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Retailu Partners with One Voice One Team to Champion Youth Employment In Retail

MONTREAL, Quebec -- The current state of retail vacancies is alarming - the industry at large is facing a massive gap in part-time workers. "We have never seen this many openings for part-time workers," said April Sabral from retailu. "Even more alarming is the pool of candidates that want to work in retail post COVID. Usually, we would have students applying for their summer jobs, but unfortunately, this has not happened in 2021."

Why is this happening, and what can we do about it?

Sabral, Founder of retailu shared her thoughts, "Mental health has been seriously affected in our youth throughout the past year; virtual school, no sporting events, and a lack of routine has caused significant problems - Also, fear of catching covid and passing it along to aging parents has weighed on this population. These may be a few reasons that our normal retail first-time workers are not out there eagerly looking for a PT retail job."

If youth mental health has been affected, this may have directly impacted their confidence to go out into the workforce and pass out resumes like before.

In addition, most retailers have not yet adopted an easier way to find candidates as the youth of today's communication does not match the tech of sending in a resume and completing a lengthy application online. This process is archaic at best.

Something has to be done said Sabral. This is where retailu, in partnership with One Voice One Team, have stepped up to solve this pressing problem.

Orlando Bowen, Founder of a charitable youth leadership development organization, said we felt it was paramount that we created something where youth were able to see possibilities and develop skills that will allow them to succeed in work and life, while offering retailers the opportunity to fill employment gaps within their companies.

One Voice One Team, a nonprofit organization, has been running programs for nearly two decades. Get Yo' Life is a program that focuses on helping students learn how to become employable and keep a job. When April Sabral, founder of retailu, met the team from OVOT late in 2020, she knew there had to be something they could do together to help youth gain their first job in a retail store.

Bowen, founder of OVOT, shared that youth who complete the "Get Yo' Life" program will walk away with valuable key principles like resiliency skills, prioritization skills and authentic leadership skills that will not just position them to secure an internship, but it will also position them to find success in developing a clear career path in life.

Sabral is an advocate for retail being a great career, and shares her story of how she started as a PT sales associate after high school, "It was an easy job to get, and one that I learned life skills in" in her book 'The Positive Effect" and after 25 years of leading in retailers like Banana Republic, Starbucks, Apple and finally as the Vice President of DAVIDsTEA a loved tea shop in Canada she is an advocate for retail being a real career. "I never thought it would be, but after traveling the world and working for mega brands, I can tell you that retail is an amazing career."

Retailu has partnered with OVOT to create the only retail training program for young people to get their first job in the retail industry. The Get Yo' Life program, along with a retailu "How to ACE your first retail job and keep it," is an opportunity for retailers to sponsor kids through the program and offer them an internship at the other side, helping the retailer find their potential workforce.

The retailu program features retail industry leaders, such as Ron Thurston, former VP of Intermix; Solange Strom, former CEO and Founder of L'Occitane in Canada; Meghan Houle, Executive recruiter and Darlene Huf, Former Country manager for a brand like David's Bridal and Disney who offer solid advice to these youth through a masterclass style online on-demand course.

The first retailer to get involved in sponsoring a Get Yo' Life retail internship is Ardene, a North American fast fashion brand with over 300 stores across Canada and the East Coast US.

In addition to its head-to-toe offering of apparel, footwear and accessories for women and men, Ardene's corporate culture has become known for its impressive mental health advocacy in recent years. In 2018, in the days before COVID, Ardene launched its first mindfulness program for stores in partnership with Brain Spa, an innovative organization that seeks to bring mindfulness-based leadership to the workplace. The program, called "Mindful Moments" has since grown significantly to include a suite of mental health and mindfulness trainings companywide, in partnership with the likes of LifeWorks and others. Most recently, the company named its Head of People and Culture, Fil D'Urbano, as Chief Mindfulness Officer, and is a 2021 nominee for the Retail Council of Canada's Excellence in Retailing Award for its Mindfulness programs.

