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Tree Leads Today Sees 595% Growth Year Over Year

CHADDS FORD, Pa. -- Tree Leads Today ( has grown more than five-fold during the past year, which its founders say is a strong testament to the effectiveness of their tree marketing program.

There are a lot of marketing companies out there that promise to give businesses an edge over their competition, but very few of them actually deliver on what they say. Normally, you'll have to pay a lot of upfront fees and/or sign onto a long-term agreement before you ever find out what you are really getting. Don Dowd and Jason Lomberg, the founders of Tree Leads Today, started their company with a different approach.

They sought to develop an effective marketing system geared specifically toward the tree care industry, one that would actually deliver the results they promised and make clients pay only for the leads that they received. Going into their fifth year in business, this has proven to be a win/win formula for everyone.

"We started several years ago marketing our services to tree companies in Pennsylvania and on the East Coast," says Don Dowd, Tree Leads Today co-founder. "After proving our concept with tree companies in our local area, we scaled up and went national. Now with so many satisfied clients, word has spread quickly, and our program has caught on like wildfire. Currently, we are up almost 600% year-over-year."

Tree Leads Today is now in over 40 states. They service tree companies from Washington and Oregon down to Beverly Hills 90210, from Waterford, Maine down to Key West, Florida and all points in-between. Last year, they were a featured vendor at the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Expo in Pittsburgh, where they received rave reviews for their marketing program from those who were in attendance.

What Makes Tree Leads Today Different?

Over the years, Tree Leads Today has tested and tweaked its marketing methods, and they continually make improvements in order to stay on the cutting edge. Using a proprietary blend of online and offline marketing methods that has been perfected over the past five years, they are able to generate leads that are high quality and more likely to convert into paying customers for local tree care companies. Companies are assigned a series of zip codes based on their needs and size and based on the availability of zip codes.

"One of the important things that differentiates us is that we work exclusively with tree care companies," Dowd continues. "Our team is focused entirely on generating leads for our tree care clients, and we know this industry inside and out. For local tree companies, our in-depth industry expertise is comparable to what you would expect from a large marketing firm with huge staff and a much bigger budget - the type of firm that would be beyond reach cost wise for many of these companies. We partner with one only company who receives a series of zip codes, and smaller companies are able to benefit from the expertise of our team and the efficient and cost-effective marketing methodologies we have developed."

There are several key benefits of the tree leads today program that make it stand out from other marketing companies:
* Clients pay only for the leads that they receive;
* Unlike many of the large home service leads providers, leads are 100% exclusive to the client - this means that there is never any worry about getting into a bidding war with competitors;
* Leads are geo-targeted by zip code, which saves companies significantly on travel costs and time, allowing them to work more efficiently. As a result, they are able to effectively double the number of estimates and jobs they are able to secure;
* Leads start coming in usually within one to two weeks after the program is implemented;
* There are no long-term contracts to sign - everything is month-to-month.

"When you sign on with a typical marketing company, you are the one who is usually asked to take all of the risks. We treat this relationship like a true partnership - an 'at will' partnership where either side can walk away at any time if it no longer makes sense to work together. And because our clients receive a series of zip codes/territories that are exclusive and completely locked down, they are not afraid to tell others about the success we are delivering. This has ignited something of a grassroots movement."

With the exponential growth Tree Leads Today is experiencing, territories are starting to fill up, and in some areas, tree companies are on waiting lists to get into the territories they want.

"Given the growth we've seen, we are starting to get waiting lists. There are still a lot of available territories out there, but if you want to get the zip codes you want, it is best to get in touch with us sooner rather than later."

Bill Shipp is the vice president of commercial banking for the People's Bank and Trust, a bank that specializes in providing best in class equipment financing for tree services companies in the Delaware Valley.

Equipment financing can be a risky business, but Bill says he is a lot more confident about the deal when a tree company is working with Tree Leads Today: "I love working with tree care companies that partner with Tree Leads Today, because I know that these companies will benefit greatly from the significant growth in revenue they receive from the leads TLT generates."

