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Software company iMyFone launches real-time voice changer

GUANGDONG, Shenzhen -- Software company iMyFone recently launched its voice changer feature, the iMyFone MagicMic. This voice modulator software allows users to change their voices in real-time.

Today, many people in the digital world utilize voice changers to mask their voices. This is very popular, especially among gamers who want to stay anonymous as they explore the various online game spaces. Voice changers can allow people to sound older or younger or conceal their gender.

The MagicMic voice changer has already been ranked as one of the best modulators around. It has a variety of features that make it easily stand out from competitors. One of these features is the one-click feature. MagicMic's one-click feature allows users to change their voice in just a click. This makes it very easy for people of all age groups to utilize and enjoy.

Another fantastic feature of MagicMic voice changer is the wide variety of voice filters available. There are over 20 fun voice filters such as monster, robot, echo, and minion. The clownfish voice changer, female voice changer and more exciting voice filters available.

MagicMic voice changer can be used repeatedly when streaming, doing voice overs or chatting online. Some platforms on which it can be used include Fortnite, PUBG, Twitch, and more. It can also be used as a Discord voice changer and a call voice changer for Skype.

iMyFone is an expert in software solutions for iOS and Android devices, Windows PC, and Mac. Other services they provide include unlocking phones, data transfer, data backup and data cleaning, and more. They plan to release more voice filters for MagicMic soon.

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MarkGo Watermark Remover V2.2.0 Helps Remove Date Stamp from Photo

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- iMyFone announced the release of MarkGo Watermark Remover version 2.2.0 with 3 new removing modes: Matte Filling, Color Filling, Gaussian Blur and Edge Filling, Texture Repair, and Smooth Filling for photo stamp removal. You can remove any unwanted objects from photo by MarkGo, like time stamp etc. MarkGo will support remove people from photo in the next version. It is impossible to find any of these features in a competitive product.

MarkGo Watermark Remover 2.2.0

Curious about these new features? Go ahead with us.

1. Matte Filling

As in Photoshop, matte filling is the equivalent of stamp clone. The watermark can be removed from your video by copying the content of the selected part and covering the watermark with it. Although a complex background is behind the watermark, it can produce great results nonetheless.

matte filling have the best remove watermark effect in those three removing modes. It is not free to use, you need buy the license to active this new removing mode. You can easily remove date stamp from photo by matte filling method.

2. Color Filling

You can cover the watermark using Color Filling by detecting what color other parts use. Watermarks on single-color backgrounds can be erased from video in this way without blur. You can select which photo color to use, and filling the area you want to remove watermark.

3. Gaussian Blur

The watermark on your video can be successfully removed by blurring it. Blurring is universally applicable. Your video watermark will have a greater impact if it has a white background with few elements. Gaussian Blur will have good effect when you remove time stamp from video. Many video editors have Gaussian Blur effect.

Compatibility and Price:

MarkGo Watermark Remover can work on Windows 11/10/8/7 64 bits and macOS 10.13 or later version.

Here is the price list for Windows and Mac:

MarkGo Watermark Remover for Windows/Mac





About iMyFone:

iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows PCs and Macs, are supported by iMyFone. Using our products, people can recover lost data, unlock iPhones and Android phones, and fix other system problems. Moreover, our products also cover data transfer, data backup & restore, data cleaner, etc.

iMyFone also released voice changer for discord MagicMic Voice Changer

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iMyFone launches AnyTo app’s new version enabling Android and iOS users to switch GPS locations anytime

GUANGDONG, Shenzhen -- iMyFone is established as a solutions provider for iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Mac devices. They have launched several applications that are user-friendly and exhibit good features. AnyTo is a remarkable addition to the products iMyFone has developed for more than five years to optimize Android device usage.

The new and more efficient version of AnyTo has facilitated the change in location for Android users. The astoundingly positive response from iMyFone's 35 million users worldwide has always been a source of energy for their creative team.

"There is always a need for innovative solutions, and we thought of an easy-to-use app that can help users change their GPS location to anywhere in the world. With the new version of AnyTo, any place and anything is possible for Android users as well. Initially, we began the app for iOS devices, but Android users also need this app for several games and social media," expressed Dean Huang, CEO of iMyFone. "We ensure that all the features of AnyTo are straightforward to use and are efficient for all kinds of smart devices. If you want to explore faraway places, play games from varied locations, or put up interesting social media content, AnyTo is the real answer."

iMyFone Introduces a newer and better version of AnyTo and makes wonders possible for all iOS and Android users.


The team of iMyFone takes pride in the advanced additions in the features of this incredible location changing app:

* Enables users to instantly alter GPS location from one place to another without a hitch on all iOS / Android devices.

* The user can conveniently plan a route on the map, even moving at a differentiated speed.

* People using AnyTo have reported that it is the best solution to deal with location-restricted applications such as Virtual Reality games, social media, etc.





Traditional Chinese:

iMyFone brings AnyTo for iPhone and Android users to change their location so that they can share social media posts about incredible places. Sometimes we would not want to be tracked for real location. AnyTo makes it easier to fake the current location and seek privacy. No one expected that adding adventure to life with just a location-changing app could be so smooth and quick.


* AnyTo is quite helpful for dating apps that work on the location feature.

* Some apps offer their services for very few locations, and AnyTo can make anything possible.

* Making travel plans and finding the routes way ahead than reaching the destination is now pretty easy with AnyTo.

* The customized speed features allow a person to manage routes according to speed, either on foot or on a specific vehicle.

* The stops button in AnyTo app helps a user to continue moving at any time along the route.

* This app is beneficial as anyone can save the routing history and use it any time by re-selecting the destination.

Save the history in which you have been. You can re-select these places as your destination or remove them!

Two available modes offer a wide range of choices.

The iMyFone's AnyTo can create routes on the map that depict movement even when you are sitting inside the house. This feature works wonderfully for VR games. The unique element of the location simulator helps create a personalized route as well as a controlled speed.

Furthermore, there is the two-point mode and multi-point mode to deploy GPS movement with for a customized route as required. The multi-point mode enables the user to control a navigation route for two different destinations simultaneously.

About iMyFone

iMyFone is the center of excellence and inspiration for creating apps that can work amazingly for daily issues of iOS & Android devices. The team at iMyFone also aims to facilitate Windows PC and Mac usage through well-developed applications.

In addition, the other popular iMyFone apps include:
* D-Back
* Fixppo
* Anyrecover
* LockWiper
* iTransor for WhatsApp

Learn more about the software by clicking the link:
- Spanish:
- French:
- German:
- Traditional Chinese:

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