinois autism community and we know that together, we can bring each other hope for what's ahead."

The Autism Speaks Walk is the world's largest fundraising event dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with autism. Families and supporters will travel 2-3 miles around New Trier High School with the goal of raising $195,000 to increase awareness and support for children affected by autism. ChildFirst will meet new families during the event at a sponsored tent marked by green and white ChildFirst balloons.

For Musial, supporting Autism Speaks is a natural extension of ChildFirst's community outreach, which also includes speaking engagements for parent groups.

"Every time we interact with another family like ours, we have a chance to make a difference in their lives," Musial said. "Our entire practice is excited to help make an impact."

To learn more about ChildFirst, visit:

About ChildFirst Behavior Therapy:

ChildFirst Behavior Therapy is a provider of progressive ABA therapy in Virginia and in the Chicagoland area. The practice offers therapy that is responsive, respectful and tailored to each child's needs, treating patients from birth up to age 26. ChildFirst's goal is to bring hope to families affected by autism and other behavioral challenges, creating a supportive environment that involves parents and siblings in the healing process.

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7 Springs Orthopedics to Expand Locations and Services

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. -- 7 Springs Orthopedics is announcing the expansion of its facilities and service lines following its first institutional financing round. The company has begun the process of opening new locations throughout Middle Tennessee, starting with Bellevue and East Nashville, and also adding physical therapy services to its existing clinics in Brentwood and Antioch. Nashville-based venture capital firms Frist Cressey Ventures and Altitude Ventures co-led the financing round.

Founded in 2006 by Brant Bell and Stu Jones, 7 Springs Orthopedics is a multi-clinic provider of comprehensive orthopedic care offering a wide array of services to treat everything from musculoskeletal pain and injuries to complex fractures, spinal issues, and pain management needs. The company's best-in-class model aligns with the shifting healthcare climate towards accessible, patient-centered, and convenient same-day services.

"We founded 7 Springs because we knew this model for orthopedics could help provide high-quality care in a friendly environment convenient to both the patient and their family," said Bell.

"Success in today's healthcare market requires the rare combination of innovation in care delivery, a proven leadership team, and a quality-first business model. Our firm works every day to move the healthcare system into the future through investments like these and we are thrilled to partner with 7 Springs Orthopedics through this season of growth," said Landon Gibbs, Managing Partner of Altitude Ventures.

7 Springs Orthopedics has also bolstered its leadership team with the addition of Mark Tulloch, a 20-year healthcare veteran and former COO of HealthSpring, as its new CEO. Additionally, the company added a strong group of new directors to its board in 2018, including: Cameron Perkins, CEO of Anutra Medical and founder of FastMed Urgent Care, Landon Gibbs, Managing Partner of Altitude Ventures, Chris Booker, Partner of Frist Cressey Ventures, and Bob Yeager, former President and CEO of OrthoLink.

"We're proud to partner with 7 Springs Orthopedics because their model improves access to affordable care for all patients," said Senator William Frist, physician and co-founder of Frist Cressey Ventures. "The combination of high-quality surgeons and orthopedically trained physician extenders delivering care in a more accessible manner is a roadmap for the future of healthcare."

To learn more, visit

About 7 Springs Orthopedics:

Based in Middle Tennessee, 7 Springs Orthopedics provides orthopedic care in an atmosphere of warmth and respect. With same or next day appointments and complete orthopedic services available at every clinic, patients experience a healthcare team that's friendly, efficient, and truly values their time. The providers at 7 Springs are highly skilled musculoskeletal specialists that listen to patients, take the time to answer questions, and develop an individualized care plan for their specific condition. Learn more at - or contact Mark Tulloch at 615-947-3338 or

About Altitude Ventures:

Altitude Ventures provides early-stage venture capital financing to healthcare services and technology startups that improve healthcare. The firm, through its offices in Nashville, Tennessee and Houston, Texas, leverages its combined industry expertise, relationships, investment experience, and infrastructure to benefit entrepreneurs, investors, and the overall healthcare system. To learn more, visit

About Frist Cressey Ventures:

Frist Cressey Ventures is dedicated to accelerating the growth of high-potential healthcare enterprises through value-added partnerships. It invests in healthcare service and information technology businesses that provide meaningful solutions to improve quality of care, patient outcomes, and efficiency in the delivery of services. FCV joins like-minded entrepreneurs who share the same core values in their pursuit to improve healthcare. For more information, please visit

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Inclusive Fitness Approach Strengthens People of All Abilities

LANCASTER, Mass. -- Unified Health & Performance (UHP), a distinctive fitness center located in Lancaster, Massachusetts aspires to be a presence in inclusive athletics. Founded in 2016 with a mission to enable people with and without disabilities to train alongside one another, UHP members encompass a wide range of athletes with personal fitness goals including those from high school and collegiate sports programs, marathon runners, and individuals.

