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Successful Women’s Shoe Designer Mark Schwartz Releases a New Era of Men’s Fashion Forward Shoes

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Throughout Mark Schwartz's 35-year career as a successful women's shoe designer, he has always secretly wanted to design and make handmade men's shoes. Now, he's done it and his new men's shoes collection will be available this fall/winter.

Part of the reason Schwartz launched this collection is self-serving. Since he can't wear the 4-inch signature high heels he's famous for, this new men's shoe collection allows him to indulge in creating some of the most creative, unique and best quality men's shoes on the market.

His shoe designs have graced the top fashion runways of Paris, Milan and New York and they've also appeared in the pages of Vogue, Elle and W Magazine.

All of Schwartz's shoes are handmade in Italy with strict detail and attention to fit and design. His new men's shoe collection includes six styles ranging from loafers to ankle boots. The physical designs are classical with a twist. He pays special attention to the actual heel detail because he recognizes that heel shapes and placements are critical to any good design.

Schwartz's signature heel is not attached in the usual way that men's shoes are typically done. Instead, he takes a cue from his women's shoe designs and attaches the heel separately and leaves space around it. This gives the illusion of lightness, but the heel itself is masculine.

"Men who wear these shoes will be known for their fashion sense," Schwartz says.

These shoes have bold details that include pockets, newly-mixed leather colors and fabric textures to make a standout statement that fashion matters for men too.

"Shoes are the most artistic and important accessory in a wardrobe," he says.

A hands-on designer, Schwartz works in the shoe factory to ensure that each stitch is perfect. He also takes custom orders on select styles for clients who want a special color, leather material or height.

About Mark Schwartz

As a young man in the early 1980s, Schwartz launched his shoe design career by assisting shoe design master, Roger Vivier. Within two years, he became the creative director for Roger Vivier International and helped with the design of many eclectic collections during his seven years with the company.

During his time there, he was introduced to many influential players in the New York art scene, most importantly Andy Warhol, who mentored Schwartz until his death. Warhol urged him to paint his shoe designs and the two would meet a few times each month to exchange ideas and talk about shoes and art. Schwartz continues to be influenced by Warhol today and imprints art in all of his shoes.

Schwartz has designed shoes for Barney's, Bergdorf Goodman, Cleo Bottier, and Neiman Marcus. He's collaborated on design projects with Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci, Jean Claude Jitrois, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Christian Lacroix, Hermes, Bill Blass, Richard Tyler, Joyce Echols and Calvin Klein.

He's also been commissioned by some notable celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Natasha Richardson, Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Gianna Milani and Wendy Williams to custom design their shoes.

A seasoned interviewee, Schwartz is available for live interviews to discuss his history of shoe designing, his shoe art with Andy Warhol and this new men's shoes collection.

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Connecting with Customers in a COVID World

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Today, small businesses struggle to find their stride of maintaining relevance during a pandemic. One local Los Angeles entrepreneur - Kim Ashley, founder of Kim Ashley Design - found a meaningful way to connect with her customers.

Ashley has built a successful online business selling her signature stackable gold bead bracelets, chokers and link chains to clients across the nation. "I wanted to find a way to address COVID-19 that struck a positive helpful note for my customers," says Ashley. "I wanted to say be safe by gifting them something useful. It's not about sales right now, it's about reaching out. As a female entrepreneur I've always been focused on empowering women and now more than ever we need to come together to create that spark."

Ashley settled on an easy to carry hand sanitizer pen and sent it to every customer as a gift. There was no purchase involved. "I loved getting my pen!" stated Julia Martinez, a customer. "It was something unexpected and thoughtful. I think new habits are going to stick with all of us and hand hygiene is probably top of the list. This pen is great, I carry it just like sunglasses always there in my side pocket."

As small businesses, the engine of the American jobs machine, find courage and commitment to come back to life, they must create new customer connections. This language between business and patron has to say both we understand the world we are coming back to and we have not forgotten the world we came from just 9 weeks ago. Offering gestures of support during this time will go a long way to strengthen ties between re-starting the American economy boldly.

Kim Ashley Design sells handcrafted stackable gold bead jewelry adorned with gemstones. She lives and works in Los Angeles and her product is American made.

