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Mass Luminosity Announces Global Esports Amateur Project

DALLAS, Texas -- Dallas, Texas based Mass Luminosity, Inc., the parent company of the leading social media network for PC gamers, GTribe (, announced today that it is launching a global Esports project for casual gamers, endorsed by Logitech G.

Mass Luminosity has recruited the most outstanding pioneers of Esports, some of which, to the very date, 20 years ago (June 27, 1997) launched a new era of sports by creating the world's first professional gaming league for PC gamers, the Cyberathlete Professional League.

This initial team is composed of the following:
* Mike Wardwell - First full time Esports commissioner (1997)
* Tim Schuh - First Esports network coordinator (1997)
* Monte Fontenot - First Esports event coordinator (1998)
* Dan Hammans - First multiple event Esports champion (1998)
* Andrew Waterman - Designer of the first Esports amateur league (2000)
* Frank Nuccio - Commissioner of the first Esports amateur league (2001)
* George Kaspiris - First Esports press director (2001).

"We are thrilled to have this group of visionaries join our team at Mass Luminosity, to assist us on the launch of this global Esports endeavor for casual gamers," said Angel Munoz, CEO at Mass Luminosity. "We are also pleased to have the GTribe(TM) engine power this new experience, both on the web and on mobile devices, and look forward to announcing more details of this exciting new experience soon."

"Twenty years ago, we recruited some of the most talented people in the world to create an organization that would propel PC gaming into the realm of professional sports," said Kimberly Vizurraga, Vice President at Mass Luminosity. "Today we are proud to bring the same team together for a concept that we believe will bring Esports to even wider audiences and make it easily accessible to millions of people worldwide."

About Mass Luminosity:
Mass Luminosity, an initiator of global engagement and community experiences, manages large social media channels and is the parent company of Gaming Tribe (GTribe), the leading social media network for PC gamers and technology enthusiasts, located at

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FotoJet Announces its New HTML5-Based Graphic Tool, Now Faster and Better than Ever

HONG KONG -- FotoJet, an online graphic tool developed by PearlMountain Limited, a dedicated graphics software developer, just released FotoJet 6.0 - an HTML5-based version with new graphical user interface (GUI) and many new templates and resources. These user enhancements now make online graphic design and collage-making easier and faster.

FotoJet 6.0 is built on the newest and safest HTML5 technology, and does not require its users to have Flash installed or updated. It works flawlessly and faster in most browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, and IE11. It's also fully compatible with Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X and Linux.

So, what makes it different from its competitors? There are a few things. For example, no download or registration is required and all basic resources and features are free. FotoJet 6.0 has more than 1,500 templates for collages, photo grids, posters, flyers, logos, social media headers, banners, cards and more. There are also thousands of resources for photo touch-ups.

It's easy for users to create unique and professional photo works with just a few clicks and there are thousands of clip art images, fonts and backgrounds that are perfectly revamped and designed, all of which can be freely scaled without losing quality.

Henry Wong, product development manager of FotoJet, says, "FotoJet is more powerful than ever. It's more intuitive and interactive too."

The editorial team at Softonic, a software and app discovery portal, agrees with Wong. It reports that FotoJet 6.0 is a quick and streamlined way to edit and create a collection of images. It adds that not only does it offer all of the basic tools, but users can also enjoy a host of other options such as different graphics and the ability to add text to an image.

FotoJet is loved by millions of users all over the world - from small business owners and bloggers to photo enthusiasts of all skill levels.

For more information, visit:

About FotoJet:

FotoJet is an online photo editing and graphic design tool developed by PearlMountain Limited. FotoJet is dedicated to graphic design and image processing technology, and provides users with the most convenient image editing services available.

Media Contact:
Lin Xiao, CEO
of PearlMountain Limited

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RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. -- The Jewelers Board of Trade continues to report less than inspiring numbers for the jewelry industry at large, says The number of retail jewelers, wholesalers, and manufacturers closed down in the U.S. and Canada has risen to 1,564 in 2016, up five hundred and change from 2015's numbers. This decline represents what National Jeweler calls a "[64 percent] year-over-year increase" in closed businesses.

