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Aaron Ozee Distracts Ukrainian Children from the 2022 Russian Invasion with His International Bestselling Children’s Book ‘Regulus’

CHICAGO, Ill. -- Aaron Ozee, celebrity author of the international bestselling children's book, "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790), and ingenious director of the "Regulus" movie, has officiated the execution of a secret philanthropic mission to send physical or digital copies of "Regulus" (known as Operation Red) to Ukraine to distract any children facing the unimaginable horrors of the 2022 Russian Invasion.

Businesses spanning across numerous industries operating around the world, such as Microsoft and Coca-Cola, have made the choice to either temporarily or permanently suspend their efforts in Russia to protest against the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Besides developing the plan for Operation Red, which has been set in motion for the duration of the 2022 Russian Invasion, Ozee has made the decision to endorse this monumental alliance of vendors by removing his collection of published works from the inventories of distinguished retailers across the country.

Despite launching Operation Red for the duration of the 2022 Russian Invasion, and banning the sale of his collection of published works in Russia, Ozee has found even more ways to contribute in donating royalties earned from his international bestselling children's book, "Regulus," earned from the global streaming of the "Regulus" movie, and earned from crowdfunding initiatives that celebrity shoutout networks such as Cameo have organized to raise money from the engagements their impressive library of talent have with fans.

Ozee was among the first wave of stars, and the first author, to ever join Cameo in 2017 when founded in Chicago, Illinois. Since becoming the first author to ever join Cameo, and having taken rank among the most followed celebrities on Cameo, it has enabled Ozee to converse with his fandom during periods of disease and crisis.

Ozee has never been someone who follows anything our society considers "normal," especially knowing that Ozee has always sought to break away from the expected so that he may achieve the unexpected. The former months have given birth to many new projects underneath the belt holstering a plethora of successful ventures that he carries with him everywhere he goes.

From partnering with BitClout, a decentralized social network, to open an initial coin offering (ICO) for his own cryptocurrency, Ozee Coin, to founding a dedicated merchandise storefront called Ozee Merch, with hundreds of assorted products featuring his likeness and that of his infamous rat king character, "Regulus." Each of these new projects have become another path for Ozee to donate royalties earned, just as Ozee has done with other fundraising efforts, to an organization devoted to helping those in Ukraine known as Choose Love.

Since the beginning of the 2022 Russian Invasion, and even more recently, Ozee has chosen to voice his momentous beliefs about the exacerbated combat in Ukraine. However, unlike any of his statements from earlier weeks, Ozee made a formal declaration of war against the President of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and the Government of Russia.

"Nations fear the idea of emerging nuclear conflict, as they rightfully should, but more so the day when they will have to declare war against Russia. However, even with such an unthinkable scenario at the doorstep of every sovereign territory, it will be an option that is likely to never be considered. Our leaders may have made the conservative decision to rise above your foolish actions with the intention of avoiding ridiculous combat, but that does not mean that we as people of this world must watch as you exercise your command to kill. And, with that said, I, Dr. Aaron Ozee, and Regulus, King of the Mice, declare war against you, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and the belligerent regime that you have constructed as your engine of death."

News about the 2022 Russian Invasion has fallen into the hands of just about everyone on this planet who chooses to remain apprised of current events, and with countless perspectives about the 2022 Russian Invasion pressuring the virtual universe, it can be somewhat troublesome for most people to disconnect truth from speculation. However, even with that being known, what Ozee mentioned in his formal declaration of war against Russia makes the stance of most of the world irrefutably clear as day. "You may have started this war, but you can be assured, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, that we are going to end it. Soon enough you, and your destructive military operations (as you have often described them), will be defused. Be ready for what comes next."

For anyone wanting to purchase a copy of the "Regulus" (ISBN: 978-1387010790) book, please visit

For anyone wanting to purchase "Regulus" branded merchandise or Aaron Ozee branded merchandise, please visit

For anyone wanting to stream the "Regulus" movie on Amazon Prime, you will need to register for your Amazon Prime membership or visit

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Exchange Student Felt No Fear as Corrupt Police Demanded Bribe, inspired new book ‘Fearless Foreign Language’

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- "¿Cuánto dinero tiene Usted, señorita?" How much money do you have, Miss? barked la policía in the middle of the night at the then 17-year-old American high school exchange student Margaret Hayes, now author of the newly published book "Fearless Foreign Language" (ISBN 978-0578356853) and founder of Sit Down & Speak Up! Media. She says she found herself on the wrong side of the law one evening cruising the empty streets with local amigos in the northern Mexican city of Torreón.

