Introducing STiKidotz Customizable 3D Pixel Art Stickers for Imagination and Family Game Time

ATLANTA, Ga. -- The Dotz Company, LLC today announced a new product for all ages. STiKidotz(TM) are customizable, re-stickable, brightly colored 3D art pixel stickers that you can design and redesign yourself. The stickers' base are made from soft silicone, a material that is flexible and bendy and can be cut into any shape. The designs are created on the sticker's base using colorful dotzPIXELS(TM). These small pieces come in a 4x4 perforated dotzBLOK(TM) that can be easily separated into the dotzPIXELS(TM) that precisely fit on the sticker.

Each sticker base is backed by a non-toxic adhesive, specially formulated to allow you to stick your design on any smooth surface. It can be removed and repositioned without leaving any residue behind. The sticker can be used on walls, windows, lockers, car bumpers, refrigerators, photo frames, signage, cabinets, mirrors, bath tub, tiles and more. The stickers can also be used outdoor. The stickers are currently available in 8 colors and the dotzBLOK(TM) comes in 12 colors.

STiKidotz(TM) was created by entrepreneur CK Tan and his daughter Yannie Tan, who dreamed of creating an innovative and fun pixel art product that all ages would love and that families could enjoy making together.

"While technology is a useful and necessary part of all our lives, we saw dotzPIXELS as a way to create a fun, creative, family bonding experience outside of a digital environment," said Mr. CK Tan.

In the process, the two savvy inventors also discovered that STiKidotz(TM) are a fun and engaging way to practice fine motor, design, graphing, visual, spatial and creative world-building skills.

"STiKitdotz would have great success in the classroom," added Tan. "In fact, we eventually expect to see them used as part of a STEAM-related curriculum."

As an established games and toys business, The Dotz Company, LLC, is sponsoring the development of STiKidotz(TM), and will help bring it to market.

The STiKidotz(TM) Indigogo campaign launches August 1, 2017. As safety is a priority, and the funds raised will be used for color and material safety testing for the silicone and the adhesive, production-ready prototypes, molds, future developments, packaging and more in order to help make STiKidotz(TM) a reality and available to the public.

STiKidotz(TM) is patent-pending and proudly assembled in USA.

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