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New Book ‘The Velocity of Information’ Discovers Humans’ Breaking Point During Chaos

MADISON, Wis. -- "The Velocity of Information - Human Thinking During Chaotic Times" (ISBN: 978-1475865455), authored by David P. Perrodin, Ph.D., and published by Rowman & Littlefield, rigorously clarifies and deepens how we think about societal human behavior and mental health during days, weeks, months, or even years of chaos. This is an invigorating scholarly work for all audiences.

As chaos erupts, alerts screech on our cell phones and torrents of conflicting-yet-urgent messages gush from media outlets. What is the magnitude of the crisis? What is its cause? And what should people do to protect themselves?

The speed and direction of these details is known as the velocity of information. It overwhelms and distresses people who have not built a network of trustworthy sources to traverse disorder.

"'The Velocity of Information' offers understanding to manage chaos and our complex reactions to crisis situations influenced by bias and propaganda," explains Dr. Perrodin. "Recognizing indicators to judge the severity of an incident, understanding human predispositions, and joining a member check network to gauge real-time observations from people in your network provide direction to respond to the reality of a situation with impartiality, thus improving outcomes."

This book also provides a novel framework, incorporating photos and custom figures, for discerning chaos based on duration, location, and complexity. Understanding how human cognitive limitations affect individual and group human behavior during different stages of chaos allows readers to use the tools in this book to avoid hysteria and optimize responses to emergency events.

Utilizing several in-depth personal interviews and explorations of historical and contemporary events, "The Velocity of Information" provides a functional and realistic roadmap with specific, actionable guidance on how to navigate chaos.

James David Dickson, reporter, The Detroit News, says, "David P. Perrodin's 'Velocity of Information' will empower its readers. Drawing on current events, history, interviews, and scholarship, Velocity of Information is an education in the way people react and adapt to change in this fast-spinning world. Never has it been more important to sift facts and stories for truth and meaning. The path forward is lit by Dr. Perrodin's assemblage of homesteaders and Special Forces fighters, of crab boaters, jewel thieves and Nail Men. There are teachable moments on every page."

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About the Author:

David P. Perrodin, Ph.D., is an author, researcher, professor, and host of "The Safety Doc" podcast. Dr. Perrodin is a speech-language pathologist specializing in psycholinguistics. He has presented on PBS and written and directed a film about school safety with Pulitzer Prize winner David Obst. Dr. Perrodin is the author of the book School of Errors: Rethinking School Safety in America. He can be found at


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A New Mental Health App Has Arrived! The Mavin App

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- Today, a Wisconsin startup, 3oi LLC announces the launch of the Mavin App, a mental health app to help the world conquer mental health in addition to supporting and educating the masses. Furthermore, the 3oi team is also proud to publicize that we are onboarding participants to the Conscious Venture Lab Cohort 8 Accelerator program.

Mental health is not to be taken lightly, it is something that cannot be fixed or cured but only maintained and sustained. So, we thank Conscious Venture Lab for believing in our mission in becoming a constant structure in people's lives in providing mental health education and assistance and also by connecting individuals with mental health providers on their terms.

"We at Mavin want to put your mental health, in your hands," said Kvon Smith, Chairman at 3oi LLC.

Our Mental health is constantly changing daily and sliding across a continuum of positive to negative. Because we as people are constantly affected by positive and negative experiences that affect how we feel mentally. Moreover, we are all one moment away from experiencing a mental health crisis. Whether it is childhood trauma coming to the surface, an accident-causing anxiety, or a veteran suffering from PTSD. Mental health is an aspect of life we must take more seriously.

We believe that you are not your mental health condition and that you have the power to conquer it. We believe that treating mental health is not a one size fits all treatment. The Mavin App which is out exclusively for Android at the moment is one of a kind personalized mental health app that includes assessments that intends to direct you to professionals who fit your needs.

We also believe that community is vital when living with mental illness or battling mental health. We want to let everyone know that they are not in this fight alone, so we created a safe space for members to connect with other members to encourage, uplift, and share life experiences in our Mavin's Haven.

During sign-in add a trusted loved one to your profile for free to avoid future interrogating questions altogether with your family. And in times of crisis, we have an emergency button inside the app that connects you to crisis intervention instead of the police.