"We were briefly sitting in a car at the side of the road when suddenly a bright light was shone into the driver's side car window. This was in the mid 80s, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It hadn't occurred to any of us that hanging out in a non-public area late at night was frowned upon! Despite the harsh police demand, I wasn't scared. I thought it was kind of cool, actually, that I'd be able to tell my American friends I had to pay a mordida, a bribe, to escape arrest!"

Quickly, Margaret fished a twenty-dollar bill out of her purse and passed along to the authorities.

"After imagining the 'what if?' scenarios playing in my head, I realized I was fortunate I had it on hand."

"Fearless" and "foreign" didn't always go together for Margaret. She entered her first languages class, French, with a lot of apprehension.

Experts note that up to 30% of language students suffer from Foreign Language Anxiety. The phenomenon causes discomfort in the classroom as beginning learners fear sounding stupid or dread learning new vocabulary.

"Did I suffer from Foreign Language Anxiety? Absolutely. I had no idea how well I would do in my French class. I went in with my stomach in the proverbial knots, sure I would not be able to speak a single word correctly."

"I ended up enjoying French tremendously," Margaret recalls with relief. "It became my favorite class."

Knowing ahead of time what to expect helps to allay any surprises, Margaret says. "Confidence is an attribute parents want more than anything for their children. The pride that young people who can speak another language feel contributes to this goal. There is no need to pay bribes overseas. Just have fun with your budding language talents!"

Margaret's book, written for intrepid teens to get a head start in the world languages classroom, is entitled "Fearless Foreign Language."

It was released on March 17 and is available at major book retailers.

Find the book on Amazon at:

Learn more at:

About Sit Down & Speak Up! Media

Experts say Foreign Language Anxiety is suffered by up to 30% of any given students in their new world languages classes. Sit Down & Speak Up! Media, publisher of "Fearless Foreign Language," aims to address these concerns by giving young people a head start on their fabulous new journey in the Spanish, French, or German classroom.

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Legacy Launch Pad Publishing Releases Inspirational Book of Essays by Coach and Author Lauren Schwarzfeld

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Legacy Launch Pad Publishing is releasing "Unboxed: Essays on Learning to Trust Myself to Stop Doing the Things I Hate" (ISBN: 979-8985225327), the first book by coach Lauren Schwarzfeld. Written in a humorous and down-to-earth tone, "Unboxed" is part memoir and part manifesto, detailing how Schwarzfeld found herself with a prestigious degree, a fast-paced New York finance job, a loving husband and three beautiful children and yet still felt stuck. Each essay examines the efforts she took to find her way back to herself.

In the book, Schwarzfeld shares the diverse life experiences she earned by trying on various careers-as a waitress, accounting professional, direct sales representative, doula and stay-at-home mom-before finding her place as a writer and life coach.

In the same wise and caring voice that she has established through her writing in the Westchester County Mom Collective and as a contributor to the bestselling anthology "The Addiction Diaries," "Unboxed" puts Schwarzfeld's personal journey on paper for the first time while inspiring readers to become the authors of their own stories.

"'Unboxed' is a breath of fresh air," says publisher Anna David. "Lauren's life story is completely her own, and the voice she uses to tell it is lively and engaging. There are a lot of books out there about 'bottoming out' on certain behaviors before making a change and yet few that detail what most people experience: how to change before things fall apart. Her book will help a lot of people who feel alone because their stories aren't often shared."

For women who seem to be doing all the right things but still haven't found what they're looking for, Schwarzfeld's story offers insights and reflections on the challenges of transitioning to adulthood, maintaining long-term relationships, finding friendship and establishing a sense of independence through it all.

Schwarzfeld's wisdom in "Unboxed" will help women find the courage to trust themselves and step outside the box of their perceived expectations-regardless of where life may take them.

