New Online Internet Marketing Solution Launches World’s Best Business Competition

Author: Open4Sale
Dateline: San Clemente, California (SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.)  | Thu, 24 Feb 2011

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “Social networks and online marketing portals continue to pop up all over the World Wide Web. However, according to Simon La Barrie, CEO of, few are designed with the user in mind.”

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Social networks and online marketing portals continue to pop up all over the World Wide Web. However, according to Simon La Barrie, CEO of, few are designed with the user in mind. That's why to get users involved from the get go, Open4Sale has launched a competition that's being headlined as the "World's Best Business Offer."

So, what does it entail? Open4Sale is asking businesses around the world to send in a short video about a special promotion their business has to offer (i.e., 10 percent discount or two for one deals) with some information about why their business is the best in the world.

By April 30, 2011, the producer of the most-viewed video will win a seven-night trip for two to their choice of Sydney, Australia or Los Angeles, California where they will stay at the Hilton International. Travel insurance and $1,000 in spending cash is included and the winners will get to meet the company's CEO.

"And during the competition, businesses will receive worldwide promotion through search engine campaigns, newsletter alerts to a massive global e-mail database, public relation campaigns and more," says La Barrie.

La Barrie adds that, "We are really member-centric. We give our members the platinum-card treatment and if they have questions about anything, they can communicate with us directly. Similar sites are just not that readily accessible. We want our members to be successful as within our goals."

About Open4Sale: is an online marketing portal that helps individuals and small to large-sized businesses, worldwide, to promote their businesses and/or products on a global scale for minimal cost and maximum return.

Anyone can become a member and basic membership starts at $30 per year. Upgrades are available for additional features that include a user-friendly tool for producing a television commercial and an added inclusion of instant contact.

The site is member driven and customer service is at the forefront. Members can upload information and market their business, sell a home or car and rent or advertise a holiday getaway; there is also much more to come.

Additionally, is in the process of negotiating with some powerful investors and partners to reveal some ground-breaking technology in the next few months.

Currently, is headquartered in Australia with offices in the U.S. and Europe. It's in the process of setting up offices in Dubai and Singapore.

Open4Sale is available in eight languages. For more information, visit: .


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