Pro-Aging Influencer, Makeda Smith, Closes Women’s History Month with Book Release, ‘Flying Over 50 at Any Age’ and New Coaching Portal, ‘The Makeda Method’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — When veteran entertainment industry publicist Makeda Smith began pole dancing as a fitness hobby, over 12 years ago, she had no idea it would morph into a life changing journey. The 63-year-old grandmother, who has received international notoriety for her dance flow movement practice, Flying Over 50 ( ), has announced a brand expansion during Women’s History Month.

Makeda is releasing her first book, “Flying Over 50 at Any Age, A 30-Day Self Journal for Speeding Past Limitations,” on April 5, National Self Care Day. In addition, she has also launched an online wellness portal, The Makeda Method – – offering healing breathwork sessions, deep stretch yoga classes, and dance flow movement lessons, all targeted for maturing seniors.

“Flying Over 50 at Any Age, A 30-Day Self Journal for Speeding Past Limitations” is an encouraging guide for navigating through life’s many holding patterns. The author offers daily motivation and wisdom through introspection about her life while prompting the reader to write and reflect on their own journey. By the end of the book, readers will hopefully find themselves renewed, invigorated, and ready to ‘Fly Over 50,’ soaring past societal and self-imposed speed limits.

“When I turned 50 over a decade ago, I was at one of the lowest points in my life,” expresses Makeda. “The market had crashed, and I literally lost everything – but through it all, I found myself. I discovered that life doesn’t end at 50, but it does take on new responsibility. Diving into fitness not only saved my life, but it also positioned me in the current pro-aging movement and garnered me the profound understanding that aging is one of the most powerful celebrations of living a long life.

“My book, ‘Flying Over 50 at Any Age’ and my new wellness portal, The Makeda Method, are my support systems for adults who are being challenged with the many effects of what we call ‘growing old.’ Aging is a natural process, but the secret is mastering practices for mitigating the daily stress that comes with it.”

The Makeda Method is a culmination of wellness offerings for everyone, all ages, but particularly for individuals struggling with the anxiety of aging. As a certified breath and stretch coach, Makeda created the online portal to help others establish their own personal routines for health and wellness. Layered with the grace of her private coaching, breathwork is taught as a mindful tool for eliminating tension and unease, while deep stretch classes enhance flexibility and mobility in the body and work to calm the mind as well.

“Embracing senior citizenship can be overwhelming. That’s where finding a coach comes into play,” adds Makeda. “A coach can guide you with the training and tools you need to initially get started and hold you accountable for your daily practice. Eventually it all becomes secondhand and then you are fine on your own. I’m still a busy publicist with my own PR agency, but coaching has always been a passion point for me. Now with the release of my book and wellness portal, I’m hoping to further spread the news that growing older is a divine blessing when approached with attentive self-care!”

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