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Talon International, Inc. Introduces its New High Quality Fashion Bonding Division

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. -- Talon International, Inc. continues its legacy and history as lead innovators, introducing its newest division, "Bonding." With technology suitable for various categories within the apparel industry as well as many other applications: such as outdoor products, automotive and countless other applications. This new product line continues to be aligned with the company's ethos of leading the charge and shifting apparel and other industries towards sustainability, innovation, quality, and premium performance.

Bonding Solution:

Talon International has an existing portfolio of revolutionary products including zippers, trim, stretch technologies, packaging, anti-counterfeit solutions, sustainability and now its latest bonding solutions. With performance, quality and functionality being a core value for their offerings, Talon identified a gap in the market for high-quality adhesive films and high levels of technical support in the field.

Following detailed industry research, speaking with both existing and new clients, product development and testing processes, we are proud to unveil solutions that deliver comfort and performance, and water resistance and seamless applications. The product line features "Flex-It" films, Adhesive films, Overlay films, and Seam Sealing Tapes each with their own unique technologies and functionality.

"Design is in the details; we are dedicated to constant iteration and innovation to provide our existing and prospective clients with products that move the needle in the quality of finished products to create excellent customer experiences," says Larry Dyne, Chief Executive Office at Talon International Inc.

Designed specifically for comfort and performance, the Flex-It films range features a spandex film secured between two adhesive layers for superior elasticity, strength, and durability. Ideal for lingerie and undergarments, active and athleisure, as well as outerwear, there are multiple variations to choose from.

With the move towards the importance of design aesthetics as well as functionality the seamless Adhesive film range was introduced to maintain premium softness, flexibility, and support while providing high-performance throughout the life of the garment.

"With the ability to bond fabrics, waterproofing, creating breathable barriers, and spider web adhesives, the line is perfect for sportswear, athleisure, shapewear, and undergarments," says Abhijeet Majumdar, Director of Bonding at Talon International Inc.

When it comes to innovating apparel for workwear, skiing, hiking, and outerwear, as well as tents, backpacks, and luggage, water resistant Seam Sealing Tape films are one of their latest innovations. With options for 2-layer tapes, 3-layer tapes, colored tapes, and printed tapes, the high-quality adhesive films increase the water-resistant properties, and therefore durability, of seams.

Lastly, to fill a void found within these various applications and use cases Overlay film provides garments with safety, security, and durability against shrinking and stretching over time. With a wide range of colors and options available, the film can be applied to many material variants including zippers, bag flaps, elastic bands, woven and knitted garments for compression and waterproofing.

About Talon International:

Our 128-year history provides Talon with unmatched knowledge of the products and innovations required to turn their client's visions into reality. Working with prestigious brands including Guess, Urban Outfitters, Polo Ralph Lauren, Superdry, Reebok, Spanx, Van Heusen, and so many more, Talon is well respected as a heritage brand that assists their clients in standing out from their competitors with customized solutions.



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Talon International Adjustec Division is Awarded Second US Patent: US 11,034,130 B2 for its Bandroll Technology

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. -- The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently awarded Talon's Adjustec a second patent in a series of patterns concerning their Adjustec stretch technology Bandroll product. The patent provides additional protection for the Adjustec Bandroll-the design behind Talon's Inventor of the Year Award for 2020, awarded by Aramark. Following this second patent are two more patterns pending for the Adjustec Bandroll that cover even a wider range of applications.

The Adjustec stretch technology has brought fashion to a new level of comfort and performance with their innovative stretch technology, using fusibles with any material. The Bandroll offers a stretch-fit solution for garments--particularly dress pant waistbands--providing a comfortable and durable fit that lasts a lifetime. Aramark the workwear Giant has adopted it as well in their quest to ensure they lead in providing performance in the workwear field.