This number includes 1,190 retail jewelers in the U.S. and Canada ceasing operation (up 53 percent from 2015). Combine this with 235 wholesalers closing up shop (up 81 percent from last year), and 139 manufacturers (up 190 percent from 2015) shutting their doors.

One reason driving the increased rate of closures, JBT President Anthony Capuano attests to, is that many business owners are at or near retirement age. Most jewelers find themselves in an industry much less robust than they remember with no new blood coming in to enter the family business, which means that the lion's share of jewelry businesses adhere to yesterday's format and business practices.

Yet, there are companies like that embrace tech and make innovative strides to appeal to modern consumers. Their hook is that they offer their suite of services entirely online, instead of the traditional, belabored brick-and-mortar jeweler and watch repair shop. With major facilities operating on both coasts of the United States, MJR can now serve their customers on a national level.'s master jewelers and certified watchmakers aspire to service jewelry and provide watch repairs nationwide through secured mail, offering free standard shipping to customers from anywhere in the United States. They can perform the micro to the macro. For instance, they can execute watch band replacement, both mineral and sapphire crystal replacements, while also performing intricacies like clean and overhauls on quartz and mechanical movements.

Other services provided include ring sizing, invisible-set stone repair, replacing missing or loose stones, difficult silver or platinum repairs, and scores of other services you can view on their website.

Though the process gets intricate once the jewelry or watch gets to them, "Repairs Made Simple," remains's slogan for the consumer since offering their service in 2014. MJR's owners have been active in the jewelry industry since 1993. With locations on both the east and west coast, they have now expanded to over 180 employees in response to a 386 percent increase in repairs during this year's first quarter.

The company has also crafted and invested heavily in the creation, ongoing operation, and routine maintenance of their site for ease of use and streamlined ordering processes.
The Jewelry Board of Trade's findings showed that 21 percent of Jewelers closed shop by the end of 2015, but has continued to grow since its conception.

With a high percentage of repeat business, the only hurdle that presents itself is getting their customers to send their jewelry and heirlooms through certified mail. "But once they use our facilities staffed with certified watchmakers and master jewelers, they experience service and craftsmanship of the highest caliber of repair," making them incredibly likely to use this service in the future.

Instead of struggling to tread water in an industry focused on clinging to the vestiges of old traditions, MJR has taken measures to gain new relevance. They've created a business and service that has been quick to adopt innovative technology, facilitating an elevated experience for the consumer.

About is an online jewelry and certified watch repair service company dedicated to creating a unique and convenient consumer experience. MJR was founded in 2014 and has its headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. With another facility in Connecticut, strives to become the leading jewelry and watch repair service in the United States, operating at a national level for all of its customers.

More information:

Video (YouTube) "Facility Overview":

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Indiana Virtual School Partners with EdisonLearning to Increase Quality Online Education Options

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Indiana Virtual School announces that it will be partnering with international education services provider - EdisonLearning - to expand and enhance the delivery of online courses to students and school corporations across the State of Indiana.

The new partnership will continue to focus on offering online courses to those students who, because of changing life circumstances, find a virtual educational experience more aligned with their current needs.

In addition to the new EdisonLearning eCourses, Indiana Virtual will continue to deliver online courses developed and provided by PLATO and Florida Virtual. With this addition, Indiana Virtual will offer more online course offerings than any other virtual school in the State of Indiana.

Dr. Percy Clark, Superintendent of Indiana Virtual School, is very excited about how this will help all students in our state to participate in the learning process and earn a CORE 40 diploma. Given that Indiana has a number of school corporations, who often cope with budget constraints which limits their ability to provide the necessary classes for individual students, districts across the State may choose to utilize our courses as an option. Dr. Clark worked with Edison Schools, which preceded EdisonLearning.

Dr. Clark stated, "EdisonLearning, as an educational entity, has for more than a quarter of a century represented an international model of excellence. It is imperative that we continue to provide as many choices as possible for students to achieve academic excellence and success. This partnership represents a solid contribution to the academic arena."

Thom Jackson, President & CEO of EdisonLearning, stated, "We are honored to partner with Indiana Virtual School, and pleased to have the opportunity to help guide young people in Indiana on their educational journey to achieve and succeed."

More information:

Indiana Virtual School, 500 East 96th Street, Suite 400, Indianapolis, IN 46240.