So do us a favor and go to the Google Play store and join us on "Mavin App" your mental safe haven app where we are intentional in changing and saving lives.



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Deuxmers Publishing releases ‘Tales From the Liminal’ – Mother of Eleven Gives Birth to Fifteen Short Stories

MADISON, Wis. -- After getting a degree in English from UW-Madison and debuting her fiction in The Onion, author S. K. Kruse found herself on a twenty-five-year sabbatical to raise eleven children, while also managing a non-profit and writing a rock opera in her spare time. Now down to the last three teenagers, Kruse has spent the last five years gestating two novels and a brood of short stories, fifteen of which appear in her first published book, "Tales From the Liminal" (ISBN 978-1944521158, Deuxmers), available for sale on Amazon on October 12, 2021.

"Kruse brilliantly interweaves the fantastical and metaphysical with the everyday realities of life, with stories brimming with insight and compassion for humanity," said Omer Kursat of Deuxmers Publishing.

In this collection of curious and delightful short stories, the readers never know who they're going to meet next, but they always find themselves smack dab in the middle of some befuddling predicament of existence: following Schrödinger's cat into the zeroth dimension, grooving to Barry Manilow with Bigfoot on a beach, traveling with a troubadour of the apocalypse to Belleville, or having drinks with a woman who has seen Gertrude Stein in the condensation on her window.

Using humor, horror, satire and allegory, Kruse submerges the reader in liminal landscapes where anything is possible, especially transformation.

In a review of Kruse's writing, Timothy Cech, fiction editor for Reed Magazine said, "It's a breed of storytelling that encases an entire cosmos within a compact form, with prose that pulses with life ..."

For more information and upcoming launch events, visit:

About S. K. Kruse

Sandra Kaye Kruse grew up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, where she attended Catholic school for twelve years. She then moved to Madison to earn a degree in English from the University of Wisconsin and to launch her writing career. Her writing has appeared in The Onion and Reed Magazine, has been longlisted for the John Steinbeck Award for Fiction, and has won multiple awards in the National League of American Pen Women's "Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition." You can find more of her writing at:

About Deuxmers Publishing

Founded in 2011 in Waimanalo, Hawaii, Deuxmers Publishing is an independent publisher of fiction, poetry and photography books, with a mission of preserving individual voices and visions to be made available for future generations. Learn more at:


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CC&N Announces Premier DAS Provider Brand

BROOKFIELD, Wis. -- CC&N, a leader in the wired and wireless network infrastructure required for today's latest technologies, is launching a distinctive brand to emphasize their leadership in the world of Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions.

The new CC&N Premier DAS Provider brand brings national awareness to the existing CC&N Wireless team that has been specializing in wireless solutions since 1985. The CC&N Premier DAS Provider team designs, installs, monitors, and maintains in-building Cellular repeater systems and in-building Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) systems throughout the nation.

David Pozorski, President of CC&N shared, "As technology advances, we continue to evolve our solutions capabilities, helping our customers connect the unimaginable - wherever they need our support - with unparalleled quality and value."

The safety of people depends on First Responder radio communication to be reliable inside buildings and Cellular phone technology advances rapidly. These DAS wireless repeater solutions enhance wireless signals and enable instant and reliable cell phone connection for building occupants. In the event of an emergency situation, these solutions make certain that emergency first responders can dependably communicate by radio inside your buildings.


CC&N is 100% employee owned and an affiliate of OwnersEdge Inc., an ESOP Holding Company. CC&N is headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin with offices across Wisconsin - including Menasha, Eau Claire, and Madison. CC&N's core portfolio solutions focus on high-quality design, installation, and management of wired and wireless network infrastructure solutions.

Learn more at:

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Congressman Ron Kind praises vaccination clinic in La Crosse

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- AMI Expeditionary Healthcare along with three partnering organizations - the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, the Department of Health Services and the La Crosse County Health Department - welcomed Rep. Ron Kind, on March 23, as he toured a COVID-19 vaccination site that has distributed more than 2,000 doses since its opening on March 9.

