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New Children’s Books from Award-Winning TV Producer Conquer Both Bedtime and Book Reviews

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- "Dream Grabber" and "Dream Jumper," the magical and heartwarming books that have changed bedtime rituals for children everywhere, are now available to purchase in soft cover. From Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer and Writer John R. Green, the two companion pieces have been met with remarkable praise and gained an instant fan base with children and grown-ups alike. To help combat fears and the all-too-familiar battle for lights out, the author created a fanciful and safe world where a heroic father has the ability to defeat his son's nightmares and jump into dreams to embark on fantastical adventures with his daughter.

"'Dream Grabber' is a charming and delightful bedtime story, beautifully validating a universal childhood fear rather than dismissing it," says Kim Bergman, PhD, Licensed Psychologist. Each book encourages nurturing bedtime routines and helps children understand that dreamland should be an enjoyable and secure place to be.

Since their release in hardcover in November 2020, "Dream Grabber" and "Dream Jumper" have quickly caught the attention of a myriad of publications, as well as local and national news shows including the prestigious accolade of being named one of "Good Morning America's" Favorite Books of 2020.

"Good Morning America" Co-Anchor Robin Roberts shared, "'Dream Jumper' will have you jumping for joy! Such a heartwarming read with beautiful illustrations." While Lori Greiner, Inventor, Entrepreneur and Co-Host on ABC-TV's "Shark Tank" proclaimed, "I just adore "Dream Grabber" and its companion book "Dream Jumper." John R. Green has brilliantly created two wonderful books that turn bedtime and dreaming into a magical worry-free time for kids ... a must for every home!"

In "Dream Grabber," a loving father shows his little boy how to overcome his fear of going to sleep by sharing his secret ability to grab bad dreams and replace them with beautiful ones that float invisibly in the air. In "Dream Jumper" a little girl, who deeply dreads being alone in her dreams, is comforted by her father when he reveals that he has magical powers allowing him to jump into her dreams while they are both asleep. She imagines him flying on a unicorn and sliding down rainbows into a pool of teddy bears.

The first kids' books written by John R. Green, "Dream Grabber" and "Dream Jumper" also happened to be based on bedtime rituals he created to help his own two children face their fears upon falling asleep. In addition to the distinctive and timeless hardcover, the new soft cover of both books is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble through Archway Publishing, a division of Simon & Schuster.

For more information, please visit

VIDEO: Time to Dream Book Series Trailer (YouTube)

To order through Amazon, click here for "Dream Grabber" and here for "Dream Jumper." Be sure to follow @timetodreambooks on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates, special announcements, and readings. Visit author page on Amazon, here:

About the Author

John R. Green is a multiple Emmy and Peabody Award-winning TV news and documentary writer and producer. He is a 25-year veteran of ABC News, and currently serves as Executive Vice President of Rock'n Robin Productions, as well as President and Senior Executive Producer of 10/10 Twins Productions. Green is also the author of "Dream Grabber" and "Dream Jumper", companion children's books published in 2020. A St. Louis, Missouri native and graduate of the city's esteemed Washington University, Green additionally holds a master's degree in Mass Communications from Boston University. Green and his husband, Anthony, reside in New Jersey with their twin children, AJ and Francesca. More information is available at

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Aaron Ozee Considers Eight Figure Acquisition Offer for Regulus Literary Empire

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, celebrity author of the bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), and revered director of the "Regulus" movie, has received an eight-figure acquisition offer from a private investment group for the literary empire constructed around his infamous rat king character.

Ozee started developing the story that became "Regulus" halfway through 2017 while attending the College of DuPage within the first years of his college education and launched what became an international phenomenon with the largest self-publishing house in the world, Lulu Press Inc, that very summer on July 23, 2017. Little did Ozee know what his creation would spawn during the years that followed, but what transpired escalated his work, and his name, into legend.

Once "Regulus" hit bookshelves worldwide, it was only two weeks later that Amazon, being the largest bookseller on Earth, ranked this lauded tale as the #1 New Release for Children's Books. Media across the United States, and soon the world, spoke about Ozee with such high regard as the skies made way for something that only few authors have experienced in their lifetimes.