To learn more, please visit:

Kim Ashley


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Tev Hemmans Lives an Artsy Lifestyle

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. -- From mixing songs on his YouTube podcast, Artsy Radio, to writing self-help books like Artsy Life and designing the Artsy Classic I sneaker, Tev Hemmans is determined to empower creatives through the actions of his own creative projects.

"I want to communicate to the artist that is painting on canvas or drawing on paper. Wearing the shoe signifies that they too, can broaden their palettes," says Hemmans, "but this message is also to the everyday person that redecorates their home from time to time. Art is a lifestyle."

The Artsy Classic I's, is made of authentic Italian leather and are handcrafted in Italy. For more information on the sneaker and Tev's other ventures, visit

About Tev Hemmans:

Tev Hemmans, born as Tevonne Hemmans, is a DJ, Broadcaster, Designer, and Best-Selling Author from Brooklyn, New York. Hemmans studied Graphic Design at the University of New Haven.

As a performing artist, formerly known as T.E.V (The Educated Voice), Hemmans was featured on BET's Rap City, has performed on 106 & Park, and has performed at Madison Square Garden. In addition, he created and founded a national school tour, advocating for Anti-Bullying.

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Epix Gear Launches Made in the USA Custom-Designed Sports Apparel

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- Colorado-based sports apparel company, Epix Gear, has announced the re-shoring of their apparel production with the opening of a made in the USA facility in Tempe, Arizona.

The newly-established venture named Race Rabbit Manufacturing will produce the full range of custom-designed apparel Epix offers, including triathlon, cycling, and running styles.

"Epix has produced in China since 2009. We made the decision to move production back to the US as the business landscape has changed and US production is now a good choice for small, niche manufacturers," said Jarek Barc, President at Epix Gear. "Through moving our production, we are supporting new jobs and growth in the local economy. It's a move that resonates with our clients."

Barc added: "US manufacturing is cost competitive for a specific product range and requirements. When it comes to custom-designed performance sports apparel in small or even individual order quantities, we've found that there is no longer a relevant cost advantage to offshore production."

Epix Gear is a family-owned and operated brand that creates custom-designed apparel for teams, coaches, events, universities, organizations, as well as individual athletes. The Race Rabbit facility imports only the raw materials for production, such as fabrics and trims, mostly from Italy. All assembly is done in-house with fully-integrated sublimation printing, laser cutting, stitching and packaging.

"The new facility is specifically designed for the new custom apparel landscape. Our US production will allow unparalleled flexibility and speed," said Barc. "With our partnership with Race Rabbit, Epix can expand it's ability to offer an even more personalized experience, with customization options on retail apparel, tailored fit, and production view which will allow customers to see photos and videos of their product as it's being created, not to mention shorter lead times and a quicker response."

He added, "This transparency in production is especially unique; the production space has always been considered a 'black box' because brands didn't want to showcase where their products were made. We've had a very positive response from customers when they see the work, technology, and attention to details that goes into making their apparel. We are excited to open this new chapter."

Almost 8 in 10 American consumers say they would rather buy an American-made product than an imported one, according to a Consumer Reports survey. And more than 60 percent say they're even willing to pay 10 percent more for it. The US government has recently urged US companies to move out of China and reshore jobs, though the vast majority of those who have moved out of China did not reshore manufacturing to the US and instead moved to a different offshore sourcing country.

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Kinekt Design Releases Rachel Ring

LIVINGSTON, N.J. -- Just in time for a much needed distraction, Kinekt Design announces the release of Rachel Ring. The Rachel Ring is a kinetic / mechanical ring otherwise referred to as a "spinner ring." Like fidget toys and other moveable jewelry, the Rachel Ring will help to alleviate excess energy and nervous habits without any of the negative side effects.

Rachel Ring is an evolution of the Gear Ring - familiar in design, similar in interaction, yet entirely new. The Rachel Ring defies trend - unapologetic and unafraid to stand out among other fashion jewelry. Simultaneously current and timeless, you'll never get tired of spinning. And while the Gear Ring is popular, Rachel Ring may just appeal to a whole new audience of spinners.