"We are proud of the work being done here by the AMI team and all of its partners," said Daniel Beck, senior operations manager for AMI Expeditionary Healthcare who is helping to oversee several vaccination centers throughout the state.

Rep. Ron Kind on Tuesday toured the community-based vaccination clinic at UW-La Crosse, as the site continues to expand access to the COVID-19 vaccine in the Coulee Region.

"This is an unbelievable vaccine site operation - it's a well-oiled machine," Rep. Kind said, noting that Wisconsin is among the top five states in the country when it comes to distributing vaccine in a timely manner. "It's because of planning, preparation and vaccine sites like this that keep people safe."

Julie Willems Van Dijk, deputy secretary for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, said it's been a team effort to get as many people vaccinated as possible, as quickly as possible.

"It's all players, all working together, all the time," she explained. "We've provided vaccine to health care, pharmacies, local health departments, employers, tribal nations ... and they're all distributing the vaccine quickly."

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare works with the state to identify locations to address gaps in vaccine access and support vaccination efforts. Factors including population demographics, local health capacity, operations, and concentration of other vaccine providers are taken into consideration when planning for clinics.

DHS community-based clinics are operated by AMI Expeditionary Healthcare through collaboration with the University of Wisconsin System, local public health departments, and other local partners.

For more information, contact

If you would like to learn more about AMI and their services, please visit

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Kids Read Now is closing the opportunity gap – In-home reading program helping Wisconsin students

MADISON, Wis. -- Kids Read Now is excited to partner with the School District of Reedsburg and the School District of Niagara to mail books directly to their students' homes over the summer. The School District of Reedsburg and the School District of Niagara are the first school districts in Wisconsin to partner with Kids Read Now to eliminate learning loss and close the opportunity gap for their students. The number of students coast-to-coast in the Kids Read Now program continues to grow with almost 400,000 books being mailed to students in 2020 alone!

Most students will experience reading skill loss over a typical summer break from school. Creating home libraries is key to preventing a steep learning slide due to summer break and recent extended school closures. "Students who select their own books are much more likely to read them, which is one reason educators love the KRN in-home reading program. It's an evidence-based solution that eradicates learning loss and helps kids gain up to 2.5 months of learning over the summer," said Leib Lurie, CEO of Kids Read Now.

The Kids Read Now K-3 summer reading program mails eight new books to students and includes exciting multicultural, fiction, and nonfiction titles loved by children. Mailing books builds ongoing enthusiasm but does not require in-home technology. Each book includes guided discussion questions to help improve reading skills and increase family engagement. The ninth book of beautifully illustrated creative writing prompts concludes the program so children can write their own stories. Best of all, kids keep their new books!

Kids Read Now is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the singular mission to eliminate learning loss for all K-3 students.

To learn more about Kids Read Now, please visit


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JNL Technologies Launches Quantum SA Standalone Wander Management Control Unit

IXONIA, Wis. -- JNL Technologies, maker of Quantum nurse call, wander management, and access control systems, is now shipping Quantum SA, a standalone wander management system. Using the same proven Bluetooth technology as JNL's Quantum DCS product line, the Quantum SA does not require cable installation or the purchase of a Quantum server and is perfect for smaller areas that do not require centralized management.

"We are proud to release a version of our technology in a door monitor that doesn't require wire runs or a server to control it. The Quantum DCS has been installed in facilities across the country and works well in areas that other wander management systems fail due to old technology and interference issues," says JNL President, Jim Gleason. "We felt it was time to develop a cost effective, single door wander management control unit that can replace unreliable older systems."

To simplify installation, the Quantum SA controller provides industry standard input and output options, and in many cases, is a drop-in replacement. The controller and wander management transmitters are managed with a provided Android tablet. With the tablet, users are able to quickly adjust door settings, test transmitter batteries, and turn off unused transmitters.

According to Gleason, "We have always wanted to provide our wander management system to the entire market, and this allows us to do just that. To protect your investment, Quantum SA can be field upgraded when you are ready to transition to the full Quantum system."

The Quantum system is comprehensive and scalable and is designed to meet both budget and community size requirements. Due to this flexibility, Quantum has seen rapid adoption by facilities across the country. In an effort to meet this demand, JNL is actively recruiting new dealers.