For more information about Tree Leads Today, go to

About Tree Leads Today:

Tree Leads Today was co-founded by Don Dowd and Jason Lomberg, two highly accomplished marketing experts. Don has owned several businesses in the home care industry, and he previously owned and operated his own tree care company. Don has built his success on innovative marketing strategies that help set him apart from the competition, and he has built upon these strategies in helping to develop a cutting-edge propriety marketing program for the tree care industry. Jason is an award-winning web development and internet marketing professional with over two decades of online marketing experience.

In late 2015, Jason and Don joined forces to establish Tree Leads Today, a unique marketing and lead generation service focused on eliminating client risk and delivering customers on a pay-per-lead basis. In 2020, Chris Dowd became a partner in Tree Leads Today. Over his career, Chris has worked in several industries within corporate America, and he is an expert at developing and implementing processes that maximize efficiencies and produce a higher return on investment.

Media Contact:
Don Dowd, Chris Dowd, or Jason Lomberg
2 Christie Dr #102
Chadds Ford, PA 19317
Phone: 610.497.2000

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I Think an Idea: Helping Start-Ups to Celebrities Build Brands for the Future

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- There's no better time to build a brand than now. At least that's what Hugh Benjamin, founder, 'I Think an Idea,' a digital marketing agency, believes. He says, "It's time to 'plant seeds for the future' because the future is about to change and brands need to get up to speed. The world is in lockdown. Now's the time to think about what's ahead."

Company leaders are now asking questions like: "Do I really need that 10,000 square foot office or can we go virtual?" "Do we really need an in-house marketing staff or can we think outside the box?" COVID-19 is making people re-evaluate new ways of doing things.

Benjamin's visionary thinking has been helping businesses do just that since 2009. He works with them to rethink what they've always done. In fact, his agency has helped smaller businesses outrank large corporations like Home Depot, Walmart and Amazon on Google. His creative SEO strategies yield top Google rankings.

"While our agency's innovative strategies might not make sense today, they will create revenue and results in three to five years," he says.

That's likely why blockbuster companies such as Mercedes Benz, Hillstone Restaurants, PowerBlock, The Sliding Door Co., Guess Jeans and Aramark Uniform Services have put their trust in him to help with needs ranging from SEO and digital marketing to brand building, consulting, events and reputation management.

Benjamin combines his business savvy and creative ingenuity to create positive calls to action. He's a "company catalyst." He gets things moving in the right direction which aligns well with the company's mantra: Focus. Think. Results.

And, he gets results. Big ones. For example, he helped one company acquire 3,000 B2B accounts by building a virtual call center and innovating a face-to-face sales model to a phone webinar division that generated millions. This not only reduced overhead, but shifted the way the company does business. The 3,000 accounts were acquired in 17 months using virtual consultations like Join.Me and Zoom to convert and grow the company from startup to landing on the top-fastest growing companies in Fortune 1000, Bloomberg, LA Business Journal, Deloitte Top 100 and others.

In addition to working with large corporations, Benjamin also has a solid history working for celebrities and their businesses. Will and Jada Smith, Justin Timberlake, Magic Johnson, Stephen King and Mark Wahlberg are all on his roster. One of the creative projects he worked on for the Smiths landed in People Magazine.

Working with luxury real estate companies is also an 'I Think an Idea' niche. Airbnb, Luxury Retreats and VRBO owners reach out to the company to maximize occupancy and revenue generating ideas.

Most recently, 'I Think an Idea' worked to promote the exclusive Casa Fryzer mansion in Cabo San Lucas. Within the first month, his influence, PR and digital marketing expertise was a catalyst for a Joe Jonas and DNCE getaway. There was also interest in the property from large brands such as Revolve and Victoria's Secret to use the location for upcoming photo shoots.

'I Think an Idea' can help with services ranging from business development and branding to SEO, video content, PR, social media, web design and more.

"I help companies figure out where the holes are. Where are they losing revenue? Why? I get them to pay attention. That's why clients keep coming back for more," he says.

About Hugh Benjamin

Hugh Benjamin is used to hitting targets. In fact, he started his career in the military as a U.S marine where he was a recognized sharp shooter. He's got a proven track record for growing companies from two employees to 200 using his unique brand of high-energy and responsible scaling strategies. He's grown and assisted many companies with their marketing on and offline and his integrated business development approach has made him a leader in the field.

