Five Dynamic Divas Building Digital Dynasties Bring the Drama in New Reality Series ‘First Ladies of the Crypto Cartel’

CHICAGO, Ill. — Financial mogul-turned-producer, Michelle Renee, is making waves in the entertainment industry with the recent launch of the innovative reality show, “First Ladies of The Crypto Cartel,” a groundbreaking series spotlighting five stylish, tech-savvy women based in Chicago and Atlanta as they build digital dynasties. Produced by Money Gossip Productions, the streaming show combines the expected drama of reality TV with high-stakes finance, compelling personal stories, and low-key lessons on the latest trends in cryptocurrencies.

“My financial background fuels my desire to educate people on building wealth through investments, particularly those from marginalized communities. What better way to do this than a reality show that showcases how we navigate from old money to new money?” says Renee, a cast member and founder of Money Gossip Inc. “We share our everyday issues like any other reality show, but we also show how the cryptocurrency market works in the real world, including potential risks.”

“The show is a cross between ‘Real Housewives’ (Bravo) and ‘Love and Marriage DC’ (OWN Network) with a touch of the business insights viewers gain from ‘Shark Tank’ (ABC),” adds castmate Jessika Grooms, a popular social media Influencer, creator of a popular adult card game, and founder of thriving hair company, AmberJe’.

“First Ladies of The Crypto Cartel” centers around the professional and personal bonds between the women-and two of their husbands – who have achieved remarkable success in their careers and businesses. Together, they’ve formed a powerful group dedicated to investing in cryptocurrency. The eight-episode series showcases “The Family” in their weekly power meetings, where they strategize and manage their bitcoin investments through the blockchain. The Family’s loyalty to one another is unwavering, as they have vowed never to sell their crypto or other investments, opting instead to take loans against them to finance their lavish lifestyle. Each move must be approved, adding an extra layer of intrigue when someone makes an unapproved investment.

What sets this show apart is its educational component, where the cast occasionally breaks down complex cryptoverse terminology during their one-on-one interviews, making the world of crypto accessible to all.

“The world is changing and there’s no getting around that,” adds Renee, also known as The Crypto Queen. “The thing that excites me most about crypto is that it doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter your age, race, education, where you’ve been, or what you’ve been through; with determination and strategic thinking, anyone can thrive in this new financial landscape.”

Former “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” (VH1) cast member, Karen “KK” King, adds, “I thought my reality TV days were over but when Michelle approached me about this positive concept I thought, if she could teach me the ins and outs of bitcoin without a tech background like she did, I’d be delighted to help spread the word.” The designer and builder of luxury beds and author of bestselling memoir, “Do You Know Me,” continues, “This show will reach people who aren’t always exposed to investing and possibly motivate them to learn more about the opportunities in digital currency.”

In addition to Renee, Grooms, and King, the cast is rounded out by Stacy Mason and Tiffany Stringer. Mason is a hairstylist, transitional coach, and founder of the nonprofit, Ministry Beyond the Chair. Stringer, who holds a master’s degree in advanced nursing care, has built a successful career in the health industry and is preparing to launch a concierge IV hydration and supplement infusion service. The supporting cast includes Jessika’s husband Chris Grooms, and Stacy’s husband, Pierre Mason.

“First Ladies of the Crypto Cartel’s” riveting blend of financial strategy and interpersonal drama is sure to keep viewers hooked.

The show streams Sundays at 7 p.m. or catch it on-demand at where you can also purchase merchandise, NFT’s or schedule a watch party.

Follow Money Gossip Productions on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) at @realflotcc. Follow the show on YouTube and TikTok at @MoneyGossip.


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