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Attorneys from Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh Attend The Manasota Trial Lawyers Board CLE Seminar

LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla. -- Managing partners from the personal injury law firm Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh participated in the Manasota Trial Lawyers Board Diner and CLE seminar.

Several members of civil trial law firm Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh took part in the Manasota Trial Lawyers Board Diner and CLE Seminar.

Held at the Polo Grill in Lakewood Ranch Florida, the event featured a CLE accredited seminar that focused on accident reconstruction entitled "How to Effectively Work With Accident Reconstruction to Better Present Your Clients' Case." Given by guest speakers Rick Swope of Swope econstruction Corporation and Brian Pfeifer of BEC Consulting, the seminar informed the audience on how utilize the latest methods of accident reconstruction to better represent clients in personal injury lawsuits.

The event drew attorneys and legal professionals from law firms around west central and southwest Florida, including several managing partners from Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh. In attendance were Manasota Trial Lawyers Board founder Bernard F. Walsh of the Bradenton office of Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh, M. David Shapiro founding partner of Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh, and Stephan Fernandez from the Sarasota Office of Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh.

Attendees of the seminar earned 2 CLE (continuing legal education) credits. Florida attorneys are required by the Florida Bar Association to earn 33 CLE credits over three years to remain a member in good standing.

In addition to the seminar an open forum discussion panel took place allowing for attendees to delve deeper into to topic of using accident reconstruction methods and technology during personal injury cases.

After the seminar, the Manasota Trial Lawyers Board hosted a diner and social mixer in an effort to promote networking and collaboration between attorneys.

Attorney David Shapiro had this to say about the event, "While Florida has a variety of legal industry organizations such as the Florida Justice Association, the Manasota Trial Lawyers, helps to give more voice and influence from the local Sarasota-Bradenton area."

Attorney Stephen Fernandez commented, "With so many aspects of personal injury law important, events like the MTLB's seminar or the FJA's workhorse seminar give attorneys the opportunity to enhance knowledge on a wide variety of topics and be exposed to the latest tools and techniques that would be more difficult otherwise. It's heartening to see so many attorneys take advantage of the event and become better prepared to represent their clients."

Attorney Bernard Walsh added, "As a founder of the MTLB I am happy to see my fellow partners participate. It's great to see so many of the area's attorneys come together in a cooperative fashion to help strengthen the Florida justice system."

About Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh:

The lawyers of Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez & Walsh have more than 100 years of combined Florida legal experience in personal injury, wrongful death and other negligence cases.

Our partners have handled more than 10,000 non-fatal and fatal personal injury cases, where death or brain, head, neck, back, spinal cord, shoulder and knee injuries have resulted from car, truck, motorcycle or boat accidents.

Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh
308 Cocoanut Ave, Sarasota FL, 34236
Local: 941-954-4000

More information:

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Partnership with Energy Optimizers, USA, nets Graham Local Schools more than $400,000 savings in utilities over three-year period

TIPP CITY, Ohio -- Just three years after contracting with Energy Optimizers, USA, on a project to reduce energy usage and save taxpayer dollars, Graham Local Schools has far exceeded initial projections for energy savings.

The district expected to save $81,885 on utility costs per year over three years, for a total of $245,655. Actual savings over that period are $409,681. Electric consumption was reduced by 32.4 percent and gas consumption is down by 24.2 percent. The savings are normalized, or adjusted to account for outliers in weather conditions and costs.

"We knew going into this project that it was the right thing to do in terms of conserving both energy and taxpayer dollars," said Don Burley, Director of Operations for Graham Local Schools. "But we are floored by just how much we've been able to save. Better yet, the project has just about paid for itself in terms of savings. What better way to meet the needs of students than ensuring we are directing this money to the classrooms rather than the utility companies."

