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NYC Mayoral Candidate Cleopatra Fitzgerald Says ‘No One Is Above The Law’

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- NYC Mayoral Candidate Cleopatra Fitzgerald says: "No One Is Above The Law." Lady Cleopatra asks: Courts, Judges, Attorneys or others in higher office to please put attention to the issues that need justifiable laws or alterations as history and the present shows there are tyrannical laws bringing about disruption and decline whereas prosperous laws deliver harmony and order.

The laws of each country, region generally are composed of tradition, religion, culture, norms, values, administration, party beliefs, superstition, oppression, nationalism amongst others.

There are specific issues that resonate globally in particular: poverty, crime, education, health, homelessness, corruption, environment, equality, discrimination and countless more. For these reasons my intention solely is to voice the deficiencies (broken systems) that so many people are clamoring to repair.

It is a plea to those in office to construct laws (if they may) to preserve with their good judgment not wickedness, a healthy way in every aspect to affirm the virtuous norms of righteous demeanor and decorum.

Below is a list of numerous fallible broken systems and their possible solutions according to Fitzgerald. The list extends depending on each country, region and their necessities.

Madam Cleopatra on each topic declares:

Justice: It should never be personal with ill feelings, not for his/her interest or bias, or siding with a predilection; it is on the grounds of truth and seeing evidence where the truth speaks of liberty and not persecuting the innocent victims.

Teachers and education: A sincere confidential survey with non-identifiable bar codes or numbers to assess progress in teaching, no bullying amongst teachers and students (no peer pressure), teachers should neither directly nor indirectly harass students or mal-influence their reputation, no unwanted advances, no misguided content of books intended to talk badly of a student that could lead to suicide, syllabus timely organized and no lies with what to study, no objectification and no repression of student where they are intimidated with silence and non-growth of mind, physical, emotional and spiritual. Surveillance cameras to record inside the veracity of incidents.

Police and other emergency workers, essential workers: Conflict resolution, cultural training, new techniques to apprehend criminals, do not treat them with disrespect and likewise not to treat civilians with unwarranted harshness.

Seniors, Disabled, LGBTQ, Racial groups and Children: To be given aid against assault and abuse considering that they are susceptible to mistreatment. For the perpetrators to face justice and given courses on civility and awareness, safer streets and accessibility.

Poverty, Homelesness: Research each country, region and the factors leading to it. Philanthropists and the wealthy can unite in the efforts to reduce these issues. What equal opportunities are being denied by whom, what policies, what is lacking. Sometimes social workers violate their ethics code by siding with homeless and criminals.

Corruption: The cost of corruption is trillions and it wrecks the economy. Watchdogs, ethics commissions, human rights organizations, whistleblowers, investigative journalists, The FBI's International Corruption Unit (ICU), Global Anti-Corruption Consortium, and others have exposed the havoc and lack of proper laws to rectify this serious problem.

Crimes: The day by day variations of crimes is shameful, it exhibits the inadequacy of laws, responsible surveillance, education, distribution of resources to help people out of crime and poverty stricken communities.

Religion: Persons internationally come from an assortment of cultures, races and religions. Nonetheless, religious places of worship should not be subject to animosity, gossip, harassment, fraud, embezzlement, physical and mental abuse. Places of worship are to peacefully congregate.

Teenagers, Roommates: Teenagers should be taught to live conscientiously and if they become roommates to live without breaking laws of etiquette, no stealing, loud parties, intimate violence, drugs, not making it miserable for their roommates by participating in activities that would be injurious to the other tenants.

Parents: Tell kids not to trust strangers, educate them with good judgment.

Transparency and accountability: What good are if all laws are made and the persons enforcing them bend them and circumvent them pursuant to their selfish needs? There should be persons overseeing each sector, department, and government agency.

Royalty and those in office: No one should be above the law, they should not be immune from criminal, human rights abuses and other offenses regardless of monetary or heritage. No attacking of innocent citizens or others.

Immigrants: The distinct types of immigrants come to each country for special causes. Immigrants and their children, babies should not be harmed, harassed and left in danger. It is a humanitarian disaster. That crisis needs a lot of organizations and spaces to not treat immigrants as stray animals in cages.

Reforms: By paying attention to the populace and their troubles the policies, laws, can change or create a new preferably to continue with the same inoperative manners.

Foreign, National affairs: No xenophobia, no bias, no ambiguity

These topics or just a few of the many more that will be gradually discussed Ms.Fitzgerald says as this campaign season ends she is running to make aware the causes that matter. She will keep you the public updated with anything coming.