More information:

About JNL Technologies:

JNL is a leading provider of nurse call and resident monitoring technology in the senior housing market. JNL has over 30 years of hands-on experience in health care, nurse call, remote monitoring, and wander management technology. With a network of vetted and trained partners, JNL offers fully featured senior safety technology to long-term care communities.

For more information, visit, or contact

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*Caption: JNL Technologies Quantum SA, a standalone wander management system.

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AirDeck, Inc. Raises $3.4M to Transform Communication by Adding Voice and Video Narration to Documents and Presentations Online

MADISON, Wis. -- AirDeck, Inc, an online platform that helps users create narrated presentations and documents for on-demand viewing, announces the company has raised $3.4 million in venture capital funding led by Rock River Capital Partners and Cultivation Capital with participation from Rise of the Revolution's Rest Seed Fund and Winnebago Seed Fund. The new funding will be used to expand the company's sales and marketing teams and continue platform innovation.

AirDeck solves some of the biggest challenges in business communication today. Companies waste countless hours going back and forth reviewing documents, proposals, contracts, and presentations. Scheduling "live" meetings is a logistical nightmare and sending flat presentations and documents without any context is ineffective when trying to convey your message. As the world becomes more remote and distracted, effective communication is now more important than ever. AirDeck was created so users can add verbal or video recordings to increase engagement when sending documents and presentations on-demand.

Jason Weaver, founder and CEO of AirDeck said, "AirDeck has seen tremendous growth since launching the company this year. It's amazing to see immediate customer adoption within a variety of industries. This round of funding will allow us to further our platform vision and expand our team."

"We are excited to invest in such an innovative platform. AirDeck is changing document communication as we know it. Business agreements, pitch decks, webinars, and sales contracts can now all be sent with narration. It's amazing to see it in action," said Andy Walker, Partner, Rock River Capital Partners.

"Workers need a better asynchronous communication solution that also facilitates document engagement; and AirDeck is delivering it, with a cloud platform that is both powerful and easy-to-use. We're excited to help get this into the hands of more customers," said Paul Meier, Principal at Cultivation Capital.

About AirDeck, Inc.

AirDeck is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) document engagement platform that allows users to create narrated and annotated documents or presentations using voice or video. AirDeck is revolutionizing asynchronous communication by helping businesses be more effective with their time and fostering greater connection and engagement in our on-demand world. Sign up for a free trial at

About Rock River Capital Partners

Rock River Capital Partners invests in early stage companies whose products fit a market need and have disruptive technology with high growth potential. Typically, Rock River Capital Partners look for earlier stage companies where they can partner with entrepreneurs to best provide value to the companies and accelerate growth. Initial investments typically are between $500,000 and $1 million with additional capital reserved for follow-on rounds. Rock River Capital Partners will look to partner with other local and national venture capital firms to provide follow-on capital and expertise. For more information please see

About Cultivation Capital

Founded in 2012, Cultivation Capital recognizes that promising companies are located all over the globe and that outstanding founders have a diversity of backgrounds. We are committed to building an inclusive portfolio and have invested in startups based in over 25 states or countries. Crunchbase News recently identified us as one of the 18 most active early stage venture firms in North America. They have also ranked us one of the top five recently founded lead investors in the U.S. We lead about half of the investment rounds in which we participate.

About Revolution's Rise of the Rest Seed Fund

Revolution's Rise of the Rest Seed Funds are investment funds that are part of a nationwide platform led by Steve Case focused on spotlighting regional startup hubs and investing alongside regional ecosystem leaders in early stage, high growth companies across the country. The team executes a strategy of partnering with regional ecosystem leaders and co-investors to build and scale the next wave of transformational companies.

The Rise of the Rest Seed Funds are backed by a group of iconic entrepreneurs and business leaders who believe that the next great startups are located outside of coastal tech hubs. The Rise of the Rest Seed Funds are headquartered in Washington, DC and part of Revolution's family of funds including Revolution Growth and Revolution Ventures. Visit us online at or @RiseOfRest.