Completed in 2012, the $574,130 project included:
* Replacement of interior lighting with more energy-efficient lamps.
* Installation of exterior lighting controls to reduce wasted electricity.
* Installation of advanced energy management programming and HVAC controls to improve energy conservation.
* Upgrades to the water and air filtration systems.
* Installation of smart exhaust hoods on kitchen units.

The majority of the work was funded through the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission's House Bill 264 program, enabling the district to make these cost-cutting improvements at no additional expense to taxpayers while ensuring the guaranteed savings of the project are met or exceeded.

"Districts like Graham Local Schools are the reason why I founded Energy Optimizers, USA," said Greg Smith, president and CEO of Energy Optimizers, USA. "The administrative team and Board set out to do what's best for their students, their taxpayers and the environment. With a relatively small investment, they will see cost-reduction benefits for years to come. The results speak for themselves, and the entire community can be proud of the district's leadership."

About Energy Optimizers, USA:

Energy Optimizers, USA works with educational, governmental, commercial and industrial customers to implement energy savings opportunities to reduce operational costs, including lighting retrofits, renewable energy projects (wind and solar), HVAC retrofit projects, building automation retrofits and energy education programs. The company was named to the INC. Magazine Top 500 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S. (2014), was named the Fastest Growing Company in the region for two consecutive years by the Dayton Business Journal (2013, 2014), and was named a finalist in the Dayton Business Journal Best Places To Work competition in 2016.

To learn more about Energy Optimizers, USA, visit their website at or call them at (937) 877-1919.

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Revenue Cycle and Coding Strategies Merge to Expand Healthcare Consulting Services

AUSTIN, Texas -- Medical and radiation oncology consulting firm Revenue Cycle and healthcare coding and compliance consulting and education firm Coding Strategies announce a merger that will bring the two companies together for the benefit of the healthcare industry.

Founded in 1998 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, Coding Strategies provides consulting expertise and educational tools for the healthcare industry. Like Revenue Cycle, it offers services to physicians, administrators, coders, and other industry stakeholders. Coding Strategies' educational products include customized training, self-paced online training, webinars, and seminars.

Revenue Cycle specializes in the business aspects of medical and radiation oncology, including operations and oncology coding and reimbursement. Its team of medical and radiation oncology experts consults on oncology reimbursement, compliance, and business operations for everything from single physician offices to large multi-site systems.

"Since I co-founded the company almost 20 years ago, Coding Strategies has been dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals," said president Melody W. Mulaik. "Our nationally certified consultants, along with our comprehensive selection of training options, help our clients protect the financial health of their business, stay compliant, and find solutions to their toughest challenges." Ms. Mulaik will serve as the president of the combined companies.

"Our alliance with Coding Strategies is a perfect fit," stated Ron DiGiaimo, CEO of Revenue Cycle. "Coding Strategies will add even more depth to our service offerings. Their expertise and educational services align with those we already have in place, and their track record of success speaks for itself." Mr. DiGiaimo will now serve as the Chairman of the Board for Coding Strategies and CEO of the combined companies.

The Revenue Cycle family of companies now includes RC Billing, The Oncology Group and Coding Strategies.

For more information, visit: and

For more information, contact:
Melody W. Mulaik, President
Coding Strategies & Revenue Cycle
P: 877-626-3464


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New Tech Advisory Board Helps Launch Career Academy Program in Rural Iowa

OSCEOLA, Iowa -- 2017 marks the inaugural year for the Clarke Community Schools Career Academy program in the rural town of Osceola, Iowa. School administration, instructors, and local businesses have set forth a program focused on helping local students build a deeper understanding of how their education is integrated into future career options as well as learning the skills needed for trades available outside "traditional" secondary education tracks.

Education trends and academic planning have evolved a great deal throughout the past decade. With funding for Iowa public schools becoming more limited* (*note:1) and costs for student administration continually on the rise, manipulating the models in which schools can best affect the learning for each student has forced participants to innovate and grow or suffer. Programs implemented throughout the 90's and 2000's have shown to be less effective* (*note:2) on student preparation, and for smaller communities like Osceola, this comes as a particularly tough challenge.