As a business coach/CEO for hire and working with companies across the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Benjamin recently talked at the Sydney Convention Center to more than 10,000 people about business development and the importance of mindset. His diversified skill palette has landed him projects for companies doing 400 to 900 million in revenue as well as for companies just getting off the ground. His systems and scalability create sustainable growth.

The future is here. Build it and they will come.

For more information:

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*Photo Caption: Hugh Benjamin, founder, 'I Think an Idea.'

Hugh Benjamin
of I Think an Idea

*VIDEO (YouTube):

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Top of Mind takes home AVA Digital Awards platinum, gold for its dynamic creative content for mortgage lenders

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Top of Mind Networks (Top of Mind), a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software for the mortgage lending industry, took home four platinum and four gold awards in the 2020 AVA Digital Awards competition.

AVA Digital recognizes outstanding achievement by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design and production of media that is part of the evolution of digital communication. Work ranges from audio and video productions to websites and social media sites that present interactive components such as video, animation, blogs and podcasts. Now in its 26th year, the 2020 AVA Digital Awards fielded more than 2,500 entries from throughout the United States, Canada and 23 other countries.

"Top of Mind recognizes that while marketing automation tools can help lenders deliver with speed and efficiency, that's only half the battle. How you attract and speak to your audience is everything," said Top of Mind Chief Creative Officer Sherwood Lawrence. "We take great pride in continuously developing timely, creative content that captures the attention and wins the hearts of consumers at every stage in the homeownership journey."

Top of Mind was recognized for the following entries:

* Around the Neighborhood, a dynamic web animation educating borrowers on factors that could impact the value of a home, from recent nearby home sales to school zones to the typical commute. Produced in Adobe Animate, the video breaks new ground with the way it retrieves property data in real time to dynamically generate unique video content for each user.

* The Journey to Your New Home, an educational web animation that alleviates consumer trepidation around the homebuying process. It explains key documents required to secure a loan and teaches borrowers how to avoid common mistakes that can delay loan applications.

* Markets in a Minute, an interactive landing page that provides a snapshot view of the weekly market trends relevant to home purchase and refinance decisions.

* Tales of Great Interest, a humorous web animation that helps consumers contextualize interest rates and make better-informed decisions.

* The Trick or Treaters, an animated holiday eCard that uses humor and mystery to cut through the noise and keep lender outreach to prospects and customers fresh.

AVA Digital Awards is sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), an international organization consisting of several thousand production, marketing, communication, advertising, public relations and freelance professionals.

About Top of Mind Networks:

Founded in 2003, Atlanta-based Top of Mind Networks ( ) has grown from a bootstrapped post-close, follow-up solution into the leading CRM/marketing automation firm in the mortgage industry. Their Surefire platform is widely regarded as the gold standard in enterprise CRM, automating best practice throughout a borrower's prospect-to-repeat-customer lifecycle.

Twitter: @mortgagecrm @AVA_Awards #creativematters #mortgagemarketing

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Top of Mind Joins Lenders One as a Preferred Provider

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Top of Mind Networks (Top of Mind), a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software for the mortgage lending industry, today announced it has joined Lenders One as a preferred provider. Top of Mind will offer Lenders One members access to marketing resources that help to strengthen consumer relationships and create customers for life.

Lenders One is a national mortgage cooperative serving more than 200 mortgage lenders, including banks, credit unions and independent mortgage banks. Lenders One provides its members with special access to a preferred provider network of premier mortgage technology and service vendors. Lenders One members may now enjoy special access to Top of Mind's expansive library of creative content and revenue-generating automated marketing campaigns through its flagship product, SurefireCRM.

"We are proud to announce that best-in-class CRM and marketing automation provider Top of Mind has become a preferred provider to the Lenders One mortgage cooperative," said Lenders One President Brian A. Simon. "The addition of Top of Mind to the Lenders One network further enhances member access to innovative technologies that help strengthen consumer relationships, increase borrower satisfaction and drive profitability."