Original artwork, folk songs, street murals, branded merchandise, sculptures, video games, plush toys, and even face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic were produced by numerous creators and partnered sources in admiration for "Regulus". Ozee sent copies of his marvel of a book to many prominent world leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Macron. To his surprise, Ozee was delighted with personal responses from each congratulating him on what the fruits of his labor meant for the future of youth everywhere.

Ozee has collaborated with prominent restaurant chains and popular consumer brands such as Epic Burger, Jarritos, City Barbecue, Crystal Geyser Spring Water, Eli's Cheesecake, and Lou Malnati's Pizza glorifying the relationship between "Regulus" and his treasure hoard of cheese. Ozee has amassed millions of subscribers and followers on his social media and digital profiles through forming associations with innumerable artistic connoisseurs across the Internet.

Ozee even went as far as to send a physical copy of his cherished fable into space making it the First American Children's Book and First Self-Published Book Sent Into Space. Ozee continued this unorthodox campaign upon sending "Regulus" to several rare locations such as Mt. Everest, Chernobyl, North Korean DMZ, Bermuda Triangle, and the Galapagos Islands.

It was not much long after that Ozee sold the "Regulus" film rights to Bizarros Studio for adaptation into a stop motion animated picture that debuted exclusively on Amazon Prime in March 2020.

Celebrated actors, musicians, influencers, athletes, comedians, motivational speakers, and even political candidates respected in most family households continue to endorse "Regulus" as Ozee aims to make his dreams come true. One uncommon fact is that Ozee is only 24 years old and is on the brink of making history in the realm of the written universe.

"This has to be the proudest moment for my career. The world must understand this is not the end of a long journey but is a beautiful start to something exceptionally special," remarked Ozee during this announcement.

For those wanting to purchase a copy of the "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790) book, please visit

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Media Contact
Name: Aaron Ozee
Phone: 630-656-0323

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Phoenix-Area Radio Host Writes Holiday Children’s Books for Charity

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Local morning radio host Rich Berra of 104.7 KISS FM's Johnjay and Rich Show has authored two holiday children's books with proceeds going to charity. Also heard on 93.7 KRQ FM in Tucson and in markets across the country through iHeart Media, the Johnjay and Rich Show is known for its annual Christmas Wish program, which grants holiday wishes to children and families in need.

The sale of these holiday books have generated nearly $80,000 in donations to the cause through the #LoveUp Foundation, the charity Berra started with his on-air partner Johnjay Van Es.

Berra's first book, "The Tale of Christmas Steve," chronicles the story of a miniature elf named Steve, who reminds readers that sometimes big things really do come in small packages. The sequel, "Christmas Steve Meets Christmas Carol," tells the tale of 6-foot-2 tall elf girl Carol, who is scared to let her talents shine. With a little help from Christmas Steve, Carol finds out what happens when she lets go of fear and starts dreaming out loud. Both stories champion inclusion and equality for all - no matter the outside appearance.

In addition to donating proceeds to the #LoveUp Foundation's Christmas Wish program, Berra has instituted a buy-one, give-one campaign where every book sold will be matched with a second book donated to a child in need. In years past, children's hospitals, foster care programs and Title 1 schools have all been beneficiaries; this year, the author adds Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley to the list.

"With so many children learning remotely and needing extra educational support due to COVID, we thought what better organization to benefit than Boys & Girls Clubs," said Berra. "Things may feel a bit different this year, but my belief is that the message, the fun and the hope of these books restore a little magic - that's something we all need this holiday season."

The beautifully illustrated hardcover books are both 32 pages long and retail for $17.99. They are available at AJ's and Bashas' stores across Arizona as well as in numerous boutiques.

For more information or to purchase, visit

To schedule an interview with the author, email

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Aaron Ozee Launches Regulus Masks Protecting Families During COVID-19 Pandemic

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, celebrity author of the bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), and esteemed director of the "Regulus" movie, has partnered with Vistaprint to launch a collection of masks which feature his infamous rat king character to protect families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ozee searched for vendors that could execute his vision for launching a collection of Regulus masks, but few proved worthy to handle such a task. However, when Ozee learned Vistaprint began printing face masks, he was convinced they were the right partner. Not just because the safety and quality measures they use when making them, but they donate a percentage of each order placed to local communities that have been devastated by the Coronavirus.