"Unboxed: Essays on Learning to Trust Myself to Stop Doing the Things I Hate" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

About Legacy Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company primarily for entrepreneurs who are the leaders in their field, Legacy Launch Pad has published authors from the entertainment and entrepreneurial worlds, as well as agents, coaches, non-profit founders and more.

Learn more:

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All That Glitters is Not Gold: Attorney Debuts Shocking Legal Thriller ‘The Golden Prison’ – Blows the Lid off Secret World of High-Stakes Business Crime

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. -- Attorney Paul Alexander Sangillo announces the debut of his first novel, "Golden Prison" (ISBN: 978-1941015469). This novel is the first of its kind, offering a never-before-seen look into the hi-stakes, impossibly stressful world of law students and young lawyers.

Once you pick up this startling book, get comfortable, because you will not put it down. This novel is a gripping, astonishing, and addictive, and features strong characters that you will root for along the way.

Paul Sangillo wrote "The Golden Prison" to de-stress as a high-powered attorney, and reached into some of his own past experiences with true-life cases and colorful characters. The heart of his novel grew from the very real struggle of all law students and new lawyers, who face hundreds of hours of work weekly and relentless, impossible deadlines.

For the first time, an attorney has shared the often grim reality and deep pain law students and young attorneys face as they must work all night, every night, with many turning to drugs.

But Sangillo also brilliantly reinvents one of the most classic themes in literature along the way, in the character of an ethical, poor student who finds himself emerging from the bleak realties of a poor student to the gold-encrusted, jaded world of a giant corporation.

"The Golden Prison" is a fast-paced, unpredictable journey that takes a rags-to-riches story through its nightmare journey. Drugs, murder, and exquisite love scenes in a romance that may change everything, blend with the young attorney Jeff Rhode's code of honor, as he faces extremely dangerous situations at his new firm.

"The Golden Prison" serves as a warning to ambitious students entering the work force to be wary of the slippery slope of doing "just one more" unethical thing to get ahead or survive in the cut throat world of business.

Jeff Rhode will keep you at the edge of your seat, as he faces the riches that imprison him while trying to remain compassionate and follow the law.

"The Golden Prison" is a riveting story of one young lawyer who battles to remain honorable - and alive - in the midst of a corrupt, multi-billion-dollar company that may be guilty of murder.

The next time you sit across from your attorney, you will never look at him or her the same.

"Law school is like running on a treadmill set at an incline of 15 at the highest speed you can imagine," said author Paul Sangillo. "Most of us were exhausted and stressed out, but turned to coffee or just suffered through the long hours. But many law students turned to drugs, and sadly, that habit continued when they join these heavy-hitter business, who literally have you work overnight. Simultaneously, once a new attorney joins a firm, there is seismic shift that happens, between the balance of the rule of law and reality of how big business really operates."

"The Golden Prison" is available in print or eBook on Amazon, Good Reads and Kindle. To purchase the book visit:

If you would like to interview author Paul Sangillo, or receive a free copy to review "The Golden Prison," contact Diane Lilli at

About Paul Sangillo

Attorney and author Paul Sangillo has been practicing law since 1997, specializing in corporate, real-estate and transactions. Paul Sangillo wrote this book because of the fascinating characters and stories he encountered as a young attorney.

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Stacy Mayer’s Book Reveals How Powerhouse Corporate Women Get Promoted to The Executive Suite

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- In 2018, less than 10% of senior executives at the world's largest Fortune 500 companies were women. But it wasn't from lack of trying. Women were becoming better managers, but still weren't getting promoted to executive leadership positions. Stacy Mayer took on this problem as a personal challenge. She vowed to change the way organizations did business from the C-Suite out and she set about doing it, one executive-level promotion at a time.

To achieve her goal, the number of women promoted to the executive suite each year needed to double. It seemed like an impossible challenge. With so many systemic factors at play, how could she tackle this gigantic global challenge and disrupt the status quo?

Stacy knew there was only one way to bring more diversity to the leadership table: more women needed to get themselves promoted. But first, she needed to figure out what was really standing in their way and what they could do about it.

"These are powerful corporate leaders who are otherwise successful, but their pay didn't match their titles. They didn't have a proper voice at the table. That didn't sit well with me," says Mayer.