"Both Top of Mind and Lenders One are committed to connecting lenders with resources that help them win new business, earn repeat business and deserve referral business," said Top of Mind CEO Bill Hayes. "Top of Mind looks forward to helping Lenders One members create meaningful customer connections with SurefireCRM's timely, creative and emotionally inspired content."

About Top of Mind Networks:

Founded in 2003, Atlanta-based Top of Mind Networks ( has grown from a bootstrapped post-close, follow-up solution into the leading CRM/marketing automation firm in the mortgage industry. Their Surefire platform is widely regarded as the gold standard in enterprise CRM, automating best practice throughout a borrower's prospect-to-repeat-customer lifecycle.

About Lenders One(r) Cooperative:

Lenders One ( was established in 2000 as a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers, correspondent lenders and suppliers of mortgage products and services. Participants on the Lenders One platform originated approximately $280 billion of mortgages during 2018, collectively ranking as one of the largest retail mortgage entities in the U.S. Lenders One is managed by a subsidiary of Altisource Portfolio Solutions S.A.

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@mortgagecrm @lendersone #WeAreL1 #CoopsAreCooler

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Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak International Network of Coaches Emerge to Support Their Communities and One Another

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- "Right now, people need support. The coronavirus scare is bringing many people's lives to a halt. Fear is taking over as everyone preps for the worst-case scenario. I understand people must ensure the safety of themselves and their families, but once the essential supplies are stocked, then what? Life must go on," says Lauren Wallet, Founder of The Leverage Network (aka MALVA).

"We've got to keep our businesses thriving, our relationships intact, and our mindset healthy if we're going to emerge from this moment of global panic as victors rather than victims. And I'm determined we do."

Serial entrepreneur Lauren Wallet, also known as 'The Creativity Coach,' optimizes businesses and runs two online business schools, one for coaches and one for virtual assistants.

In late 2019, Wallett began to assemble an international network of coaches that could provide support to anyone under any circumstance. And now in 2020, Leverage has launched to uplift personal and professional lives at a uniquely challenging time for humanity.

This diverse network offers to coach to everyone from successful CEOs to emerging business owners to creatives, and from brand new parents to couples on the verge of divorce. Leverage offers modalities as expansive as positive mindset coaching, hypnotherapy and EFT, and as down-to-earth as structure, accountability, branding, and PR.

The Leverage Network is based on hand selection, excellent credentials, and direct referrals. These coaches don't just look good on paper, they've all been personally vetted, and have experienced real-life results from coaches in the group. You know that if you work with one of these coaches, you're going to get the results you need and that if you have a niche problem or concern, they will refer you to someone who specializes in exactly that. Through Leverage you're not just accessing one coach, you're accessing a community of coaches to support you.

The Leverage Network outsource, hire, share testimonials and skill swap with one another. Referrals allow members to boost each other's businesses and create additional income, leveraging their own network of contacts to connect the right people to the right coaches.

Each Leverage member gives a referral fee based on the size of their offering. They share insight and income and prosper together. During its 6-month incubation period, Leverage generated tens of thousands of dollars in referrals amongst its members and elevated hundreds of lives.

"Businesses, partnerships, and personal endeavors must continue to grow, and Leverage is doing that, from America to Antigua. The Leverage Network offers coaching services via phone, Skype, FaceTime and Zoom, so it's simple for people anywhere in the world to get the support they need to thrive," says Wallett.


Bobbie Breckenridge, The Dream Coach
"I love helping people make their biggest dreams a reality, and Leverage is a powerhouse group of badass women out to do the same-each with their own unique style and set of tools. It feels like rolling with a band of superheroes."

Candy Green, The Healing Coach
"I joined Leverage to be a part of a new business paradigm that believes in community, caring and uplifting each other."

Christian Whitecloud, The Women's Coach
"Women are the pillars that infuse this busy, chaotic world with heart and soul - connecting with and supporting other powerful women globally spreads the love and services our planet truly can't live without."

Darlynn Childress, The Parent Coach
"As thought leaders in our unique genius zones, we have the unprecedented capacity to join together to up level any client we meet, no matter what they need."

