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Forensic handwriting expert Sheila Lowe establishes Write Choice Ink, an independent publishing company, to manage the production of her published work

VENTURA, Calif. -- Sheila Lowe announces the formation of Write Choice Ink, a publishing imprint, to produce and distribute the complete catalog of her non-fiction and fiction work. Lowe will re-issue her backlist, totaling 14 of her titles over the next few months, starting with POISON PEN on February 23, 2021, and leading up to DEAD LETTERS, a new Claudia Rose novel that will release on August 3, 2021.

The fiction titles will be available across the three primary formats for books - print, digital. Audio versions continue to be available throughout. The nonfiction titles are available in print and digital format.

Sheila Lowe (like her character, Claudia Rose), is one of the world's leading forensic handwriting experts. She is frequently engaged by attorneys and government agencies to verify handwriting and signature authenticity on official documents.

"After 16 titles, over 200,000 copies sold, and more than 20 years in traditional publishing, I felt the need to secure the rights to my currently published work and have greater control over my publishing career," says Lowe.

Ms. Lowe has secured the publishing rights to all of her current works, including four of her six books on handwriting analysis and ten novels of suspense-eight featuring Claudia Rose, a professional handwriting consultant, and the two titles in the new "Beyond the Veil" paranormal series. Lowe also developed two versions of a handwriting analysis software program and an Independent Study Program in Gestalt Graphology, both of which are used around the world.

Note: Write Choice Ink solely publishes titles by Sheila Lowe and does not accept submissions.

Complete bibliography attached.

To learn more, visit: or and

Click here for Fiction Bibliography with new release dates:


2018 "Reading Between the Lines: Decoding Handwriting"

2018 "Advanced Studies in Handwriting Psychology"

2018 "Personality & Anxiety Disorders: How They May Be Reflected in Handwriting"

2019 Succeeding in the Business of Handwriting Analysis


2007 "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis" (2nd Ed.)

2008 "Handwriting of the Famous & Infamous" (2nd Ed.)











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Olive Hill Kentucky: How One Small Appalachian Town Helped Build America

MANSFIELD, Ohio -- Author Willie Davis has written a historical fiction novel, "Olive Hill" (ISBN 978-1728369372; Volume 1) about how one small Appalachian town in Kentucky can lay claim to helping build America.

"Olive Hill, Kentucky has a surprising creation story," says author Willie Davis. "Hundreds of thousands of Kentucky's sons and daughters migrated to the industrial north in the 1940's and 50s without realizing how their past had helped build America. My family was among them. I became determined to tell Olive Hill's storied past."

"Olive Hill" is written in two volumes. It follows the fictitious Reed family from May, 1800 to June, 1959. The two volumes integrate 339 fictional characters into 159 years of American history to tell how Olive Hill gave all that it had in a time it was most needed until a time it was needed no more.

Carter County, Kentucky was blessed with an abundance of diverse natural resources, including timber, iron ore, coal, and limestone. During the Industrial Revolution one of its towns, Olive Hill, became the center of a 600 square mile hotbed of fireclay, a unique heat-resistant clay used to make firebricks. For decades, thousands of hard-working Olive Hillians dug, moulded, and fired that uncommon clay into hundreds of thousands of firebricks per day to line open hearth steel furnaces, locomotive fireboxes, and steamship boilers.

Without the steel, there would be no skyscrapers and no rail lines. Without the trains and ships, there would be no movement to expedite a growing nation. Olive Hill firebricks helped make this possible.

Davis dedicates the novel to anyone interested in Olive Hill, Kentucky - yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

"More people need to know the Olive Hill story," continues Davis. "And more people need to know more American history."

For further information and autographed copies contact Willie Davis at or visit his website at:

Books are available online everywhere.