Ozee designed the collection of Regulus masks to be affordable to families who are confronting financial hardship. Each mask has considerable breathing room, can be washed using hand soap or various cleaning solutions for reuse, are equipped with a changeable filter, and come vacuum sealed with factory timestamps for enhanced security during shipping.

"We never expected this pandemic would change the way people live. Disasters of any kind are often unpredictable, but as humans we are strong enough to push through anything. Entertaining families during this harsh period of history with this global phenomenon of a character has been a gift from the heavens but ensuring the safety of my fans has never been more important. Masks are the key to defeating this horrible virus, and if we equally follow best practices, as directed by credible authorities, we shall prevail," said Ozee during the release of this announcement.

An unprecedented grouping of legendary actors, musicians, comics, political leaders, authors, film makers, athletes, and motivational speakers have expressed support. Names such as Tony Hawk, Akon, Drake Bell, Sean Astin, and Paula Deen rank among those who love "Regulus."

For those wanting to purchase a copy of the "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790) book, or Regulus mask for members of your family, please visit

For those wanting to stream the "Regulus" movie on Amazon Prime, you will need to register for your membership or visit


No celebrity endorsement claimed or implied.

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To Help with Stay-At-Home Boredom, Author Makes Children’s Books Free to Save Parents’ Sanity

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Author Donald Jacobsen announced today that two of his children's books, "Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs" and "My Daddy the Amazing Nurse," will be given away for free in light of the pivot to homeschooling due to the COVID-19 pandemic canceling schools for the rest of the year across the United States. The books highlight medical workers, scientists, and other community helpers.

"As a parent staying at home with my kids and wife, we understand the struggle and stress of unexpected at-home schooling," says Donald Jacobsen. "Offering my books as an educational yet fun distraction is one way I knew I could help during this trying time."

Reviewers and parents are thrilled to have the resource, with one glowing review from Kristal Leon mentioning that the books are "filled with a diverse collection of occupations that celebrate the contributions that jobs in STEM fields make in our world. Created for young readers ages 2-7 . . . helps girls picture themselves in these important roles."

Both books teach kids about the roles of medical workers and community helpers. The books will be available for free starting today. To download, parents and educators can visit

About Donald Jacobsen and his work as an author:

Donald is a husband, the proud father of two girls, a registered nurse, and a sometimes-writer living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. His book "Mighty Mommies and Their Amazing Jobs" recently won an Honorable Mention for the Picture Books 6 & Older category of the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.

You can read more about Donald and his works at

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North Korea Ejects Aaron Ozee’s Bestselling Children’s Book ‘Regulus’ from DMZ

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, author of the notable children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 9781387010790), clashed with the government of North Korea when the attempt was made to bring his parable across the border at Panmunjom.

When "Regulus" approached the main entrance of the Demilitarized Zone, being where North Korea and South Korea meet, border patrol guards seized the book and retreated behind closed doors with great haste to review the questionable reading material.

Upon reviewing the book, it was the express command of the North Korean government that "Regulus" be taken away from their presence in sight of the antagonist rat casting their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, beneath a tyrannical view.

Other reasons for the sudden ejection came from the foundation of the tale as it would spark rebellion among their people (which happens to be the climax of the story) along with associating their propaganda with the symbol of the rat (known for being used as the label of dehumanization for Jewish citizens under Nazi Germany).

North Korea has the most intense censorship laws of any nation on Earth and struggles with considerable force to prevent citizens residing within their country from being unnecessarily exposed to empowering Western culture.

"Sending my cherished apologue to North Korea was executed with the intention of showing the world that 'Regulus' can be appreciated everywhere absent the corruption of dictatorships. And, with much surprise, that dream was challenged by the North Korean government as they refused to permit my welcoming creation from taking another step forward. My work should never be a source of rejection since the morals of this story are pure of heart and carry intentions which are bolstered with tremendous spirit," commented Ozee during the announcement of this outrageous circumstance.

Aside from the mission bearing disappointing fruit, "Regulus" has just become the First American Children's Book Ejected From North Korea, First Children's Book Ejected From North Korea, and First Self-Published Book Ejected From North Korea.