Iulia Mihai, The Hypno Coach
"Leverage is the community I go to to be inspired, share insights that help move me forward and get greater reach through our combined efforts and shared expertise."

Jodi Mallow Maas, The Positive Mindset Coach
"Leverage combines and catapults our unique talents through a highly supportive collective. This visionary tribe sees beyond business as usual. We know first hand the power of collaboration, support and leveraging one another's superpowers. Together we rise!"

Kat Byles, The True Business Coach
"By working together we can better support our clients and each other to thrive, to create from our higher nature. Women collaborating for the highest outcome for all, for the earth is a much needed, welcome feature of a True Business."

Laila Ali, The Divorce Coach
"Leverage is the village that houses our tribe of phenomenal creativity and passionate humans. It is where we get to collaborate, teach and support one another in our quest to make our magic happen"

Lauren Dallas, The Online Coach
"Leverage is a group of coaches who live on their own terms, work in their own time and generate both profit and massive impact. It gives me support as I support entrepreneurs to create their dream online businesses."

Lauren Wallett, The Creativity Coach
"I believe that in life, we get the more we give. Leverage is the community-over-competition model in action which proves that giving to others is a great financial decision for yourself too."

Lindsay Bouvier, The Brand Coach
"Leverage is a truly supportive environment where BIG ideas & visions happen. A place where high-level creatives join forces & share potent resources. We take bold risks and learn together as we go...all while loving what we do, having fun & making bank!"

Lynn Collins, The Good Woo Coach
"An important part of self-care, self-love, and healing is experiencing and contributing to the community. Trusting ourselves to magnetize support into our lives be that through friends, colleagues, coaches, and healers are the bedrock of creating our personal sanctuary. Leverage gives birth to all these and lifts self-value into the art of financial flow."

Megan Corey, The Wellness Coach
I'm in Leverage because I love surrounding myself with powerful women who are out to make a difference and impact in this world and who support women in business to pursue their purpose and their dreams!

Keri Ann Kimball, The PR Coach
"I joined Leverage because I enjoy the support and encouragement of other women who have their own businesses. I also want to help uplift their work with my expertise."

If you're a coach with excellent testimonials, have a coach you've worked with who you want to refer or are personally looking for one of the world's best coaches, then email and visit for more.

To apply to join Leverage click here

Find us on LinkedIn here:

Lauren Wallett

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Kendra Lee to be Featured Speaker at Global Sales Conference

DENVER, Colo. -- Nationally recognized sales and marketing leader Kendra Lee, president and CEO of KLA Group Inc., Centennial, has been selected to be a featured speaker at OutBound, the "biggest, baddest" conference in the sales profession. The conference, focused exclusively on sales prospecting, pipeline and productivity, will be in Atlanta May 5-8. More than 1,200 attendees from around the world are expected to attend.

Lee, a prospect attraction authority, sales expert, speaker and author, was chosen by OutBound to present after a rigorous selection process of podcasts, interviews and webinars. She will speak to the conference attendees about Email Sales Prospecting: Proven Strategies to Break the Delete Barrier.

"In boxes are cluttered with promotions, updates and, honestly, a lot of spam," says Lee. "You need your messages to pop if you want to catch a prospect's attention."

Learn the strategies you need to break the email delete barrier during Lee's session at OutBound. Area sales professionals are invited to attend the OutBound conference and register with the code "Kendra100" to save $100. Registration information can be found here:

OutBound attracts more than 1,200 global attendees who are looking to reach higher, upskill, recharge and gain a decisive competitive advantage. Lee joins a powerful lineup of speakers featuring influential authors and thought leaders.

Lee is the author of two award-winning books, "The Sales Magnet" and "Selling Against the Goal." Lee's passion is new business revenue generation: in gaining new clients through sales prospecting and lead generation, in growing existing client accounts, market expansion, competitive differentiation and value creation. She is a frequent speaker at conferences, national sales meetings, and association and industry events across the United States.