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Book Release: ‘Say Their Names, 101 Unarmed Black Women, Men and Children Killed By Law Enforcement’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Campaign Justice announced today that Black History Month is not only a time of recognizing the accomplishments of African-Americans, but is also a time to brighten the spotlight on systemic racism within law enforcement. "Say Their Names: 101 Unarmed Black Women, Men and Children Killed By Law Enforcement" (ISBN: 979-8570456860) is a newly released reference book which documents the stories of a few who have lost their lives during a brush with police.

"Why, in this nation, do too many black Americans wake up knowing that they could lose their life in the course of just living their life? Why does justice not roll like a river or righteousness like a mighty stream?" President Joe Biden has said.

George Floyd's murder was as shocking as it was common. As were the murders of Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice and James Earl Chaney.

This compilation of lost lives is more of an encyclopedia and serves as a permanent record for the 101 deaths of unarmed people of color attributed to law enforcement. (Note, this is not a complete record and covers individuals who died from 1920-2020.)

We document who they were as people, the details surrounding their deaths, as well as if there were any arrests or convictions of officers involved. The book is dedicated to their families, as well as hero whistle-blower officers who stood up against systemic racism. We have also included links to over 200 social justice organizations.

This 556-page book is available NOW on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo and Google Play. Links can be found at

To coincide with this press release, we have placed the ebook on sale; from $9.99 to $0.99 for one week only:

Campaign Justice is a newly formed organization by an established author and non-profit founder, whose mission is to promote social advocacy and justice projects for marginalized communities.

Campaign Justice is also working on a children's book which recognizes and addresses their fear of law enforcement.

Learn more at:

*PHOTO link for media: (Book Cover)

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New Book Helps People to Deal with Loss During the Pandemic

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- When Gina Marie Mordecki's daughter was raped and murdered, she prayed that her death would not be in vain. Her new book, "God's Amazing Intimacy in Grief" (ISBN: 979-8578563751), is the answer to that prayer. Mordecki's book is written to help heal the hearts of others who have experienced the tragic loss of a loved one.

"Right now, we're living through a terrible pandemic and people are dying," Mordecki said. "People are dying alone and their loved ones are left behind to cope with a reality of inconsolable sadness. I want this book to offer some comfort and perhaps, even provide some answers."

After Mordecki's daughter was murdered, people didn't know what to say.

"It's one thing to say, 'I'm sorry for your loss,' but it's quite another to live in a house with an empty place setting at the dinner table," she says. "And, for people suffering loss during the pandemic, the suffering is only compounded through quarantining and "stay-at-home" orders."

"God's Amazing Intimacy in Grief" is a short read, less than an hour, that serves to minister to people while they grieve. It asks and answers important questions such as "Why now?" and helps people to understand and resolve their anger with God. It shares stories of others who have lost children and details how they found their way out of the darkness.

Mordecki's personal account of her tragic loss shares personal experiences of how God tried to prepare her for the loss and then helped her to deal with the inevitable outcome. The book also references specific scripture and offers interpretation.

"God's Amazing Intimacy in Grief" is available on Amazon for 0.99 as an eBook and $5.99 in paperback format.

For more information:

About the Author

Gina Marie Mordecki is a nurse and grief counselor. After her daughter was murdered, she attended grief share classes and then, for seven years, led a grief support group for women who had lost a child of their own. She also led bible study classes and is an avid student of the bible herself. She was president of her nursing class and has been a guest speaker for nurse graduating classes. She loves to sing and has been nicknamed "the singing nurse." She has a dog Mia, who is her faithful friend and emotional support pet. She believes that pets help to fill the loneliness and lessen the anxiety after the loss of a loved one.

*Photo link for media:

*Photo Caption: "God's Amazing Intimacy in Grief" by Gina Marie Mordecki

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‘The New American State’ Is Now Available in Kindle Unlimited

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- HC Publishing today announced that "The New American State" (ISBN: 978-1735716008), a book written by political scientist Dimitar Avramov that explains the changes in American politics and the Western form of government, has been made available to Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

"The New American State" (TNAS) was released as an e-book on Amazon in October 2020. TNAS has outlined and predicted the American institutional system's conflicts caused by a specific state of politics and government - a governance by radicalized minorities.