Stacy uncovered the real reason women didn't receive the promotions that matched their capabilities. They were too good at their job.

Instead of focusing on letting their work speak for itself, powerhouse women needed to take ownership of their promotion process, take steps to pioneer their next promotion and stop waiting for their boss's approval or next performance review.

Stacy says that your organization shouldn't dictate your next promotion - you should. "A promotion is not a reward for your hard work. Corporate leaders need to understand that the right time and the right place aren't something that just happens to you. It is something that you create. You don't need to wait for your next performance review to get promoted. You can take the steps to get yourself set up now."


Stacy's alternative approach to executive coaching got her clients big results right out of the gate. Within six months of implementing her new strategies, three of Stacy's clients got promoted into C-Suite positions.

How did she do it? She ignores traditional executive coaching and takes a non-conventional approach to women's leadership. She gives controversial advice like "Stop doing what you're good at" and "If you really want a promotion, don't focus on your boss".

Stacy tested her theories in her flagship executive coaching intensive "Executive Ahead Of Time."

And led women to achieve executive level promotions at prestigious companies like Facebook, Intel, Home Depot, Comcast, Nike, and more. Approximately one hundred women (and counting) landed or set themselves up for their next promotion. 25% of her clients received skip-level or double promotions within six months. And after their promotions, women exceeded their company's expectations of what's possible in their new executive level roles.

She adds, "I want powerhouse corporate women to realize that their organization needs them more in the C-Suite than they need them. No kudos, thank you. Show me the money!"


Stacy knew that in order to double the number of women promoted to the C-Suite, she needed to reach women worldwide, faster. And so she wrote the bestselling book "Promotions Made Easy."

Her book turns the confusing process of executive promotions into a clear step-by-step guide. It shows women how to get their first promotion into a leadership position and to keep the promotions and success coming.

She adds, "The steps outlined in my book will get you promoted."

The instant bestseller is helping women get promoted to the executive suite, have success once they get there, and receive the pay to match.

"Women are the new definition of power in leadership. And they don't need to wait for anyone."

As Heather P says on Stacy's Amazon reviews, "It works! I received a title and salary boost. And the promotions kept coming!"

Stacy's book is changing the way organizations do business from the C-Suite out. And she's only just begun.

"Promotions Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Executive Suite" is endorsed by:

* John Gray: bestselling relationship author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.

* Trudy Bourgeois: Author of "Equality" and CEO of The Center for Workforce Excellence.

* Minette Norman: inclusive leadership consultant and the former Vice President of Engineering at Autodesk.

* Scott Jeffrey Miller: Senior Advisor for Thought Leadership at Franklin Covey and host of the world's largest leadership podcast, On Leadership.

* Eleanor Beaton: CEO of SAFI Media

Forbes wrote an article about the book and rave reviews continue to pour in.

For more on Stacy Mayer, visit:

To purchase her book, "Promotions Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Executive Suite" (ISBN: 978-1544525228), visit:

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More Than 10,000 Comic Books from One Collector to Be Auctioned

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. -- Maltz Auctions, a premier full-service auction company serving the Continental United States and Caribbean, has announced it will auction more than 10,000 comic books owned by a single collector, with online bidding commencing March 28, 2022, at 10 a.m., and concluding March 31, 2022, at 10 a.m.

"Although an auction of comic books is not in itself rare," stated Maltz President and CEO, Richard Maltz. "The fact that the collection was compiled by a single owner and includes more than 10,000 issues is noteworthy. It includes well-known titles with the superhero archetype produced during the Silver Age of 1956-1969 and the Bronze Age of 1970-1985. Just a few highlights in this auction are Tales of Suspense #39, Amazing Spider-Man #1, Fantastic Four #48, Daredevil #1, and X-Men #1."

A selection of titles includes but is not limited to:

* Action Comics (396 Issues)

* Adventure Comics

* Amazing Spider-Man: Including #1, 4, 6, 8-19, 21-17.

* Aquaman: Including #1-13, 17, 18, 19, 35.

* Atom: #1-44

* Avengers: 300+ Issues Including #1-80.