These types of programs continue to force school administrators as well as teachers and parents to find alternative answers to educating their students by moving student and curriculum focus from rote test score achievement and class rankings to a more "hands-on" approach, offering career-focused programming for students from kindergarten through high school.

"While we understand testing is an integral part of benchmarking and measuring progress for our students and faculty, it can't be the sole curriculum focus for a learning child," explained Steve Seid, Clarke Community Schools' (CCS) Superintendent. "Creating a better understanding of how specific coursework is applied in real-world scenarios builds on the achievement of the students, encouraging a deeper engagement and commitment to a future-focused perspective."

A policy research study performed by the National Council of Teachers of English* (*note:3) found results of standardized or high-stakes testing not only affects the nature of how instructors administer course information, but also narrows curriculum and limits student learning. Much of the information in the study led researchers to suggest policy changes that include diversifying assessments for student achievement as well as helping the students understand how the testing functions in determining future successes and opportunities.

"That's where our Career Academy really hits," said Jean Bahls, CCS Curriculum Director, "We realize not all kids will be college-bound. Some see that financially and logistically impossible. But through this Career Academy, students can discover a broader world beyond the halls of Clarke Community Schools and have the opportunity to prepare for it."

Local businesses and associations have answered the call for support of the Clarke Community Schools Career Academy. With connections fostered through Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC), the administration and Mr. Dave Lydon, the Industrial Tech Courses Instructor, an Industrial Tech Advisory Board - the first of such advisory boards planned for the Career Academy program - has been assembled to start the development of a system for helping students prepare for careers in the industrial sector. With that, the board will also work with the school, administrators, and instructors on procuring modern equipment and teaching the skills needed to be successful in the trades.

"With the District taking on all the challenges associated with the Career Academy, the CCDC wanted to facilitate ongoing communication between the business community and the District Staff," said Bill Trickey, Executive Director of the CCDC. "As we reached out to the business community for membership in this first Advisory Board, we found a real willingness to participate in this very important process."

Clarke Schools' Career Academy Industrial Tech Advisory Board members are:
* Susan Miller - Altec, Inc. (
* Dave Opie - Clarke Electric Cooperative (
* Jason A Gibbs - Clarke Electric Cooperative (
* Joe Greving - Iowa Steel (www.
* Dan Zielke - Hormel Foods (
* Kerry Richardson - Miller Products, Co. (www.
* James Rawson - Paul Mueller Company (
* Tom Kober - Salford Group (
* Doug Hamilton - Simco Drilling Equipment, Inc. (
* Dave Lyden - Clarke Community Schools (
* Jean Bahls - Clarke Community Schools (
* William Trickey - CCDC (

As members of the Clarke Community Schools Industrial Tech Advisory Board, their input, support, and experience will help Clarke Community Schools facilitate and foster a deeper understanding of future career options and skills for trades available outside secondary education. The success of the Career Academy program hinges on full, community-wide engagement and support. With school administrators, staff, and students on board as well as a diversified group of local Osceola and Southern Iowa businesses lending their knowledge and expertise, the future of the program looks bright and poised for growth.

If you would like more information on the Clarke Community Schools Career Academy program or have questions or comments, please contact Steve Seid, Superintendent, or Jean Bahls, Curriculum Director for Clarke Community Schools at 800 N Jackson St. Osceola, IA, 50312 or call (641) 342-6505.

1: Des Moines Register, "After Contentious Words, Iowa State Senate Passes 1.1 Percent K-12 School Aid Increase" -

2: National Education Association, "Parents and Educators to Lawmakers: Testing is Not Learning!" -

3: National Council of Teachers of English. "How Standardized Tests Shape - and limit - Student Learning" [PDF-STUDY] {}

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Marion Gatley Institute Opens Its Doors to all Who Want to Learn a New Language

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Marion Gatley Institute has just opened to provide services and classes for people that want to learn another language, but haven't been able to do so prior. We provide a flexible class schedule in which can bend to your personal life and daily obligations.