About Kinekt Design

Kinekt Design is a boutique design and invention company based in New Jersey. Founded in 2010 by Glen and Rachel Liberman (brother and sister), Kinekt Design truly captures the essence of the "small is big" mentality that few others have been able to obtain. You can try to guess what's coming next, but there's only one way of knowing for sure. Stay Kinekted!

Learn more at:

If you would like more information about this release or the company, feel free to contact us at

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Unlikely North Carolina Companies Partner Together to Produce Reusable Masks

RALEIGH, N.C. -- EHOP Health(R), a chronic disease reversal company headquartered in Apex, NC and Harriss & Covington, a hosiery mill headquartered in High Point, NC, recently delivered reusable face masks to customers across North Carolina and the United States. The first business to receive the reusable masks was Weaver Street Market.

This unlikely partnership between health coaching, manufacturing, and grocery store firms produced the new face mask brand, Easy Masks(TM).

These non-medical face masks serve the needs of employees, customers, families, and individuals who need protection for their essential trips.

"I became convinced that fabric masks are a useful tool in minimizing exposure dose to viral particles," said William (B.J.) Lawson, MD and CEO of EHOP Health. "Our first client, and a fifth-generation family business that has been knitting socks in High Point, North Carolina for 100 years, instantly came to my mind as having the potential to create a comfortable, reusable facemask."

Harriss & Covington's Co-President, Tyler Covington had just been ordered to shut down his manufacturing plant's non-essential activities due to the COVID-19 health pandemic. After speaking with Lawson, he recruited a small research and development team to prototype several face masks. "I wanted to help our state, and our country, safely get back to work," said Covington. "I believed we could find a solution for the growing demand of reusable face masks and through collaboration we have a face mask for the everyday essential needs."

Thanks to iterative feedback from associates of Weaver Street Market, another EHOP Health Client, the team quickly found out what features were required for a mask comfortable enough for all-day wear. "This has been a godsend," stated Ruffin Slater General Manager, Weaver Street Market. "We needed a protective mask to offer to our frontline employees and customers, and we wanted a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution which Easy Masks delivers."

About Easy Masks(TM)

Easy Masks offers a reusable, washable face mask knitted by a 5th generation mill in North Carolina. For more information about Easy Masks, visit Follow the company on Facebook

About Harriss & Covington

Harriss & Covington was founded in 1920 in High Point, North Carolina.

For more information about Harriss & Covington, visit With the fifth generation of the founders helming the operation and 250 employees strong, Harriss & Covington proudly thrives in the same town where it launched nearly a century ago, delivering high-quality performance socks to some of the most recognized brands in the world including Smartwool, Feetures, allbirds, Sock Club, Kane 11, Johnston & Murphy, and Ace & Everett.

About Weaver Street Market

Weaver Street Market is a co-op market created for the community, by the community. We sustain healthy communities together - through the goods that we sell and the good that we do. Weaver Street Market carefully selects high-quality products from sources we trust. Our partners include more than 100 local and independent food producers.

Founded in 1988, Weaver Street Market is owned by 22,000 consumer owners and 230 worker owners. We operate downtown stores in Carrboro, Chapel Hill's Southern Village, Hillsborough and Raleigh, as well as a Food House in Hillsborough that provides fresh deli, bakery, and meat products to its stores twice each day. Learn more at

About EHOP Health(TM)

EHOP Health helps employees reverse chronic disease and feel their best. It's flagship program, Journey 2 Health(TM), offers personalized health coaching services and a science-based online curriculum. Clients lower healthcare costs while investing into their people and culture throughout the chronic disease reversal program.

Although the majority of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease, conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension and obesity can be reversible. Co-founders William (B.J.) Lawson, MD and Joe Jenkins, MD JD launched EHOP Health and the Journey 2 Health solution in 2016 after building a program and team to focus on disease reversal rather than disease management and compliance.

For more information about EHOP Health, visit

Follow the company on LinkedIn at

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Talon International, a global Trims and Zipper manufacturer, is leveraging its supply chain, delivering millions of pieces of PPE to global market

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. -- Talon International, has retooled its manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and around the world to supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical and non-medical. Talon is supplying 3-ply face masks and medical-grade face shields, as well as cloth masks, gloves, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, and isolation gowns. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of PPE will be donated to the Feeding America organization.

