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Teenager Creates COVID-19 Wristbands to Educate and Raise Awareness

CHICAGO, Ill. -- What started out as a small family project for three teenagers concerned for their grandparents' safety during quarantine has taken off with the launch of COVID-19 Wristband, LLC. Kenna Royce, 17, and her two younger brothers, Hayden and Colby, launched an innovative effort to help others communicate and encourage safe social distancing practices during the pandemic. The Royce siblings created the COVID-19 Wristband project.

"The wristbands feature colors and embossing that signify unique designations regarding COVID-19 status and role," says Kenna Royce.

Wristbands are available in Red, Green, Yellow and Purple:

* Red = High-Risk -- The red designation is for individuals who are at higher risk of contracting the virus. This includes seniors, as well as individuals of any age with a compromised immune system or an underlying medical condition that increases their risk. A red wristband helps communicate that status to others nearby and encourage them to practice extreme social distancing.

* Green = Recovered -- The green wristbands are for those who have recovered from COVID-19. Royce created this designation to encourage people who have recovered from the virus to share information about their experience and inspire others to practice safe social distancing to prevent further spread.

* Yellow = Cautious -- Yellow COVID-19 wristbands are for people who are neither high-risk nor recovered. Their status is unknown; they may not have the virus, or they may be carriers who are not exhibiting any symptoms. The yellow wristband reminds them and others to continue to follow public health recommendations designed to prevent the further spread of the virus.

* Purple = Essential Workers -- The purple wristbands don't communicate COVID-19 status. Instead, they are designed to celebrate the contributions of frontline workers including healthcare professionals, grocery employees, delivery personnel, maintenance workers, and others. Royce created the purple wristband as a symbol of unity and solidarity for those who deserve our thanks and appreciation during the pandemic - and to encourage people around these essential workers to express their gratitude.

Wristbands can be ordered for $2 each at

To date, wristbands have been shipped to 25 states across the US, from California to Maine. The Royce family is donating all proceeds from the sales of the COVID-19 wristbands. So far, donations have been made to local hospitals, assisting living facilities, restaurants, and retailers. To learn more, visit:

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*Photo caption: Royce family.

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Aaron Ozee Launches Regulus Movie Using Amazon Prime During Pandemic

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, celebrity author of the bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), has officially launched the Regulus movie on Amazon Prime entertaining families on COVID-19 "lockdown."

With news of the "Regulus" movie premiering before the scheduled release date, and the inclusion of the movie on Amazon Prime, an unprecedented grouping of legendary actors, musicians, comics, political leaders, authors, film makers, athletes, and motivational speakers have expressed support.

Some names such as Tony Hawk, Akon, Drake Bell, Sean Astin, Paula Deen, and the former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, have captivated the public as being among those who love "Regulus."

The event scheduled to celebrate the release of the "Regulus" movie in the suburbs of Chicago has been cancelled due to growing concerns around the COVID-19 outbreak. The event was set to be held at the Hollywood Palms Cinema in the Village of Naperville for July 25, 2020 but had to be shut down as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) introduced more restrictions.

"Every person has dreams. We find ourselves searching for the purpose that life has given us, but that purpose needs time before it can be understood," said Ozee during this announcement. "Attending the premiere for a new movie has been among my favorite aspirations, but going one step further, the premiere for a movie created from my own hands. Just when you think life is giving you everything you ever wanted. Go back and think again. We never saw this pandemic coming, and even though celebrating the release of the 'Regulus' movie would have been an unforgettable experience, the movie was produced and is available on Amazon Prime. That is a celebration enough."

Bizarros Studio, the production group responsible for acquiring the "Regulus" movie rights, issued the first summary report to Ozee showing the rentals and purchases made on the official website, and despite certain information being locked, Bizarros Studio confirmed sales have been soaring beneath the shadow of this unexpected health disaster. Based on the stop-motion animated films that have been released during 2020, according to predictions that Bizarros Studio has made, the "Regulus" movie is on the path to becoming one of the most popular stop-motion films of the year.

