First High Performance electric Defender launched by The Landrovers

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands — The Landrovers are introducing their fully customized, high performance electric classic Defender. A brand-new Defender, built on an original chassis, has 600 horsepower and 4 in-wheel motors. This beauty accelerates to 60MpH in 5 seconds and has a range of 375 miles. Just like all Land Rovers that are produced by this Dutch company, the interior and exterior are fully customized. Every Defender that drives out of the hangars in Amsterdam, is given its own name by the new owner. The first electric Defender that felt its wheels on asphalt was ‘born’ in October 2022. The Landrovers are ready to introduce this phenomenal beast on the American road.


The Netherlands is the fastest growing market for electric transport; in 2023 one third of the newly sold cars was electric. 5.2% of the passenger cars on Dutch roads is electric. With the electric (EV) Defender from The Landrovers, an iconic restomod model is being added to the range of electric cars. The sturdy-looking Defender lost no beauty but gained enormous potential and in off-road capability due to a stronger battery-pack, beating even the biggest Tesla.

Every car its own name

The Landrovers builds luxurious custom made Land Rover Defenders to order. Everything – from the interior to the exterior – is adapted to the wishes of the new owner. Using sustainable materials, each Defender undergoes significant and detailed improvements. Rebuilding a car takes about nine months; a period in which the new owner gives his or her car its own name. It’s now part of the family. And a refurbished Land Rover that rolls out of the garage of The Landrovers is guaranteed to have a four-wheel worthy existence for at least another 25 years.


Restomod means tuning and modernizing an old model. Electromodding adds a new chapter to this phenomenon in the automotive world. The Landrovers combine ‘new’ cars with old and new technology, creating the best of both worlds. Every Defender from The Landrovers is built on a 25-year old chassis. The classic and robust styling of the original Land Rover is combined with modern comfort, performance and reliability. Defenders that roll out of the garage of The Landrovers have maintained their distinctive shape. They are then tuned with giant wheels, an open roof, a V8 Corvette motor, and retrostyle upholstery, hand-stitched seats and signature dashboard. If so desired fully electric.

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The Landrovers builds fully custom built and luxurious Land Rover Defenders. All cars are built on a 25-year-old Landrover chassis where interior and exterior are fully customized. The Landrovers uses refurbished and sustainable materials where possible. A new Defender built by The Landrovers is guaranteed for another twenty-five years of four-wheel worthy existence. The Landrovers is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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