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Announcing – Total DIY Business and Design Solutions for Fashion Designers

DETROIT, Mich. -- StartMyLine (, a website specializing in fashion business tools, fashion design software and help articles, officially launches today with the goal to empower beginners and aspiring fashion designers with total DIY solutions to help them successfully break into the fashion industry.

Going beyond help and how-to articles, has actual tangible products that directly, aid in giving aspiring designers the ability to design their own clothing lines, a step by step course to guide them through setting up their own professional fashion label plus manufacturing contacts who can make their clothing.

Even beginners that can't draw will find solace in working with their easy to use fashion design software system Digital Fashion Pro. Digital Fashion Pro gives users the ability to create professional digital fashion sketches that will help in the development and production of their clothing lines. The all-new Digital Fashion Pro 9 is officially releasing today as well.

"It is the most powerful and easy to use version yet as it comes with more tutorials and more clothing templates," says StartMyLine marketing director John Thomas.

"We have been helping aspiring fashion designers and beginners for over 13 years through our legacy website We are now truly excited to start the next chapter of empowering people to be able to pursue their passion for fashion through our new website and our all-new Digital Fashion Pro 9," said Michael Harper, President of Operations. "Our goal is to offer our clients real resources that can quickly and effectively increase their skill level as it relates to navigating the fashion industry as a designer or clothing line owner."

About StartMyLine: is a U.S.-based web company under Harper Arrington Publishing LLC that specializes in fashion business tools; fashion books and fashion design software. The mission of StartMyLine is to empower and help the next generation of designers, and clothing line startups succeed in the world of fashion. serves clients and the fashion community at large in over 50 countries.

For more information visit:

John Thomas or Lance Smith

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FCC’s New Broadband Advisory Committee Members to Speak at Broadband Communities Summit

DALLAS, Texas, Broadband Communities Summit, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, high speed internet -- Broadband Communities announced today that four members of the FCC's new Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) will participate in a panel discussion/Q&A at the Broadband Communities Summit Cornerstone Awards Luncheon on May 3.

The FCC has made the news recently as it tackles changes to past practices in areas including privacy and net neutrality. The 29-member BDAC, named on April 6 by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, is charged with providing advice and recommendations for the Commission on how to accelerate the deployment of high-speed internet access. Its mission includes reducing and/or removing regulatory barriers to infrastructure investment.

The four members participating at the Summit include Kelleigh Cole, Director of the Utah Broadband Outreach Center, who serves as BDAC Vice Chair; Robert DeBroux of TDS Telecom, who serves as chair of the Removing State and Local Regulatory Barriers working group; Elizabeth Bowles, President and Chairman of the Board of Aristotle ISP; and Larry Thompson, CEO, Vantage Point Solutions. The discussion will be moderated by the Hon. Hilda Legg, former Rural Utilities Service Administrator and Vice Chairman, Broadband Communities.

"We're expecting a lively and informative discussion," said Barbara DeGarmo, CEO of Broadband Communities. "We're encouraging attendees to bring their questions."

The Broadband Communities Summit is the premier event for broadband network builders and deployers. It is the leading venue for information on digital and broadband technologies for buildings and communities. The event, from May 1-4, is being held at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. Event information:

To learn more about the company visit

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DayStar Books Introduces New Website to Keep Gardeners Informed on Tips and Techniques to Reduce Consumer Gardening Prices

DETROIT, Mich. -- DayStar Books' has launched a new website and companion eBook offering lesser known tips & techniques to consumers on factors affecting gardening prices entitled "Eastern Market Flower Deals."

Visit the new site at:

Garden Plant Prices Rise - Plant Count Is Reduced!
For the past forty years the greenhouse grower industry has been slowly downsizing the garden flat. Originally, a flat of bedding plants contained a total of 96 plants. Over time that plant count slowly reduced from 96 plants down to 54 plants per flat. Years following a steady decline continued from 48 to 36 plants-flat sizes vary across the state.

Today most flats contain from 12 to 24 plants. It is common to find a measly six 4-inch pots priced at $10-12. Compare that to forty years ago, a flat of 96 plants cost $6.

Graphically Speaking: Infographic illustrates the relationship between rising bedding plant prices & reduced plant count over the years (source: EMFBG).