Offering instruction on many languages from Mandarin to Italian, from Portuguese to Arabic. Whatever reason you'd like to learn another language, it is undeniably helpful in many ways. Strengthening cognitive ability, memory, deductive reasoning, learning a new language is a vast well of mental and personal benefits. It can help boost confidence, and strengthen your skills in English.

"By providing peer dialogue and helpful instructors, we aim to cater to these benefits while ensuring that you have the practical ability and resources to accomplish whatever the goal of learning another language," said Marion Gatley employee Bill Smith. "We will prep you for moving to a country, teach you key phrases for a vacation, or simply cultivate your desire to learn a new language for no other reason than personal enjoyment."

There is simply no downside to learning a language, and now Marion Gatley Institute is able to offer a plethora of classes that facilitate your endeavors. Classes are built and designed around our students, and our small sizes allow us to focus on each student individually while cultivating much-needed conversation and practice back-and-forth between students.

The benefits of attending classes in person and speaking, responding, and practicing with others is invaluable. You will learn the language must faster if you are constantly tested in conversation and prompted to write in the language you are learning.

Marion Gatley Institute is special because we host classes at all times of day. Whether your work schedule demands that you attend classes at night, or if night classes at a college have you pursuing a language during the day, you will be able to find the class you need at the time that works for you.

Discovering a new culture, perspective, and customs through language will only benefit you in the long-run. If you are on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge and learn a language, it doesn't need to be excruciating work. On the contrary, learning another language is extremely fun and fulfilling.

Marion Gatley Institute offers a variety of locations in order to make it simple for you to come to learn a language where it is convenient for you. You will not have to travel far and take time out of your busy life, Marion Gatley makes it easy for all of our clients in every way we can.

We also accommodate to a changing schedule. You can attend any of our schedule classes for the language you wish to learn so you don't have to worry about a consistent class. This also takes out the routine of classes and makes the act of learning a new language enjoyable and without stress.

The door is now open to you, come learn at language in the helpful classes of our linguist instructors. We are accessible, reasonably priced, and extremely well-versed in teaching people the joy of learning a new language!

Visit for more information.

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Attorney Bernard Walsh Speaks at National Trial Lawyers Summit on Trucking Accident Representation

MIAMI, Fla. -- Bernard F. Walsh, Esq., from the Bradenton office of personal injury law firm Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh, spoke at the 2017 Trial Lawyers Summit about trucking accident representation for plaintiffs.

Billed as "the number one conference of the year," the Trial Lawyers Summit draws top civil trial plaintiff's attorneys and criminal defense attorneys from around the nation. Attorney Bernard Walsh was selected as a speaker during the event, and gave a seminar entitled "How An Attorney Works - A Trucking Case: The A to Z Basics."

Bernard Walsh has accumulated years of experience working on trucking accident recoveries, and the seminar offered critical information for attorneys considering offering representation for trucking accident victims. Outlining ways a trucking accident case differs from an auto accident case, the seminar also alerted attorneys that trucking accident representation is demanding in both financial and time resources for the plaintiff's attorney, requiring serious commitment.

Held at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel Miami Florida, the Trial Lawyers Summit boasted a lineup of more than 60 speakers made up of the nation's most experienced attorneys and legal industry professionals. An accredited CLE (Continuing Legal Education) event, attendees had the opportunity to earn a years worth of CLE credits as required by the Florida Bar Association.

Featured guest speakers at the event included four-time super bowl champion quarterback Joe Montana, National Trial Lawyers President Tom Girardi and President-Elect Christian Searcy. Entertainment was provided by Don Felder, former lead guitarist of The Eagles.

