Garden Studios Bills Tenants and Identifies Energy Waste with EnergyCAP

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Garden Studios, an innovative film studio based in London, has transformed its utility management and billing processes by implementing EnergyCAP’s leading energy management platform. This move aligns with Garden Studio’s commitment to sustainability as a certified B Corporation, dedicated to responsible business practices.

Garden Studios is a dynamic, B Corp™ certified startup specializing in providing state-of-the-art facilities for film, television, commercial, and music video productions. In addition to their production services, Garden Studios offers utility reselling to their tenants, necessitating efficient and accurate energy management. To enhance this aspect of their operations, Garden Studios turned to EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics™ for real-time energy analysis.

The studio embarked on modernizing their utility billing process through the deployment of EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics (formerly known as Wattics). This robust platform has enabled Garden Studios to effectively map and monitor energy consumption, streamline billing for customers, and pinpoint areas of energy inefficiency, thereby reinforcing their sustainability objectives.

“The traditional utility management at most studios is overly manual and inefficient,” explained Rich Phillips, CTO of Garden Studios. Recognizing the need for a more technologically advanced solution, Garden Studios sought to replace their outdated manual tracking and billing systems to enhance accuracy and reduce labor-intensive processes.

The transition to EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics was seamless, supported by the platform’s simplicity and powerful features. “This web-hosted platform suits our tech-forward approach, reflecting my background in software development and product management,” said Phillips.

EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics provides an advanced solution for data collection from utility providers, analysis, and insightful reporting, which Garden Studios leverages for customer billing. “It’s a comprehensive tool that allows us to break down consumption data and generate precise bills,” Phillips noted.

Garden Studios has achieved significant improvements in utility charge recovery and energy waste reduction. “By billing accurately and identifying waste, we’ve seen rapid savings,” Phillips remarked. The platform highlights areas of excess consumption, such as unnecessary lighting left on during off-hours. The intuitive dashboards and graphs have been instrumental in achieving these results, providing clear and actionable data that drives decision-making.

About Garden Studios:

Garden Studios is a forward-thinking film studio in London, dedicated to sustainability and innovation in the creative industries. As a B Corp certified organization, they are committed to maintaining high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Learn more:

About EnergyCAP:

EnergyCAP is a leading provider of energy and sustainability enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional value and results for over forty years, EnergyCAP helps thousands of public and private organizations optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability efforts. By providing robust data collection, analysis, and reporting capabilities, EnergyCAP empowers organizations to make informed decisions and achieve their energy management and sustainability goals. Visit to learn more.


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