* Batman: 500+ Issues Including #130-132, 140, 142, 144, 146-150, 171, 181.

* Blackhawk: #131, 139, 143, 144, 166

* Blue Beetle: #1, 2, 3

* Brave & the Bold: Including #42-44, 47, 51, 54.

* Captain America: #100-133.

* Daredevil: 200+ Issues Including #1-68.

* Defenders: #1, 3, 4, 12, 13.

* Detective Comics: 200+ Issues Including 254, 274, 298, 359.

* Fantastic Four: 200+ Issues Including 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 17, 19.

* Flash: 200+ Issues Including #115, 117, 119, 120, 122.

* Ghost Rider: #1-7

* Green Lantern: Including #2, 4, 9, 11-13, 76.

* House of Mystery

* Incredible Hulk: Including #6

* Iron Man

* Justice League of America: #1-92, 94-136.

* Marvel Team-Up

* Metal Men: #1-32

* Mystery in Space

* Silver Surfer: #1-18.

* Star Wars: Including #1

* Strange Adventures

* Sub-Mariner: Including #1-41, 43-46.

* Superboy: 200+ Issues

* Superman: 800+ Issues

* Tales of Suspense: Including #39 & 52

* Tales to Astonish: Including #44

* Teen Titans

* Thing: #1-18

* Thor: 200+ Issues Including #165

* World's Finest: 200+ Issues

* X-Men: 200+ Issues Including #1-66, 71, 72, 75, 76.

* And Many More Including Annuals, King Size, Magazines & Special Editions

Viewing: Monday, March 28, 2022, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Asset Location: 39 Windsor Place, Central Islip, NY 11722.

Pre-Registration Required to Bid:

You must send in signed Terms & Conditions of Sale, signed Online Bidding Form and a 25% deposit (you will be approved to bid up to 4x your deposit amount) to be approved for bidding. Acceptable forms of deposit are cashier's check, cash, postal money order, and wire transfer (funds must be received at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled end time of the auction or you may not be approved to bid prior to the scheduled conclusion of the auction).

Auction Date:

Online Bidding Will Open Monday, March 28, 2022, at 10 a.m. and scheduled for the first lot to close on Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 10 a.m.

Visit or download the Maltz Auctions App on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Bidding Process:

If a bid is placed with less than one minute remaining, the bidding period will be extended so one minute remains for competing bids to be entered. If any further bidding occurs, the extension timer will reset to one minute. If/once no further bidding activity occurs, the sale closes when the time runs out.

Terms & Conditions of Sale: Assets sold "as-is" and "where-is", and free and clear of all liens, claims or encumbrances. To register to bid, all prospective bidders must deliver a cashier's check, cash, postal money order or wire transfer in the amount of 25% of your maximum total bid amount made payable to "Maltz Auctions", signed Terms & Conditions of Sale, and signed Online Bidding Form to Maltz Auctions at 39 Windsor Place, Central Islip, NY 11722 twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled close of bidding. Please download the complete Terms and Conditions of Sale. Learn more:

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Jerry Elman to Release Book ‘Miracles Through Hell’ – A True Story of Holocaust Survival and Intergenerational Healing

HONEOYE, N.Y. -- Very little has been written about the children of Holocaust survivors and the psychological impact passed on to them through the silence of their parents, says author Jerry Elman in his new book "Miracles Through Hell" (ISBN: 978-0578348711; Waterview Books).

Elman also questions if America of today compares to Germany in the 1930s. Holocaust denial is a trend; fascism is on the rise, books are being banned, voting rights are being suppressed, women's rights are under attack, racism and antisemitism are on the rise, and freedom of the press is under attack. American institutions are being attacked and delegitimized. White supremacy is on the rise, and evangelicals are pushing hard to make America a "Christian Nation." Will American democracy survive?

"'Miracles Through Hell' is a deeply moving account of bravery, luck, and redemption, uncovering the details of my parents' lives before the Nazis took control of Poland, leading through the miracles and hell my parents experienced as the war raged on, and finally, reveals the trauma of second-generation survivors," says Elman.

Through the telling of his family history, Elman's own story and concerns about America's future are told.

The release of the book is planned for March 2022 on Amazon.