Attorney Bernard Walsh offered this comment about the National Trial Lawyers Summit, "In an environment where lobbyists and representatives from the powerful insurance industry continuously work to influence state legislatures around the United States to change laws in their favor, it is essential that attorneys and members of the civil justice system remain vigilant and committed to defending the rights of the people. By bringing together member attorneys from law firms around the country at the National Trial Lawyers Summit, we can better share ideas and experiences in an effort to improve courtroom skills and increase awareness to better maintain a strong legal system for all citizens."

About Attorney Bernard Walsh:
Bernard Walsh is an active member in multiple legal organizations including the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers, the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, member of the Florida Justice Association Board of Governors, the National Trial Lawyers Association and the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

A partner at the Personal Injury law firm of Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez and Walsh; Bernard Walsh has won one of Florida's largest motorcycle accident recoveries and has an AV Preeminent(R) rating on Martindale-Hubbell(R), and is a Superb rated attorney with

Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh
5291 Office Park Boulevard, Bradenton FL, 34203
Local: 941-752-7200

More at:


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Over 270 Local High Schools Pledge to Drive Safe for a Chance to Win $10,000 Courtesy of Dick Genthe Chevrolet

DETROIT, Mich. -- Dick Genthe Chevrolet recently announced it was giving local Detroit high schools the chance to win $10,000 by asking parents and teens to sign the Drive Safe Detroit, Teen Driver Pledge and obtain the most pledges; over 270 schools came aboard.

Since the start of the campaign in late December, over 1,000 teens, parents, and teachers have already pledged to support safe driving practices by take the Drive Safe Detroit, Teen Driver Pledge. Currently in the lead, is Airport Senior High School with 288 pledges followed by Lincoln Park High School with 264 pledges as of this week. Over 270 other schools have also begun pledging to show their dedication to safe driving and to helping their school.

Parents and teens are encouraged to visit to learn about the dangers of distracted driving and to take the Drive Safe Detroit, Teen Driver Pledge. As an incentive for families and school communities to get involved, Dick Genthe Chevrolet will donate $10,000 to the high school with the greatest participation through June 2, 2017.

"These days, teen drivers have more distractions than ever that increase their odds of harm on the road," said Bruce Genthe, President at Dick Genthe Chevrolet. "We think it's critical for teenagers, their parents and the community to have ongoing conversations about safe driving. We hope the Drive Safe Detroit Pledge campaign assists as a useful tool for parents to set high standards for and to place importance of safe driving practices. Ultimately, our goal through this campaign is to save lives and decrease harm done to our teenage drivers."

With the help of the Dick Genthe Chevrolet Drive Safe Teen Driver Contract, teens will better understand and more truly commit to safe driving practices. If you are a parent or teacher and would like more information about this program, please contact Cate Worley, Director of Drive Safe Detroit Teen Driver Pledge.

Program Inquiries Contact:
Cate Worley
Director, Incite St. Louis
(314) 613-7847

Media Inquiries Contact:
Bret Johnson
Sokal Media Group
(919) 872-9410

The Genthe family has been serving the total automotive needs of the Downriver area for almost 90 years. Dick Genthe Chevrolet began operations in 1967, being founded by Richard E. Genthe. Richard S. Genthe, President, joined the organization in 1974 and later welcomed his son Bruce into the business in 2000 and his daughter Emily in 2003. The mission statement of the dealership was developed in 1995 and it still rings true today: "It is our mission to consistently and professionally deliver more than expected value with integrity and enthusiasm as a team."

For more information on Dick Genthe Chevrolet visit

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Attorney Bernard Walsh Speaks to Students on ‘The Art of Communication’ at The Florida Justice Association’s Law School Outreach Reception

TAMPA, Fla. -- Attorney Bernard F. Walsh gave a seminar on "The Art Of Communication" during the Florida Justice Association's Law School Outreach reception at Cooley Law School.