Even though writers and readers around the globe are not shocked by this unexpected milestone, they have reached out to Ozee with tokens of encouragement as they wait for "Regulus" to make another original venture.

Copies of "Regulus" can be purchased from or mainstream outlets.

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Aaron Ozee Lands Bestselling Children’s Book ‘Regulus’ on Galapagos Islands

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, author of notable children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), has partnered with adored intercontinental tourism network, Rainforest Cruises, bringing a printed copy of his enchanting publication along with them during their exploration of the Galapagos Islands.

Being the legendary volcanic archipelago that Charles Darwin visited in 1835 while conducting research for his Theory of Evolution, Galapagos Islands are the permanent residence for 56 species with 27 of those species only found in the region. The assemblage of wildlife boasts tortoises, lizards, birds, fish, and blooming vegetation which drives visitors from around the globe to explore the untouched wonders of the gargantuan national park.

Located 1,000 kilometers from the nearest coast, Galapagos Islands are positioned in the Pacific Ocean and remain a Province of Ecuador alongside the eastern reach of Latin America. Multiple adventurers have organized missions to survey the flourishing ecosystem of the chained isle and made exuberant discoveries which have classified Galapagos Islands as the most diverse habitat on the planet.

Following the sending of "Regulus" into the expansive void of space or across the snowy peaks of Mount Everest, the marvelous chatter that has emerged from the procurement of these achievements continues to conjure greater curiosity as Ozee develops his next great move.

"Even though science was never my favorite subject during school, my fascination around the unexplored came from certain experiences throughout my childhood," commented Ozee during the announcement of this historical undertaking. "Charles Darwin, the most prolific naturalist of the 20th Century, found the Galapagos Islands to contain secrets which have stunned humankind for centuries. Witnessing the beauty of the Galapagos Islands has become an exhilarating myth for me rather than luxurious vacations for those with fearless pleasures. Seeing how the Galapagos Islands have revealed breathtaking evidence supporting the dawn of man, the significance of this venture exceeds our appreciation for biological grandeur."

Aside from the execution of this project, "Regulus" has become the First Children's Book On Galapagos Islands, the First Self-Published Book On Galapagos Islands, and the First American Children's Book On Galapagos Islands. The growing community of writers, publishers, and readers are scratching their heads over how Ozee has managed to collect these feats using limited resources and when the next locale will unravel.

Copies of "Regulus" can be purchased from or mainstream shopping outlets.

As for information about Rainforest Cruises, just visit

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Aaron Ozee Sends Bestselling Children’s Book ‘Regulus’ Into Space

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Space is an uncharted frontier equipped with mysteries beyond our understanding of what is or will ever be possible. Reaching outward for millions of miles from our planet, space may seem to be a dangerous vacuum to most but a bountiful expanse for those with opportunistic sight. Aaron Ozee, bestselling author of notable children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 9781387010790), has made waves in the realm of literature achieving wonders using his tyrannical king character to impact the imaginations of young readers around the globe.

From claiming bestseller status only a few weeks following original publication to being endorsed by favorited celebrities, "Regulus" carries momentum unlike any other titles on the market. Ozee knew the sky was the limit for his prized creation, or so he assumed, until inspiration struck encouraging him to explore options to send a printed copy of his infamous tale above the clouds to drift blissfully among the glistening stars.

Conducting extensive searches around the web gave Ozee the appropriate insight on how tricky sending objects into space can be using professional technologies let alone collecting materials required for achieving such a feat on your own.

After being quoted by organizations which can arrange flights using elite techniques for gargantuan sums, Ozee remained discouraged only to find a motivated space enthusiast, Thomas Niedballa, who had the means of turning his dream into reality. Niedballa is the founder of Orbit Pics, a private institution holding expertise in the art of high-altitude photography, which uses weather balloon devices to send payloads into the furthest extent of the atmosphere.

Ozee partnered with Niedballa shortly after their introduction to launch a printed copy of "Regulus" into space near his residence in the Province of Toronto in Ontario, Canada (from the shores of Lake Huron) on June 18, 2019.