UHP members have realized extraordinary results - two standout examples featuring athletes with disabilities are highlighted in this release. Throughout the year, approximately 300 athletes workout at the inclusive fitness center, mutually inspired by each other's presence. Another 200 athletes have participated on a more limited basis, such as in one day workouts and camps.

See Video About UHP at:

Motivated by organizations such as Special Olympics, Team Hoyt and Best Buddies that have helped spearhead the inclusion movement, UHP Owner and Strength and Conditioning Coach Brendan Aylward was moved to follow a complementary path by founding UHP.

"We are actively involved in research on strength and conditioning for athletes with Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome. Individuals with disabilities don't always have the same opportunity to be as active as their peers. I opened Unified Health and Performance to fill this void," said Aylward.

"We may be the first strength and conditioning facility founded on the premise of including people of all abilities. Growing at the pace we have is a reality I did not imagine when I started UHP," Aylward continued. "Our foundation is built on acceptance, high expectations, and community. It is our mission to spread the model of inclusive fitness and demonstrate the abilities of those confined to the label of their disability."

UHP's mission has been embraced by the community which has helped extend his message, encouraging more members to join the gym.

There has been no shortage of incredible accomplishments at UHP, including by athletes with and without disabilities. Aylward's mission is to showcase these accomplishments, demonstrating the ability of all of his athletes:

Owen Anketell:
Owen Anketell trained at UHP, and during the summer of 2017 hand cycled 2,365 miles from Calais, Maine to Key West, Florida to promote awareness for his own organization - Adaptive Sports Awareness. Owen was born with hereditary spastic paraplegia, so weak leg muscles necessitates using a wheelchair, but this has not stopped him from succeeding as an athlete.

Owen continues to be actively involved in sports. He attends the University of Arizona which has one of the best adaptive sports programs in the country. Owen, along with his best friend and cousin, averaged 50 miles a day during their ride to Florida.

Nick Giovinazzo:
Nick Giovinazzo, Best Buddies and Special Olympics Massachusetts participant, is another remarkable adaptive athlete at UHP who has attained impressive feats. Nick can deadlift more than 300 lbs., bench press 185 lbs. and can back squat nearly twice his bodyweight.

More than an impressive athlete, Nick is an incredible advocate of inclusion; participating in the Best Buddies Football Challenge and starring in their commercials alongside New England Patriots Superstar Tom Brady.

About Unified Health & Performance:
Founded in 2016, Unified Health & Performance is an inclusive athletic facility dedicated to offering fitness services that accept, assess, and address the specific needs of its clients with an emphasis on training for sports performance, and improving the health and wellness of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. Unified Health and Performance is located at 121 Mill Street, Lancaster, Massachusetts.

For more information, contact Brendan Aylward at, (978) 855-9141 or visit

Follow on social media at:
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Instagram -

Media Contact:
Pam Laite
McCue & Associates LLC

Company Contact:
Brendan Aylward
Unified Health & Performance

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Reducing your Neck and Back Pain – with the use of Standing Desks and a Chiropractic Subscription from SoCal Neck and Back Injury Center

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- It's been said many times recently that sitting is the new smoking. The long term sitting at an office desk can put serious stress on the lower back, says SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center.

Lower back can be debilitating, and can cause a chain of other issues, including headaches, neck issues, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even heart disease. Several studies have even suggested it could be a factor in reduced life expectancy.

So, Los Angeles, it's true - your job sitting at a desk all day may one day kill you - but this can be helped with the addition of a few changes to your routine, a different type of desk (or add on to your current desk), and a relatively low-cost subscription to a Los Angeles locally owned chiropractic service, SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center.

Employers have already been gradually introducing adjustable Standing Desks to their employees, as a cost-effective way to improve the general health of their workforce and reducing absenteeism and improving productivity. But now, employees are starting to realize the need to be proactive themselves, and want to have options to treat, and prevent the spine related illnesses and pain. Seeing a chiropractor is not a new option, but the advent of a subscription with a regular schedule is now starting to become the norm. The cost is lower, and the routine treatments prevent issues, rather than just being recommended after the pain starts.

"Inadequate strength and flexibility in your core and back are the number one reason for ongoing back pain," stated Marvin Lee, of SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center. "You can mitigate some of the damage by getting up every 20-45 minutes, or simply changing positions. But not paying attention to your back and spine is a huge mistake; this will have a very big impact on your overall health."

SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center has been serving Los Angeles and the surrounding communities for many years and wants to encourage patients to not neglect neck and back issues, by taking advantage of a monthly membership, with up to 4 adjustments a month - for a flat cost of $137 a month. This breaks down to a professional preventive back treatment each week, for less than $35 a visit, with Mechanical traction and Physiotherapy included as needed. This also results in less paperwork, and a much-simplified check in process, reducing the time away from work or away from home.

So far, the response has been nothing but positive - existing and new clients have been very happy to get the lower cost, and start getting regularly scheduled treatments, as opposed to sporadic treatment.

And based on the positive comments and reviews on Yelp, and as the membership option continues to become more popular, SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center may be expanding to handle the demand.

About SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center:

Located in Los Angeles, California, the SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center offers an innovative combination of physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic care, and became well known for its success in the natural care of neck and back pain, headaches, and athletic injuries.

For more information about the SoCal Neck & Back Injury Center, including details about the monthly chiropractic membership, please visit the company website - - or call the dedicated team directly at 323-375-5147 to setup your first appointment.

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Leisa Hart Launches Hormone Therapy Journey with BodyLogicMD

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- BodyLogicMD, the most highly trained network of practitioners specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and integrative medicine, has received endorsement from Leisa Hart, well-known host of the workout series "Buns, Abs and Arms of Steel."

With age, the human body often develops hormonal imbalances, leading to everything from grogginess to weight gain. It was these such symptoms, along with pain from rheumatoid arthritis, that prompted Leisa Hart to consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Well-known for her work as the instructor in the "Buns, Abs and Arms of Steel" workout series, Leisa noted considerable weight gain over a short time, mental fog, and general exhaustion as she grew older, leading her to consult with Jennifer Landa, MD, a BodyLogicMD-affiliated practitioner.

"My energy levels have been inconsistent, which in the past wasn't the case," said Hart. "I know that the hormones play a huge role in our health, and I'd love to learn more about how managing them can help."

Unlike their traditional counterparts, the bioidentical hormones prescribed by BodyLogicMD's highly-trained affiliate practitioners are designed to be structurally identical to the body's naturally produced hormones, thus possibly reducing the side effects and risks associated with non-bioidentical hormone replacements.

Bioidentical hormones provided through the BodyLogicMD Network are produced to the unique specifications of each practitioner and integrated into overall nutrition and fitness plans to help those suffering from hormonal imbalances.

"I see so many women each day who complain of hot flashes, trouble sleeping, poor energy, irritable moods and low sex drive - those symptoms are all really common and the good news is we can help by balancing your hormones," said Dr. Landa.

Those with hormone loss or imbalance no longer need to suffer as the conditions are easily treatable. BodyLogicMD's state-of-the-art approach reveals existing hormone levels and helps physicians determine unique bioidentical hormone needs.

For more information, visit:

Editorial note: This press release was created in partnership with BodyLogicMD. However, all thoughts and opinions are Leisa Hart's and Jennifer Landa's.

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* Photo Caption: Leisa Hart (Host of "Buns of Steel"), Jen Landa M.D. (Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD), and Christine Pullara (Host of Atlanta & Company).

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C.A.I. Cardiologists Shares the Symptoms of Heart Disease and Arrhythmia and When to See a Doctor

MESA, Ariz. -- C.A.I., A Cardiovascular and Arrhythmia Institute cardiology clinic in Mesa, Arizona shares tips to recognize warning signs when it's time to see a cardiologist. Approximately one in four individuals die from heart disease each year in the US, with coronary heart disease being the most common. Knowing the warning signs of a heart attack and high risk to disease can reduce the effects of these life-threatening heart issues, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The diagnosis of cardiovascular disease may go unnoticed before a heart attack, angina, stroke, or heart failure occurs, according to the Mayo Clinic. Because of this general unawareness of the disease, it's important to look for any cardiovascular symptoms and visit a cardiologist to evaluate risk and potential of having heart disease.

There are three main causes for heart disease that include electrical, circulatory, and congenital. The electrical is caused by arrhythmia, or irregular heart rhythms. The circulatory diseases are typically caused by risk factors and lifestyle choices that lead to high blood pressure and coronary artery disease, which blocks the arteries from receiving adequate blood flow. The congenital, or structural, disease were present at birth from an issue in the development of the heart and blood vessels.

Symptoms of Heart Disease:

* Cardiovascular disease symptoms include angina, which is sharp chest pain or discomfort, and pain in the upper body areas of the neck, jaw, throat, abdomen, and back.
* Symptoms caused by heart rhythm disorders include the heart fluttering fast, feeling the heart race fast, chest pain and/or discomfort, shortness of breath, nausea, feeling dizzy or lightheaded, cold sweats
* Congenital symptoms include body parts turning a bluish color, loss of breath, feeling fatigued easily, and swelling.