Held at the Tampa Bay Campus of Cooley Law School located in Riverview Florida, the Florida Justice Association's (FJA) student outreach reception facilitated interaction and networking opportunities between FJA member attorneys, and Cooley Law School students and facility.

Part of a wider effort by the FJA to help prepare Florida law school students as they transition from schools to the workplace, the Law School Outreach reception aims to give the next generation of attorneys and legal professionals access to the resources and networks of the Florida Justice Association.

Moderated by Attorney Bernard F. Walsh of Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh, the reception featured seminars by guest speakers, a presentation by the Florida Justice Association, as well as an open forum style question and answer session between students and a panel of attorneys comprised of experienced lawyers from law firms around the State.

As this year's seminar centered primarily on aiding students in their efforts to locate employment with Florida law firms, Bernard F. Walsh Esq., gave a lecture entitled "The Art Of Communication."

Encouraging students to use more effective ways to communicate to achieve their goals both in and out of courtroom situations, the lecture which has been described by past participants as 'genuinely moving', includes real world examples of communication from actual cases that resulted in successful outcomes.

After the presentations students participated in an open forum discussion with panel members on selecting an area of practice, and what attorneys will be looking for in student resumes and during interviews. Members of the discussion panel included, FJA Representative John Fox, Cooley Law School Dean Kathy Gustafson, Nicola Larmond-Harvey Esq. FJA Young Lawyers Division, Dr. Santo Steven BiFulco, BiFulco Medical Group, Daniel Murphy Esq., Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez & Walsh, Bernard Walsh, Esq., Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez & Walsh, Cooley Law School Dean Ronald Sutton, David Hall Esq., and Kevin Gallagher, Esq.

Attorney Bernard F. Walsh offered this comment about the 2017 FJA event, "A strong and effective justice system is the foundation from which our democracy was built on. As students move from law schools such as Cooley to positions at firms in Florida and around the country, they will become an important force upholding our legal system into the future. As such, having the opportunity to offer advice to such an important influential group is a real honor. It has been a refreshing privilege to speak with students and witness first-hand the motivation, drive, energy and enthusiasm of the next generation of attorneys."

About Attorney Bernard Walsh:

A highly experienced AV rated attorney and founder of the Manasota Trial Lawyers Board, Bernard Walsh is an active member in multiple legal organizations including the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLA), the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, member of the Florida Justice Association Board Of Governors, the National Trial Lawyers Association and the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

Bernard Walsh is an active member of the Manatee and Sarasota Sheriff's Advisory Boards, the Florida Highway Patrol Advisory Council and the One Hundred Club for Law Enforcement in Manatee.

Partner at the Personal Injury and Civil Trial Law firm of Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez and Walsh, Bernard Walsh has helped hundreds of Floridians get fair compensation for injuries. Additionally, Bernard Walsh has won one of Florida's largest motorcycle accident recoveries and has an AV Preeminent(r) rating on Martindale-Hubbell(r), a doctors and attorneys ratings website and is Superb rated attorney with

Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh
5291 Office Park Boulevard, Bradenton FL, 34203
Local: 941-752-7200

More information:

*PHOTO Caption: Personal Injury Attorney Bernard Walsh and members of the FJA law school outreach panel at Cooley Law School.

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Utelogy Corporation Appoints Joey D’Angelo as V.P. of Engineering

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Utelogy Corporation, creator of audio/visual control, management, and analytics software, announces Joey D'Angelo joins the company as Vice President of Engineering. D'Angelo will help drive Utelogy's growth velocity and product feature sets as the company continues on its mission to deliver true, non-proprietary Software-Defined AV solutions that can be virtualized or leveraged on any common data center and network infrastructure.

Utelogy is experiencing wide-spread growth throughout the U.S., and now globally, in higher education, government and enterprise. D'Angelo will lead design and engineering services including pre-sales through to project completion. He will also represent the company as a thought leader in the industry.