Talon International has already been awarded three dress shirt design patents amongst 17 other granted patents for various product developments. Talon patents have been welcomed and adopted by several name brand clothing companies, including-but not limited to-Dockers, Uniqlo, Ralph Lauren, Round Tree and York, Murano, Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and Aramark workwear.

"We believe in innovation and technology, and we use patents to protect our intellectual property," says Larry Dyne, CEO of Talon International. "The modern production reality in the textile market is that anyone that tries to make these updated waistbands or collars without our approval, or a license from us, would, in fact, be infringing our patterns and pending patents."

Alongside creative design patterns, Talon's Adjustec division patents provide companies everywhere the opportunity to revolutionize the way they make fashion. With constant innovation in the fashion world, the Adjustec Bandroll provides the level of performance desired by buyers everywhere without sacrificing design and style.

"We believe that all modern pants...needs our technology to be competitive...Companies will also need our patented manufacturing systems and equipment to enjoy the incredible efficiencies and savings they provide," says Herman Roup, President and Inventor of Adjustec.

Since their revolutionary zipper invention in 1893, and over 128yrs of doing it right, Talon International remains committed to pushing boundaries with advanced, state-of-the-art design solutions, including trims, zippers, packaging, stretch technologies, and sustainable solutions. Talon is the solution for integrating invaluable, flexible, and sustainable products in the clothing we rely on every day. At Talon, Every. Detail. Matters.

For more information about the recently patented Adjustec Bandroll, see our website at or please contact Herman Roup by phone at 805-689-4656 or by email at

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Aramark Awards 2020 Innovator Award to Talon’s Adjustec Stretch and Performance for their patented performance BandRoll and manufacturing systems

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. -- Aramark, one of the world's largest food service, facilities, and uniform providers, has awarded its 2020 Innovator Award to Talon International's Adjustec Stretch & Performance Technology Division. This division of the legendary Zipper company and Trims manufacturer is making non-stretch fabric stretch and recover, even replacing elastics, while helping wearers to be more comfortable, fabrics to last longer, and to improve the fit of the garments.

Adjustec holds over 12 patents on their stretch and performance innovations plus patented equipment systems, there are also several more pending patent issuance. Learn more at .

"This award from Aramark, a Fortune 500 company, is a great honor for our team to collaborate and work with such amazing partners," said Larry Dyne, CEO of Talon International. "The Adjustec team, also known to the market as Tekfit, works hard to constantly innovate our proprietary stretch technology, creating the technology that keep us all comfortable, dry, and cool. For a uniform supply company, like Aramark, this allows them to provide the most comfortable work clothes in the world."

The business with Aramark is a new vertical in workwear for Adjustec. The Adjustec Division of Talon International (r) has numerous innovations that ultimately create a more comfortable experience for millions of wearers. Its patented stretch technologies can be found in over 200million garments.

Talon's commitment goes way beyond simply creating great products. Everything we do helps to make sewing factories more efficient and reduce waste by utilizing our patented technical systems. Protecting the environment is as high a priority as innovating new products.

"Adjustec creates Innovative Solutions that impacts the wearers and the environment," said Herman Roup, President and Innovator of the Adjustec Division. "Protecting our shared world is a huge part of our mission. Many of our innovations can be applied to many manufacturers to reduce waste, clean up the oceans, and still deliver cutting edge innovations that consumers have come to expect and demand, luckily for us, we found Aramark who is equally committed to these goals."

Talon invented the world's first zipper in 1893, changing fashion forever. With a pedigree like this, it may seem like they would rest on their laurels. Instead, they're committed to moving fashion forward with custom zippers, trim, tags, patented stretch technologies and a wide variety of printed marketing solutions including a new technology for anti-counterfeit and consumer engagement. Talon is your innovative and creative partner pushing the envelope to bring forth new fashion technologies to the apparel industry while understanding the importance of quality, brand DNA, and speed to market.

Learn more:


*Caption: Herman Roup, President of Adjustec, Holding the Aramark 2020 Innovator Award.