The information is of great benefit to readers of news outlets with a home and gardening related readership. Experienced gardeners, especially young new home owners, and consumers can benefit from this knowledge.

The information found on the new website will be the solution to give consumers the know-how to purchase premium garden flowers, at reduced prices at the Eastern Market. Additionally, consumers can apply the several tips and techniques at Big Box Stores, Roadside Flower Stands, and Greenhouses.

Readers can download the companion eBook containing all 17 tips here:

About the Author:
I am Ike Austin. My first visit to "The Eastern Market" was 55 years ago. Over the years I have observed amazing flower deals and buying techniques from some of the markets oldest patriots. To enhance garden flowers enjoyment & experience, I built a website around the 126 year old Historic Eastern Market flower and garden phenomenon.

Readers will learn how to: a) get better garden flower deals; b) enjoy the ambience of the Eastern Market; and c) gain advance knowledge on new cultivars and the horticultural industry as it impacts consumer gardening experience.

Ike Austin writes under the pen name Adrian Arden and is the publisher of DayStar Books. Learn more at:

Connect on social media:
Facebook Page: Visit the Facebook Page -

Flower Day Video - Facebook: View EM Video -

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Phil Hall’s The Bootleg Files Returns on Cinema Crazed After a Two-Year Hiatus

NEW YORK, N.Y -- The Bootleg Files, Phil Hall's celebrated weekly column focusing on classic and offbeat films and television productions that can only be accessed through unauthorized reproductions, is returning to the Internet after a two-year absence. The first new column will be published on Friday, February 10, on Cinema Crazed (

The Bootleg Files column was introduced on Film Threat in 2003 and ran every Friday until the site went offline in 2015. Over the years, the column gained attention for its insightful and colorful consideration of entertainment history, and many columns were cited in books, magazines and online articles. When Film Threat recently relaunched without The Bootleg Files, Cinema Crazed welcomed the opportunity to bring back this popular feature under its editorial banner.

"I am thrilled to bring back The Bootleg Files at Cinema Crazed, which is the perfect site for this distinctive column," said Phil Hall. "After a two-year rest, I am ready to return with a new slate of columns that will track down classic and kooky works that are not available in any commercial home entertainment format and can only be seen in bootlegged videos or pirated online video postings.

"There is an extraordinary volume of movies and TV offerings that remain in the public eye only because of the so-called grey market. Of course, this column stresses that bootlegging copyrighted material is against the law - but watching this material online or on a collector-to-collector DVD is legal, and The Bootleg Files acknowledges the wealth of historically and artistically significant works available through these channels."

Phil Hall is also the host of "The Online Movie Show with Phil Hall" ( and the author of critically-acclaimed film history books including "The Greatest Bad Movies of All Time" and "In Search of Lost Films." His cinema-related writing has been published in The New York Times, New York Daily News, Wired and on the Library of Congress' National Film Registry website.

Cinema Crazed is the New York-based online resource devoted to coverage of contemporary and classic independent cinema, cult movies and the intersection of motion pictures and pop culture. Founded and published by Felix Vasquez Jr., the site is online at

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Taxpayers Ask Tax Pros to Bid to Solve Their IRS Problems

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. -- It's a common problem. In fact, approximately 13 million taxpayers are haunted by IRS issues that they want to solve, but are too bombarded with information to know where to turn. In short, they're overwhelmed. helps to alleviate that stress. It's a user-friendly website and new marketing technology that connects concerned taxpayers anonymously with multiple, licensed tax professionals.

"FeeAuction is like Uber for the tax resolution industry," Jaime S. Buchwald, CPA and CEO of Negotiation Technologies LLC, creators of, says. "Our service is two-fold. It helps taxpayers with IRS problems to anonymously find a tax professional and it helps qualified tax professionals expand their practice."

Here's how it works: Taxpayers visit and answer a few simple questions that give insight into their specific problem. For example, perhaps they've failed to file their taxes for the past several years, can't pay what's owed or maybe they're being audited. Whatever the case, having told their story only once, this information reaches multiple credentialed tax resolution professionals who will carefully review and evaluate the details, and bid on the case if they're confident it's something they can resolve.

