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AJ’s 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Brunch at Fort Walton Beach and Grayton Beach Locations

GRAYTON BEACH, Fla. -- AJ's Restaurant Group is celebrating their 2nd Annual Mardi Gras Brunch at two of their locations on the Emerald Coast. AJ's on the Bayou on Sunday, February 7; and AJ's Grayton Beach on Sunday, February 14. Brunch at both locations will begin at 10 a.m. featuring New Orleans favorites such as Mardi Gras Omelette, Beignets, Bread Pudding, Jambalaya, Étouffée, with a crawfish boil starting at 12 p.m.

Each location will also have their Sunday brunch menu available, along with bottomless mimosas and Bloody Mary specials. Guest can enjoy live music straight from Louisiana by Dikki du & the Zydeco Krewe starting at 11 a.m.

Guests are encouraged to wear beads, masks, and any festive attire to be part of the Mardi Gras celebration.

Dikki Du is as synonymous with zydeco music as beads are with Mardi Gras. Dikki Du and the Zydeco Krewe have been playing together for over 14 years. Dikki Du's original funky and hypnotic zydeco style announces that he has arrived, occupying a spot on par with the best. He takes songs from classic zydeco and turns them inside out with fresh and funky renditions, intense and fascinating accordion action, and melodic vocals, innovating and revitalizing zydeco for a unique and incredible experience.

To learn more visit:



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Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA) Exhibiting NRF 2021 Chapter One Virtual Tradeshow

DENVER, Colo. -- Visit NRF 2021 Chapter One next week and meet with the Kiosk Association. The dates are January 12-14, 19, 21 and 22, 2021. Our NRF2021 online page is:

Our portal page with helpful links, research, predictions, brochures and videos for NRF 2021 Chapter One is available here:

If you are interested in attending the cost for retailers is $195 and not open to industry vendors to attend. The Kiosk Association has a limited number of free Expo passes that are available. Contact Craig or one of our Gold Sponsors or members.

The Kiosk Association (KMA) is the global organization focused on improving self-service for customers and employees through kiosks, digital signage, lockers, and more. Our mission is to inform and educate.


* Retail specific kiosk solutions such as Cash2Card
* Self-order stations (McDonalds e.g.)
* Outdoor solutions ordering and display
* Digital signage & wayfinding
* Bill Payment and Financial Kiosks
* Ticketing Kiosks
* Employee Health Screening Kiosks or Temperature Kiosks
* Software including Contactless, Touchless Kiosk, and AI

Regulatory Guidance

We help establish & communicate best practice regulatory guidelines for ADA and PCI. We work with the U.S. Access Board and are a Participating Organization of PCI SSC. Other regulatory issues we address are UL, HIPAA, and more. The KMA conducts market research on the trends, size & growth of self-service.


The February 2021 research report (130 pages) is being released this month and available. Contact us at NRF2021 for report in its entirety.

Excerpt: The U.S market for self-service kiosks was valued at $2.6 billion in 2019. It is projected that the self-service kiosks market in the U.S. will grow at a CAGR of 16.1% to reach $4.4 billion by 2025. The U.S. market for self-service kiosks has been segmented based on the application and end-user industry. Based on applications, the self-service kiosks market has been categorized into Check-in Kiosks, Check-out Kiosks, Ticketing Kiosks, Self-ordering kiosks, Financial Services Kiosks, Bill Payment Kiosks, Digital Signage Kiosks, Bitcoin Kiosks, Temperature Screening Kiosks, and Others. The check-in kiosks segment had the largest share of the market in 2019 and was valued at $530.5 million. The U.S. market for check-in kiosks is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.8% to reach $873.6 million in 2025. In recent years, check-in kiosks have become more popular in several environments. Airline check-in kiosks, healthcare check-in kiosks, and hotel and hospitality check-in kiosks are some of the most popular forms of check-in kiosks.

Questions: We are happy to arrange a call and answer any questions. We can introduce you to multiple solution providers to assist you. We have guidelines and framework for ADA Accessibility available as well as ADA and Accessibility consulting due diligence.

Contact: Craig Keefner | | 720.324.1837 m (text or call).