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Insightful Woman Launches Business During Pandemic Supporting Female Artisans and Entrepreneurs

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- While the pandemic continues to shatter businesses and the world is urged to stay at home, Allie Petrova, founder of Bellani, a luxury merino wool blanket maker, decided to bring warmth into people's homes and lives. Like many other professionals, Petrova, a North Carolina tax attorney, replaced in-person, client meetings with virtual ones.

And, whether working at her home office desk, or unwinding while watching movies in the living room, she wished for a natural blanket to wrap her in comfort and coziness.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to help others, she set out to create the perfect blanket made of luxuriously soft fine merino. The name "Bellani" was an intuitive fit: it comes from the Italian words for beautiful (bella) and wool (lana). The blankets are made in Europe from pure, natural and sustainable materials.

Petrova sought to support female entrepreneurs and artisans, many are single mothers or sole breadwinners for the family. Bellani's major supplier is a partnership owned by two women. Women artisans hand finish the fringe on each blanket from the Luxe Collection, which offers a combination of classic and contemporary designs that elevate spaces and bring delightful warmth. The blankets are crafted at wool mills with traditions in the making of wool products, particularly blankets.

"While so many businesses were shutting down, I worked to plant a seed that would grow something new and beautiful," Petrova says. "Despite many challenges and disruptions caused by the pandemic, I found the right mill to weave the blankets, chose from tens of colors for the right patterns, and located the perfect, fine merino supplier."

In addition to adult blankets in the Luxe Collection, Bellani offers fine merino baby and pet blankets. They come in delicate patterns and timeless colors. People are met with softness beyond compare, when they run their hands over the Bellani blankets.

"Our baby blankets have been very popular with grandparents who are buying them as gifts as well as for baby showers," Petrova says. "And pets are a very important part of the family too - we didn't want our furry friends to be left out."

Bellani is unveiling its Royal Blanket - exclusively on This blanket will be the ultimate in luxury. The fabric is made in Italy from fine Australian merino wool and comes in a generous size to fit a Queen-sized bed.

About Bellani

Founded in 2020, Bellani manufactures heirloom quality, fine merino wool blankets with timeless designs, luxurious softness and ultimate comfort. All products are made in Europe and are 100 percent natural. Shipping is available to the U.S. and Canada.

For more information, visit: and


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*Caption: Bellani's Luxe Collection: Aurora Blanket.

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Massachusetts’ Entrepreneurs Team Up to Deliver ‘Hope’ and ‘Faith’ this Thanksgiving

FALL RIVER, Mass. -- This Thanksgiving, Gary Simons of Simply Simons restaurant in Swansea, MA, and Peter Moubayed, owner of NorthEast Fleece in Fall River, MA, will deliver homemade hot turkey dinners, warm fleece blankets and a much-needed message of hope.

Since 2006, Simply Simons has prepared, delivered and donated made-from-scratch Thanksgiving Day dinners with "all the fixings." Every holiday season, he and his family and friends prepare, cook, box and deliver up to an impressive 800 meals in the Swansea, Somerset and greater Fall River area. This year, he'll have something new to add into the mix - a warm fleece blanket - complements of NorthEast Fleece.

"For the most part, these people are alone, disabled, veterans and generally families in need," Simons says. "This year, we're expecting a huge spike in deliveries to the elderly who are forced to stay home because of COVID-19."

Moubayed has been a faithful customer at Simons' restaurant for many years and the two cemented a friendship over charitable giving.

"Gary works hard not only at his restaurant but for the community as well," Moubayed says. "From the moment I met him, I knew he had a huge heart. What he's been doing all these years is amazing and I wanted to be a part of it."

Moubayed has a long history of charitable giving, his "Fleece for Peace" blanket donation program has donated and shipped blankets to almost every natural disaster and humanitarian cause worldwide since 1996.

As a leading textile manufacturer, NorthEast Fleece recently created two new inspirational blanket designs that give words of encouragement - "Hope" and "Faith." Bright white letters are printed on a beautifully uplifting sky-blue backdrop.