About KLA Group Inc.:

KLA Group Inc. is a sales and marketing agency located in the Denver, Colo., area with clients located across the globe. Since its inception in 1995, KLA Group has worked with companies in the IT high tech, telecommunications and other business-to-business industries. The organization helps clients generate more revenue by leveraging its expertise in lead generation, sales prospecting, and sales and marketing hiring and onboarding. For more information, please visit KLA's website, - or call 303-741-6636.

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption: Kendra Lee, Sales expert and author.

Kristin Logan
(250) 201-0576

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After, Inc. just launched its latest whitepaper on Warranty Marketing and Predictive Analytics

NORWALK, Conn. -- After, Inc., the global leader in Warranty Services since 2005, just announced the launch of its latest whitepaper on Warranty Marketing. The whitepaper, entitled "Optimizing Warranty Marketing with Predictive Analytics" offers readers a playbook of the most effective predictive models and marketing strategies to employ in order to increase revenue and profits in their Warranty Marketing programs.

Over the past 15 years, After, Inc. has mastered the use of predictive analytics in its Warranty Marketing campaigns for top manufacturing brands, helping them achieve higher attachment rates, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

In its latest whitepaper, After, Inc. shares:
* the three most effective predictive models for warranty marketing
* how these models can be used to maximize revenue and profits, and
* a case study of how After Inc. helped one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world optimize its warranty marketing programs.

To download a free copy of the whitepaper, click the link:

About After, Inc.

After, Inc. ( ) is a global leader in the Warranty Services industry, providing predictive analytics, data-driven marketing strategies, reporting and program administration to some of the world's top brands. After, Inc. helps manufacturers transform their warranty businesses, driving customer satisfaction post-purchase, higher product reliability, deeper brand equity and additional revenue / profit opportunities.

Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. and with offices in New York City, After, Inc. is part of EPIC Portfolio Group, a unique and innovative retail property and casualty and employee benefits insurance brokerage and consulting firm with over 2,600 employees across the United States.

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Sokal Joins CDK Global Partner Program

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Sokal, a full service automotive advertising agency announced today that it has become a participant in the CDK Global Partner Program, the largest marketplace of third-party automotive applications and integrations. CDK Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDK) is the largest provider of integrated information technology solutions to the automotive retail industry.

As a member of the CDK Partner Program, Sokal will provide a more seamless analytics and sales attribution system for their clients who use the CDK DMS system. By using dealers' sales and service data to return industry leading attribution models, Sokal can help lower clients' advertising spend while increasing ROI.

"At Sokal, we pride ourselves on the constant innovation and marketing strategies our team produces," said Sokal COO Garrett Roach. "By joining the CDK Partner Program, we know that we will be able to better serve our clients on a daily basis."

Sokal is an award winning, full-service advertising agency that specializes in digital marketing and dealership services. Since its inception in 2010, Sokal has been at the forefront of the automotive advertising landscape, providing clients with personalized advertising strategies designed specifically with the dealer's brand and vision in mind.

"We're very pleased to introduce Sokal as the newest member of the CDK Global Partner Program," said Howard Gardner, vice president and general manager, CDK Data Services. "Sokal is a welcome addition to our vibrant program that provides dealers with a range of partner choices and the assurance that their programs can be seamlessly integrated with our applications."

About the CDK Global Partner Program

The CDK Partner Program now numbers more than 500 partner companies and 840 unique applications auto dealers can use to run their businesses. As part of the CDK ecosystem, the CDK Partner Program provides data and workflow integration to a wide range of third parties, OEMs and dealers. For a full list of partners and applications available through the program, visit

About CDK Global, Inc.

With $2 billion in revenues, CDK Global (NASDAQ: CDK) is a leading global provider of integrated information technology solutions to the automotive retail and adjacent industries. Focused on enabling end-to-end automotive commerce, CDK Global provides solutions to dealers in more than 100 countries around the world, serving approximately 30,000 retail locations and most automotive manufacturers. CDK solutions automate and integrate all parts of the dealership and buying process, including the acquisition, sale, financing, insuring, parts supply, repair and maintenance of vehicles. Visit

About Sokal

Sokal is an award-winning advertising agency dedicated to growing business for their clientele through their marketing and advertising services. Using a range of advertising services, including digital, broadcast and print their mission is to get their client's name in the forefront of consumer consciousness. Learn more:

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Award Winning Brand Architect and Marketing Mogul Ericka Pittman announces the release of her highly anticipated memoir

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- The Oracle Group International announces the publication of "WHAT MOMMY NEVER TOLD YOU: A Woman's Guide to the Next Phase of Life" (Scribe Publishing; Paperback; March 2020; $25; ISBN: 978-1734194708) by award-winning, brand architect and entrepreneur Ericka Pittman.