Gold Sponsors: Olea Kiosks, Inc., KioWare, Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc., Nanonation, Pyramid, KIOSK Information Systems, KioskGroup, Vispero, Zebra, AUO Displays, 22 Miles & Honeywell.

Product & Service Categories: Kiosks, Interactive Displays, Digital Signage, In-Store Technology, POP, Touchscreen & View Data Communications, Electronic Shelf Systems, In-Store POS Integrations, Automated Checkout, Store Fixtures, Wayfinding & In-Door Navigation, and Customer Engagement

About Kiosk Manufacturer Association:

Based in Westminster, Colorado the Kiosk Association or KMA has served the unattended self-service kiosk market since 1995. The Kiosk Association leads the effort to optimize self-service engagements and outcomes using technology such as kiosks, digital signage and displays, service, monitoring, and touchscreens.

Regulatory issues PCI Compliance and EMV are the primary regulatory focus for the KMA along with ADA Accessibility. KMA is a Participating Organization with the PCI SSC. For ADA, the KMA meets annually with U.S. Access Board on accessibility standards for unattended. Additional market coverage includes digital signage, interactive digital, Point-of-Sale, Smart City, vending and robotics. See us on LinkedIn. KMA is available on and

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Stacey’s Old Faithful Bar and Steakhouse Re-Opens Today

GALLATIN GATEWAY, Mont. -- The legendary Stacey's Old Faithful Bar & Steakhouse in Gallatin Gateway is reopening, following a change in ownership and making updates. Stacey's is an authentic western bar and steakhouse serving up a stiff drink, a hearty meal, and live music for over 60 years- and they plan on keeping it that way.

After purchasing the bar this year, owner Brett Evje saw the need for a few updates, like expanding the kitchen- which will now be serving breakfast Friday - Monday in addition to serving lunch and dinner seven days a week. Other updates include an indoor stage for live music, a new dance floor, beer on tap, a turn-of-the-century back bar, an expanded gaming machine area, and new restrooms. An outdoor bar and patio space will be added in Spring 2021.

Seeing himself as the caretaker of this landmark saloon, Evje says, "Toni and her family created a place where everyone feels welcomed. I see these updates as setting it up for the next 60 years and beyond. We are dedicated to keeping the West and the western spirit alive and unchanged."

This is the second update of the historic property. The first took place in 2005 when Toni Crosby acquired the bar from her father, Stacey, and added the steakhouse.

Established in 1937, Stacey's Old Faithful Bar & Steakhouse is a casual western saloon and eatery that strives to maintain an authentic Montana experience and the traditions that make this state great. At Stacey's, you can be sure to find a stiff drink, a hearty meal, country music and the love of the West - all served-up in an environment where everyone feels welcomed.

300 Mill Street, Gallatin Gateway, Montana 59730
IG: @staceysbar
FB: @Stacey's Old Faithful Bar & Steakhouse

Bar - 7 days a week
11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Steakhouse/Kitchen - 7 days a week
Lunch 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Dinner 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon
Breakfast 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. (starting 12/19)

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Kiosk Manufacturer Association Announces PCI Compliance for Unattended Self-Service Kiosks

WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- The Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA), the leading unattended self-service kiosk association established in 1995, today announced the launch of new initiatives in the PCI Compliance space for unattended self-service kiosks. Those initiatives include providing content for the PCI Perspectives Blog, creating a SIG or Special Interest Group on PCI SSC for unattended and semi-attended transaction, as well as new guidepost content from our sponsors and members outlining best practices.

The kiosk association has a standing PCI Compliance committee and a Slack-based working group (free to join). Members include

OTI Global, Unattended Card Payments (UCP), Datacap Systems, Ingenico, KioWare, Olea Kiosks, Lilitab and Self-Service Networks who provide Cash2Card Giftwise.

"The pandemic is fundamentally altering the relationship that business and customer have had historically. Rather than the conventional 'push' from storefront to customer, the ratio of customers 'pulling' from business is rapidly increasing. Online mechanisms are no longer optional but instead, mandatory," says association spokesman, Craig Keefner. "Contactless and touchless are the new cornerstones. Shortening those transaction timeframes whether Drive-Thru or Text-to-pay are the new base metrics."