In turn, the taxpayer anonymously reviews the fee bids and solutions. They can read the bidder's profiles, visit their websites and really get a feel for who has the best solution and fee that makes the most sense to them. It's not until the taxpayer has decided on a bid that their contact information will be shared with that specific tax professional. However, the taxpayer is under no obligation to choose any of them.

"Taxpayers love it because they only have to tell their story once," Buchwald says. "They don't have to make multiple phone calls or in-person visits to numerous tax pros and repeat their story over and over again." is all about transparency. Troubled taxpayers already have enough stress; constantly worrying about a wage garnishment, bank levy, a tax lien and general embarrassment about their IRS issues. This unique service puts them in control and ensures that they get the right solution, connected with the right professional, and without worrying about paying too much in fees.

So, for taxpayers who want to start sleeping at night again and for tax professionals who want to build their client base, provides the perfect platform for both.

The founders of, Negotiation Technologies LLC, are no strangers to the tax resolution industry. They also own, the industry leader in tax resolution software for attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents.

For more information, visit: There are two videos that clearly explain how FeeAuction works for the taxpayer and the tax professional.

*Logo 300dpi:

*VIDEO (YouTube):

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Real Estate and Paint launches Networking site for Homeowners, Agents and Contractors

DANVILLE, Calif. -- It was out of necessity that Tom Gore from Thomas Realty Pros learned to market his real estate business. His new website reflects that experience. Tom helps consumers find the best real estate agents with his newly created Real Estate and Paint networking platform. It started with Tom getting his real estate license right before the crash of 2008. That fact necessitated originality when it came to marketing his business. Tom was new to the real estate sales business and needed clients to list their For Sale properties with him.

Having come from a background in home improvement Tom decided to add extra value to his real estate service by freely painting the homes he listed. The results were amazing because he sold houses more quickly and for more money. His business grew, 98 A+ reviews on Angie's List, and he survived as a new agent in one of the toughest real estate markets in years. As the market improved Tom never wanted to lower the standard of service that he was providing to his clients, so he continued to over perform. Today he is launching a free service to help other real estate agents and brokers do the same.

The site is and it could have an impact on the future of real estate industry when consumers come to expect this added value.

The Networking site is designed to connect Home Owners looking to sell or list property and agents who want to provide an added free service.

Tom Gore, of Thomas Realty Pros/Excel Realty, is both a real estate agent and a licensed CA Paint Contractor. It is not unusual for Contractors and other people who do home improvement work to dabble in real estate. Often Contractors work with Real Estate Agents offering to make home repairs and later be compensated for their work when the home eventually sells, but there is nowhere for sellers to turn to find agents and brokers willing to do this service for free, until now.

The Real Estate and Paint site is allowing Home Owners, Agents and Contractors to connect in cyber space free of charge. Tom is building a network for consumers to reach agents and for agents to get new clients/listings.

Tom said, "I decided to allow home improvement Contractors and Real Estate Agents willing to do more, both of whom are licensed by their States, to list on the website because it is more added value for the consumer. My whole career has been based on giving superior service." He continued explaining the network is an extension of his worth ethic, "The listings will be done by on a State-by-State basis with people and services listed in an alphabetical order."

"New clients mostly come from word-of-mouth referrals and I am starting to get calls outside of the Bay Area. Recently, I received a referral request from outside the State. It was that call that made me realize I needed to create the Network to see my idea grow beyond me." Tom believes that his approach of being an 'added value' agent is desired by consumers across the country. "My goal is to bring agents and home sellers together while providing a platform for contractors to reach these two groups as well to offer their services."

Tom imagines his Network continuing as a free service for years the way Craigslist started. This is a way to market my services and help other agent/brokers develop their businesses as well. Tom does a variety of marketing to get new clients, but claims most clients are sold on his added value proposition of their house being painted after listing. Statistics bear out that fact that newly pained homes sell faster and for more money.

Tom is currently holding a drawing for people in his area at and does a variety of other unique marketing ideas he'll share with Agents and Brokers who join his free Network. The drawing is for July 4th. It is a paint your house for free contest to help spread the word about his services in the East Bay. "I always go that extra mile for my clients and want to network with people around the country that do the same for their clients."

Media Contact:
Andrea Smith
Marketing Manager, Thomas Realty Pros
(925) 272-9879

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