About Winnebago Seed Fund

Headquartered in Neenah, Wisconsin, Winnebago Seed Fund invests in talented entrepreneurs throughout the State to rapidly grow their businesses. Typical investments range from $300,000 to $1,000,000 based on a company's stage.

Wade Maleck
AirDeck, Inc.

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Artisan Dental Becomes the 1st Carbon Neutral Dental Practice in the United States

MADISON, Wis. -- Artisan Dental, based in Madison, Wisconsin has partnered with Carbon Credit Capital and GreenTrees to certify Artisan Dental as the first carbon neutral general dental practice in the United States. Artisan Dental now offsets 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions associated with the company's operation including team business travel, team member commutes, office energy, and procurement of all supplies and materials required to provide oral health care services.

Working with Carbon Credit Capital to measure and offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations will be another significant step in Artisan Dental's sustainability journey. Artisan Dental will be purchasing carbon offset credits from the Green Tree's reforestation program in the Mississippi Valley. Green Trees' (ACRE-Advanced Carbon Restored Eco-system) program plants new forests to sequester carbon, restore bio-diversity, clean and restore watersheds through new eco-system creation on degraded lands throughout the Mississippi Valley.

Scott Andersen, co-owner and Director of Stakeholder Stewardship at Artisan Dental is excited about Artisan Dental's leadership within the dental industry, sharing, "Becoming carbon neutral is another key step in realizing our mission to serve all of the stakeholders connected to our business. The environment has always been one of Artisan Dental's most important stakeholders based on our appreciation of the wide range of ecological services the environment provides. We feel we have both a responsibility and opportunity to be good stewards of the environment we all enjoy and depend on."

Read our 2020 Impact Report:

About Artisan Dental:

Artisan Dental is a mission, vision, and values oriented general dental practice in Madison, Wisconsin. Artisan's mission is to optimize the health and happiness of our patients, team members, suppliers, community and the environment through exceptional quality care and sustainable business practices.

As part of an ongoing effort to enact its mission, Artisan Dental became Wisconsin a certified B Corporation in 2017. Artisan's business model has been recognized as a Wisconsin Force Positive Change, Dane County Small Business and multi-year "Best Places to Work" award winner.

Learn more at:

Media Contact:
Scott Andersen - Co-owner
Director of Stakeholder Stewardship
Cell ph. 608-658-5193

IMAGE LINKS for Media:
Caption: GreenTrees carbon sequestration forest in the southern United States


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Outdoor Movement Series Launches in Mequon, Wisconsin Sept. 20

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- A pine forest in the heart of a nature preserve in Mequon, Wisconsin will be the site of the first of three conscious dance movement sessions, "The Wisdom of Your Body" series. It is offered by Carrie Branovan, the Milwaukee-born artist-educator who founded "Dance Your Prayers."

"We all remember the joy of dancing like no one is watching," said Branovan. "This 'Wisdom of Your Body' series inspires us to spread our wings and try something new!"

Designed to meet strict social distancing guidelines, the series allows each participant to enjoy abundant space to move. Each session features a 60-minute playlist of organic world beats curated by Branovan and followed by a cool-down, meditation period, and an art project.

Music is listened to using "silent disco technology." This enables participants to dance up to 100 feet from the central DJ table. The event is open to all cultural backgrounds, genders, ages (18+), races, and physical condition regardless of dance experience. If you can move, you can dance.

"Dancing in nature with the trees, wildlife, flowers and sky is a connection that helps us learn how to manage uncertainty of these extraordinary times," said Branovan.

"After conscious-dancing in innovative cities like London, Dublin and the Bay Area in California for more than a decade, I look forward to bringing this healthy practice to my birthplace, Milwaukee."

Branovan notes that "The Wisdom of Your Body" series helps participants learn new ways to enjoy freedom of movement while getting a break from the media and the digital world to be with nature. Participants stretch, dance, play, jump, bend and rest at their own pace.

"The Wisdom of the Body" series meets 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 20 and 27 and October 4, 2020. Exact location is provided after registration. The suggested donation is $5-$20 per session with proceeds going to Ozaukee Washington Land Trust.

For more information and registration go to:

Email Carrie Branovan at:

Facebook event page is:

Twitter @lensqueen0926

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