The pandemic impact on the currencies and payment methods involved in today's secure transaction has also expanded. Cash2Card deployments are rising and instead of the old Redbox DVDs at McDonalds you may soon have a new Bitcoin ATM Kiosks.

Technologies emerging and in-use include conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and all types of visual recognition systems (automobile license and facial examples given).

To stay informed on customer self-order and employee terminals sign up for our monthly news update or you can visit our website.


About Kiosk Manufacturer Association:

Based in Westminster, Colorado, the Kiosk Manufacturer Association - or KMA - has served the unattended self-service kiosk market since 1995. The Kiosk Association leads the effort to optimize self-service engagements and outcomes using technology such as kiosks, digital signage, and touchscreens.

Regulatory issues such as PCI Compliance and EMV are a primary focus for the KMA along with ADA Accessibility. KMA is a Participating Organization with the PCI SSC. For ADA, the KMA meets annually with U.S. Access Board on accessibility standards for unattended. Additional market coverage includes digital signage, interactive digital, Point-of-Sale, Smart City, vending and robotics. See us on LinkedIn. KMA is available on and

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Olea Kiosks, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership with UrVenue

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Olea Kiosks®, Inc., a visionary provider of self-service kiosk solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with UrVenue, the leading hospitality technology platform that powers commerce, enhances the guest experience and monetizes a resort's real estate. With conveniently placed Olea kiosks on-property, this partnership enables venues and hotel properties to layer in another customer touchpoint that drives self-service revenue with transactions that are contactless, resource-free, branded, and always open for business.

With more than 40 years of delivering self-service solutions, Olea Kiosks® understands the value of reducing friction in the guest experience. Urvenue's 10+ years of experience in the resorts and hospitality realm and its ability to leverage its technology to monetize non-room inventory and other guest touchpoints during the in-stay journey solves one of the greatest challenges for resort managers. Combining UrVenue's powerful booking platform with self-service kiosks puts guests in complete control.

"It's exciting to partner with another U.S.-based company so focused on technology that puts the power in the hands of the user," said Frank Olea, CEO of the company that now spans four generations. "Self-service kiosks equipped with the same technology used across all customer touch points helps with workforce management and removes mundane tasks like order and payment entry to allow staff to focus on higher-value tasks that truly enhance the guest experience," added Olea.

"Partnering with a trusted kiosk brand such as Olea will help unlock the full potential of UrVenue to resorts and venues all over the world," said Deron Pearson, CEO of UrVenue. "Together we'll be able to service customers with what they want, when they want in a safe and easy way as well as provide resorts with important insights, data and guest management."

An Olea kiosk paired with UrVenue's booking solution puts hospitality patrons in the driver's seat with frictionless, on-property, cashier-less, self-service booking capabilities. Guests can now book and transact any inventory within UrVenue, including but not limited to, special event ticketing such as seasonal pop-up experiences, show tickets, restaurant reservations, pool-side cabanas, nightclub and day club admission, special promotion vouchers, sportsbook lounge seats and bundled on-property experiences to name a few.

UrVenue's hospitality-built booking platform makes it is easy to transact any type of non-room inventory on property and with Olea's flexible, modular design, the physical unit can be branded and designed for custom transactions including physical outputs such as show tickets or customized promotional vouchers or wristbands.

The pandemic has created significant disruption for the hospitality industry. Self-service kiosks reduce human interaction at a time when guests of all ages are comfortable using kiosks. In addition, venues can eliminate wait times with reservations, long lines, and processing payments, while increasing ticket lift dramatically, at a time when every second and penny of revenue counts.

Circa Resort and Casino will be the first resort to use the Olea with UrVenue kiosk at the beginning of 2021.

About Olea Kiosks®, Inc.

Olea Kiosks, Inc., is a self-service kiosk solution provider for the attractions and entertainment, healthcare and hospitality industries. Its technologically advanced, in-house manufacturing, design, and innovation have made it an industry leader. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, customers include The Habit Burger Grill, Kaiser Permanente, Empire State Building, Universal Studios, EVO Entertainment, Scientific Games, and Subway.