Book Review:

"To be honest, I have never had such an emotional reaction to reading about the Holocaust and the experience of the Jews in Europe during this time. I had to go slowly because I found myself reacting very strongly to some of the details you have included. For example, I thought about the vulnerability of Jewish women specifically and was placed back in time, feeling nauseous at the thought of my brother escaping while I stayed behind. I thought about all the untold stories of pain, bravery, and guilt. I had to stop working, close my computer, and talk to my husband about the emotions I was feeling. I am confident your book will have a huge impact on those who read it." -- Yasmin Gruss, Professor/lecturer, Brooklyn College, CUNY Professional Book Editor.

About Jerry Elman

Jerry Elman was born in 1954 in Syracuse, NY. He has lived in the Rochester, NY area for almost fifty years. Both his parents were Holocaust survivors. He is a first-generation American. Children of Holocaust survivors have been referred to as second-generation survivors. The emotional impact on the parents carried over to their children. The Holocaust was never discussed. Like other second-generation survivors, Jerry lived most of his life not knowing his parents' stories or his European roots and family. He did not understand his emotional issues as he grew up.

His father passed away in 1989, his mother in 2004. Jerry retired in 2021. The desire to know his parent's story kept nagging at him.

In 2021, at age sixty-seven, he began searching files and documents his parents left behind. He started his research effort. Every piece of information led to other information. He connected with resources at the US Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem in Israel, YIVO, JewishGen, the University of Southern California (USC) Shoah Project and others.

Jerry successfully found all the information that became the basis for this book. This is his first book as an author. It is a work of love and closure to questions never answered most of his life. Writing this book was a cathartic experience for Jerry.

Learn more:

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A Suspenseful Memoir Inspires Readers to Open Their Minds

ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- "No Time for Fear," a new e-book by Yvonne Haarsma, is a suspenseful page-turner that reveals how a mother and her two sons escaped an ego-driven husband while on the run across four continents and being pursued by Interpol, Mounted Police and the FBI.

This thrilling memoir starts out by setting the stage for what appeared to be a match made in heaven. However, the author quickly realizes that things are not at all what they seemed. Now, she's got to figure out how to protect herself and her two young sons from a powerful man who is charming, deceitful and filled with a thirst for revenge.

In a marriage that had reached a dead end, she was desperate for solutions. She sought the assistance of a counselor who, unbeknownst to her, showed herself to be a medium to help put things back on track. Soon, Yvonne begins to receive somewhat unbelievable messages, and is not convinced until a person very familiar to her reveals himself - her deceased grandfather, Edward.

Through messages from the other side, Edward shows her how to trade the darkness for the light and works behind the scenes to carefully guide her.

On the run for a year throughout Asia, Europe, North America and South America, Yvonne and her two boys confront extreme challenges and triumphs.

Readers will meet the many people who helped the author and learn how to trust their own inner voices.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "This book could be a film script; all the elements are there - passion and suspense."

Another Amazon reviewer states, "Truth is definitely stranger than fiction. A truly intriguing tale, not only of survival and justice, but how our spirit guides are always looking out for us and work with us in ways we cannot always imagine or understand. We need more inspiring and eclectic stories like this."

Yvonne's main reason for writing this book is to help others find their strength and to trust what they may not always understand.

In Yvonne's words: "It was those difficult moments in my life and then the realization that our spiritual self helps to make us stronger. I've learned so much from this experience and hope it will inspire others too."

Get the book here:

For more information:

About the Author:

Born in The Netherlands, Yvonne is a shining example of how to deal with extreme adversity. Her travels have brought her to six continents through an incredible series of extraordinary experiences. She's had 30+ years of practice as a karmic astrologer where she's helped hundreds of people discover their true life's path. Many of them have stayed in touch with her, sharing their thanks for her gift of insights.

​Her indomitable spirit and unflinching positive outlook are truly a model for others who grapple with the challenges associated with domestic abuse and a male-dominated society.

​Yvonne is the mother of two grown sons. She has dual citizenship in the U.S. and Belgium and she and her husband, Elliott, split their time between the two countries.