For those who cannot stream the "Regulus" movie on Amazon Prime, you can rent or purchase the film on Amazon without a Prime Membership. And, for those who do not have a profile through Amazon, just visit the official website for the Regulus movie at

VIDEO (YouTube):

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*Image caption: Stream "Regulus" on Amazon Prime.

Note: mention of celebrity names does not claim or imply any endorsement.

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Amped Kitchens Announces Accelerated Timeline for New Chicago Location

CHICAGO, Ill. -- In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, many food producers are scrambling to find food production spaces that meet unprecedented, rapidly evolving needs. To fulfill those needs, Amped Kitchens announced it will move ahead with plans to open its new Chicago location - providing best-in-class food-safe, sanitized and fully-permitted production spaces for up to 64 food producers.

The new facility is in Northwest Chicago, just minutes from major centers, including Logan Square and Albany Park. "Think of it as an apartment building for commercial food producers," says Brian Albert, Chief Managing Officer and co-founder of Amped Kitchens. "We provide the infrastructure, facilities and expertise needed by producers so they can focus on the business of producing, marketing and delivering their product safely and efficiently. They will be surrounded by some of the best food producers in the country and our team of professionals will be on the ground day one to help support their needs."

The new Chicago location represents an almost-$30 million investment to convert a former Zenith factory into a bustling food production complex. The building will house 64 independent, exclusive production spaces and support an estimated 250 jobs in the community. Company leaders say building community and providing jobs during this time is core to our business model. "We're proud to breathe new life into buildings that had sat vacant," says Mott Smith, CEO and co-founder of Amped Kitchens. "We're ready to see this new facility become a vibrant hub of food production, jobs, innovation, and quality."

According to Smith, each location is built on solid financial and business foundations, with an eye to the future: "As with all our locations, we own this property, so we're in this for the long haul. We've invested in major power, HVAC and plumbing systems to support our tenants. Especially now, food producers need the room to grow and thrive in unexpected ways."

Features of the Chicago area facility include:
* 64 pre-approved state-of-the-art food production spaces
* Health & Safety Support
* Expedited permit processing with the Cook County Department of Health
* Multiple loading docks
* Logistics assistance, attended docks and staffed warehouse
* USDA office onsite
* Accommodations for gluten-free, kosher, organic and third-party certifications
* Good access to expressways and trucking lines
* On-site parking
* Office space & conference rooms

Leadership at Amped expected demand in Chicago to be strong, but the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for our production spaces.

"Chicago is a world-class culinary city and the nation's Number One food production center," says Albert. "We're proud we can provide solutions for these producers to deliver what the public needs safely and efficiently while we pull together as a nation."

About Amped Kitchens

Amped Kitchens develops and operates facilities that lease premium production spaces to a broad range of food companies. The company's mission is to empower food businesses to grow, enter new markets and develop products faster and with less capital. Notable current and recent tenants have included Beyond Meat, Soylent, Blue Bottle Coffee, Applebee's, Power Brands, Hakuna Banana, Backyard Bowls, Good Bites, and more. Amped Kitchens has locations in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Learn more at:

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Media Only Contact:
Marcy Massura

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Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago Offering A Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair Service

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago, a specialist in the garage and its door repair, installation, and maintenance, launched a garage door opener service for customers in the Chicago area. The garage door opener service will deal with one of the most important parts of the garage door.

When this part is damaged or broken, the garage door won't be able to open. It can cause damage to the car when its owner wants to put the car inside the garage. The new garage door opener service isn't only limited to the repair service. This service will also include the installation and upgrade for the new opener part for improving the garage door performance. The service will be handled by their expert team that has many experiences in this industry.