For more information, visit:

About UrVenue:

UrVenue is the leading hospitality technology platform that powers commerce, enhances the guest experience, and monetizes resort real estate by leveraging non-room inventory across all customer touchpoints in the booking and in-stay journey. UrVenue maximizes revenue-per-available-customer with its advanced booking, ticketing and presale platform built for hospitality venues: nightclubs and day clubs, restaurants and lounges, resort pools and beaches, sportsbooks, spas, special events, small group meeting rooms, recreation services, bundled experiences and more.

Since 2011, UrVenue's scalable enterprise technology has been the trusted industry standard for clients ranging from independent venue operators to global hospitality, entertainment and gaming organizations including Wynn Resorts, MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment, Tao Group, Bagatelle and Okada.

For more information, visit:

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April Sabral, Retail Guru and Entrepreneur, Launches Her New Book ‘The Positive Effect’ and Web Subscription Site for Retail Entrepreneurs

TORONTO, Ontario -- Retail expert Ms. April Sabral is a coach and entrepreneur with nearly three decades of excellence in global retail leadership among brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Gap, Banana republic and DAVIDsTEA; and is the founder of Retailu. With her extensive experience as an executive operational strategist and leader Sabral is now passing along her value and launching a leadership and mentorship portal to inspire leaders of companies to achieve great leadership success.

"I think the book and the portal are even more relevant in this COVID time. It has forced us to expand the way we think about leadership and communication. Resilience is the new superpower for leaders to be successful," she says. April also founded, an online leadership development portal for store managers in 2019 that teaches retail core competencies in micro-size video courses but recognized the need to do more.

In the last year, the process of writing the positive effect inspired Sabral to launch, which supports the book with live coaching sessions to inspire senior leaders. The book is an overview of her journey through the ranks of retail while sharing her leadership philosophy, which is proven in her success. This is a must read for retail leaders as she shares in depth her personal journey and lessons learned that are relevant now more than ever.

On her portal, Sabral answers questions on how to build a strong team: how to create open communication with employees, empower leaders, create inclusive cultures; how to overcome obstacles, and build resilience - this targets professionals looking for coaching advice; and seminars to stimulate and inspire thought process on their business and their teams.

The enrollment cost is very affordable. "At launch, I am giving lifetime subscription for only $12, this sounds too good to be true, however, as the membership and content grows so will the price, but for now, I feel it's necessary to support leaders through this trying time," says Sabral.

Her main goal is to be a positive thought leader and influencer in the retail business and assist leaders navigate these challenging new times. She also wants to change the learning and development space, creating affordable resources. "Leadership development should not be a luxury, and unattainable, everyone is worthy of learning," she adds.


April's latest portal is for mid to senior women business leaders. Women can sign up for an annual membership, be inspired and focus on personal development. It focuses on building a simple concept that leaders must be chief inspiration officers before anything else. Sabral teaches and coaches live sessions and online resources and builds a global community of women business leaders. Sharing her knowledge is relevant.

Learn more at:


An acclaimed speaker, Sabral has shared her leadership message in many settings, including universities, conferences, and corporate training, Ms. Sabral holds credentials from the John C. Maxwell Team and a member of the World Association of Business Coaches. She strives to create value and positivity for the people and organizations in every space she enters. Ms. Sabral is the author of "The Positive Effect: A Retail Leader's Guide to Changing the World" (ISBN: 979-8639638503) and aspires in the future to continue changing lives through professional training in the retail and non-profit sectors.

Learn more about her book at:


Retailu was founded by Sabral in 2019 when she couldn't find affordable, relevant leadership training for her team. Retailu provides off the shelf quality leadership training for field leaders at a fraction of the cost of other training programs. After developing leaders for nearly three decades, she thought there had to be a better way. Retailu is a subscription license model with over 25 retail core competencies courses geared to improve managers' skills to drive their business.

Learn more at:




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AJ’s Grayton Beach along with Road Dogg Rescue Hosting Free Holiday Photos with ‘Santa Paws’

SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. -- This Sunday, December 6, AJ's Grayton Beach will be holding a special holiday photo event with "Santa Paws." Santa will be on site at AJ's Grayton Beach from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. for guests to take pictures with their fury four legged friends.

Visitors can take pictures with their phones or cameras. Santa pictures is on a first-come, first serve basis.

In addition to the photo fun, Road Dogg Rescue will also be on site with dogs of all sizes looking to find their forever home this Christmas. Road Dogg Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for homeless, injured, and abused dogs in Okaloosa and Walton County.

