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​DENVER, Colo. — Kiosk Association News – Kiosks & Digital Signage in Retail: Next week is NRF in New York and we are in our usual location at entrance to lower level in #1602. We’ll have 4 demos available at our booth. Other booths to visit include KIOSK (5502), Pyramid (3482), Storm Interface (1707), ImageHolders (4266), Insight Touch (1327), POSBANK (5649), Samsung (3657), Ingenico (3738), Elo (5803), Esper (855) and Star Micronics (5449).

News From Across Self-Service

* Airport Digital Displays and DVLEDs

* POS Order Terminals and McDonald’s Style Pedestal Kiosks

* POS Terminal & Kiosks New Member POSBANK

* NRF 2023 – Come See us in 1602

* Kiosk Mode – What is Windows Kiosk Mode

* POS Order Touch

* Media Kiosk Writeups – Mondelez and NRN

* NASA Ticketing Kiosks Video – Double Screen – In the Wild

* NRF 2023 KMA – Samsung, Pyramid, KioWare, Vispero,& Olea.

* Grocery Self-Checkout & Disabled Shoppers – Food Institute

* No-Code Development Platform Intuiface Supports Raspberry Pi

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AVIXA Writeups

* NASA uses digital signage to speed up ticketing

* MSP Airport DVLEDs + 900 screen Project

* PDF – 2022 Drive Thru Study Report

* PDF Report – 2022 State of Restaurant Industry

* PDF – 7-Eleven Digital Signs

* Mexico Amusement Park Digital Signage Case Study

* Customer Self Order & Digital Messaging

* Wayfinding in Walmart

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* Samsung Kiosk

* Automated Self-Return Retail Kiosks

* Digital Menu Boards Samsung

* NASA Ticketing Kiosks

* Taco Bell NY Cantina

* McDonald’s Latest Concept for Automated


Interesting to see DVLED news in Minneapolis. The genesis of their solution was cloned in part by earlier solution deployed by Minnesota Twins. Extended writeup with pics supplied by the airport authority.

We’ve added POS aka Point of Sale as one of our main content threads for 2023.

Also, we have updated Market Research with new numbers for the industry along with restaurant statistics. We also take our shot at 2023 predictions.

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