Baby Boomer and Seniors’ Networking Site ‘Active Empty Nesters’ Growing in Popularity and Adding New Features

Author: Active Empty Nesters, LLC
Dateline: Englewood, Colorado (ENGLEWOOD, Colo.)  | Thu, 23 Jun 2011

freeNewsArticles Story Summary: “Active Empty Nesters, a social networking website which launched earlier this year and aims to help baby-boomers and seniors lead an active and productive life, is pleased to announce its rapidly growing website with new groups.”

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Active Empty Nesters, a social networking website which launched earlier this year and aims to help baby-boomers and seniors lead an active and productive life, is pleased to announce its rapidly growing website with new groups. Groups are the latest feature available on the website to allow friends, associates or even former classmates to create online groups where like minded individuals can gather in their own space to share stories, tips, advice or just chat with someone who shares a similar interest.

Setting up a group is simple: members first provide the group's details, name and description along with access privileges. They then add a photo to identify the group, and finally, send out invitations using the website's built in email tools.

"Invitations can be sent to friends already on the Active Empty Nesters website, or you can send invitations to non-members who you think might benefit from participating in the group," explained Ronald Mercier, creator of the Active Empty Nesters website. "Non-members will be able to join for free, and they can do so knowing that their email address will not be shared with any other third party vendors outside of the website."

Finding a group on the website is easy: select Explore on the Menu Bar then Groups. Find the group you are interested in, select the Join Group icon located in the lower right side of the Group description. It's that simple. The site currently has groups focusing on Lifestyle, travel and sport participation, along with several private groups focused on reuniting old school friends and classmates.

"Everyone has an interest, whether it is in an outdoor activity such as hiking, skiing, swimming, golfing etcetera; or more hobby based like cooking, reading, knitting," said Mercier. "As we get older, these interests keep us engaged socially by meeting others who have the same interest. Human interaction and exercising our interest is what keeps us young at heart."

The website provides a dynamic social gathering place allowing members to meet others with similar interests and to easily interact with other users and friends. Membership to the site is completely free. Once registered, members can begin setting up their personal profile, join interests groups, and communicating with old and new friends alike through the site's built in social-networking features.

About Active Empty Nesters:

Active Empty Nesters, LLC is a Colorado Limited Liability Company formed by Ronald Mercier. Mr. Mercier, owner and creator of, has made it his mission to help his generation stay involved in, and educated on, the rapidly changing technology of today's modern world. The result is, a website designed specifically for the demographic of 50-and-over to catch up with friends, find new ones.


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