The CEO of Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago, Darren Brown, stated, "Every part of a garage door is interconnected with each other. When these parts worked, the garage door also won't give any problem. We know that the garage door opener is one of the important parts of those many parts. This is also one of many reasons why we now provide a garage-door-opener-focused service for our client. We know that if this part doesn't receive proper treatment, our clients won't be able to use their garage door properly. We believe with this service, our client will have a peaceful mind, as their garage door will have every solution they need."

The garage door opener repair Chicago becomes one of the perfect additions to this company's services. Previously, the client could use their service to repair the spring, cable, and garage door track. The client also can ask for maintenance service as well as installation help. The client can also call the service and get the same-day service provided by the experienced and skilled team of experts from this company. With plenty of services available, it is not surprising if the client gives positive feedback.

One client said, "When I try to find garage door repair near me, I almost give up because many of them don't provide the service I need for fixing my garage door. Until my friend recommends Garage Door Repair Solutions Chicago, maybe I won't be able to use my garage door. So, thank you for your service. Your teamwork is amazing, and they are kind to the client."

About Garage Door Repair Solution Chicago

Garage Door Repair Solution Chicago is a company focusing on garage door repair and installation service. One of their services is garage door opener installation and repair.

For more information, visit: or

Media Contact:
Darren Brown, Phone: (773) 303-6639
Full Address: 5242 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

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Aclaró AI: Helping You Manage Risk in Uncertain Times by Lowering Our Risk Management AI Price to $999/month

CHICAGO, Ill. -- The rise of COVID-19 is one of the most disruptive forces in recent memory, note Aclaró. Regardless of where you live, the coronavirus is changing nearly every element of modern-day life, whether that is social distancing, the omission of handshakes, and even the purchase of bulk goods for a sustained quarantine.

The coronavirus is also affecting nearly every sector or industry-including the automotive lending industry. Whether you work in the finance department of a car dealership or at an auto lending firm, this Black Swan event may be causing immense stress on your business. We are now living in a world where possible potential risks have become all-too-real risks. Borrowers may find it difficult to pay back their auto loans. Increase in payment default is all but certain. All of us at Aclaró AI are ready to help you manage these new risks.

Regardless of the size of your auto lending business, our sophisticated artificial intelligence ("AI") systems can help your finance team remotely mitigate risk and safeguard your auto loan portfolio. The near-term future is so uncertain, we want to do our part to help your business come out of this crisis with as little damage as possible.

Mitigating Risk Through Near-Term Uncertainty

Aclaró AI's overarching mission is to help our clients leverage AI to grow their dealerships and sales. Our team has worked hard to develop extremely advanced AI algorithms to assess portfolio risk and stay ahead of the unknown.

For instance, our TrueView product lets clients get a granular look at potential loan defaults. It lets you easily manage your entire loan portfolio, whether you want to identify some of your riskiest loans, safest loans, or both. Within the TrueView dashboard, you can quickly see metrics like insurance coverage, credit terms, vehicle data, employment information, and more. With the continuing spread of the coronavirus, TrueView can deliver some much-needed peace of mind, as it can deliver clients with upwards of 97% precision on the likelihood of full loan payment or default. TrueView provides default alerts months ahead of the default event. As it has been tested in over two million real-time loan risk evaluations in the past 18 months, TrueView can go a long way in mitigating your overall risk.

TrueView is just one of our products that can help you navigate these uncertain times. Some of our other products include Nexus Score and Nano Profile (which let you access granular information about a prospect's financial health) and EngageMe (which is a consumer engagement app that identifies a borrower's propensity to buy). Using all of these products together, you and your team can capitalize on data to minimize defaults and underwrite loans that are likely to be paid off.

When designing all of Aclaró AI's products, we were laser-focused on making the experience as seamless as possible. Our software lets you access real-time data wherever you are. We like to think of TrueView as a real-life risk management expert that is available anytime and anywhere. We can deliver personalized insights on your auto loan portfolio in real time and offer ideas on how you can minimize risk in the next few months. Even better, our services are not affected by things like quarantines, employee absences, or travel bans. We are always available and can be a trusted asset as your company navigates these near-unprecedented times.