D'Angelo comes to Utelogy with vast experience in the audio visual industry starting with world class car audio demonstration vehicles and then almost 18 years as an AV consultant with Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc. Most recently, D'Angelo was at QSC assisting end-users with system solutions.

"Joey is an incredibly well-respected global influencer in the audio visual industry and we're extremely excited to have him on board. Not only is his design expertise a true asset for our team, he'll also be a valuable addition in providing guidance to the development team," said Frank Pellkofer, Utelogy's co-founder and CEO.

"After almost two decades as a consultant and a year and a half at a leading AV manufacturer, I'm intrigued with the opportunity to be able to combine design and innovation in the AV space with Utelogy's forward-thinking customers. Utelogy's unique approach to AV affords me an opportunity to continue to design, innovate, and implement large, complex systems while maintaining a level of hardware and brand autonomy," explained D'Angelo. "Most importantly, I get to continue to do what I've found I'm best at...helping people solve their AV problems," he added.

About Utelogy Corporation:

Utelogy Corporation publishes an enterprise technology control and management platform for higher education, corporations and emergency response centers. Utelogy is a flexible, scalable software solution for control, management, and analytics of AV systems that puts the power in the hands of the user.

For more information, visit

*PHOTO for Media: 17-0124s2p-Joey-DAngelo-300dpi.jpg
*Photo Caption: Joey D'Angelo, Vice President Engineering.

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Campaign for Cursive Launches Annual Cursive Writing Contest in USA and Canada with March Deadlines

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The annual Cursive is Cool(R) contests are presented by the Campaign for Cursive(R), a committee of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) on National Handwriting Day. Each year, National Handwriting Day is celebrated on Jan. 23, the date associated with the birth of John Hancock.

Following National Handwriting Day, National Handwriting Week is celebrated around the world. Legend has it that Hancock, known for his large and showy signature on the U.S. Declaration of Independence, purposely enlarged his signature so "King George can see it without his spectacles."

Campaign for Cursive(R) offers three contests: In the U.S. and in Canada (one for English writers, one for French). Grade 1-6 students have the chance to test their cursive skills. The Canada contest opened on January 11 with a deadline of March 3 and the USA contest deadline is March 17, 2017.

Exciting new writing instruments, workbooks, learning methods and accessories will be awarded to winners. Supporters of the contest include Amsterdam Printing, CursiveLogic, eeBoo, Dixon Ticonderoga, Domtar, Fahrney's Pens, Laywine's, New American Cursive Penmanship, PaperPal, Pelikan, PEN World, Staedtler, and ThinkBoard.

Contest judges are handwriting specialists and educators. Entries will be scored for legibility plus quality. Awards will be given for most creative answers. Winners will be notified in April and posted to the organization's social media channels.

Theresa Ortega, Communications Chair for AHAF, says the social media channels get a lot of traffic: "People across the globe were amazed at the entries we received last year. It's wonderful to see positive comments on social media about the great work these students are doing. The cognitive benefits of learning cursive make for a perfect partner to today's technology as children go on to higher education or enter the workforce."

"Last year entries we received entries from 13 states and this year we hope to increase the reach across the country. We love hearing from the kids about why they like to write in cursive," said Gayna Scott, Campaign for Cursive(R) chair. "Having our kids learn this lifelong skill is worth the 15 minutes a day to learn modern cursive. Research indicates that there are benefits for our children to learn cursive. Technology is important, too, one skill does not replace the other. So, have your kids enter the contest and tell us why they like to write in cursive, we think you will learn something too!"

For more information, please contact Gayna Scott, Chair of Campaign for Cursive(R) at

More information:

About the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation:

The American Handwriting Analysis Foundation is a 501-(c)6 non-profit business organization, chartered and incorporated in California. Dedicated to the advancement of the handwriting sciences, AHAF promotes education for handwriting examiners at all levels of expertise and from all schools of thought. Information:

*LOGO for media:

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