Finna Lit: Creativity. Entrepreneurship. Lifestyle. Money

AJAX, ONTARIO — In Sean Lewis’ current picture book, “Finna Lit: Creativity. Entrepreneurship. Lifestyle. Money” (ISBN: 978-0228883821; April, 2023), the main character, Dell, uses his wits and experiences to create his own path to financial independence. His connection with his family and his passion for being financially literate lead him to learn from others, but most importantly educate his friend. Despite some initial challenges, Dell learns that being FINNA LIT is more than just words. It’s a process. It’s a LIFESTYLE.

“Finna Lit” features a young boy, Dell, who is learning about how finances matter and their impact on decision-making. He wants to develop a video game business but needs the resources and skills to get to his ultimate goal. He uses his creativity and growing financial skills to start a small business of raking leaves so that he can acquire the resources needed to make his video game business viable. He shares his ideas with his friend Link who has a minimal understanding of financial matters. He realizes starting a business has its challenges and setbacks, but he learns that perseverance is his best ally.

Author Sean Lewis is an educator and curriculum writer. Sean values using the world as seen through the lens of students to guide instruction and inquiry. He enjoys conversing with his students and constructing lessons about financial matters, and entrepreneurship. FINNA LIT was created so that families, educators and students can participate in an ongoing learning process that is dynamic and which is unique to each lived experience that honours many ways of knowing. Sean is grateful for the financial hardships he faced growing up and the lessons he learned. Lessons he continues to learn to this day.

“Finna Lit: Creativity. Entrepreneurship. Lifestyle. Money” is Sean’s first picture book and was released in 2023.

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“Finna Lit” is now out through Tellwell Publishing (RRP $15.99) and available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indigo and more.


Author: Sean Lewis


Released: APRIL, 2023

PAPERBACK: ISBN-13: 978-0228883821

HARDCOVER: ISBN-13: 978-0228883838

Publisher: Tellwell Publishing ( ).

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