"For over 125 years, Talon has supplied the fashion industry with trims, zippers and other related products," said Larry Dyne, CEO of Talon. "Today, the world has very different needs. I'm proud of the team at Talon for taking on the challenge of redirecting all their efforts to supplying our country and local communities with safety equipment that will save lives. This team is passionate about being able to help the whole world in this effort. Our entire supply chain is mobilized and ready to meet this global challenge. Our 125 yrs. of expertise in managing supply chains and global logistics will aid this effort."

Manufactured in Los Angeles, the Talon face shields help the N95 masks last longer by protecting them from particulate matter. Manufacturing of these shields will ramp up very quickly to keep up with the demand required. We have the ability to "scale up" on short notice. Talon's "stretch technologies" facility was retooled in just a few days to begin making these face shields. Talon is also manufacturing and importing hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, gloves, and medical gowns for use by medical and non-medical personnel.

While production is expected to be significant and consistent, businesses and nonprofits in need are encouraged to contact the company immediately to make sure their needs are filled quickly.

Customers can begin placing orders by e-mailing with a request for what they need.

"My optometry business hasn't stopped," said Dr. Matthew Aplert, based in Los Angeles, California. "People still need eyewear and eye care, particularly our front-line heroes, such as doctors and nurses. Talon was able to deliver masks to me when no one else could. I have enough to keep my staff and my patients protected. Talon made it possible for me to continue to serve my patients safely."

Talon invented the world's first zipper in 1893 changing fashion forever. With a pedigree like this, it may seem like they would rest on their laurels. Instead, they're committed to moving fashion forward with custom zippers, trim, tags, and a wide variety of printed marketing solutions. Talon continues their legacy of innovation in apparel technology with stretch technology, as well as the Plastic and Spiral Airtight Zippers.


For more information about this topic, please e-mail:

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Online Retailer,, Sends Out 10,000 Free KN95 Respirator Masks to All Their Customers

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- Online men's tie and accessory retailer is sending free protective respirator masks with every order they ship out. The first 10,000 orders they ship will receive a free mask. Bows-N-Ties ships to more than 50 countries and aims to flatten the curve of COVID-19 by sending out the newly FDA approved KN95 respirator masks to all customers.

"We want to do our part and help contain the spread of the coronavirus," says Bows-N-Ties founder and CEO Hendrik Pohl. The retailer is using their existing supply chain with China to import these masks.

"Thankfully we already have an agent overseas who manages the entire import process, and ensures all masks carry proper certification. Sadly, there are just too many counterfeit products and scams out there," explains Pohl.

The masks are shipped via the retailer's existing fulfillment warehouse and are added to every order at no cost.

"Our business took a huge hit because so many events where customers wear our products, have all been canceled. So instead of laying off our entire fulfillment team, we decided to ship out masks at no cost with every order. We think it is a win-win: We don't have to lay off any employees, and we help people protect themselves from getting sick," says Pohl.

The retailer will start shipping the respirators with every online order placed after April 7, 2020. There is no minimum purchase required to receive the free masks.

"It is our goal to send out as many masks as possible", says Pohl. After the initial 10,000 masks ran out, the retailer already secured more shipments. Besides adding free masks to every order, the retailer is helping hospitals procure masks at cost.

"If anyone needs masks in bulk, then we will gladly help with the import process at no cost. We can get 100,000 masks shipped and delivered within 7 business days and the factory we work with has a capacity of 3 Million masks per week," says Pohl. is a small family owned online retailer specializing in the design and production of men's ties, bow ties, suspenders, vests, and other accessories. The company was started in 2007 in San Francisco California and currently has 7 employees.

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The Future of Industrial and Civilian Protection Wear is Here

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Gattopardo USA Corp. is the company behind a new product launch for the first and only Parabellum Kevlar-wear designed for everyday concealed carry. Unlike nothing else on the market, this state-of-the-art protection and defense wear incorporates features that are not only high-tech, but stylish too.

An acclaimed team of veterans from the fields of fashion and defense have come together to develop and design the next generation of futuristic, fashionable and functional ready-to-wear for defense and non-defense professionals. And, in an effort to introduce the product to the mass market, it's launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

"We're living in turbulent times and our Kevlar-wear delivers protection, performance and readiness for all walks of life," Diego Pipoli, CEO, Gattopardo. "We've tested our products with special forces in Europe and they were given an overwhelming seal of approval."