"With 40 years of experience in the retail market, Ardene is no stranger to evolving alongside and supporting young people," said an Ardene representative. "But with so many changes brought on by COVID, and with rising mental health issues, we know that more needs to be done."

The first cohort of approximately 45 youth in Ontario is being sponsored through the Get Yo' Life program now, and once completed, selected participants will be offered a chance at an internship at an Ardene store. "We have partnered with OVOT and retailu on the Get Yo' Life program because we have always had a culture of giving back. Helping build life skills such as goal setting, adaptability, mindfulness, and gratitude are all aligned with our values, and we are proud to support the OVOT team and retailu as they make this a reality for young people across Canada."

These youth are so excited and can't wait to start their potential first job with Ardene, a well-loved brand by this demographic. Together retailu, OVOT and Ardene are paving the way for what could be a way to empower youth, fill vacancies, and help a pressing issue that seems to have hit retail post COVID.

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April Sabral, Retail Guru and Entrepreneur, Launches Her New Book ‘The Positive Effect’ and Web Subscription Site for Retail Entrepreneurs

TORONTO, Ontario -- Retail expert Ms. April Sabral is a coach and entrepreneur with nearly three decades of excellence in global retail leadership among brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Gap, Banana republic and DAVIDsTEA; and is the founder of Retailu. With her extensive experience as an executive operational strategist and leader Sabral is now passing along her value and launching a leadership and mentorship portal to inspire leaders of companies to achieve great leadership success.

"I think the book and the portal are even more relevant in this COVID time. It has forced us to expand the way we think about leadership and communication. Resilience is the new superpower for leaders to be successful," she says. April also founded, an online leadership development portal for store managers in 2019 that teaches retail core competencies in micro-size video courses but recognized the need to do more.

In the last year, the process of writing the positive effect inspired Sabral to launch, which supports the book with live coaching sessions to inspire senior leaders. The book is an overview of her journey through the ranks of retail while sharing her leadership philosophy, which is proven in her success. This is a must read for retail leaders as she shares in depth her personal journey and lessons learned that are relevant now more than ever.

On her portal, Sabral answers questions on how to build a strong team: how to create open communication with employees, empower leaders, create inclusive cultures; how to overcome obstacles, and build resilience - this targets professionals looking for coaching advice; and seminars to stimulate and inspire thought process on their business and their teams.

The enrollment cost is very affordable. "At launch, I am giving lifetime subscription for only $12, this sounds too good to be true, however, as the membership and content grows so will the price, but for now, I feel it's necessary to support leaders through this trying time," says Sabral.

Her main goal is to be a positive thought leader and influencer in the retail business and assist leaders navigate these challenging new times. She also wants to change the learning and development space, creating affordable resources. "Leadership development should not be a luxury, and unattainable, everyone is worthy of learning," she adds.


April's latest portal is for mid to senior women business leaders. Women can sign up for an annual membership, be inspired and focus on personal development. It focuses on building a simple concept that leaders must be chief inspiration officers before anything else. Sabral teaches and coaches live sessions and online resources and builds a global community of women business leaders. Sharing her knowledge is relevant.

Learn more at:


An acclaimed speaker, Sabral has shared her leadership message in many settings, including universities, conferences, and corporate training, Ms. Sabral holds credentials from the John C. Maxwell Team and a member of the World Association of Business Coaches. She strives to create value and positivity for the people and organizations in every space she enters. Ms. Sabral is the author of "The Positive Effect: A Retail Leader's Guide to Changing the World" (ISBN: 979-8639638503) and aspires in the future to continue changing lives through professional training in the retail and non-profit sectors.

Learn more about her book at:


Retailu was founded by Sabral in 2019 when she couldn't find affordable, relevant leadership training for her team. Retailu provides off the shelf quality leadership training for field leaders at a fraction of the cost of other training programs. After developing leaders for nearly three decades, she thought there had to be a better way. Retailu is a subscription license model with over 25 retail core competencies courses geared to improve managers' skills to drive their business.

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