"When COVID hit and the whole country, including my business, was suddenly shut down, I thought, 'We need hope!' And, so the two new blanket designs were born. It's a simple message, hopefully we are not only warming people, but lifting their spirits too," he shares.

And while the pandemic has also affected Simons' restaurant business, he carries on; his perseverance has paid off. Hot plates and warm blankets will prevail.

"All I kept thinking about were the people who would not get a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day if I cancelled because of the virus," he says.

Those in need of a meal and a blanket or for anyone who wishes to donate, please call Simply Simon's at: 508-675-5531 before Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 9 p.m. Simons will close after breakfast on Thanksgiving Day in order to begin packaging the dinners. The meals will be delivered after 1 p.m. into the late afternoon on Thanksgiving Day.

About Simply Simons

Simply Simons has been family-owned since 1998 and has been involved in many charitable events over the years, including "A Wish Come True." It strongly believes in giving back to the community. The restaurant serves all made-from-scratch meals and has a large and loyal following. The decor is eclectic and showcases family antiques and collectibles throughout.

For more information:

About NorthEast Fleece

NorthEast Fleece is a family-owned and operated business and a leading supplier of premium, polar-fleece blankets. Along with its role in charitable giving, its blankets have also been displayed at multiple presidential inaugurations, the Olympic Games, major hotels, professional sports events and prestigious universities.

Recently, the company has experienced tremendous growth, culminating in its current position as North America's premier manufacturer and supplier of fleece blankets. It's a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating.

For more information:

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*Photo Caption: Gary Simons, Simply Simons; and Peter Moubayed, NorthEast Fleece, team up to deliver meals and warm message of "Hope."

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Massachusetts Blanket Manufacturer Creates Warm Message of Hope and Faith During Pandemic

FALL RIVER, Mass. -- The world is calling out for comfort and NorthEast Fleece is working to answer that call. As a textile industry leader, the company recently created two new blanket designs - one featuring "Hope" and the other "Faith" - as part of its "Fleece for Peace" charitable giving program. These warm fleece blankets can be donated for disaster relief and community support.

More than 25 years ago, Peter Moubayed, NorthEast Fleece, owner, started "Fleece for Peace," to assist in humanitarian and disaster relief efforts around the country and the world. Partnering with charities and organizations such as The Red Cross, The Salvation Army and the National Guard, along with hospitals, churches and shelters, NorthEast Fleece's blankets have served people everywhere. They've comforted COVID patients and victims of the recent California wildfires, floods and hurricanes as well as the homeless.

"When COVID hit and the whole country, including my business, was suddenly shut down, I put my head in my hands. I thought, 'We need hope!' Then the image flashed in my mind - 'Hope' on a beautiful blanket. It was a simple message that would not only warm people, but lift their spirits too," he says.

The blankets boast these words of encouragement in bright white lettering printed on a beautiful sky-blue backdrop. The blankets come in a twin/cot size and are thermal, soft and individually-sealed.

With no end in sight for domestic crises as well as those abroad, NorthEast Fleece has ramped up its giving program. For every "Hope" or "Faith" blanket donated, the company will match it and ship free to the charity of the giver's choice.

"By doing this, we're able to double the aid," Moubayed says.

To participate in NorthEast Fleece's matching donation program, visit; or call 1-800-FLEECE0.

About NorthEast Fleece

NorthEast Fleece is a family-owned and operated business in Fall River, Mass. They're a leading supplier of premium polar fleece blankets. Along with its role in charitable giving and disaster relief programs, the blankets have also been displayed at multiple presidential inaugurations, the Olympic Games, major hotels, professional sports events and prestigious universities.

Recently, the company has experienced tremendous growth and expansion, culminating in its current position as North America's premier manufacturer and supplier of fleece blankets. It's a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating.

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*Photo Caption: Peter and Dede Moubayed with HOPE blanket.

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