If you are not yet an Aclaró AI client, we invite you to learn more about our platform by clicking here -

To help you manage your risk in these trying times, we have reduced the cost of our platform to start at $999 per month for portfolios of up to $25 million. Ultimately, we make it easy and highly cost-effective for you to leverage some of the most sophisticated AI technology to manage loan risk. Given the uncertain times we are living in becoming an Aclaró AI client is a smart investment.

Navigating Through the Fog

It is unclear when we will return to a sense of normalcy. Some say that we will be back to normal in just a few months while others project that the shakeout will take much longer.

However long it takes, the one thing we do know is that all businesses today must invest more time and resources into risk management. At Aclaró AI, we are laser-focused on helping our clients minimize their auto loan risk. We have developed a complete system that can identify risk and latent demand within your lending portfolio, allowing you to reduce financial damage from this global pandemic.

We invite you to reach out to us to learn more. We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Just click below to schedule a quick introduction call:


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Aaron Ozee Entertains Families On COVID-19 Lockdown Debuting His ‘Regulus’ Movie Early

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, celebrity author of the bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), has chosen to debut the Regulus movie, ahead of the July 25, 2020 release date, for a limited duration to entertain those who have been subjected to lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pre-orders for purchase and rental were opened to public audiences this morning around the globe and prices have been slashed to make watching the Regulus movie affordable to families confronting hardship during this damaging outbreak.

"We as the human race understand the coming threats of the COVID-19 pandemic and seek entertainment to distract us from the horrors circulating the streets," says Ozee. "We know that children are the future, and during this grim period of history, they need creative stimulation more now than ever before. And, with that being said, we are proud to announce that 50% of the sales collected from the Regulus movie, the 'Regulus' book, and each title released under my name will be donated for the remainder of 2020 to help those affected by this unexpected health disaster. We are in this fight together. We are not alone here!"

Even with the early release of the "Regulus" movie, Ozee has confirmed the film will be available for purchase or rental on most video-on-demand and streaming services July 25, 2020 as planned from the start.

The premiere of the "Regulus" movie in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago has been unchanged, which is scheduled for July 25, 2020 as well, but Ozee has vowed to monitor updates from the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control to decide otherwise.

The "Regulus" movie was thrust under the spotlight at the beginning of 2019 as the book carrying the same name garnered attention from celebrities, visited the most unreachable places such as Space and Mount Everest, shared with the most controversial political figures in power, and proceeds to dazzle whomever chooses to embrace the infamous rat king in appreciation for his beautiful tale.

For those who are interested to purchase or rent the Regulus movie ahead of the release date and wish to help families confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, visit

"Regulus" Movie Trailer (2020):

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*Photo caption: Author Aaron Ozee's titular character, "Regulus."

Media Contact
Aaron Ozee

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Aclaró A.I. Announces Artificial Intelligence Platforms: SAM Sales and SAM Service – Helping Dealers Increase Sales and Lower Marketing Costs

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aclaró AI, the game-changing Fintech built on sophisticated artificial intelligence technology, recently announced SAM (Sales AI multiplier) Sales and SAM Service products for its dealers and retail partners. These new tools let Aclaró A.I. dealer clients better retain customers, increase service revenue, and maximize sales. These tools are yet another example of how Aclaró A.I. has removed many of the key frictions and obstacles of applying Artificial Intelligence within the retail industry.

"SAM Sales and SAM Service represent the next step in helping our clients maximize sales opportunities with buyers at a lower cost of acquisition," said Aclaró A.I. CEO Carlos Galarce. "We are tremendously excited that SAM Sales and SAM Service let our clients leverage the power of artificial intelligence to sell, retain, and increase satisfaction of their customers. The initial installs are focused on the CDK DMS with fully integrated DMS installations including Fortellis completed in under 48 hours. Dealers can expect positive ROI within 30 days of installation."