Outfitted with a 4K Go Pro camera along with a quality GPS tracker, Niedballa coasted the printed copy of "Regulus" into the upper atmosphere reaching 100,000 feet. Upon the weather balloon exploding once it peaked at maximum elevation, the payload hurdled back to Earth where it was retrieved by Niedballa not far away from the launch grounds. Breathtaking footage was exported showcasing the attempt and the stunning beauty immortalized behind "Regulus" within the never-ending darkened void.

Aside from this attempt being a brilliant marketing stunt for sharing the words Ozee has written for developing minds, "Regulus" is the "First American Children's Book Sent Into Space" as well as the "First Self-Published Book Sent Into Space."

Lulu Press, the largest self-publishing firm in the world, has released manuscripts crafted by Ozee since 2011 with "Regulus" marked as his eleventh published title.

"Achieving something that humans once viewed as science fiction is more than a milestone in my life that will be held close to my heart for the remainder of my days but making history that will rattle across the ages is something far greater," says Ozee.

"My sincere appreciation goes to my family, colleagues, friends, teachers, publisher, and beloved for having supported my writing since that very first moment when my pen was pressed on paper," Ozee concludes.

More information:

Copies of "Regulus" may be purchased from or mainstream retail outlets.

For more information about Thomas Niedballa at Orbit Pics, please visit

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Poor People Choose to Be Poor, says ‘Professional Plaintiff’ and Children’s Book Author Cory Groshek

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Poor people are poor because they choose to be poor, says 'professional plaintiff' turned children's book author Cory Groshek, who is also the founder of personal growth and development brand Manifestation Machine.

It isn't that Groshek doesn't like poor people; he just doesn't want to be one of them. And he doesn't want your children to be one of them, either, which is why he published his debut, middle-grade fiction book, "Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series" (ISBN: 978-1946029003), in late 2016, as a means of teaching children and their parents about what he calls "the success-oriented mindset we all need to achieve financial freedom."

Groshek, who became infamous in June 2016, when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran what he calls "a defamatory hit-piece" on him entitled "'Professional plaintiff' uses credit law to threaten companies, win $230,000 in settlements," has, by his own admission, earned nearly three quarters of a million dollars to date - far more than has previously been reported-through private legal settlements with almost 50 American companies over what he calls their "willful violations of their job applicants' and employees' rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" (known as the FCRA, for short). Accordingly, he believes that he is uniquely qualified to dispense advice to others with regards to their financial futures.

"I didn't earn all of this settlement money by accident. I earned it, despite me not being an attorney and having no legal background or negotiating experience to speak of, for one reason and one reason only: I know how to create my own reality," says Groshek. "And with God as my witness, I am going to teach everyone with ears to hear to do the same, because the last thing I want is to see our kids growing up to become what I was just a little over three years ago."

A little over three years ago, Groshek says he was "30, going on 31 years old," living paycheck to paycheck, stuck in a dead-end, customer service call center job, sleeping on his retired father's couch, and in over $10,000 of credit card debt.

But now, he is financially independent, the owner of his own business (Manifestation Machine), living in a paid-off house, and completely debt-free, thanks to what he calls "the four C's of success," his personal process for manifesting what he calls "a life worth dying for"-a process which is embodied in his children's book and which he hopes to soon "bring to the masses" via a soon-to-be-released series of "metaphysical self-help books" and seminars geared toward helping adults become successful.

"As much as it may pain the general population for me to say this, the truth is, poor people are poor because they choose to be poor, just like I'm financially independent because it's what I choose to be," Groshek says. "When most people wake up every day, they focus not on what they want, but on what they don't want, or, in other words, they make their decisions based on fear, rather than on faith, and it's for that reason that they attract more and more of what they don't want into their lives, as opposed to what they do want.

"But through my book and my brand, I can and I will change that, even if it means rubbing a lot of people 'the wrong way', because I'm here to tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear, which is the truth-even if it hurts."

"Breaking Away: Book One of the Rabylon Series," which follows two young bunnies, Remy and Rhea, as they attempt to escape their impoverished, North-Korea-like village of Rabylon for the promise of abundance and prosperity that lies just on the other side of a big, green hill, is available now as a Kindle e-book, Audible audio book, and in paperback.

For more information on Cory Groshek, his Manifestation Machine brand and/or his children's book, visit:

VIDEO (YouTube):

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