Mopec Announces Distribution Partnership with Nano Surgical to Offer Customers the Lumohs Lighted Scalpel Handles

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. — Mopec, a leading manufacturer of anatomic pathology products, announced their new distributor partnership with Nano Surgical to become the exclusive master distributor of Lumohs Lighted Scalpel Handles in the pathology and laboratory markets.

Lumohs Lighted Scalpel Handles represent a cutting-edge solution for enhancing surgical instruments. This innovative product transforms surgical practices by providing shadowless, unobstructed illumination mere millimeters from the operating site, thereby mitigating potential risks associated with various medical procedures. This advancement guarantees improved visibility during complex processes, promoting a safer environment for surgeons, their team, and patients alike.

“At Mopec, we’re always looking for innovative solutions that solve problems and empower anatomy and pathology professionals,” said Jeff Pemberton, VP of Marketing and Consumables for Mopec. “When we found Lumohs, we recognized the value it brings and knew it was the perfect fit for our line of high quality dissection instruments and scalpel handles.”

Lumohs features broad, rounded grips that effectively minimize neck, back, and wrist strain and fatigue associated with struggling to illuminate any surgical site. Driven by a replaceable battery cartridge, the portable and autoclavable handles are available in #3, #4, and #8 handles.

“We’re very excited to partner with Mopec and launch our new #4 and #8 Lumohs handles specifically designed for their pathology and lab business,” said Dr. Steven Hacker, Founder of Nano Surgical and Inventor of Lumohs. “These handles, along with our #3 handles, will provide Mopec the ability to meet all their customers’ scalpel needs, including lab, anatomic, and forensic pathology segments.”

With a handle designed for every specialist and compatibility with any blade size or brand, Lumohs becomes an indispensable tool for achieving optimal visibility and safety in any medical setting. These versatile tools not only ensure seamless adaptability, but also provide a cost-effective alternative for budget-conscious practices.

For more information or to obtain a quotation, please visit, or call (800) 362-8491.

About Mopec:

As a division of Mopec Group, Mopec is guided by our mission to empower pathology & anatomy professionals with the leading platform of products and solutions for the advancement of diagnostic accuracy, safety, research, education, and the treatment of disease. This mission has driven us to become the leading experts on anatomic and forensic pathology equipment and workflow. We’ve been working hand-in-hand with pathology professions for over 30 years developing systems and solutions that facilitate safer gross examinations. As anatomic pathology has evolved, Mopec Group has been at the forefront, getting feedback, improving design, and solving problems. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is underscored by the widespread installations within America’s premier healthcare institutions, a testament to our continuous pursuit of providing cutting-edge tools that significantly contribute to the progress and safety of pathology and anatomy professionals worldwide. We are innovators. We are collaborators. We are grossing.

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