"The New American State" provides answers to some of the most critical questions of the new decade - How will the lives of the next few American generations change? Are we at a turning point in the political history of the United States, one in which people in overall, be they "ordinary" or "extraordinarily empowered," will make fewer and fewer decisions? To what extent are political and social processes objective, and to what extent can we govern them? What depends on us?

"There are practically no conditions for reaching consensus. In a public environment characterized by a growing political polarization, the American political system produces a specific state of politics - a governance by radicalized minorities," says the author Dimitar Avramov.

The book describes an ongoing political trend - the traditional broad-based political process based on ideas, concepts, and ideologies is transforming into identity politics. It explains that the different ethnic communities turn into political enclaves, abandon the traditional forms of political representation and use their identity to establish their political statuses. The author describes that all forms of identity - race, ethnicity, religion, social and gender identity - have a growing influence in the process of establishing alliances in American politics.

"Any political alliances and movements based on identity politics, especially such that challenge the cultural foundations of Western civilization, increase the tensions in American politics," says Avramov. He adds that, "Although the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects citizens' religious beliefs and free speech, there is no constitutional amendment that protects broad-based politics based on values and ideas from being corrupted by identity politics."

He asks: "What would happen if any form of identity that has arisen and developed outside the Western world made a claim to influence American politics and the Western form of government in general?" Avramov focuses the readers' attention on some fundamental issues and ongoing social trends in American politics.

"To what extent is it possible for American democracy to be sustainable if the society is divided into political statuses based on identity? What if each of them is structured like a separate social class, with its own extreme political views about the state of the American union? Could the American society reach consensuses on the most important issues if there were irreconcilable conceptual differences in the worldview of its citizens and their political statuses as a result of identity politics?

"Do we not mistakenly assume that the existence of freedom and the constitutional protection of the individual will naturally change people's political values, regardless of the political, cultural, or religious tradition they belong to? Is it possible - with an intensive change in the ethnic composition of the society and under the influence of different cultural, religious, and political and traditions - for the United States to come to a point when it would change its system of government?"

To learn more visit

About Author Dimitar Avramov:

Dimitar Avramov is a Bulgarian-born political scientist and writer who analyzes the trends and changes in the political process and statehood, political ideologies and electoral politics. The New American State is one of the best current political books. It is focused on the change of the American statehood. It offers a perspective on how the fourth industrial revolution, also called the Digital Revolution and Industry 4.0, marks the beginning of an era of deterritorialization.

SUMMARY: "The New American State"


ISBN: 978-1-7357160-0-8

Publisher: HC Publishing; 1st edition (October 22, 2020)

Publication date: October 22, 2020

Language: English

Print length: 276 pages

Author: Dimitar Avramov

Amazon link:

*PHOTO link for media:

*Caption: Cover, "The New American State" by Dimitar Avramov.

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New African American Romance Book about Real-Life Relationships for a Change

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- "I Forgot to Love Her" (ISBN: 978-0578805771; paperback) is a new urban romance novel by author Kenesha Collins, about the trials and triumphs of falling in and out of love.

Kenesha was frustrated with the inaccurate depictions of African Americans in movies and books. She wanted to create relatable stories about relationships within the black community. The lockdown due to the pandemic of 2020 allowed her to achieve her lifelong goal of writing a book.

The novel is about three couples in their early 30's navigating through self-inflicted problems and infidelities while learning life lessons and self-awareness along the way. It blends innocence and sensuality with a dash of humor with its spot-on characterizations of these young people.

"I Forgot to Love Her" is a self-published novel by Kenesha Collins.

Available in paperback at and

eBook/Kindle version also available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble Press.