There are other symptoms that depend on the type of heart disease and issue. One of our cardiologists in Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, and Chandler, Arizona can perform diagnostic testing to make an accurate diagnosis for treatment.

When to See a Cardiologist:

Seeing a doctor to diagnose and treat heart disease and heart rhythm disorders is essential to the prevention of heart attacks, stroke and heart failure. Here's a few times when it is most important to see a cardiologist:

* Experiencing pain or discomfort in the heart
* Experiencing shortness of breath
* Feeling fatigued and tired much of the time
* Have a high potential for risk factors that include age, gender, family history, obesity, diabetes, stress, high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, smoking, and reaction from taking specific medicines.

To learn more and schedule a visit to our cardiology clinics in Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Queen Creek, and Chandler, Arizona with C.A.I., A Cardiovascular and Arrhythmia Institute, visit or call us at (480) 889-1573 to schedule an appointment.

About C.A.I., A Cardiovascular and Arrhythmia Institute:

C.A.I., A Cardiovascular and Arrhythmia Institute, partners with you for individualized treatment of cardiovascular disease, vascular disease and heart rhythm disorders. We always place you, the patient, first at C.A.I. We discuss and offer a comprehensive, individualized treatment program, designed to empower you as a partner in your treatment.

C.A.I., Cardiovascular and Arrhythmia Institute firmly believes that it has an important responsibility to educate the community, which is why we are very active in the community. The focus of our community outreach is to raise awareness for patients and family members regarding a variety of medical conditions. We do a wide variety of community seminars frequently throughout the year, which are always free to the public. Please contact us if you are interested in more details or would prefer a talk in your community.


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Flu Prevention Tips for the 2018 – 2019 Flu Season from Primary Care Physicians of Florida

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- Seasonal flu activity typically begins in October and November and can last into late May, but the worst of it typically occurs sometime between December and January, says Primary Care Physicians. Even though there have not been many cases of flu reported within Florida so far this year, don't assume that this will be a mild flu season.

Since last year's flu season was long and difficult, it is a good idea to prepare for the 2018 and 2019 flu season early by remembering these tips to help prevent the spread of the flu in your home, school or business.

Get Immunized Early for the Flu:
Prevention is the best way to avoid the flu and the best way to prevent it is by getting a flu shot early in flu season so individuals have some immunity before it breaks out and spreads through the community. Everyone older than six months should get a flu shot each year, especially those older than 65 years of age and other vulnerable populations. Getting an annual flu shot is an essential part of a senior health care regimen for anyone over 65.

Wash Hands Often:
Probably the easiest way to prevent the spread of the flu is by washing hands often with hot water and anti-bacterial soap for at least 20 seconds. But don't forget to dry hands afterwards, because the flu loves damp surfaces.

Wipe Down Surfaces in Common Areas:
The flu is a hearty virus that can survive on hard surfaces anywhere from 24 to 48-hours, so it is important that they are wiped them down with disinfectant at least once a day, particularly in common areas where many people get together such as conference rooms, break areas, bathrooms, and on objects such as door handles, snack and soda machines, microwaves, light switches, and any other surface that might be touched by more than one person every day. They can be cleaned with products containing soap, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and chlorine.

Avoid Touching the Eyes, Nose and Mouth:
Flu enters the body through the soft tissues of the nose, mouth and (most often) the eyes. So, if you have a habit of touching your face, rubbing the eyes or nose, break that habit. This is the easiest way to contract the flu. Because flu spreads through tiny droplets that often land on one's hands, touching eyes, nose or mouth, passes the virus into the body. Prevent the spread flu by keeping hands away from the face.

Stay Home If Sick:
Don't be one of those people who want to prove their dedication to their co-workers by coming to work while sick. This won't be any good for anyone at the workplace. All that happens when someone infected with the flu comes to work or school sick is expose everyone else to the flu. Do not return to work until 24-hours after the fever breaks.

For more information, visit

About Primary Care Physicians of Florida:
Primary Care Physicians of Florida is a group of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the best personalized patient care for our customers in the South Florida area. With 13 conveniently located offices and services such a free transportation to medical services, same day doctor appointments, and medicine delivery service just to name a few, our talented staff of internal medicine doctors can provide for any of your medical needs. Whether it is for a routine hearing test, an eye exam for glasses, or comprehensive chronic disease care, Primary Care Physicians of Florida has the services and board-certified internal medicine specialists are here to help.

Find locations at:

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