Donations are accepted, but not required.

Learn more about AJ's at:

AJs Grayton Beach is located at: 63 Defuniak St., Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32549. (850) 231-4102.

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Long Island Based National Facility Service Firms Announce Fourth Annual ‘Food Drive’ Now A ‘Thankful Event’

MEDFORD, N.Y. -- Professional Retail Services (PRS), Retail Security Services (RSS), and Retail Mechanical Services (RMS) are affiliated national facility service companies based in Long Island. The three entities have teamed up for the fourth year in a row to honor their tradition of giving back to the community.

This year, in place of a traditional food drive where employees, friends, and family donate food items; the three affiliated companies decided to fund the event's donations and rename the "Food Drive" to a "Thankful Event."

The food items packaged as meal kits will feed 600 Suffolk residents this holiday season. The kits will be donated and delivered to the William Floyd School District and HELP Suffolk on November 23rd for disbursement. Each meal kit includes two boxes of stuffing, two boxes of mashed potatoes, two desserts, four cans of vegetables, one can of cranberry sauce, two boxes of corn muffins, two packets of gravy, and one 8 - 12 lb. frozen turkey.

Kathleen Larmour, president and founder of all three companies, had this to say regarding the beloved event:

"We have many reasons to be thankful, and what better way to celebrate that than to rename our event while keeping our yearly tradition of helping those in need.

"Many have endured financial hardship due to the pandemic, which is why we decided that funding this event and not having friends and family donate was appropriate."

Larmour added, "This year we are extremely thankful for our loyal employees, customers, and service partners. This would not have been possible without them."

Professional Retail Services (PRS) is a national facilities maintenance and specialty construction company that provides services for multiple industries across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Learn more:

Retail Security Services (RSS) provides security guard coverage for numerous retailers, restaurants, office buildings, and property management companies nationwide as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico. Learn more:

Retail Mechanical Services (RMS) specializes in HVAC and refrigeration services on a national scale with capabilities in Canada and Puerto Rico. Learn more:

Bianca McNamara
Tel. 631-209-9460

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First Ever ‘Better Together Small Business Saturday Market’ at ENKI Brewing to Celebrate Local Businesses

VICTORIA, Minn. -- ENKI Brewing is proud to partner with several local small businesses and the City of Victoria to hold a special shopping event on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 28. The new "Better Together Small Business Saturday Market" makes it easy for neighbors and visitors to Victoria to find unique holiday gifts for friends and family.

While many people are opting for virtual gatherings or keeping them small and intimate, the holidays can still be special by sharing gifts of love and appreciation with the people in our lives.

The "Better Together Small Business Saturday Market" features giftable items and more from these local businesses:

* The Bakerz Dozen
* Abundant Kitchen
* Chateau Tea
* Midwest Loud and Proud
* Veterans Farming Initiative
* Winnie Lu
* Desserts First Bakery
* Michele's Cookies
* Victoria Sweets
* Burnt Sugar
* B True Essentials
* Vera's Jewelry Boutique
* Chocolate San Jose
* Victoria Rose Floral
* ENKI Brewing

Each business is offering a featured item, that will also be included in the door prizes drawn each hour. When customers arrive at the market, they will be asked to sign in as part of our COVID-19 safety protocols. This sign-in will also automatically register patrons for the door prize drawings. Customers need not be present to win.

The marketplace is set up with safety in mind and will be following COVID-19 safety protocols. In addition to registration, shop stations will be spaced six feet apart; traffic flow will be one way through the market; and the number of people allowed in the market is limited to 28 visitors at time (2 per shop). Masks are required, and sanitizer stations will be set up at the entrance and exit.

"Victoria is an excellent destination for holiday shopping, great food and entertainment, without the large crowds you'll find at the big box stores," said Victoria Community & Economic Development Director Marty Doll. "In addition to the market, we'd love to encourage shoppers to visit all of our downtown shops and eateries. A special flyer will be available at the market registration table that will include highlights of the things all of our great downtown businesses have to offer."