Ericka Pittman has been marketing and developing brands for over 20 years, becoming an expert in brand building with specialization in lifestyle branding and positioning. Her campaigns and initiatives have reached across genres, creating a bridge between influencers, artists, celebrities, brands and most importantly consumers.

"What Mommy Never Told You" provides alternative options in order to create success on your terms once the guidance, direction, and checklists of society expire. This book is meant to be an exploration of a woman's journey beyond the general rules and guidelines of adolescence, opening up a broader lens to the possibilities of the next stage in life.

While there are numerous examples of phenomenal women who have achieved unprecedented success in business, and even greater success in work/life balance, there are limited platforms for women embarking on their "next phase" of life.

"The challenges and successes that I have experienced on this journey have taught me so many things," says Ms. Pittman. "The good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to share that knowledge I've gained in life through the stories and lessons I have included with love in the chapters of this scribe. This book is for every woman who has a dream. This book represents triumph over transition."

Pittman provides readers with her unique business acumen to inspire those who want to learn what it takes to reach prestigious heights professionally. Pittman has held titles at media companies such as Time, Inc., Vibe Media Group and Conde Nast before transitioning to the Blue Flame Agency where she sat as the VP of Marketing.

She adds, "I want all women to experience their greatest truth and realize their potential."

Ms. Pittman will embark on a national tour with The Power of N.O.W (No Other Way to get things done) events in select cities. The Power of N.O.W series, curated by Ericka utilizes the principles outlined in the book in forums that will inspire and educate women how to take back their power in the present and start immediately manifesting the life they want right N.O.W.

"What Mommy Never Told You" is currently available for pre-order at

Twitter: @WMNTYBOOK @erickampittman

*PHOTO link for media:
*Photo caption: Cover, "What Mommy Never Told You," by Ericka Pittman.

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SCV Audio Video Launches New Website to Showcase High-Quality Audio-Video Services

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. -- 95Visual is pleased to announce the launch of SCV Audio Video's new website: The old website did not capture just how remarkable their services are in the audio-video field.

"This new site displays SCV Audio Video's expertise and positions them as the leading provider for high-end audio-video installations," Joshua Maddux, CEO of 95Visual, says. "Specifically, SCV Audio Video wanted to improve their visibility with an updated design and compelling content to match the quality of work they provide."

The new features that SCV Audio Video chose to include in its website redesign captivate the audience and offer an easy-to-navigate format. Users can quickly discern residential from commercial services making it quick and easy to find useful information. A photo gallery showcases past projects so potential clients can get a preview of what's possible for them.

There's also a helpful blog that talks about a range of topics from curved TVs versus flat screen TVs to advantages of sound bars and exactly how SCV Video Audio can help businesses keep clients happy.

"Its clients will love how SCV Audio Video goes above and beyond to explain how its audio-video projects will transform their experience at home or in the office," Maddux says.

Robert Marshall of SCV Audio Video says, "Working with 95Visual on the new site captured precisely what the business offers clients with a seamless structure from start to finish. 95Visual is pleased to support small businesses by providing personalized solutions for each client."

About SCV Audio Video

Founded in 2008, SCV Audio Video is locally-owned and operates largely in Santa Clarita, as well as the surrounding Los Angeles area. It specializes in custom audio-video solutions for residential and commercial clients including full home automation, home theaters and conference room systems. In addition to being experts in low-voltage systems, it holds certifications and licenses that eliminate the need for clients to hire multiple companies.

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About 95Visual

Los Angeles-based, 95Visual is a web design, digital marketing and brand development company founded in 2008. It provides web, identity, content and marketing services to companies all over the United States. Its mission is "Transforming businesses through reliable and personal websites."

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