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Legacy Launch Pad Publishing Brings Award-Winning Business Book by Victor Orlovski and Vladimir Korovkin to United States

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Legacy Launch Pad Publishing is releasing an updated edition of "From Rhino to Unicorn: How Fortune 500 Companies Can Evolve for the Digital Era" (ISBN: 978-1951407995), an award-winning business book co-authored by Victor Orlovski and Vladimir Korovkin.

The book is the result of a collaboration between Orlovski, General Partner at venture fund Fort Ross Ventures, and Korovkin, the Head of Digital Research at the Institute for Emerging Markets at SKOLKOVO Business School. Between them, the co-authors boast more than a decade of experience as chief officers at major Russian banks, including Sberbank, Alfa-Bank and Poidem Bank, with shared specializations in innovation and digital technology.

In From Rhino to Unicorn, Orlovski and Korovkin combine academic research, insights gleaned from hundreds of business case studies and their own firsthand experience in finance and venture capital to argue for a new theory of digital disruption. In their view, innovative venture-backed "unicorns" threaten legacy "rhino" companies in nearly all sectors with extinction-unless the latter can learn to reinvent themselves from the ground up.

The book won PwC's Business Book of the Year award in 2021, and the updated edition includes a foreword by Brett King, international bestselling author of "Bank 4.0" and "The Rise of Technosocialism."

"From Rhino to Unicorn is a fascinating book written by a team of world-class visionaries," King writes.

"With their experience, there is no one more qualified to write a book like 'From Rhino to Unicorn' than Victor and Vladimir," says publisher Anna David. "The two of them paint a complete and nuanced picture of digital disruption in a way that is both funny and insightful-and with action steps for transformation for companies of all kinds."

For industry leaders looking for ways to keep up with the rapid pace of industry-wide digital disruption, or for business students seeking a deeper understanding of the battles taking place in today's venture-backed corporate landscape, From Rhino to Unicorn is indispensable reading.

"From Rhino to Unicorn: How Fortune 500 Companies Can Evolve for the Digital Era" is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

About Legacy Launch Pad Publishing:

A boutique publishing company primarily for entrepreneurs who are the leaders in their field, Legacy Launch Pad has published authors from the entertainment and entrepreneurial worlds, as well as sports agents, coaches, non-profit founders and more. Learn more:

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Legacy Launch Pad Publishing Releases Book Addressing Ketogenic Bodybuilding by Robert Sikes

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Legacy Launch Pad Publishing is releasing "Ketogenic Bodybuilding: A Natural Athlete's Guide to Competitive Savagery" (ISBN: 978-1956955071), the first book by Robert Sikes.

The book is the result of Sikes' experiences as a professional bodybuilder and fitness coach, specifically his transition from carbohydrate-based training protocols to ketogenic ones, and its resultant performance benefits.

While Sikes was always interested in competitive bodybuilding, the "bro dieting" approach based on junk calories, extreme caloric deficits and carbohydrates resulted in disastrous side effects. Despite his athletic success, Sikes experienced hormone imbalances, lowered sex drive, diminished strength and disordered eating.

After discovering the ketogenic diet, Sikes' health issues cleared, his athletic performance improved and his relationships flourished. As a result of his experiences, he has become an outspoken advocate for athletes and bodybuilders following ketogenic diets, stressing that they can find great success and sustainability in the complete absence of carbohydrates.

According to Dominic D'Agostino, PhD, associate professor of molecular pharmacology and physiology at USF Morsani College of Medicine and leading ketogenic expert, Ketogenic Bodybuilding is "a beacon of light" to the fitness community. Similar praise came from Shawn Wells, a biochemist, dietitian and author of the The ENERGY Formula: Six Life Changing Ingredients to Unleash Your Limitless Potential: "Never before has there been an exhaustive and authoritative ketogenic bodybuilding guide like this."

"Ketogenic Bodybuilding is an amazing resource for athletes and bodybuilders," says publisher Anna David, "but Robert's harrowing personal stories set it apart from any other book in its category."

Without a doubt, Ketogenic Bodybuilding is the definitive guide to a new paradigm in bodybuilding and, with its piercing insights and comprehensive competition strategies, is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers.

"Ketogenic Bodybuilding: A Natural Athlete's Guide to Competitive Savagery? is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among many other outlets.

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