Matt Rosen, owner of The Bakerz Dozen, commented: "The Better Together market is such an amazing way for people to support local small businesses during these trying times. These small business owners are your friends, neighbors, and family members who support the local communities. They sponsor local sports teams, purchase gifts through school fund raisers, etc. The Better Together market will be the perfect way to bring the entire community together."

Julie Huffcutt of Midwest Loud and Proud, described a variety of gift items offered: "We feature many handmade items, from Masks, Crocheted Ear Savers, Bracelets, Coasters (mug rugs), Book Marks, Crocheted Lanyards, Crocheted keychains, Crocheted mini candle wraps, lots of handmade jewelry, caps & candy bouquets."

"We've gotten to know many local businesses who participated at Victoria's Farmers Market and we wanted to show our appreciation to them for showing up week after week. We thought what better way to than to provide our space for them to gain exposure to more customers in our community. We truly believe that supporting each other is what makes us all better," said Jeanne Arnst, ENKI Brewing Controller.

Important Information:

For more information on the Better Together Saturday Market and directions to ENKI Brewery and Taproom please visit or look for the event on Facebook @enkibrewing (

About ENKI Brewing

Since opening in the historic Victoria Creamery in 2013, ENKI Brewing has been an essential part of the local community. ENKI now occupies a 20,000 sq. ft. facility with a spacious taproom and events center overlooking the brewhouse. We seek to be #bettertogether by creating positive gathering spaces for nurturing friendships and by contributing to local non-profit causes aligned with our mission to make the world a friendlier place. We are inspired to brew beer that fosters communion, congregation, and conversation. We believe that experiences shared together lead to enduring friendships. And, we are committed to working together to make our beer the best it can be today and even better tomorrow.

About the City of Victoria

The City of Victoria is a growing suburban edge community, with more than 10,000 people calling it home (an increase of more than 2,500 residents since 2010). Victoria is known as the City of Lakes & Parks, with impressive natural features, walking, biking, hiking and recreational opportunities aplenty. At the heart of the community is Downtown Victoria, a small town downtown with big city amenities, including entertainment, boutique shops and a wide array of locally owned-and operated eateries. Learn more about the City of Victoria at

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Datasembly Rebrands as it Evolves into Data Leader for CPGs and Retailers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, Datasembly announced a major rebranding to reflect the software company's evolution, becoming the world's leading provider of data tools for hyper-local, real-time product transparency. The rebranding is a top to bottom redesign of the company's website, logo, graphics, communications, and correspondence, aimed at modernizing and conveying their product solution for CPGs, brands, and retailers.

Datasembly is changing the way retailers and CPGs get and share pricing information, eliminating the need to settle for averaged data or constant in-person store visits. Using real-time, store-level pricing and promotions data, Datasembly's customers get unprecedented transparency between retailers, partners, and suppliers.

CEO and Co-founder Ben Reich stated, "We're always pushing the limits of what's possible with technology, and we want to make sure that our brand has a modern feel that reflects the revitalized, forward-thinking approach we've taken into looking at the data CPGs and retailers really need to make strategic business decisions."

Datasembly's proprietary technology collects billions of grocery and retail product records from hundreds of thousands of locations every day. Data includes pricing, promotions, and assortment information for both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Datasembly's clients gain invaluable insight and competitive information for real-time product transparency. A growing client list which includes 2 of the top 5 retailers and 3 of the top 10 CPGs.

"Our vision is to provide total transparency for every product being sold everywhere. Our Series A fundraising has allowed us to methodically add the talent, capabilities, and assets that will allow us to do that - it's literally producing business-changing results for our clients," said Ben Reich.

Datasembly's rebrand and growth are both occurring during this unprecedented time. Retailers and CPGs are facing new challenges, competition is increasing, pricing and assortment is changing rapidly and better pricing intelligence is needed to improve strategic decision-making. Datasembly has proven itself to be the premiere source for unprecedented transparency in retail pricing today, and beyond.

About Datasembly

Datasembly empowers brands and retailers to make data-driven decisions about prices and promotions in real time. Datasembly collects hyper-local, real-time data from tens of thousands of retail, grocery and QSR locations across North America. Datasembly's intuitive web app leverages this data to solve real-world problems and deliver immediate visibility and insights that helps CPGs and retailers save time, money and improve efficiencies.

For more information, visit

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