"We and 20 group partners have been tracking Aclaró A.I.'s products and disruptive technology progress and I am extremely impressed by their AI applications and the ease of use of their technology, including DMS data and workflow integration using their GCP2 platform which Pohanka has in place with other applications. Their ability to implement new AI Engines and their know-how of the DMS data models and how to co-exist with the dealer workflow make us incredibly confident that their product set will positively affect the bottom line of Pohanka and that of any dealer who installs the Aclaró A.I. suite of products and disruptive technology solutions. Being up and running in 48 hours and delivering ROI in under 30 days is proof of the technology," said Andrew Carrington, CTO of Pohanka Automotive Group.

SAM Sales and SAM Service: Increasing Dealership Profitability...That Much Easier

SAM Sales and SAM Service is part of Aclaró A.I.'s state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence platform which enables its clients to quickly deploy sophisticated risk management strategies. In turn, Aclaró A.I. clients can mitigate their risk, close more deals, optimize revenue, and increase return on investment.

SAM works by providing advanced AI computing power trained in retail automotive. Sophisticated automation lets you drastically reduce time-consuming manual processes required to analyze and predict customer demand and the inventory necessary to fill such demand. Intelligent marketing and sales programs can be implemented in mere seconds, putting the power of "Know Your Customer" at the fingertips of your Sales workforce. SAM Service has AI engines built-in to predict Defectors and help create programs to reduce defection and convert back to happy Customers.

SAM Service also lets Aclaró A.I. clients obtain more information about each service customer, offering personalized and attractive products to customers waiting in the service area. Ultimately, SAM Sales and SAM Service help Aclaró A.I. clients be more profitable while achieving stellar customer service ranking and increasing service revenue/ROI.

NADA/ATD Conference

The Aclaró A.I. team will be at the upcoming National Automobile Dealers Association ("NADA") Show in Las Vegas. From February 14 through February 17, the NADA Show brings dealers, industry leaders, manufacturers, exhibitors, and other key players together to learn about the latest tools and industry trends. If you would like to learn more about Aclaró A.I. and how it is disrupting the retail ecosystem, feel free to visit their booth at 516 Westgate Hall at the NADA/ATD Show. More information:

About Aclaró A.I.

Aclaró A.I. is a technology company that builds customer-centric software for franchised dealerships. Through cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Aclaró A.I. customers can grow their auto and service sales, mitigate their customer attrition risk, and obtain higher return on investment. Visit Aclaró AI's website for more information about how Aclaró A.I. can help your auto dealership too. Learn more:

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Aaron Ozee Prepares ‘Regulus’ Movie Global Release After Wrapping Production

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, the author of the bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), has announced the development of the Regulus movie has wrapped two months ahead of schedule. Bizarros Studio, the animation group responsible for having purchased the "Regulus" film rights, coordinated production on the Regulus movie from their official headquarters located in the city of Bogota, Columbia.

Bizarros Studio entrusted Ozee to assume the role of Director on the Regulus movie to ensure authenticity of the book was not compromised and matched the experimental approach taken. Ozee instructed the animators from Bizarros Studio since production began to use stop-motion techniques as they developed each scene to embolden the strengths of the original story giving children and families a rare viewing experience.

Other decisions that were made as Ozee spearheaded the project were to eliminate the need for voiceover talent, same can be said about choosing music that contained verbal communication, and immerse every second of footage with psychological schemes to get viewers on the edge of their seats.

"Learning the Regulus movie wrapped production before the animation group forecasted was an incredible feeling. Bizarros Studio granted me permission to see the final cut of the Regulus movie, and despite being restricted on which information can be disclosed with public audiences, what can be said is that people will adore it," commented Ozee.

The release date of the Regulus movie, according to Bizarros Studio, has been set for the 25th of July 2020 and will host an exclusive premiere on the same date in or around the City of Chicago.