From laborers, medical personnel, EMTs and preppers to hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, police officers and more, these Kevlar jackets can be worn anywhere, anytime. They'll go from night to day; from the desert to the tundra; to the city and the country and all points in between.

Made in the U.S., this tactical wear combines Italian design with Japanese innovation. For men and women, high-tech features include a removable RFID pocket for keeping items such as credit cards, communication devices, GPS-locators and ID safe and secure. It's guaranteed that people cannot be geolocated, have their conversations captured or have their ID compromised in anyway. There's even a built-in heating system in select models.

Kevlar jackets are available in three different styles as well as a vest version. Options go from basic to super loaded. The jackets' interior is designed to evenly spread out the weight of firearms and tools around the upper body, so that people can move quickly while their firearms and tools stay firmly in place.

Gattopardo products are quite simply the new definition of protection and defense wear for professionals and non-professionals alike.

"There's just nothing else like this out there," Pipoli says. "We're confident that our products will exceed market expectations. And, there's more to come."

About Gattopardo

With more than 40 years of combined army and fashion industry (e.g., Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Ferragamo and Dolce & Gabbana) expertise, the professionals at Gattopardo understand what it takes to design products that defend while combining fit, quality, craftsmanship, comfort and style. In addition, top company executives have spent time in two elite units in the Italian Army and worked with Fabbrica d'armi Pietro Beretta. Their experience and backgrounds are unmatched in the industry.

"We're your best defense," Pipoli says.

A press kit is available here:

For more information:



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* Photo Caption: From Gattopardo USA Corp., the first and only Kevlar-wear designed for the everyday concealed carry with 27+ features.

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Shobitam, one of the fastest growing Indian Ethnic Wear Brands in the US, releases Shobitam Signature Collections, to celebrate International Women’s Day

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Shobitam Inc,. designers of beautiful Indian Ethnic Wear announced the release of Shobitam Signature Collections, their largest product launch yet. The Pure Silk Sarees of the Signature Collections are inspired by the rich heritage of Indian handloom and mark a significant expansion to Shobitam's collection of highly rated sarees, blouses, gowns and jewelry.

Just in the first year, thousands of customers all over the US have experienced Shobitam's original designs of saree and jewelry collections. With over 530 five-star customer reviews, Shobitam, known for its top-rated and unique collection in ethnic and party wear, is now expanding into women's bridal wear and wedding collections with gusto and confidence.

Shobitam Signature Collections Details:
* Signature is the curated collection and couture line from Shobitam, and includes highly curated premium partywear and bridal wear. The bridal wear collection portrays the beauty and classiness every bride dreams about for her special day.
* Signature Collections include Pure Silk Sarees from Banaras, Kanjeevaram, Chanderi, Mysore and Coimbatore. Drawing from rich Indian handloom, the finest and most delicate silk fabrics with intricate weaves of zari work have been embellished with traditional embroideries.
* Pure Shobitam Silks are Silk Mark Certified for best quality and offered at best prices which will allow women across the world to embrace ethnic wear for weddings and special events.

"We are thrilled to announce the release of Shobitam Signature Collections," said Aparna Thyagarajan, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Shobitam. "This launch marks an important milestone in our journey towards making Ethnic Fashion accessible to everyone in a sustainable way. As a women-owned enterprise, we are especially grateful to be launching this to celebrate Women's Day, and continue to earn reviews like: 'My second purchase. Love their professionalism. Beautiful saree! great quality. Packaged so nicely and arrived very quickly.'"

The Signature Collections are the hallmark of the highest quality of elegance and design that Shobitam is known for. Check out Shobitam Signature Collections at:

About Shobitam, Inc.

Founded by fashionistas and creative sisters Aparna and Ambika in Seattle, Shobitam is dedicated to making Indian ethnic wear affordable, elegant and available globally. We are powered by a passion for wearing good clothes, an interest in designing them, and a drive to make them available to all. A shop for a cause, our mission is to help people feel good, look good and do good. By working closely with weavers in designing unique collections and selling directly to customers through an online platform, we offer beautiful selections with quality, prices and 5-star service!


Instagram: @shobitam

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