"I Forgot to Love Her" is Kenesha's debut novel, but she has spent 15 years writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites. She is also a two-time award-winning blogger. In June 2020, her post about social injustice and police brutality gained international attention by appearing in The Voice, Britain's only black national newspaper.

She blogs at, and her website is

If you'd like more information about, I Forgot to Love Her or to schedule an interview with Kenesha, please email her at

VIDEO (YouTube):

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‘Rivals any fiction story today’ – High praise for Christopher LaGrone’s ‘The Delta Tango Trilogy’ one-of-a-kind Border Patrol series from Morgan James Publishing

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Clive Cussler, two months before he died, said of Layne Sheppard, protagonist in Christopher LaGrone's dynamic U.S. Border Patrol novels that comprise the new Delta Tango Trilogy from Morgan James Publishing: "His life of trials and sorrows rivals any fiction story today." Book One: "Fleeing The Past" is available now in bookstores everywhere and online.

For the story behind these books as related in the "From Tragedy To Trilogy" video, go to:

For more information about The Delta Tango Trilogy, visit

Such high praise from one of the most successful adventure authors of all time is impressive - even more so considering that Cussler was commenting on debut work.

Once a Border Patrol agent himself, LaGrone draws on his own experiences as a recruit, field trainee and border agent to create what Margaret Coel, New York Times best-selling author of "Winter's Child" and more than two dozen other novels and non-fiction books, calls "a heartbreakingly honest tale of the lives that intersect and are forever changed along our bleak and dangerous southern border."

The Delta Tango Trilogy is unlike any previously published immigration-themed novel, in that it looks at border enforcement from the perspective of the line agent, beginning with the arduous training would-be agents must survive. The Trilogy captures the desperation that drives undocumented immigrants to risk their lives wandering in the desert, while also documenting the mixed emotions experienced by those who are tasked with apprehending them.

"These are important novels, not to be missed or forgotten," Margaret Coel added.

In "Fleeing The Past" LaGrone provides readers with an intimate look at the rigorous training Border Patrol recruits must complete just to advance to field trainee status, and introduces Felina Camarena Rivera, one of those so-called "Dreamers," who aspires to become a doctor-if only she can become a U.S. citizen. As Sheppard strives to overcome his own checkered past by becoming a border agent, he falls in love with the very type of person he is training to apprehend.

Succeeding books follow Sheppard through the dangers, boredom and contradictions of field work and the intrigue of Patrol politics, as well as what Clive Cussler termed the "personal problems and challenges" that revolve around his conflicted relationship with Felina, who desperately pursues her dream.

Book 2: "Felina's Spell," and Book 3: "Moments of Truth" will be released at intervals later in 2021.

About Morgan James Publishing:

Morgan James publishes trade quality titles designed to educate, encourage, inspire, or entertain readers with current, consistent, relevant topics that are available everywhere books are sold. For more information, go to:

More About This Title:

"Fleeing the Past: The Delta Tango Trilogy - Book One," by Christopher LaGrone, published by Morgan James Publishing, has a release date of January 12, 2021. "Fleeing the Past" - ISBN 978-1631950773 - has 274 pages and is being sold as a trade paperback for $16.95.

About the Author:

A native Coloradan, Christopher LaGrone pursued his goal of becoming a published author after service as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent in southern Arizona, the setting for The Delta Tango Trilogy. Christopher died unexpectedly of natural causes at age 41 in 2018. His mother, Sherryl LaGrone, is fulfilling her son's dream by publishing his books.

For more information about The Delta Tango Trilogy, visit

Nickcole Watkins
Morgan James Publishing

*IMAGE Link for media:
*Caption: Cover, "Fleeing the Past: The Delta Tango Trilogy - Book One," by Christopher LaGrone, published by Morgan James Publishing.