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For more information visit https://cleopatrafitzgeraldforthefiveboroughs.us/ or https://twitter.com/CleopatraFitz05

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Candidate Cleopatra Fitzgerald on the Trending Topic of National and International Security

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- According to New York City's Mayoral candidate, Cleopatra Fitzgerald, "National and international security are indispensable for the safety of citizens, tourists, immigrants and residents," and she's bringing some injustices to light. She knows that creating agencies, departments, sectors, industries and infrastructures are global governments' approach to developing coordination, but they don't always work.

"There are inadequacies with laws and they're failing so many. For example, inadequacies are seen in ever-present issues such as homelessness, poverty, civil unrest, wars and cyber and transnational crime. We need new laws and proper enforcement," she says.

Fitzgerald believes that a country's reputation is damaged when the incompetence, recklessness, malice, and inability to perform well only serves to hurt humankind.

"Each country/region defends not only its jurisdiction, but its culture, history, tradition, religion and governance," she says.

And while she knows there are shared country alliances of varied types including protection, there are also sad facts that exhibit corruption, putting countries at risk.

"This happens through coercion, bribery, illegal dealings and the refusal to enter into agreements unless participation in illicit money flow occurs," she says. "As backroom deals are made, some illegally benefit while others are harmed. Articles display how human rights' organizations, protestors, Interpol, international court, ethics commissions, investigative journalists have found truths and justice."

Cleopatra shared her views with "Total Prestige" Magazine. Explaining that when rulers, politicians, countries, regions, etc. use their power to place innocent individuals in concentration camps, provide false medical misdiagnoses and conduct surveillance to ostracize groups, individuals, races, religion, tradition and social norms, it denies citizens freedom of speech and human rights.

Global problems such as school failures, pandemics, suicide, discrimination and governmental deficits all demonstrates taxpayers are wasting their money in useless programs instead of in proper usage.

"There's a vicious cycle of class disparity. The affluent often want to displace the poor from their dwellings and the villainous criminals blame normal residents. It's the old versus the new generation with dissimilar upbringings and perspectives," she says. "Each social class has specific wrongs and people need to voice their concerns to be free from abuse."






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Cleopatra Fitzgerald

of Cleopatra Fitzgerald For The Five Boroughs



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NYC Mayor Candidate Campaigns for Back to Life to Real Solutions

NEW YORK., N.Y. -- Cleopatra Fitzgerald is a New York City native and she's announcing her 2021 run for mayor. The Cleopatra Fitzgerald For The Five Boroughs campaign message is: "Back to life to real solutions."

She's calling it the "Renova" (Latin for renew, restore, revive) campaign and is focused on implementing innovative tactics throughout the five boroughs to address issues such as culture, ethnicity, society levels, hereditary traditions, gender, lifestyles, religion, bias and discrimination and more. She's passionate about diversity and human rights and her vision is to restore broken systems and reverse injustices.

Her top priorities are to reduce crime, increase street safety, implement police innovation, create more homeless solutions, address school reform, support mental health renewal, and focus on the economy and health.

"I want to create a safe haven for everyone to call home and envision a city where we can all work towards prosperity," she says.

At present, Fitzgerald is working to give people peace of mind. She's encouraging them not to worry too much during the current pandemic and shares that help is on the way.

"Be happy, be healthy and let's work to create a brand-new life that will collectively benefit all of our neighborhoods," she says. "We can step up, but it depends on all of you."

About Cleopatra Fitzgerald

Cleopatra Fitzgerald has a background in political science. She's met with many of the city's politicians, including Manhattan Borough president, U.S. representative, and Senate candidate. She's been featured on Twiplomacy's Twitter accounts most followed by world leaders and was invited to attend: George W. Bush - Official President's Dinner Invitation, an honorary invite to take a photo with Barack Obama, World Leaders Forum/gathering at the Hilton Hotel, President Trump's inaugural celebration, opening of the campaign office for Independence Party presidential candidate Brock Pierce.

At a CUNY event she sat next to Virginia Fields and at the front seat observed Fernando Ferrer giving his speech. She attended the Brooklyn CUNY Remembrance event of Shirley Chisholm where many whom knew her including Gloria Steinem was present. Ms. Fitzgerald was awarded the Martin Luther King's award and among these others for her leadership and fight against discrimination of all types.

She was a longtime Democrat, several years Independent and currently Republican.

Throughout the years, she's been an active voice who has worked towards fixing broken systems. Her research provides her with an edge to protect people's rights and her reputation is a respected one. She kindly asks of borough neighbors to restore and revive the five boroughs' broken systems by spreading the word and joining her in the effort to meet this end.

For more information: https://cleopatrafitzgeraldforthefiveboroughs.us/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cleopatrafitz05

Cleopatra Fitzgerald
of Cleopatra Fitzgerald For The Five Boroughs

"Paid for By Cleopatra Fitzgerald For The Five Boroughs"

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