Bizarros Studio launched the official website for the Regulus movie days following the news that production wrapped at the following website address:

Advanced orders for rentals and purchases of the Regulus movie poured through on the first day with a total of 3,200 transactions. Ozee has arranged with Bizarros Studio to launch the Regulus movie using streaming services and video-on-demand services on the night of the premiere hosted in Chicago. More information about which streaming services and video-on-demand services will include the Regulus movie in their libraries will be released as the July 25, 2020 release date approaches.

For anyone wanting to read the book way before renting or purchasing the Regulus movie, visit local bookstores near you, prominent online marketplaces, or visit to buy.

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Prairie State College’s William Berkley Recognized with Annual JV Educational Consultants Award

CHICAGO HEIGHTS, Ill. -- Prairie State College (PSC) coordinator of Male Success Initiative (MSI) William Berkley recently was recognized with the 2019 Dr. Twitty J. Styles Leadership Award from JV Educational Consultants.

The award is named after Dr. Twitty J. Styles author, educator, and professor emeritus, at the prestigious Union College in Schenectady, New York. The award is presented annually to an educator or administrator who has demonstrated high standards in education and/or administration. One who has exhibited stellar integrity, high morals, and extreme passion in pursuing their educational goals and aspirations while also contributing to raising the standards for bettering the lives of our fellow mankind.

The award was presented to Berkley during the 2019 Annual International Males of Color Empowerment and Retention Educational Conference by Ja Hon Vance, Executive Vice President, JV Educational Consultants.

The Male Success Initiative (MSI) which is the school's mentoring program offers males of color one-on-one supportive relationships. In addition to mentoring, the program provides academic support, community service, campus engagement, and character development.

Dawn E. Beckford, Executive Administrator at JV Educational Consultants said their committee receives endorsements about outstanding faculty, staff, and administrators from all over the United States.

JV Educational's secret nominations focus on educational and enthusiastic technique, contribution to student retention, dedication to his discipline through scholarly advancements, and more. "Berkley exemplifies excellence in education," she added.

Learn more at:

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TeamSnap Scores a New Partnership with Chicago Fire Juniors

CHICAGO, Ill. -- TeamSnap announced today a new partnership with Chicago Fire Juniors (CFJ), the official youth club affiliate program of Chicago Fire Football Club. As part of the partnership, TeamSnap has been named the official team and club management platform for CFJ and all affiliate clubs.

TeamSnap is the leader in sports management software supporting 22 million users across 100 different sports. CFJ currently consists of 11 clubs nationwide with more than 8,000 travel players and 8,000 recreational players.

As part of the multi-year partnership, TeamSnap will be used extensively to manage scheduling, communications and logistics for more than 500 Chicago Fire Junior affiliate teams along with its slate of community and development programs.

This includes: Chicago Fire Juniors City, Chicago Fire Juniors North Shore, Chicago Fire Juniors South, Chicago Fire Juniors West, Florida Fire Juniors, Illinois Fire Juniors, Indiana Fire Juniors, Indiana Fire Juniors South, Kentucky Fire Juniors, Louisiana Fire Juniors and Michigan Fire Juniors.

"This is an exciting new partnership and we are fully committed to supporting Chicago Fire Juniors as they create a winning environment that fosters a culture of excellence for youth soccer players both on and off the field of play," said Dave DuPont, TeamSnap co-founder and CEO. "We are looking forward to delivering a comprehensive sports management solution that helps Chicago Fire FC administrators and coaches stay focused on growing the game at all levels."

About TeamSnap

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, TeamSnap has taken the organization of youth, recreational and competitive sports into the 21st century. Over 20-million coaches, administrators, players and parents use TeamSnap to sign up, schedule, communicate and coordinate everything for the team, the club and the season.

For more information, visit

Twitter: @TeamSnap @firejrs #YouthSports #Soccer #SportsTech

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*Photo caption: TeamSnap announced a new partnership with Chicago Fire Juniors (CFJ), the official youth club affiliate program of Chicago Fire Football Club

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