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Either it is about a personality or a brand! People hardly find a great opportunity to see their brand on the cover of a magazine

BALTIMORE, Md. -- REVÖ Mag is providing an excellent opportunity to people and brands who want to be featured on the cover. Renowned celebrity photographer Terrell Edmonds has introduced this amazing magazine named REVÖ Mag with a team of enthusiastic and creative people.

It's a new global digital media magazine that provides iconic images, captured by world class photographers and edited by a dynamic team of creative directors. The images will fuse music, fashion, lifestyle and culture.

REVÖ's editor Terrell Edmonds in chief is a celebrity photographer, celebrity personal assistant, business brand consultant and a phenomenal person. Terrell was inspired to create REVÖ Mag to appeal to an affluent readership. His versatility in the industry has crowned him the "Jack of anything fashion!"

REVÖ Mag strikes a remarkable balance between Art and High Fashion. The digital look book will be storytelling through imagery, video, and mixed media.

Loft Agency LLC. would like to announce the launch of REVÖ Mag on 01.01.2021 at 2 p.m. EST. REVÖ will be hosting an online event from NYC. This event will be streamed live from its Facebook @REVÖ MAG and Instagram @revo.mag

Learn more at:


Instagram @Revo.Mag -

Facebook Revo.Mag -


Media Queries:



*PHOTO link for media:

*Media YouTube Link:


Editor in Chief Terrell Edmonds @iamterrellj @pvstudioz

Director of Photography Deven Dooley @devdooley

Artistic Director Jason McQuain @jasonmcquain

Public Relations Pr Nora Bonds @onlymissno

Director of Stylist Jasmine Ferrell @jasi_fe

Stylist Nichelle G. @Nichellestyles

Cinematography Trilla @Lord_trilla_ct

Director of Sales Lesley Sedgwick @leaveit2lesley


Jalissa Williams

Imani B

Dietrick Williams


Westcoast Media Team

Danika Edwards @danikaedwards

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New Novel Debates Ominous Cures for Two Crises: Recurring Pandemics and Too Many Men

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. -- Born out of a raging pandemic, Buzz McCord's new techno-thriller wrestles with artificial intelligence, surveillance and sex crime. "A Final Reminder" (ISBN: 978-1736148815) moves energetically between upbeat and malevolent. Its author wrote it to simultaneously entertain and enrage.

"A Final Reminder" walks the line between literary fiction and international intrigue. It transports readers to a near-future world where Dr. Dirk Samuelson, a San Francisco entrepreneur and founder of tech-conglomerate, Arctan International, has invented software that can stop any pandemic by tracking every person's movement and behaviors. He controls global data with formidable technical and economic barriers including 64-Qubit computers, space-based data-banking and lofty politicians.

McCord takes us to a still-hopeful world of bioluminescent hairdos and augmented human intelligence. Its scarred by recurring pandemics and burdened with ubiquitous ultraviolet sterilization and government-mandated instant pathogen detector machines.

"If history has taught us anything, it's that there will be another deadly global pandemic," said Bill Gates in his Shattuck Lecture, Boston, April 2018.

McCord adds, "Science has warned that viral scourges will repeat and get worse. We should be deeply alarmed, maybe systemically fearful."

In real life, Samuelson's software, Exoculation, is being studied by Shin Bet and MIT. Apple and Google recently announced that cellphones are already used to trace individual personal contacts.

Big Brother is here. So, what's next? McCord takes a stab at interpreting a picture of what's to come.

"I wanted to capture amazing technologies as well as an optimistic near-future, where talented people will be the empowered 'international currency,'" he says. "In my novel, society reacts to the catastrophic death tolls of recurring pandemics with what I call the 'Roaring Twenty-Twenties.' And, women in 'A Final Reminder' are supremely confident in their professional abilities - business, neurobiology, assassination - as well as their sexual selves."

Further threats arise from nearly a half billion "excess" human males.

McCord says, "The good guys in 'A Final Reminder' are forced to deal with this, but the solution is very ugly."

"A Final Reminder" describes a future coming soon to a reality near you.

About the Author

Buzz McCord is a tech-preneur and professor. "A Final Reminder" grew out of his career in international science, invention and teaching. A lifetime traveler, he prepped two years for the book in Albania, Norway, Korea, Tokyo and Kamchatka. He was chased in 2020 by the freshly emerging SARS-CoV-2 from Hong Kong through Cambodia into Vietnam. He's an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

McCord lives with his wife in Southern California. His favorite place to write is the lifeguard tower RJ near the river jetty on cold and windy days.

For more information about the author and novel visit:

For more information about the book:

"A Final Reminder is available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and through other independents.


*IMAGE link for media:

*Caption: Cover, "A Final Reminder" by Buzz McCord.

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April Sabral, Retail Guru and Entrepreneur, Launches Her New Book ‘The Positive Effect’ and Web Subscription Site for Retail Entrepreneurs

TORONTO, Ontario -- Retail expert Ms. April Sabral is a coach and entrepreneur with nearly three decades of excellence in global retail leadership among brands such as Starbucks, Apple, Gap, Banana republic and DAVIDsTEA; and is the founder of Retailu. With her extensive experience as an executive operational strategist and leader Sabral is now passing along her value and launching a leadership and mentorship portal to inspire leaders of companies to achieve great leadership success.

"I think the book and the portal are even more relevant in this COVID time. It has forced us to expand the way we think about leadership and communication. Resilience is the new superpower for leaders to be successful," she says. April also founded, an online leadership development portal for store managers in 2019 that teaches retail core competencies in micro-size video courses but recognized the need to do more.

In the last year, the process of writing the positive effect inspired Sabral to launch, which supports the book with live coaching sessions to inspire senior leaders. The book is an overview of her journey through the ranks of retail while sharing her leadership philosophy, which is proven in her success. This is a must read for retail leaders as she shares in depth her personal journey and lessons learned that are relevant now more than ever.

On her portal, Sabral answers questions on how to build a strong team: how to create open communication with employees, empower leaders, create inclusive cultures; how to overcome obstacles, and build resilience - this targets professionals looking for coaching advice; and seminars to stimulate and inspire thought process on their business and their teams.

The enrollment cost is very affordable. "At launch, I am giving lifetime subscription for only $12, this sounds too good to be true, however, as the membership and content grows so will the price, but for now, I feel it's necessary to support leaders through this trying time," says Sabral.

Her main goal is to be a positive thought leader and influencer in the retail business and assist leaders navigate these challenging new times. She also wants to change the learning and development space, creating affordable resources. "Leadership development should not be a luxury, and unattainable, everyone is worthy of learning," she adds.


April's latest portal is for mid to senior women business leaders. Women can sign up for an annual membership, be inspired and focus on personal development. It focuses on building a simple concept that leaders must be chief inspiration officers before anything else. Sabral teaches and coaches live sessions and online resources and builds a global community of women business leaders. Sharing her knowledge is relevant.

Learn more at:


An acclaimed speaker, Sabral has shared her leadership message in many settings, including universities, conferences, and corporate training, Ms. Sabral holds credentials from the John C. Maxwell Team and a member of the World Association of Business Coaches. She strives to create value and positivity for the people and organizations in every space she enters. Ms. Sabral is the author of "The Positive Effect: A Retail Leader's Guide to Changing the World" (ISBN: 979-8639638503) and aspires in the future to continue changing lives through professional training in the retail and non-profit sectors.

Learn more about her book at:


Retailu was founded by Sabral in 2019 when she couldn't find affordable, relevant leadership training for her team. Retailu provides off the shelf quality leadership training for field leaders at a fraction of the cost of other training programs. After developing leaders for nearly three decades, she thought there had to be a better way. Retailu is a subscription license model with over 25 retail core competencies courses geared to improve managers' skills to drive their business.

Learn more at:




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